Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Even a power nap can ruin your life!

Disclaimer - All Characters in this story are fictitious.The names used in this story to represent the protagonist and the rural places are imaginary.They got nothing to do with anyone real or dead.No Offense . All Images have been taken from Google Image Search!
I hope you all are enjoying the 'Ruin your life' series. Each time I vow to present you with a  good story with morals and leanings and I think I have never  disappointed you guys. So in continuation to the 'Ruin your Life' stories, today I am going to present another story. This is a story about a Punjabi Sardar called 'Boobinder Singh'.

Boobinder Singh, tall and handsome was a man of vision. He always wanted to excel in life. His parents wanted him to become an Engineer and even he dreamt of being one but sadly some unpleasant events which happened during his teenage changed his life forever. He was tall and stocky. He was a Sikh and was an eligible bachelor. He was someone who was different unlike the other Sardars.He loved the Sardar jokes and never mind people making fun of him. He had fun at his own expense. He had a round face, rugged and full of hair in form of moustaches and beards. He used to wear a turban and blue was his favourite color.He worked as a Sales Manager in a Pharmaceutical Company. His job demands and allows him to travel across different cities in this country. He had travelled to different metro cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkatta, New Delhi, Bangalore etc and other rural areas like Aampur, Fatehpur, Purpur, Kurpur, Mirpur etc.The initial stages of his youth days were full of struggle. He aspired to be an Engineer but landed up being a sales manager in a not so famous Pharma company. There are certain events which shook Boobinder’s life and his life changed forever. There was a twist in his life when he took a power nap during his 12th Std Board exams. His power nap was so powerful that he failed to realize that he had an exam that day.

Boobinder was a bright student during his school days. He always used to score full marks. Once his 9th Class teacher was impressed with his performance and she gave him 110 out of 100.During this period, Boobinder made many enemies as he was a pet to all the teachers. His pre board scores were 95.98%.He was destined to be an Engineer and so did everyone believed in his capability. It was the 2nd day of March 1986.It was his last paper and the last exam was Chemistry .He studied day and night in order to get good scores.Rajinder Kaur, his mother was his only support structure as his father left for Germany when he was young and never returned back.It was believed that Papinder Singh, Boobinder’s father had married a German woman and begot two beautiful blonde daughters. He realized that he had extra duty to support his mother who was his life. The previous night 1st March, he had studied so much that he felt sleepy the next morning. That very day his mother had gone to Pune for some personal work. She asked Boobinder if he was OK.A confident 17 year old Boobinder smiled and bid good bye to his mother. His mother asked him to reach the Exam centre at the correct time. Boobinder was very tired. Exam was scheduled to be held at 2 PM. It was 11.30 AM. Young Boobinder thought of taking a power nap. He slept like a wild lion. He snored to glory. Little did he know that he would miss his exam because of his sleep. Finally he woke up at 5pm.He got up and he panicked. He was frustrated and felt as if his life was caught in a funk. He saw the clock and a big shock awaited him. He rushed to the exam centre and he was not allowed to write the exam. This came out a shock to all his teachers and closed friends. His mother was upset.Rajinder Kaur even threatened to disown him but nothing is mightier than mother’s heart. She supported him more than before. That year he was declared fail as he didn't appear for his final paper. He sobbed, he wept harder. The disappointment and the shock never let him sleep peacefully for months. It took him ages to recover from the mental trauma. Every wounded Tiger has its own weakness. For Boobinder Singh, it was sleep. He lost his faith and confidence in himself. He struggled and did a diploma in some basic course. He worked as a painter, carpenter, mechanic and a technician during his 20's until he got a job as a Sales Manager which really didn't require much educational qualification. He earned 17000 Rs which was enough for a bachelor man. He settled in a company in Hyderabad until one day which changed his life forever.

Boobinder was his boss's loyal aide and hence Mr Reddy,his boss always had faith in him.Mr Reddy  used to assign him critical sales work where he had to carry lakhs of Rupees with him. A deal was signed with Gajanand Chemicals located at Gaziabad.Boobinder was assigned this task of transporting the files and the amount to the stake holders. He was travelling by train. He had a suitcase with him which had important company related documents and 10 Lakh Rupees. He sat on the seat allocated to him. He had a window seat. He held his suitcase tightly. This raised doubts amongst his fellow passengers.A guy with tabacoo stained teeth was minutely following Boobinder from sidelines. He observed his suitcase and learnt that the suitcase was very important. Soon Boobinder decided to take a power nap.The tabacoo stained teeth guy loosened the suitcase which Boobinder held. He took it and escaped. The train reached Gaziabad in 5 hours. Boobinder once again woke up like a tired Lion. He was afraid as he failed to locate his suitcase which contained money and important company related documents. He panicked and cried for help. But everyone refused to help him. With sheer disappointment he went to his boss who fired him from work. He was also asked to return back the 10 Lakh Rupees. Now Boobinder is busy hunting for a new job. His life has always been full of struggles and to his mayhem sleep has ruined his life several times. Can you provide him with some good work? 

