Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Mischief Monger

 I am not going to display my heroics through this post. The Title once used  to be my Twitter handle.I am going  to narrate a fiery event through this story.

I still remember those early junior college days where we used to prepare hard for our IIT JEE.The trainings and test would be rigorous and trainers would set pretty difficult question papers for us.My focus for that entire year was IIT.Gradually days passed  and exams were nearing.I was staying away from my family as I was studying in Pune. My family lived in Mumbai and I would get a chance to meet my folks during weekends. The entire event in this story happened during one  fine Saturday. Sunday was my exam.After 14 hours of rigorous study,I had finally decided to take a break. I learnt that my neighbour Chetan from my Class in the neighbouring Dorm had slept. I was studying continuously for 14 hours and he was sleeping continously for the same duration.

'Wheeeeee.....Krrrrrruuuuuu......Kreeeee....,' One could hear a long whistle of snore resonating at its highest frequency.I knocked the door as I wanted him to focus on  our preparation.

'Chetan,...abey motte...Uthooo yaar,' I knocked his door. Finally ,I realized that the door was opened. He lay sprawled out on the bed.He was just wearing a polka dotted boxer.His belly resembled the peak of mount Everest.His synchronized movement of his belly and lips amazed me.He was snoring away to glory.

I screamed at him  at the top of my voice to wake him up.He seemed to me like 'Kumbhakaran' who never planned to wake up.I made a last attempt at waking him up,but he remained firm like a rock.I finally surrendered after many failed attempts to wake him up and returned back to my room.

Continuously studying for 14 hours had taken a toll on my body.The one fact about my room was that there was a banyan tree located near my window which had no grills.This served as an entry for unwanted guests in form of sparrows,monkeys,crows etc. It was 4 pm and no power at our locality.Hence I had to open the window.There was an unexpected fresh but cool brisk wind which blew through my window.I dozed off as I was too tired after studying.

A Monkey surfaced on my window and saw a plate of fresh bananas.He was a young and  probably got lost from his troops.He was hungry and the fresh sight of bananas attracted him and he jumped in my room. He gorged on the bananas and saw me sleeping on the bed.I was wearing  my 'Being Human' T-Shirt and a boxer.The Boxer had printed pictures of fruits such as Banana,Watermelons,Mangoes and grapes.The monkey was probably more hungry and was hunting for more food. He saw my boxers and he could not resist at the sight of the watermelons.He jumped over me and dug his teeth deep into the watermelon. Luckily it was at the back of my boxer.

I screeched at the top of my voice.I sprang out of the bed and saw the monkey eating the  rags of my boxer.I helplessly looked at him.

'Shh...get lost ...monkey ...go away..shooo shooo,' I tried to shoo away the monkey but it did not budge.We both looked at each other for around 10 minutes.I wanted him to go but he was staring at bananas printed on my boxer.I wore my jeans as soon as I learned that the monkey was eying on the banana printed  on my boxer.My butt pained.I could not walk properly. The monkey soon escaped  from my room.I heaved a sigh of relief as I saw the monkey leave. I got back to sleep.After  around 1 hour,I woke up and left for Chetans room.

'Whee....Krruuuuu...Kreee...' He was snoring like anything. I somehow managed to wake him up.

'Hello...good morning brooo....,' He rubbed his eyes.
'Good Morning...Idiot,its 5.15 pm..,' I said to him.

'Oh my god...I am not going to clear IIT man...'He was being  pessimistic.
'Where is your exam center?,' he asked me.
'No Idea dude...must be Aundh...Let me check,' I said and rushed for my room. I had placed my admit card on the table which had the banana.I got tensed and panicked as I learnt that I had misplaced my Admit Card.

I searched my entire room but I could not locate my Admit Card. I thought for a while and came to a conclusion that the monkey had flown away with my Admit card.

I ran out of my apartment and searched for the monkey everywhere.I asked almost everyone for the witty primate.Afte 30 minutes, I almost gave up.But I had no options. A tear rolled on my cheeks as IIT was a dream for me.I was trying hard to clear the IIT JEE and had prepared for it since class 10.

