Saturday, January 07, 2012

One Night Stand on a New Year Night - 4 (1/1/2012)

One Night Stand Post actually marks my blogging activities every year.My blogging year starts with the ONS posts.
Read the previous parts,
and now I present you 1/1/2012 - ONS - The Man & his changed girl

Monday ->Piyali.
Thursday ->Marissa
Caste no bar.Even he didn't care for any religion or community.He changed girls like clothes.He slept with different girls every night.Girls easily fell prey to him.He was not less than a big flirt.He never followed the concept of marriage.He refused to accept and respect Indian culture and traditions.He never cared for any one .But there was some one who loved him.She was a pretty looking Indian girl.She only knew the good side of him. He was a rude and ill mannered person.

"Where are we going?" the girl asked him.
"To heaven," he said.

"Am gonna take you to a special place tonight," he added.
"Oh is it dear!," she said

It was a brand new year and he took her to a hotel far away from the main city.She left her parents just for him.She was about to elope with him.
He held her close to his body.He caressed her hairs and started kissing her nape voraciously.It was a dark night and the place seemed to be deserted as most of the people were busy enjoying the New Year.He grabbed her firmly and made love with her.
The morning sun shone brightly and brilliantly through the bedroom window. He got up and smiled at her.

'Thanks for the night babe,' He said.
She smiled back at him.

'So did you like it?,' He curiously asked her.

'Yes, I loved it,' She blushed.

'It was my first sex after my gender sex change operation and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it,' She smiled.

He was bewildered and could not accept the fact that he actually slept with a shemale.

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  1. since you have been generous enough to link the older posts, i am all ga ga over it :)

  2. i read all the previous posts as well as this write so well yet i just hate men like these..they should be taught a good lesson and the end was real shocking i must say :P
    great writing

  3. Interesting ending. Keep writing!