Sunday, March 25, 2012


I grow.I learn. I study
I play.I dream.I write,
I smile.I heart.I love,
I cry.I hurt.I hate,

I walk.I come. I see,
I promise.I ask. I win,
I work.I loot. I go.

After few years,
I walk.I come.I see,
I promise.I ask.I win,
I work.I loot.I go

They come.They go.We watch.We suffer.We see them save money.But we cry,keep crying  and always will cry.The cycle repeats. Its known. Perhaps one of the most pathetic post of mine. Still thinking why I wrote this but nevermind there is something in this post. Decrypt it and you will get to know .

Write up for Sunday Scribblings.

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  1. No not pathetic, but pensive. We could all write something similar and find that that what we see as our failures, others think worthwhile and what we see as successes others feel to be worthless.

  2. Read it thrice..!
    Then got some meanings hidden in it..wasnt that pathetic at all...!!

  3. Not a pathetic post at all..the words fly like heart beats..learning..Jae

  4. Superbly written in a unique way,, i this and that,, we all actually are involved in all these things..

  5. Pathetic? Are you kidding me? It's music! Rhythm of feelings! Up and down! Down and up!

  6. I'd have to agree with the others, your introspection is foggy here. Your poem is lovely. It reads like a walk through time. I thought it was inspiring; I love the idea of sending a message with as few words as possible.

  7. This was great. It was moving. Loved it!

  8. reality....
    and reality is difficult to pen down.. bt u did.
    May God bless u :) :)

  9. Pathetic??? Not really :)
    I love it! Decrypted and it's made me smile in the process..super love this one! I think one of my personal favorites! :)