Moral - Even a power nap can ruin your life.

Life is like a marathon race. You need to be  careful and cautious about things.You might never know when you might fall out.Suc are the problems in life. Such small things do happens in life but care should be taken that you never repeat that again in our life.Boobinder is a lesson for us.

For Sunday Scribblings.
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Even a small statement can ruin your life!!

 Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction and has no intentions of hurting anyone!!

Another story in "Ruin your Life" series.

We all know that small town actress Misbah Khan from Gaziabad whose infamous Butt Shake which rocked an award show at Mumbai.Different people had different views about her which later on got her fame.It was said that her youtube video of the Butt dance was viewed by 2 million people. Director James Cameroon saw that video too and came hunting for her all the way to India. He signed her for his latest movie. So this was the story of our very Pyaari Bahu actress Misbah Khan. This instigated me to write about her heroics and later on was compiled into the ruin your life series. Her story about the very famous butt shake can be read here.

She  had a very beautiful sister. Her name was Sarah Khan,daughter of Mir Alam Khan who owns a sweet shop in Mumbai. He alone lives in Mumbai selling Jalebis and hence many people at his village fondly addressed him as 'Jalebi Bhai'. Sarah Khan was beautiful and she had a very appealing and charming personality.Her round face adored her look and her personality was defined by her brown eyes. She loved Indian attires and always had  braided hair. She was of average height and had a smiling face.She was too matured for her age.Every strength has some weakness too.Her weakness was Leonardo Caprio,the Titanic star. She was just 8 years old when Titanic was released. She fell in love with Leo since the day she saw the movie. She had a big craze for the handsome actor. It was said that she had seen Titanic umpteen times just for Leo. If Leo was a god,then she would pray and worship him.Such a die hard fan of Leonardo Caprio she was.  She had a neighbour who was 89 year old lady.She always used to like Sarah Khan. Once she happened to visit her house.

"Sarah beta...yeh kaunsa actor hai?(Sarah dear, which actor is this?)," The 89 year old woman asked Sarah. Although she was 89,her teeth were still intact. It had turned dark yellow because of the tabacco and guthka which she chew. She had hearing problem.

"Nai dadi..yeh Leo ka movie hai..Leonardo ka movie hai(No granny ,its Leonardo's movie)," An innocent Sarah smiled at her 89 year old grumpy old neighbour.

"Kya Leodar(What Leodhar)," The old woman said.
"Yeh kaun hai(Who is he?)," She continued.

"Leodhar nai..Leo," Sarah got vexed.
"Yeh toh mera Pati hai( He is my husband)," Sarah whispered into her ears.

Bewildered and Surprised,the old woman left for her home. She was supported by her son and daughter in law. Her daughter in law was a typical Indian Bahu. The old woman shared everything with her daughter in law. She told about Sarah's so called self proclaimed husband to her.

"Kya Maa..yeh kya sachh hai (What? Is this true?)," A curious daughter in law asked her mother in law.

"Haan beti..usne hi kaha tha(yes she had told me)," The old woman replied.

Unfortunately there was a guy called Leodhar Alam in the small town of Gaziabad who lived in the same street as of Sarah Khan.Leodhar Alam was 6'1 tall and was a gem.He was handsome and admired by girls in Gaziabad.

"Mother,it is a big news.Sarah having affair with Leodhar," The daughter in law gave a wicked smile. She shared this news with her friends.

"You know what our Sarah is having affairs with the plumber Leodhar," She said to one of her friend.

"You know what Sarah and Leodhar are dating," Her friends said to  their friends.
"I saw Sarah and Leodhar hanging out together,"  and many such rumours spread about her. Leodhar was a plumber who had a plumber shop. The news of the virtual affair between Sarah and Leodhar spread like wildfire.Eventually the entire  town spoke about them. But it was unfair that both Sarah and Leodhar didn't knew about this.The Khan family got to know about this news and they were vexed at their daughter Sarah.

"What have you done Sarah?," The angry Mir Alam Khan asked his daughter Sarah.
"Dad, I really don't know anything about this ...," Sarah cried.

"Thats have put us to shame ..we are getting you married to Leodhar Alam tomorrow itself," Sarah's parents said in unison.

She had a dream of being a very famous minister.She wanted to be the railway minister of the country and had dreams of looting lots of money.She always used to say  to her parents that she would take lots of bribes and will be one of the corrupt minister of the country. She saw her dreams fading away.She was going to get married to Leodhar Alam.

