Monday, November 21, 2011

Haunted by Love

This is the photo prompt for Magpie Tales this week.

She haunts me in my dreams,
Every night, She knocks
my door,thinking I am
always there for her.

Her eyes mesmerizing,
Seductive lips and
alluring face,every night
She smiles at me.
Our lips lock,we
Swirl our body together.
Caressing her cheeks,I
kiss her nape.

No words to define,
her beauty what means.
Every night I close,
my eyes and dream.

She vanishes away,
Leaving me like a fish,
floundering on land, and
a bird with wings destroyed.

I want her now,
for I have been loving,
and loving life,
with and without her.

My eyes open,it hurts
the smile, disappears.
Oh Love! where are thee
Come back once again

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  1. i really liked this one :) sweet and sad ...

  2. awesome... it is indeed a combination of sweetness and sadness... love it!

    have a great week ahead!


  3. "and loving life, with and without her."

    I loved the read! :)

  4. oh man this is one dream i do not want to wake up from and feel the angst of having to....

  5. "A bird with wings destroyed"

    That line was like a clean hit to the solar plexus with a sledgehammer.

    I always enjoy reading pieces that can arouse such emotions, so I guess you might say I enjoyed this one ;-)

  6. Let it come back once again... Beautiful, romantic and no one can define how beautiful a girl is, particularly her eyes..

    Someone is Special

  7. WOW..this is so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Stphe..Loved every word of it:-)

  8. A beautiful poem, I like the way you said left me like a fish.

    Lovely poem...

  9. A fish out of water, than, this kind of love...

  10. Achi kavita likhi hai sir!! :)

  11. Never let go of dreams of true love for one day they just may come true. Beautiful piece.

  12. And u r reallyyyyy good with poetry I must say..this was so beautifully penned :)


  13. Bitter sweet and utterly delightful.

  14. Leaving me like a fish,
    floundering on land, and
    a bird with wings destroyed.

    not a good state to be in...