Friday, January 27, 2012

5 Glorious years for The Solitary Writer

 Time flies. This blog was born out of an experiment.May be a careless 2nd year Engineering students tryst with writing gave birth to TSW. Initial days were quite non productive in the blog perspective.The first post came in December.During those times, days were hectic.Submission pressure and marks were few factors which would bother me much. For once I started writing and it was never looking back. never knew I would reach this milestone one day. I hardly have over 300 posts and this itself is a big milestone. I don't know how to thank my readers. Thanks a lot readers,followers,fans and friends for being kind and generous enough to mark your presence here. This has always invoked a smile in my face. I would love to tell you that may be these days I am not regular in blogging but definitely I would miss you all. 

This place has been full of fiction tales,non fictions,random ramblings,poetries and art works. I thank each and everyone for those valuable comments which provide me inputs  about improvements and appreciations.I am planning to post few of my incomplete tales.I have enjoyed being in this space.I cannot cease to thank you guys. Some people mark their presence wherever they tread and you are those.Thank you guys

On  1/27/2007 ,I started this blog and today its 1/27/2012 and its been a never ending journey. Thanks for enlightening this place with your presence.Yuppie! Its finally 5 glorious years for the Solitary Writer

- Love 
   The Solitary Writer.

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  1. Wishing TSW a very happy birthday !! :D :D :D

    Hope you have many awesome posts and lot many readers in the years to come!!!! :) :)

    Congratulations for the five successful years which made STE TSW ;)


  2. Happy Birthday! It's good that you have hung around for so long. FIVE YEARS! Stay here for forever :)

  3. wow 5 years! congrats
    Happy Birthday Solitary Writer!! :)
    Keep writing more!

  4. congratulations
    i hope ke you write more and more

  5. congratssss man!!
    and happy belated b'day to ur blog :))
    jug jug jiye tera blog :P

  6. Congratulations on completing the 5! Here's to many more years and decades to blogging! :)

  7. so you made it to 27th jan, finally.