She wanted to say NO to her parents decision..but they were strict to her.One day she got married to Leodhar Alaam in presence of the entire  village. They didn't live happily together.But she gave birth to twins and named them Leo1 Alam and Leo 2 Alam in tribute of  her favourite actor whom she loved.It was because of Sarah's statement that her life changed drastically.For the one who saw dreams of living together with Leo and becoming a politician saw her life change.

Moral -Even a small statement can ruin your life

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Monday, April 16, 2012

From the Diary of a Biker!

From the Diary of a Biker!

 **This has been written for the Castrol Power1 Blogging contest  ( Facebook Link) at
Nights wouldn't have been interesting if only they were night.I gave a new definition to Night during my glorious days of 2008.People work the whole day to earn bread and butter.No doubt, everyone has a family to support.Even I was a bread and butter earner for my family.I was deeply associated with biking and my love for riding bikes could be backtracked  to my good old college days.We had joy,we had fun,we had challenges in the sun.I got inspired from my Baba who taught me how to ride a bike.Aai(Mom) cared for me and adored me.She never let me ride a bike as she was afraid of losing me to the angel of death.My father collapsed in a road accident leaving me and mother alone.That made her more weak and vulnerable to emotions and feelings.I tackled life wisely and faced challenges at every step of my life.But still my passion and interesting for bikes didn't cease to fade.For me biking was life,a mean of life.The 'Royal Enfield' ,which others fondly called as 'the bullet' was a valuable asset,a prized possession to me which Baba gifted me when I was 19.I used to roam the traffic jammed streets of Mumbai.The pit holes and the bumpy roads only adorned the ride.I rode through the ugly roads of Dharavi and the  pleasant roads of Bandra.I drived through the ocean of traffic jams,the roaring vehicles and the grumpy bus drivers.Several times I've zig zagged the roads through the heavy traffics  passing through the whingering bus drivers. They would pop their head out of their buses and literally abuse me in the local slang. I would turn behind,glare at them and move away.Life's a bliss at times,otherwise it has been a dirty bitch to me.The 'Royal' bike was  like my 1st love, my girlfriend. Perhaps, my intense love for my bike was  the reason why my girl left me. Aai(Mom) never read my interest and passion correctly,if she'd then I would have been a popular biker of this nation nurturing my dreams.Everyday I leave my home at 9 am, silent and quietly in pursuit of my destiny.I look around and reminisce the old days where gorgeous  girls of my society smiled and ogled at me as I left home.
 I remember the first time I rode my bike through the street which sheltered me.Everyone  said I flaunted my prized asset but little did they knew that it was my life.Biking for me effaces the sorrows out of my life.It has been my best friend which soothes me.Sorrows and Struggles are part and parcel of life,but one should always try to extract the sadness out of their life.Happiness shouldn't overshadow the sadness in our life.Every time I am upset,my bike invites me for a long drive.A long drive which soothes me and makes me feel good.Everytime my bike tyre kissed the road, there is a  feeling of joy.The road exhibits a smile,it salutes my bike. My insatiable thirst for biking and adventure only grew strong everytime I met my fellow bikers.I recall my days in Delhi where I redefined Night.I remember the days where I along with my friends rode through the gory and the eerie dark path.We sped up ,accelerated together chasing the Sedans moving on the continous road following the India Gate.The night road witnessed less vehicles as we rode to glory in pursuit of the beautiful damsels who drove the Sedan.Once we overtook them,one of the girls got out of the car and sat behind me.She removed my helmet and stole my heart with a kiss on my lips.Little did I realize that we were destined to be together.We three, spend time in togetherness usually talking about each other and observing the night sky.She wanted me to priortize her over my bike.My feelings for her deceased as she tried to demarcate me and my 'royal' love in form of my bike.She failed to realize my love for my bike and biking.Soon,I saw her fading away from my life.The love hangover affected me,but soon I recovered.I started again,the whole new journey.It was the only wealth my father left behind for me.The empty roads and my 'Royal' bike never ceased to impress me. My Bike,my first love.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

