Sunday, March 25, 2012


I grow.I learn. I study
I play.I dream.I write,
I smile.I heart.I love,
I cry.I hurt.I hate,

I walk.I come. I see,
I promise.I ask. I win,
I work.I loot. I go.

After few years,
I walk.I come.I see,
I promise.I ask.I win,
I work.I loot.I go

They come.They go.We watch.We suffer.We see them save money.But we cry,keep crying  and always will cry.The cycle repeats. Its known. Perhaps one of the most pathetic post of mine. Still thinking why I wrote this but nevermind there is something in this post. Decrypt it and you will get to know .

Write up for Sunday Scribblings.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Tag,Awards and Guest Post Announcements!!

So this time I have been tagged and awarded after a long time. I was tagged by Simu and have been awarded by Neha . Thanks for the honour girls.

Again few rules to be followed here~
Rule#1: Put the rules on your blog.
Rule#2: Every person tagged should tell 11 things about themselves, answer the 11 questions asked by the one that tagged you, tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions.
Rule#3: Let the people whom you tagged know you’ve done so.
Rule#4: Don’t tag anyone who’s been tagged before.
Rule#5: Really do tag 11 others; don’t go all ”if you want to take this tag”.

11 Things about me.
1. I am an emotional person. I might boast off that I am not an emotional person but actually I am very emotional.
2. I openly brag about my flirting skills here and hence I proudly call myself as a flirtu
3.No one in my circle of trust and my family knows about my blogging skills. I have hidden it from my real world. So it means blogging is only for the virtual world
4. My parents wanted me to be a doctor but sadly or luckily I am an Engineer now.
5.Many girls adore my childish voice. But I really dislike my voice because my clients find it difficult to recognize and understand me.
6. I am a die hard fan of Sachin Tendulkar, the God of Cricket.So I really can't take it when someone speaks malicious things about him.
7.I am very kind and benevolent person. I help people without second thoughts.
8. I trust people very easily. It is difficult but sadly I believe people very easily.
9. I am a short tempered person. I can easily lose my cool within  seconds. So its like I cannot take it when someone tries to get onto my nerves. I get vexed very soon.
10.My right part of the brain is quite functional and thats the reason why I am highly creative. Infact I consider it as a blessing.
11.Most of my stories under fiction tag are actually real stories which were shared by my friends.,

Questions asked by Simran.
1. The most beautiful moment you still rewind and cherish - The birth of my younger sister. Because at a time when I was feeling lonely I was blessed with the gift of my life in form of Anu.So certainly she is a pride possession for me.
2. The one thing you cannot ignore-  Caring about people whom I love and adore.
3. Do you believe in punishing or forgiving ? Why?- I believe in forgiving.It is difficult to forgive someone. Because I believe that little bit of advising could do wonders at times.
4. What/ Who motivates you to move on?- Appreciations and Encouragement  in any form.It may be related to anything.It actually kindles you to experience large.It teaches to embrace challenges.
5. Things that let you down - Constant frown on our loved ones face.Also any discouraging actions do let me down.
6. Favorite time of a day - Night anytime.
7. What gives you a real pleasure ?- Pleasure as in... Elaborate :P
8. The best thing in you - I cannot rate one best thing.Infact all things in me are best.
9. The worst moment- The disgusting and depressing days of 2007 where I was down with some dangerous life threatening disease but later on I recovered rapidly.
10. Things that excites you- Shouldn't Ans 4 answer this too. Awards offcourse,in any form whether it be at blogs ,office or any damn thing.
11. Any suggestion or advice for my blog-  Well you are an awesome blogger. You write well.

