Saturday, March 10, 2012

Its time to 'Think' & 'Change'

 Disclaimer - The views expressed in this post are the writer's  personal view.

There are two instances which has touched my heart and in fact it has instigated me to write this post. Firstly I was not sure about what to write and I present you something which actually made me think a lot. I am vagabond, an itinerant wanderer who travels different places for different purposes. My job assignments make me travel different places and at each place I observe something different and peculiar. I had a chance to bump into one of the filthiest places of Mumbai. It was Kurla.  At first I was completely disgraced to see the sight of that particular place. Many friends from Mumbai had alarmed me from traveling to Kurla especially during Monsoons. It was an unpleasant sight as I could only see the dirty stagnant waters everywhere. I looked around for any alternative options to reach the Kurla Railway station. Yikes! I had no options other than taking the only water path. I folded my trouser up to my knee height. I held my socks and Woodland shoes on each of my hand and walked through the dirty muddy waters. For a moment I looked like a flood victim hunting for safety. Finally I managed to reach the other side. One fascinating thing which captured my attention was the consistent nagging of a little girl with running nose. She was shabbily dressed and was probably dressed in rags. I looked at her for a while and I was shocked to see that she was holding a 3 days old baby. She looked like a 3 yr old kid and she was nursing a 3 day old baby. She was a vagrant, a homeless kid begging for money. I saw her and handed her a 50 Rs note. I observed an innocent smile on her face. An ensemble of homeless and hopeless kids gathered me. I somehow managed to get rid of them by giving them some money and sweets. I was completely taken aback and shocked to see all this.

My impression about India had changed for a moment. I had been traveling throughout my life. Most of my business trips would make me travel distant places like Berlin, Atlanta, Sydney and Paris. But for the last few years I’ve been traveling across India. I have gained an opportunity to connect to my nation once again after a long time. But I had only witnessed and observed the dirty and the ugly side of my country. I wish I could do something for the poor beggars tramping along the dirty streets. I am very sure that even these kids wouldn’t wish to live a miserable life. They have rights to live a better life with full freedom and education. I had just seen one little tiny dot of this large network of beggars in form of a place called Kurla. There might be many in different places of this country and its a widespread network operated by large gangs. I could say that my wish is hypothetical but together we could do something for the benefit of these street kids as they are humans too.
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’ is a very popular quote. I am doing my part, what about you.

As I have said earlier that I am a nomad who loves traveling. During my visit to the Royal state of Rajastan I had seen many atrocities against women. It was at this place that I observed the real suppression of the female race. Their life here is full of hurdles and barriers. They dedicate their life completely for their men and they had to face the real wrath. It’s this place where the sex ratio is very less. Here new born girl babies are killed as soon as they are born. It’s quite disheartening to see that they are not even allowed to see the first light of their life. I believe that India is the only country where mouthing bad words on terms of mothers and sisters are considered as a great sign of masculinity. It is very frustrating to see the pathetic condition of women in this country. We talk of rapid civilization and advancements in technology and other fields, but I want to raise a question for you guys. How could a country progress where women are treated with inequality? Such exploitation's, harassment's and ill treatment   of women in this country are a great cause of concern.  This topic demands a serious attention where women are ill-treated every hour, every minute and every second. We brag about equality, human rights and respecting women but I would like to tell that despite of such laws being introduced there are many prevalent issues. The laws remain only on the papers and voices go unheard and all that remains is the silent tears of the helpless women. Every child born in this country has the right to seek education. No kid should be deprived of education. These words were said by our late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. But despite of opportunities being created there are many cases of child labor. Young children’s are found toiling hard at firework companies and Textile mills. I see few selling hair bands, earrings and samosas in the local trains. Women in this country have suffered great hardship and their life is only getting miserable. This is the country where women are treated and seen as deity and worshiped as goddesses. But still we don’t have respect for women. There is a constant fear of rapes, domestic violence and murder against women every day.  When a women passes by, one could over hear lots of comments and malicious words being spoken about her. I still wonder if such things happen only in our country. Their life is really horrifying. 