The haunted trip

I hope many of you must have heard about the haunted village of Bhangarh in North Rajasthan.I am a great enthusiast and a lover of adventures and I believe that one should enjoy life as much as they could.Bhangarh is a very well known haunted fort and its famous for the famous ghost stories. There was various stories which was build up in regards to the infamous haunted Bhangarh.This place is scary during the night where it is believed that spirits roam. The Archaelogical department of India or the ADI has also issued a warning by placing a notice board where they had asked tourists to avoid visiting the place after 8 pm .Infact it was believed that even the localites hesitated to go to that place.Such was the fear which was imbued in human mind because of Bhangarh. We were a clan of 4 girls who dared to travel all the way to Bhangarh from Mumbai.Despite being an adventure loving girl ,I had some sort of fear as I used to get nightmares about it.
It was a Saturday and we had reached the railway station. All transport services denied us to take there. We initially reached the Alwar railway station.No one was willing to take us to Bhangarh and this had raised lots of concern and we still had to think about our trip. Many had even warned us before going there and I believe that life is all about meeting expectations. Life has nothing to give ,atleast enjoy life as the way it should have been.There should be thrill in life.One of my friends enticed us to visit the place. From Alwar railway station we took bus to Pratapgarh.It was a wonderful road journey and the places were wonderful. From there we took another bus to Ajabgarh.Ajabgarh was full of ancient mahels. We initially planned to stay there but unfortunately we gave up our plans. We then moved to Golagabus by another Bus which was near Bhangarh. After reaching Golagabus we walked for some 10 km. It was a very tiresome journey. As we entered the Bhangarh ruined territory ,we felt some sort of uneasiness.That place looked scary and for a moment we thought as if we were living our last few days. There was a constant feeling of someone following you in sidelines. It looked like someone was monitoring you closely.There was a brisk of cold breeze which whispered onto our ears to leave the place. A babel of strange voices could be heard at night as if some group of people are muttering something.We mustered some courage and prayed to our respective God. There was a constant silence for some hours and we were waiting for the night to get over. The night was young and didn’t seem to retire.It was complete darkness all around.We had spend sleepless night and it wasn’t soothing. One of my friend looked depressed and she showed signs of fever adding to our misery. Finally the night got over and we returned back the next day morning. It was indeed a very scary experience.I am an avid traveller and my insatiable thirst for adventure had made me witness the gory nights of Bhangarh. I advise you guys not to visit Bhangarh if you are feeble hearted. That place is said to host an ensemble of bad spirits. After coming back ,one of the girls was down with fever and she remained depressed for some days. After few months she returned back to normalcy. The journey to Bhangarh from Mumbai was amazing.It was scary but was full of thrill.In short it was incredible,awesome,thrilling,scary and a trip of a life time. I enjoyed every moment of it.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Take me with you!

My heart beat races,
everytime when I talk to you.
I feel you,miss you,
when I think of you.
I realize I have changed,
for  I have fallen for you.
I dream of togetherness,
to live a life  with you.
now that I have fallen for you,
you are everything for me.
I like listening to you ,
for I love to hear you more.
I look at your eyes,
for your eyes amaze me.
your every feature attracts me,
makes me want to feel you.
My heart pounds,
Whenever I look at you.
This feeling is strong,
your charm haunts me.
for I am afraid,
I am losing myself to you.
Everyday I am thinking of you,
Dreaming of you,
I see stars during day.
My heart hurts,
when I don't see you.
for life with you,
will be treat for me.
I miss you every,
single minute I don't talk to you.
I wish to talk more,
accept my love,
Take me with you.

For Sunday Scribblings

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Monday, April 02, 2012

Life Teaches

  I  reminisced my old memories from past to know that my last few years have been a learning experience for me. I had learned what life actually was. I experienced life. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon and a golden bracelet. A pampered kid ,learned to live life staying alone. I had to make the decision of my life only to know that  I had to survive through  extremities. I realized the worth of my family when I started staying away from them. I understood the importance of our loved ones. For they are the one with whom you celebrate the important events in your life,but without them I lived to celebrate things alone.I learned the important lesson of my life where I had to compromise between love and work. I had to travel to a different city for earning bread and butter.I saw my love fading away from my life as I moved away.During the last few years, I learned and my insatiable thirst for knowledge and excellence only grew more. Work became my second life. Weekends seemed to have been occupied with work. For a person who was known as a networking king failed to socialize. Client interaction was the only interaction which I knew. For people only said that I earned and enjoyed life without family,but little do they know how much I struggled to survive. Every single minute seemed eternal for me. I survived through the extreme weather and harsher climates. I witnessed the scorching heat and the shivering cold. I saw my hands trembling during the winters as temperature decreased as days passed.When I really felt I was in a wrong place, I was forced to live life in that place. I was assured a home ticket ,but that promise took time to materialize.As a result ,the wound spread more and it left behind the scars of disappointment and sadness.In this materialistic world, people suffer to gather something which diminishes with time.The world only sees the outer pleasure ,but no one realized the pain and  the sufferings within. Everyone talks about how you achieved and no one is interested in counting what I have achieved. I have learned lesson, an important lesson of life.In this event I learned the importance of family and friends. I made lots of contacts in the corporate world. I saw myself transforming into a butterfly from an helpless caterpillar.My last 2 years doesn't reflects the sad phase of my life, it only displays the learning moments of my life. Life teaches!

 A write up for Sunday Scribblings

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