I was sobbing and weeping.Everyone from my colony were looking at me. I controlled myself and wiped my tears. I was ready to tackle the monkey.

'Kheee...Kheeee,' I heard a sharp sound from top of a tree. I was delighted to see the same monkey seated at the branch of the mango tree. It had my admit card. I threw a stone at it and in reply it threw a mango at me.I rushed to the near by shop and got 3 bananas for the monkey.I threw the banana at it. It caught the banana just like how Jhonty Rhodes did it in the cricket field. I threw all the bananas at the monkey but each time the catch got better. I helplessly looked at the monkey.

An idea struck on my mind. I luckily had another Fruits printed boxer with me.I called Chetan and asked him to get the boxers for me. It looked like the monkey enjoyed eating the boxers. Chetan came after 10 min with a similar boxer. I waved the boxer at the monkey. I directed it to throw the admit card down  by showing different actions. It understood my gestures and it directed me to throw the boxer up. Its rightly said that Man and Monkeys are ancestral cousins. We both understood each other and the monkey threw the admit card below and I threw the boxer up. The monkey had made a paper ball out of my admit card.I caught it and put it on my pocket.The boxer could not attain the desired height and as a result it came down after reaching a certain altitude.Chetan and me ran away after we got our stuffs.The monkey glared at us and was highly disappointed.

Later on I narrated the entire  story to Chetan and there was a laughter riot.We both headed for our room and resumed back to studies.

Describe a fiery  event or situation either real or imaginary.I'm sure many of you might be having different plans and ideas.This post has been written for Indiblogger's Fiery Grilled contest -  To Participate click on the picture below...

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Few Important Pointers for Life!

Few Important Pointers for Life!
 There are many times I come across people who regret for their actions. Controlling your tongue is an important thing and  what you speaks makes you.You are recognized by the things you speak.There may be times when things may go wrong or may be your day wasn't just perfect. Its obvious that would be the worst time of your life and you would be down and low. Instead of cheering yourself you would prefer to be alone.You won't wish to mingle with people around you. You would instantly burst upon someone who irks you or pesters you with some work.This shouldn't be the case.It takes great time to win someones heart and to make your presence noticed. It indeed takes few minutes to get your name spoiled and it takes time to  reconstruct the old good name .Damage control isn't necessary always.So I have always been advising people to think before your speak something. Ponder over what went wrong and how to make it right.Take out the necessary correcting measures.

I admit that its really difficult to control yourself during our bad times.But that is not the theme of life.If every time you get vexed over someone then I am sure your circle of trust and friendship would be reducing.At one time you will realize that the diameter of that circle  will suddenly diminish into a point and you would be left all alone.Each indecision brings something unpleasant.You might have a big quarrel with your loved ones.They may be your parents,sibling or your best friend. You might just not know how much difficult the situation may get.By  doing this , you are just going to lose another person in your life. It takes time to build a relation.Building relationship is the most difficult situation. I bet how many of you here really felt difficult to confess their love for some stranger. It may be the person who mesmerized you with their personality. You really find it difficult to open a conversation with them. Relations are like strings.Its delicate at the beginning.As soon as the bond gets stronger, the string turns strong.It is easily broken during the worst times.Everything seems shattered. Here are few pointers which can be useful for you.

1.Exercising Control over the tongue.
Tongue may appear like a muscular mass of tissues,but it has got the power to destroy things and turn things bliss.These are two opposite things I would say.
Here is one example of a conversation which I found interesting.It is an chat excerpt from an Indian authors book.

Boy - You never called me the other day..
Girl - I was busy.
Boy - I realized you were out with the other guy....I ever tried calling you several times.
Girl - I have already told you I was busy with some work.
Boy - You fucking bitch.I know what you were doing with him.
The girl breaks into tears and goes away.