11 Questions from my side for people who have been tagged by me below .
1. What is the meaning of your name? Are you happy with it ? , If not  then would you like to change it and to what?
2. What is life if full of care?
3. So among Tom and Jerry whom do  you support considering the actions of both.?
4. If stranded alone in an Island with the one you love,  then what will you carry with you? Why?
5.If you were on a sinking ship with one who loves you a lot, and another who you love a lot... and could save only one, who would you save? why?
6. What are your goals in life?
7. Do you have any regrets in life?
8.One thing which you could change from your past or present?
9.What do you write?
10.What do you think about me?
11.Tell us 3 things about you that we don’t know, 3 things that would take us all completely by surprise?

So the 11 people who should take this tag are
Now for the second award. Thank you so much  Neha :)

The rules for this award are:

1. Add a picture of the award in your post.

2. Thank the award giver.

3. Share 7 random facts about you.

4. Choose 13 other bloggers to pass the award to and let them know that they’ve been nominated. 

About 7 Random facts about me  -> Read any 7 points from the 11 points from the  meme which I have completed above. PLEASE SPARE ME. I am an Engineer...So stupid  smart of me no :D :|

So Summer has arrived. Once again I am planning to start the Guest Posts on my blog.Will be showcasting  the other guest posts written by my dear Blogger friends this time. I was not able to post the GP’s written by them and so would be posting it this time. Additionally, I would like  to invite bloggers to write on my blog. I am planning to post the guest posts twice a month ( The first and the last week).  I have started the discussion on the Forum tab below the header of my blog. I have worked on my blog look. Kindly take your time and confirm your participation.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Breasts that fed you,The Arms that held you!

The other day my younger sister narrated me an incident.She was a volunteer of the social service group at her college and they had  organized a visit to an old age home in Mumbai.My sister,at first was excited when she told me about her visit. She was a benevolent kind and quite helpful girl.I have supported her many times as she used to pester and nag me to accompany her for the cause. I couldn't join her this time as I was busy engrossed in resolving some code issues at office as it was deployment week.Later when I returned back home from Pune, she seemed upset and dull. I asked her to tell me the reason why she was low,but she didn't .I urged her,pleaded her,requested her and even ordered her to tell me what went wrong, but she refused to speak. I had never seen her sad since long and I was wondering what could be wrong. Later on she came to me and narrated me the entire incident which happened that day. It was shocking at first but later on it became a good discussion topic. We both used to discuss social causes and we would talk about the root causes and all. She spoke about the sufferings of old parents at the old age home.The home provides them with all the love and care but its their heart which revolves around their loved ones at home.People sacrifice their life for their children's and their children's reward them by admitting them to old age homes. Its quite disheartening to see them crave to meet their grandchildren. There are many reasons why people send their loved ones to old-age homes.These days people have turned apathetic towards their elders and as a result they send them to the care of paid strangers. Nothing comes close to the love of our very OWN loved ones.People have turned selfish and for their own personal benefit they are ready to throw their parents out of their home. People havebecome goal centric these days. Its because of this that they think that their old parents would come out as hindrances.Through out this article we would talk about the root causes and various points where change is desirable. These would be the things which I would like to change around me. For I belong to a culture where Mother and Father are treated with utmost respect and honor. The holy bible says that honor your mother and father.

"Listen to your father who gave you life ,And do not despise your mother when she is old. 
My son,hear the instruction of thy father and forsake not the law of they mother" 

