Saturday, February 25, 2012

Andy-Mandy & Anna

Andy & Mandy have been quite busy lately and finally they have time to meet each other at a famous Lounge in Delhi.

Andy - Hey buddy, long feels good to meet you again.
Mandy-Same here buddy.
Andy - I had a chance to meet Anna last week.
Mandy- Even I'd met Anna last month..
Andy - Such a wonderful person and Anna has large followers.
Mandy - Followers? I thought they were fans.
Andy - May be you could say so... Anna is indeed very intelligent and smart.
Mandy - Very true...a very great fun loving  person....
Andy - I admire Anna...
Mandy- Yes I love and I want to marry Anna someday...
Andy - What...You want to marry Anna Hazare?? [Shocked]
Mandy- Err...Were you not talking about Anna Kournikova?

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  1. Funny... but can't help wondering.

    Anna Hazare's first name is pronounced way differently than Anna Kournikova's. So, the third and fourth sentence should have sounded very different from each confusion to nahi hona chahiye...

  2. Hehe cool one... I must say Annu likes this Anna post!

  3. I had tough time finding the comment section .. nice one LOL

  4. Hahahaha..:)

    Andy, Mandy, Anna n Anna...:)

    Superlike, Solitary Writer!! :)