Friends, I would like to advise that Human emotions can do wonders at time and at sometimes they can just play more than a spoilsport.When you start loving someone,you think too much about the person. Everytime you think what she/he may be doing at that time. This peice may just look weird but I want to write something which is actually the truth. Do not play with anyone.Control over tongue is necessary.For an ill tempered person ,one minute is enough to create a storm.But I would love to say that after that one minute of havoc ,it is not possible to create  a positive impact. Apology will not help as already the damage is done. There is no lull after storm in this case.Hence exercising control over the tongue is very important.

2.Thinking twice before speaking.

This point is very much essential when you are planning for a long term relationship.Relationship is all about being together,understanding each other.Its the case were like minded people with common thought process bond together.They may be lovers,couples or any kind of relation for that matter.If this point is violated  then everything would be a mess.This point coupled with our first point can naturally is a good factor which helps in maintaining things.Compromising things in life and nature to forget and forgive will always help people in relationship.Tongue rules us.So I advice you guys to think twice before speaking.

3.Never get into a Verbal argument.

The point is self explanatory.Somethings can be mutually sort out by mere discussions instead of quarrels and unpleasant arguments.This will create a negative impact and an impression which can  break bongs.

During our worst times,I would prefer being silent for a while.Isolate yourself for sometime. Think what went wrong.Think for the scope of improvement.During this phase, you can easily make out the reasons which made you behave like that. This stage will give you an inner strength and help you in gaining the lost confidence.

Sorry is the only word which plays a rescue ranger during troubles.Never think twice,just shoot the word.It will automatically invoke a good feeling for you.But naturally ,not all time sorry can come to your rescue.It is not a passport to all the mistakes you do.

Friends, life is really short and I guess we should be cherishing the life which god has gifted us.Avoid sour moments with your loved ones.This is not good for you.This is a random post which I have scribbled.I hope you get something out of it.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Prosperous New year

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Boss and his Secret Muse!!

Disclaimer- This is a work of fiction and all characters in this post are fictitioius.

 The other night I had a terrible fight with a cantankerous person who was the sole owner of my work life. Sometimes I felt I was married to him at work.'Reddy' is what all call him. He was my boss. I worked in a so called Marketing company. Everyone knows that marketing people are highly creative. They get paid for their creativity and everyday they are expected to come with something new. I could rather say that I worked like a puppy and was paid like a slug by Mr.Reddy. I always used to get vexed by his gestures which would often irk me.I was chasing my dream, but after working with a green faced monster like Reddy for 5 years, I realized that I was at a wrong place.

During my tenure at Reddy Marketing, I was not lauded by my boss not even a single time  nor I was provided a good hike.It was always disappointing to work more and recieve less.I wanted to find his weakness.I tried to take the shortcut to success. I researched and found out Reddy's secret muse. She was Mr.Reddy's girlfriend.I was mesmerized when I saw her for the first time at our office.Her eyes full and dark,sparkled and was scintillating with the blue lens that she wore.The mascara clad eyes beneath her coal black brow had taken me aback. To be honest I had never seen an attractive girl  like her before in my life.I have seen girls like her on Fashion TV.I always wanted to make a girlfriend like her but sadly I never had any girlfriend.She was taciturn when it came to talking to random strangers. I knew she  had a thing for my boss who was a big victim of mid life crisis.I sometimes failed to understand what did Reddy do to befriend the beauty.They mostly resembled the beauty and the beast.Its not amazing to know that Reddy had a beautiful wife and a wonderful 7 yr old kid. Weekends in Hyderabad are quite boring especially when you don't have a girlfriend. The only thing which you could do is to check out the lavish malls.Its now or never. I planned to weave an imaginary story out of Reddy and his secret muse.

It was a fine Saturday evening  and as usual I was visitor to one of the mall in hyderabad. I saw a man from behind who got into a verbal fight with the Salesman.The guys temper seemed to have flared like a sky rocket.I observed the girl who was accompanying him. I was surprised to see my boss and his secret muse at that place. I went near them and greeted them. The girl seemed to have been  impressed by me. She smiled at me which got my boss furious.He tried to shoo me out but I stood firm.
I looked aside and saw a fat lady with a cute girl heading towards us. 'Omg Sharmila,' My boss hid behind his girlfriend.