These are the versus from the holy bible. All religions have emphasized the need to respect our elders in their respective Holy book. The biggest question is do we? . Why would we forsake and betray our own parents. Shouldn't there be a valid reason to this action. It depresses me. My sister broke into tears as she narrated me the story of an old grand mother whom she met at the home. This old lady had 2 sons. They both were rich enough, but their wives disliked this old woman. She lost her husband at a tender age where both her sons were having their ages in single digit. The old woman used to wash clothes,clean utensils and broom at different houses to raise her kids. She got them basic level of education and by gods grace they both got government jobs and now they both enjoy the luxuries provided by the Government of India.But they do not have time for their mother.She was the woman who sacrificed her life,toiled hard for both her sons just to live her life at an old-age home. She should have been treated as Queen.A tear drop rolled down my sisters cheeks as she told me. She said that the grandmother was pretty upset and she badly wanted to see her grandchildrens.If your parents can raise you through all the difficulties ,then why can't you.I sometimes find it strange and this raises another question.What will we get by sending our old parents to old-age homes?.I want to change the selfish attitude of the people who just want to use relations as a ladder to climb and succeed.Parents sacrifice their entire life for their childrens. They help them to grow up and eventually the childrens turn independent one day and the poor old parents seem to them just like an old rag in the house.Our parents are like the soul, you cannot function properly unless its there.We require them at every stage of our life may be not physically but inform of prayers,advices,wishes etc.These days the demands for old-age homes are increasing because of those ruthless ,transgressors who disown their own parents.How could even one think that parents would live happily at an old-age home?.If we can't give them all the happiness which they need ,then how can we expect a paid stranger to provide them with all the happiness? Aged parents were once considered as an asset in our society.Our aged parents were just a moral support to fall back on. But now its changed and its  just against our cultures and traditions.People are turning busy with their career and professional life and they do not find time to talk to their parents. If you can't look at your parents ,then how can you expect your kids to look at you when you turn old.Everyone should know their responsibility  and learn that parents are as important as your careers.Yes ,I even agree that by working hard everyday we can't spend all our valuable times with our parents.By keeping them with us ,we can't cope up with these changes so many people  don't want them to suffer by making their parents stay with them.It is not called suffering.A good son would never term it as a suffering for suffering is a big word.Yes there are some cases where parents have to face the wrath of their very own children and hence they personally opt to live in an old-age home. Its the children's incapability to provide them with the necessary love.Old-age homes these days are used as a place where unwanted parents can be dumped. 

Our Indian culture has always taught us to treat our elders with respect and care.But because of modernization and inspiration from western culture we have failed to keep up to these principles and our very own parents have to suffer.Always learn the good things from life.Get inspired from the good things that the western culture teaches you.Don't just be blinded by it.Keeping our parents with us only benefits us. I want to change this attitude of people around me who consider their parents as a waste.Firstly Parents should avoid giving all their wealth's and belongings to their kids. Sudha Narayan Murthy had written a story about this in her book 'Wise & Otherwise' .Its a sensitive story about an old man and his son. I  advise you guys to read that book.They should keep something for themselves too.They should not be depended during their old-age.So to induce the change , I would like to advise all young parents to make their kids realize the importance of parents in their life. Many must be aware of nuclear families. We know the problems faced in a nuclear family where both the parents work and children's have to suffer.The kids get neglected in such cases.If there would be grandparents ,then they can take care of them.They don't have to be left alone.It would be a win win situation for both the grandparents and grandchildren s.Grandparents just teach moral values to the children's and missing this only creates lots of problems.Because of this both the religious and the cultural aspects are suffering.I dream of a society where  the number of old-age homes would be reduced. Learn to respect your parents for they begot you. It took me days to console my sister as she informed me that the old grandmother had died that day.She craved to meet her sons and her grandchildren's but sadly she couldn't see them during her last breath. My sister returned back to normalcy after few days and I decided to write about this.Learn to be a responsible son. I want to change this attitude of people around me who see their parents as a ladder, a ladder to  make them grow up and get independent. Here is the poem  of an old woman to her son.

'Dear Son,Dear Son,
Please  take me home,
Our home was better,
Here is too bad,
It makes me feel sad.
Its suffocating,Irritating,
The fan here circulates stale air,
I breathe no fresh air,
I await you every day ,
But you never came to see me,
Dear Son,Dear Son,
Please take me home.'

