Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turning 24!

How does it feels when you grow up.Terrible.I would always love to be that 7 yr old kid of 1995 who always used to hold his mumma's hand wherever she went.Offcourse I was a pampered kid throughout my life.Sometimes it would give me a feeling as if I were born with a silver spoon .Throughout my childhood my life has been comfortable and I've lived like a king. Last few years have been a great learning experience for me.Staying away from home has taught me great lessons.

Training,Studying,Posting,Cribbling,Whining,Joking,Laughing,Smiling,Facebooking,Twittering and Flirting has been a constituent part of my last 2 years.By the time I turned 20,girls labelled me as the biggest 'Flirtu' ever.Thanks to the Sagitarian influence. By the time I turned 21, friends called me nerdy cause of my entrance exam preparations.By the time I turned 22, I became a serious working guy.By the time I turned 23, friends in Delhi tagged me as the Cribber,Crybaby and what not.Now that I have turned 24,I am back to my home.I am not the same Flirtu anymore.I am not the cribber nor I am the same workaholic who used to sit late night at office.

Today is my 24th birthday.Yey!!! This is the only day where my phone is busy and people flood it with numerous phone calls and texts .I'm all excited.Growing older doesn't makes you feel old. It makes you responsible.As you near mid 20's you should learn to handle things by your own and the dependency factor should not exist.You got to support your family and entertainment and fun will always come and go.Life has been fun throughout and I guess its big time to become serious.I have an unsatiable thirst for learning new things and probably I would be concentrating more on that front.I shall be hope for a big switch but that will take place only when the market situation has improved.Made and Met many new people last year and 2011 has been an awesome year till now.Returned home and I am here to stay.I'm not the same kid anymore.I am the MAN. ;)

Love to all my buddies out here.Asbah,Sandeep,Himanshu,Vinti,Dishita
Richa,Sarah Malik,Mahwish,Shreya Terra,Anukriti,Leo,Disha,PriyaJoyce and everyone out here.My thanks to my dearest bro Braj.He is the best guy I've seen since last 2 years.A sincere,honest guy who is a great friend of mine.I will always look forward for him in my life and may be knock his doors during bad times.He has got the power to provide you the best solace during the bad and the worse times.His sincerity and innocence is something which distinguishes him from the  others.This is what impresses me and makes me think of my glorious past when I used to be like him. I admire him,honour him and respect him.He is like my sibling and I feel great to have met him. Sarah Malik is another dear friend of mine, infact younger friend who has been a great buddy.Mahwish aka Mishi is my  bestest buddy here and share your problems with her and she will make you feel better.Thanks for all the love and your friendship.Please have a share of this wonderful cake.

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  1. Happy Birthday to you! I must say it's very refreshing to read your post; you sound quite mature for a 24 yr old! These days people are often very immature until in their 30s, and then they're still like kids!

    I wish you every good wish. I hope your hard work is paying off and your future is paved with success (whatever your definition of success!)


  2. Happy Bday and what a beautiful post to mark the day:)

  3. Happy Wala Birthdayji!
    It was just in your last post i knew you were 87 born too. I had a completely different number in my mind :)

  4. Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..

    Happy birthdayyyyyyyyy...

    Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day to you...!! :)

  5. Happy Birthday Big Boy or I should say Man. :P

    I wish tons and tons of goodies to you my dear Chacha Nehru! ^_^

    Be happy, always!

  6. Replying late, I know. But I was short of words. Feeling privileged, to see you writing all those kind words about me in a birthday post in which you are supposed to talk about yourself.
    'll pray for your success in life. May the almighty shower you with all his blessings. You are a wonderful person by heart, be the way you are.
    God bless :)

  7. hehe..ok so finally after reading this I do believe u! And cake looks yummy, u r on diet ( u better be) so i ll have ur share too :P

    Jokes apart, I m so happy to have found a friend like u..who makes me smile so much and lets me speaks so much..God bless u with all the happiness and success in life..:))


  8. Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday to uuuuuuuuuuu :)

  9. Belated Happy Birthday!

    Well this is life. Places to travel, people to meet and explore and learn every day.


  10. Hey... Belated happy birthday :)

  11. Im turning 24 on nov 24 😂. Advance happy birthday too you haha