An idea flashed on my criminal mind.I looked at the fat lady and grinned at my boss.My boss asked me to help him.I realized that this was the best opportunity to get the most out of him.I asked him to promise me a heavy increment,an onsite opportunity and  good bonus.At first he hesitated,but later on succumbed to pressure and accepted my demands.I suggested both of them to go the KFC outlet.We took  the corner table and heaved a sigh of relief.My boss's girlfriend was devoid of things happening around her nor she was interested in knowing everything. We spoke for a while. My boss's eyes scanned entire KFC and he couldn't find.A cute little girl came next to my boss and started screaming. 'Daddy..Appa...how come you here...'  . 
This attracted Mrs.Reddy and within the next 2 minutes both of them were seated next to us. Now we all were looking at each others face. My boss's face turned pale.There was complete silence for a moment.My boss helplessly looked at me. He urged me to do something and I could read  his eyes.We saw a couple sitting at the nearby table.They both were quarreling. From their discussion I learned that there was something to do with infidelity. The guy had probably broken the trust of his wife by dating another woman just like my boss.I could not stop giggling after relating the situations.There was a sudden whim to go to their table and sort out the problem. I soon left for their table.

'You know what Didi...life is all about trusting and realizing the worth of your partner.He may not be sincere or loyal to you...but somewhere through his eyes I can read his mind that he still loves you and his love for you is true.There are bad times in life and sometimes we tend to do something beyond our reach like Jiju did.I am not an oracle,advice maven or a wise man to preach philosophy.But I dont want to see you and Jiju going separate.You two look like a great couple and I know that during the journey of life he will be the best companion... Today I tell you that he would be the best rudder for your boat.I just wanted to tell you that you are an awesome couple and look great together...God bless you', I said to my self proclaimed Jeeja and Didi and left for my table. The Lady..my self proclaimed sister almost broke into tears. They kissed each other and happily left for their home.

'Quite Impressive young man,'Mrs.Reddy smiled.
'Ahh..thats just the sweeter side of me..Sharmila maam,' I retored.

The environment became lively once again.
'Men shouldn't cheat on their wife and children..its the worst thing to do,' She added.
'But you might not know ..sometimes such men are present near us...and we sadly fail to recognize them..' I laughed.

I wondered if  I had a camera to capture my Boss's reaction. He pleaded guilty. I could see his eyes turning moist. I wanted to torture him but sadly I couldn't.

'It just happens..a good wife  would please her husband and won't let him to cool his heels at any other womans house..' I added.

'You are right young man...' Mrs. Reddy smiled.The little girl was gorging on the chicken legs which was a part of the KFC bucket.
'There is no point in disowning them after knowing they broke your trust...'I smiled.

'Who is she by the way? Doesn't she speaks? ,' Mrs.Sharmila Reddy pointed at the beautiful girl who was my boss's girlfriend.
There was complete silence for a while. Mr.Reddy shrugged his shoulders at first.He thought for a while  and then  broke the silence by saying that she was my girlfriend.

I was flummoxed for a while. There was a 'Beta ..Mann mei laddu foota 'reaction on my face.
'Oh yeah!' I grinned and I looked at  my boss's  muse.

She smiled at me.She came close to me.Our lips locked.We kissed. There was another 'Beta,..mann mei laddoo foota' moment. I always knew she had a crush on me.But I never had the courage to propose my boss's girlfriend althought she liked me. I realized it when she smiled at me without any reason. My Boss and his Wife were looking at us.The little girl hid her face when she saw both of us voraciously kissing each other as if there was no tommorow.

'I love you baby...' She told me.This  was the third 'Beta mann mei laddoo foota' moment in my life.
'I love you too...I wanted to tell you this since long,' I smiled.

My boss's mouth was wide open as he was surprised to see his own girlfriend betraying him.He exhibited a sharp glare at me.
'You two are so adorable,' Mrs.Reddy said.

'I assure you that Reddy will give you a good increment and a better bonus for you,' She asserted. There was the fourth 'Beta mann mei laddoo foota' moment during the span of 30 min.