Respect your parents,Adore them.Realize their worth and let them know how much you love them.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Honesty is the best Policy

Honesty is the best Policy

The entire class awaited the Semester 1 result.Vivek was a student of St.Anthony's High School,Mumbai.He was amongst the brightest student of Class 8D.But that semester his History paper was miserable as he couldn't study for his exam because of fever. But any how he managed to attempt 40 marks.He was quite sure that he has no chance of passing. He helplessly looked at History teacher Charles entering the classroom with the answer sheets.
He gave a 'sinister' smile indicating that the paper correction was not good. He called out the roll numbers in a sequential order.He announced their marks as the pupils arrived to collect their answer sheet.
'Roll Num 34 Vivek Kumar,' He called our Viveks roll number.
Vivek walked towards his professor to collect the marksheet.He knew that he would fail.
'Bad performance...37.5 out of 100...very disappointing Vivek..not expected this from you,' Charles sir announced.
Little Vivek could not believe that he actually manage to pass through.
The teacher smiled at Vivek as he collected his papers.
Vivek scanned the marksheet and checked if there was any scope of increase in marks.He was shocked to see that the total sum of his marks were coming out to be 27.5. He immediately ran towards the teacher and informed him about the extra marks. Charles Sir noted his number.
Later that night Vivek was feeling sad because of his own actions.He could have ignored the total marks,atleast he could have passed.But he thought to be honest.He never had the courage to inform his parents about his marks for he knew that they would get angry on him. He told them and got beaten severely as he was supposed to be in elite category.
During the Open house ,Semester results were to be distributed. Vivek along with his little sister entered his class.
His mother collected his marksheet and she smiled at Vivek.
'Why do you have to lie to us Vivek?,'
'What are you saying Mother?. Did I pass?,' Vivek retorted.
'Congratulations have scored 75% marks,' She hugged him.
Vivek soon grabbed the report card from his mother and was amazed to see that his history marks remained unchanged.It was displayed as 37.5. He smiled.
We all knew that honesty is the best policy.But these days we seldom find honest people.The teacher had given Vivek extra 10 marks because of his honesty.Little Vivek won his teachers heart by being honest.This little Vivek was none other than me. :)

Written for: Sunday Scribblings
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

If Men were from Venus!

Different Psychologists across the world have been trying hard  to reveal the key to human behaviour. What is that particular 'entity' which makes people react to different situations differently? It's obvious that a rational mind would see things differently when they are confronted with some unavoidable circumstances or situations. Hence, I call the human behaviour to be an enigma. I rate it as one of the biggest mystery and scientists have been researching hard to uncover this. Due to recent improvements and advancements in technology and different modern techniques, many behavioural scientists have been trying hard to discover the truth behind human behaviour. What is that makes women and men react to different situations differently? Strangely we cannot blame the gray cells. Not everyone has the same intelligence quotient. I am talking about real time scenarios. How difficult is it to understand women? The greatest mystery in this universe is how to understand women. It is not a hypothetical question. It does makes sense. I have been personally touched by this topic. A group of Behavioural scientists in Madrid conducted experiments and studied behaviour pattern of certain group of men and women. They simulated an environment where men could experience what it is likely to be a woman by stepping into a virtual body in their experiments. It really took them one step closer and they made certain researches. It got the men to understand or feel the woman as per their current mindset and it produced different emotions related to the subject. I found this experiment quite amusing and I believe that to understand woman one should try to step into their shoes. Have we ever wondered why there are differences in an argument between men and women? Why are those conflicts? What is that which makes them argue for pretty issues? Obviously there is a lag or a gap and understanding alone helps in bridging the gap. I admit that women are beautiful daughters of the great Almighty and we as human should learn to respect them. There are certain times where we just give up and go mad behind those innocent souls. We need to decrypt the mystery. Why? Why is the question which bothers me. There are indifferences because Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. We can't really change this? Arguments are part and parcel of life. The greatest mystery that stands still are why woman behave the way they do? Ever thought of that. If no, I request you to think about it.