Our capital city is turning into a rape capital where female security is a great matter of concern. There are cases where innocent children’s are kidnapped and are being engaged into prostitution. Ultimately they die a miserable death giving you small moment of pleasure for the money you shell on them. I appreciate the different NGO’s and their activists who work hard for women equality and rights.  The greatest irony is that a woman is responsible for all that she does. What kind of woman is she, who treats her children’s partially? It is unpleasant to hear the fact that a girl is meant only for kitchen and the boy is given the right to education. Crimes against women are increasing day by day. Despite this there are constant improvements in the status of women in urban cities. We see women occupying supreme positions in top level organizations and the government. It is a matter of pride to know that the first citizen of our country is a woman. There is a ray of hope amid darkness which promises that there is scope for improvement and things would change in mere future. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop but a perverted mind is the reason for Female Sexual abuse. If we think of progression then such sensitive things needs to be addressed.  It is the correct time to change the way female are seen and ill treated in this nation. They deserve respect. It’s a vagabonds appeal to  you ,the one who travels across the country is the one who knows things  better .I see the bird eye view of all the crimes against women. I envision the future of this nation to be a highly developed country but this is possible only if there is equal treatment of men and women. I dream of a tomorrow where women shall breath ,walk and talk free and without any fear.

"Its time to think
 Its time to react,
Its time to implement,
 Its time to change,
There are many who are struggling,
hoping against hopes,
chasing their dreams,
awaiting an helping hand,
to protect and save them,
Its time to raise our voices,
because there is someone who needs us,
who badly  needs our help "

Together we can,Together we will make a difference and spread smiles everywhere.

Written for Indiblogger Contest 'Time to Change'.

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  1. superb post likhetu and the area in which you want change was in a need of change, there are lot of talks about uplifment of women and poor children but most of the plan stayed on the paper they never works as stated.
    nice post.

  2. There are infinite people who agree with you but don't know what to do, where to start? All they need is a direction

  3. Awesome post.I agree with the vagabond!

    Wishing you good luck and lots of best wishes!! :)


  4. Great post and u left nice thoughts to ponder on..

    All I wanna say we all shud start doin our bit as much as we can n change will follow..


  5. abs - Together we can,Together we will make a difference and spread smiles everywhere.

  6. That is good topic and I agree that change should be made. Good luck for the contest

  7. That was a very good post....My top support is for the suffering children in Kurla and the rest of India...That needs to change for sure!!!!

  8. what you said is absolutely right, but may be worst than what you have scribbled. A six months old girl child was rapped and killed. I dont understand how could they do this and what do they get from molesting a cherub.

  9. i wish your dream could become true.
    i always have such kind of dreams, woman enjoying the same privileges of a man.
    One day the dream will be accomplished. i am sure

  10. awesome post !

  11. I too have struggled with the same thoughts. I have posted on this a couple times on my blog as well (I don't always stick to fashion on the blog!). I wish there were equality for women. I hate domestic violence...


    Ps. if you would like to read the two pieces I wrote on a similar subject, you can find it under "Smart is Sexy" tab on the left hand side of the page about half way down.

  12. Wow. Hopped on here from oRange's blog.. You have some sorted stuff here, seriously!
    Good stuff, really :)


  13. I come from a state which boasts of highest litrecy rate in India, still you can find daily 3-4 stories about atrocities against women. Moral policing, attempt of rape/rape, eve teasing etc. The worst case is the death of a girl called soumya, who was thrown out of a moving train and while she was battling for life, she was repeatedly raped by a man called Govindchami. Mr. you know who is now leading a luxuarious life in jail and refuses to eat te food served in the jail. When we talk about equality what we really want is acceptance!!!

  14. Indeed time to change. You know I am writing something on a similar topic and the more I research, the more sad I am.

    Very well written and good luck with the contest!

  15. Domestic violence is something that needs to be stopped ASAP. A very thought-provoking & well-written post. Nice read. :)

    Can you please read & promote my post here? :)

  16. thanks Chirag...there are lots of talks but i wish those talks turn into action some day

  17. yes poonam..they all need a direction.thanks

  18. mani..change will definitely follow if we do our best

  19. thanks Alka..thats even the tagline of the contest i guess

  20. thanks jaish..its difficult to commute in that locality esp during monsoon...quite sad for the poor people there

  21. aishwarya..thats indeed sad to hear it..but such disturbing things happen in this country...very sad

  22. oh that was sweet aish...thanks a lot for this

  23. Amber
    we can only wish...but one day this wish should become real...i wish for that :)

  24. thanks a lot nil..will check ur blog for sure :)

    thanks again for the appreciations

  25. i am looking forward to read ur blogpost Saru :)

  26. thanks nupur..i have promoted it and its good but sadly i am nt able to comment on it

  27. thanks a lot everyone for the wonderful comments :) and wishes <3

  28. That little girl with the imprint of a slap on her face really broke my heart. As did your story of the three year old and the baby in her arms. I can honestly say that I've thought of many causes I've recently read about on Indiblogger as worthy but yours, to my mind, is by far the worthiest of all.