She soon left the place along with her daughter.We bid her bye. My boss was angered by our gesture. He was helpless and left  place.Now I had every chance to blackmail my Boss.

So I laid the foundation of my love with my boss's secret muse at a KFC outlet in Hyderabad. I admit I am a loquacious person at times but I never thought my witty nature would get me lots of goodies in form of girlfriend,money and bonus.

Now ,I have my boss's secret muse as my own girlfriend,good appraisal,bonus,onsite trip and many more. What do you have ? :D :D

Describe an event where your sharp mind and fiery tongue got you out of a sticky situation.I'm sure many of you might be having different plans and ideas.This post has been written for Indiblogger's Fiery Grilled contest -  To Participate click on the picture below...

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Moment

The  Moment
'Man,She is dressed in wine red,' Ramesh Smiled.
'I saw her...Infact she was gorgeous today...is it her birthday ?,' Suresh asked him.

Its a natural phenomenon that when a guy meets a beautiful girl he rather wants to talk her. But this is the story of  two friends Suresh and Ramesh.They both fell for the same girl.One liked her and the other loved her. She was Esha,the main hearthrob for all the guys in the Office.It seemed like she was the  last beautiful girl who worked in InfoSystems India.

'No ..her birthday is on April 1,'
'Ahh,she must be a beautiful fool then..,' Suresh winked at him.

They both loved her but never had the guts to confess their love to her. But today they had decided to propose her.

'Flip the coin man,' Suresh said
'for what..' Ramesh was curious to know more.

'This is the day...lets see if its you or me...,' Suresh became serious.
'No need..I will go first,' Ramesh told.

He went close to her.
'I am a kind of person who has this unique tendency to make people laugh and I am sure I will make you smile everyday and we will cherish each moment of out life together. I am made for you. You are the most beautiful girl I've ever met on Earth..I LIKE you!' He handed her the red rose he got for her.

'Awaiting a positive response,' He smiled and left.

It was Suresh's turn.
'I am a kind of person who has this unique tendency to make people laugh and I am sure I will make you smile everyday and we will cherish each moment of out life together. I am made for you. You are the most beautiful girl I've ever met on Earth..I LOVE you!' He handed her the red rose he got for her.

'Awaiting a positive respone,' He smiled and ran away.

Esha was confused about the things happening around her. She called for both of them.

'You both are awesome guys.you both have been best friends.You are too good and obviously you both are talented,'  She said.

'Yeah...we are,' The guys said in Unison.

'and its a decisive moment right now..now you guys tell me what do I do...' She added.

'One  of you Loves me and the other Likes me...thats sweet but ...' Her face turned sad

'But..whaaaattt....' They both said .

'But ...' She took a deep breath.

'Mummaaaaaa.....I won the beauty contest,' A girl of around 18 came running towards to her.

'So you still Like me Ramesh!,' Esha said.

'So you still Love me Suresh!,' Esha said and her daughter started laughing.

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Saturday, December 03, 2011

The Red Couch!

Magpie 93 – Photo provided by Magpie Tales

I walk a lonely road,
Everyday too and fro,
I work whole day and night,
With less Sleep,food,
While I walk,i see
An imaginary red couch,
That wants me to sit on it
I look at it and walk away,
I see behind ,it invites me
I toil hard in front of Computer
Writing codes and making  Sheets,
I sit on the chair,
My back aches,migraine,
Work pressure,Stress.
When I go back home,
I see the same red couch,
That wants me to sit on it,
I ignore and walk away.
This Cycle repeats and goes on,
Everyday I disappoint it,
But today I accepted it,
And sat on it with a smile,
Realized what life was like,
The first time in my life,
And it feels so great,
I look around the world,
I feel so amazed.
It teaches me to make time,
During the busy hours,
take some rest,breaks,
thats all what I desire,
Now everyday I look at it,
The Red Couch Smiles at me.

PS - I seldom write poems and I guess it was just another attempt at writing a poetry. Feedbacks are appreciated

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