I would want to see things from a woman's point of view. I want to perceive things from her side. By doing this, I would get an insight towards female behaviour when subjected to different circumstances. I would love to know what’s running on her mind. Whenever there is a tiff between a man and a woman, we just succumb to the situation leaving no mercy on her. That’s why she is labelled as the weaker sex. We have made her weak just because we can't accept her behaviour at times. We could label it as we can't understand her well. If I would step into her shoes then I could very well know what made her behave like that or say that particular thing. This could help in issue resolving. We just know her as a cribber, whimper, whiner or a cry baby. But do we really know what makes her cry. Its just because her inability to react to men because men are stern. He can never accept failure. Because he was made like that. That’s why it is said that men never cry. Its the feeble sex which always have to be the sufferer. Some say they over exhibit their emotions at time. Ever been in a relationship? If yes then you would get to know a woman closer. Especially why she is demanding and possessive. She considers her man to be her everything and he is the one whom she can rely on. Its this man who supports her during her lifetime. Mutual understanding is essential for a perfect happy relation. So when confronted with a situation, women behaves on her own way. This way may be positive or negative. Positive one gladdens us and the negative one hurts us. So to know her better, I should be her. By being her I would know her better. I would understand her better and what she wants in her true sense. So if I were her, I would know her every action and I could also reason her reaction. As men we don't really know what women go through. There are many things which men can never be. Only women are the ones who know those things. Consider a mother. It is a feeling apart. A mother knows you 9 months more than anyone in this world.A man can never feel  what it means to be a mother.Have you ever wondered what makes a women cry and why they cry?

A woman weaves in lots of beautiful dreams during her childhood days. She imagines herself as a Princess and thinks about her Prince charming who will provide her with the love of her life. She gets matured and soon starts understanding things. She understands the true 'way of life'.  She realizes that she has to make lots of compromises in life in form of responsibilities, relations and love. The worst thing is that because of those sacrifices and compromises she is labelled as weak and easy. She does it because she can't afford to lose the special people of her life and she has to live up to their expectations as daughter, wife and mother. Never take her for granted because she loves you for who you are, sacrifices her life for her children’s and still loves you the same. She adds beautiful colors in the life of a man, but men don't seem to understand her .She suppresses her feelings and sorrows only for our happiness. She prefers to be silent only because men can’t understand her. We laugh over when it comes to understanding women. First try to know that if women can understand men so well, then why we can’t men at least try to understand them. Why should they always expect a woman to do that? For understanding all these we need to step into her shoes. And that is what I would love to do. At this point of time, I want to change the attitude towards women. They are considered weak, but I want to prove you all wrong that she is weak. She is the strongest creature on Earth. God bestowed upon her the seeds of wisdom, knowledge and of course the ability to understand men. This would connect the disconnect between men and women in term of understanding and bridge the barrier between them. The only option available is to understand each other, empathize with each other and step into her shoes. This would make me stronger in understanding them and in this process my relationship with a woman would bond stronger if I understand her well. Most of the relationships today do not survive because there is a constant mismatch of expectations. We cannot live up to each others expectation. If our frequencies do not match, then there would be lots of problems in life in form of tensions and break ups.So its necessary to understand her. I would like to change the perception towards woman, change the myth that she is weak.For I believe that women are strong. I wish if men were from Venus.

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Its time to 'Think' & 'Change'

 Disclaimer - The views expressed in this post are the writer's  personal view.

There are two instances which has touched my heart and in fact it has instigated me to write this post. Firstly I was not sure about what to write and I present you something which actually made me think a lot. I am vagabond, an itinerant wanderer who travels different places for different purposes. My job assignments make me travel different places and at each place I observe something different and peculiar. I had a chance to bump into one of the filthiest places of Mumbai. It was Kurla.  At first I was completely disgraced to see the sight of that particular place. Many friends from Mumbai had alarmed me from traveling to Kurla especially during Monsoons. It was an unpleasant sight as I could only see the dirty stagnant waters everywhere. I looked around for any alternative options to reach the Kurla Railway station. Yikes! I had no options other than taking the only water path. I folded my trouser up to my knee height. I held my socks and Woodland shoes on each of my hand and walked through the dirty muddy waters. For a moment I looked like a flood victim hunting for safety. Finally I managed to reach the other side. One fascinating thing which captured my attention was the consistent nagging of a little girl with running nose. She was shabbily dressed and was probably dressed in rags. I looked at her for a while and I was shocked to see that she was holding a 3 days old baby. She looked like a 3 yr old kid and she was nursing a 3 day old baby. She was a vagrant, a homeless kid begging for money. I saw her and handed her a 50 Rs note. I observed an innocent smile on her face. An ensemble of homeless and hopeless kids gathered me. I somehow managed to get rid of them by giving them some money and sweets. I was completely taken aback and shocked to see all this.

My impression about India had changed for a moment. I had been traveling throughout my life. Most of my business trips would make me travel distant places like Berlin, Atlanta, Sydney and Paris. But for the last few years I’ve been traveling across India. I have gained an opportunity to connect to my nation once again after a long time. But I had only witnessed and observed the dirty and the ugly side of my country. I wish I could do something for the poor beggars tramping along the dirty streets. I am very sure that even these kids wouldn’t wish to live a miserable life. They have rights to live a better life with full freedom and education. I had just seen one little tiny dot of this large network of beggars in form of a place called Kurla. There might be many in different places of this country and its a widespread network operated by large gangs. I could say that my wish is hypothetical but together we could do something for the benefit of these street kids as they are humans too.
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’ is a very popular quote. I am doing my part, what about you.

As I have said earlier that I am a nomad who loves traveling. During my visit to the Royal state of Rajastan I had seen many atrocities against women. It was at this place that I observed the real suppression of the female race. Their life here is full of hurdles and barriers. They dedicate their life completely for their men and they had to face the real wrath. It’s this place where the sex ratio is very less. Here new born girl babies are killed as soon as they are born. It’s quite disheartening to see that they are not even allowed to see the first light of their life. I believe that India is the only country where mouthing bad words on terms of mothers and sisters are considered as a great sign of masculinity. It is very frustrating to see the pathetic condition of women in this country. We talk of rapid civilization and advancements in technology and other fields, but I want to raise a question for you guys. How could a country progress where women are treated with inequality? Such exploitation's, harassment's and ill treatment   of women in this country are a great cause of concern.  This topic demands a serious attention where women are ill-treated every hour, every minute and every second. We brag about equality, human rights and respecting women but I would like to tell that despite of such laws being introduced there are many prevalent issues. The laws remain only on the papers and voices go unheard and all that remains is the silent tears of the helpless women. Every child born in this country has the right to seek education. No kid should be deprived of education. These words were said by our late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. But despite of opportunities being created there are many cases of child labor. Young children’s are found toiling hard at firework companies and Textile mills. I see few selling hair bands, earrings and samosas in the local trains. Women in this country have suffered great hardship and their life is only getting miserable. This is the country where women are treated and seen as deity and worshiped as goddesses. But still we don’t have respect for women. There is a constant fear of rapes, domestic violence and murder against women every day.  When a women passes by, one could over hear lots of comments and malicious words being spoken about her. I still wonder if such things happen only in our country. Their life is really horrifying. 

Our capital city is turning into a rape capital where female security is a great matter of concern. There are cases where innocent children’s are kidnapped and are being engaged into prostitution. Ultimately they die a miserable death giving you small moment of pleasure for the money you shell on them. I appreciate the different NGO’s and their activists who work hard for women equality and rights.  The greatest irony is that a woman is responsible for all that she does. What kind of woman is she, who treats her children’s partially? It is unpleasant to hear the fact that a girl is meant only for kitchen and the boy is given the right to education. Crimes against women are increasing day by day. Despite this there are constant improvements in the status of women in urban cities. We see women occupying supreme positions in top level organizations and the government. It is a matter of pride to know that the first citizen of our country is a woman. There is a ray of hope amid darkness which promises that there is scope for improvement and things would change in mere future. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop but a perverted mind is the reason for Female Sexual abuse. If we think of progression then such sensitive things needs to be addressed.  It is the correct time to change the way female are seen and ill treated in this nation. They deserve respect. It’s a vagabonds appeal to  you ,the one who travels across the country is the one who knows things  better .I see the bird eye view of all the crimes against women. I envision the future of this nation to be a highly developed country but this is possible only if there is equal treatment of men and women. I dream of a tomorrow where women shall breath ,walk and talk free and without any fear.

"Its time to think
 Its time to react,
Its time to implement,
 Its time to change,
There are many who are struggling,
hoping against hopes,
chasing their dreams,
awaiting an helping hand,
to protect and save them,
Its time to raise our voices,
because there is someone who needs us,
who badly  needs our help "

Together we can,Together we will make a difference and spread smiles everywhere.

Written for Indiblogger Contest 'Time to Change'.

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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Garden of Life

Disclaimer - This post is purely based on the writers creativity.The video below has been created by me as a part of this contest.I request you all to check the video before you read the post below.

A little sapling tender and small,
began his journey in the garden of life.

Birds,trees,flowers,leaves of the fall,
his days breezed away in the garden of life.

Pattering raindrops,snowing dews,
Kuckooing Koyals in the garden of life.

Bounties of nature,those marvellous creatures,
impacting him intensely in the garden of life.

Starry cold nights,desserted hot days,
seasons elapsed on in the garden of life.

Love flew in like fluttering butterflies,
he met his soulmate in the garden of life.

Interlacing  fingers they strolled through the woods,
celebrating togetherness in the garden of life.

Their bond of love witnessed winters and springs,
darkness and delight in the garden of life.

Then one find day like a tree he began to bend,
new leaves stopped growing in the garden of life.

Withering  dreams,dimming sunshine,
his youth declined in the garden of life.

As he breathed his last,nostalgia enwrapped him,
those innocent childhood days in the garden of life.

A serene smile adorned his lips,
for he has lived his life in the garden of life.

And it ends not here  this divine cycle,
will continue forever in the garden of life.

A new sapling grows somewhere  as he closes his eyes,
destructing,creating,nurturing our existence is nothing but the garden of life.

Everyone has a beautiful garden in their life. It is this garden where they spend and cherish their valuable precious memories.We preserve our wonderful memories in that garden of life.I have had many special memories associated with my childhood.Just as the protagonist in the video, my life has been closely associated with nature. Since childhood I had realized that I was a special child,a gifted child born to do wonders. My focus area shifted drastically and my sole intention in life was this garden of life. Spread joy and vanish melancholy was the theme  of my life just like the little sapling. I remember my mother singing lullaby for baby sister as we walked  through the garden. I recollect those precious childhood moments where I used to sit on my grandfathers lap and count the stars at night.I think of those days where me and my father would go for a long drive and probably go fishing near the most wonderful lake located at our hometown.Any kind of memories are special.The Garden of Life reminds me of the different trees bearing wonderful fruits. Plucking mangoes from the neighbors tree and running away,getting the neighbors beautiful daughter drenched on a sunny day and probably rain dancing with her etc are some of the most cherishable and thrilling memories I had. I still remember the day when I met my first love..Love in form of a huge mango tree which bore sweet and tasty fruits.And yes how could I even forget the first kiss of my life at the tender age of 13.The kiss that mattered the most which sealed my love.The sweet kiss by my  love under the Mango tree.An ensemble of birds witnessed our romantic encounter.Childhood never comes back.It is difficult  to be a child again for gone are those days. I've had real  moments in my life with mother nature. I have enjoyed most of my young days sitting on the lap of mother nature.

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