Saturday, April 14, 2012

The haunted trip

I hope many of you must have heard about the haunted village of Bhangarh in North Rajasthan.I am a great enthusiast and a lover of adventures and I believe that one should enjoy life as much as they could.Bhangarh is a very well known haunted fort and its famous for the famous ghost stories. There was various stories which was build up in regards to the infamous haunted Bhangarh.This place is scary during the night where it is believed that spirits roam. The Archaelogical department of India or the ADI has also issued a warning by placing a notice board where they had asked tourists to avoid visiting the place after 8 pm .Infact it was believed that even the localites hesitated to go to that place.Such was the fear which was imbued in human mind because of Bhangarh. We were a clan of 4 girls who dared to travel all the way to Bhangarh from Mumbai.Despite being an adventure loving girl ,I had some sort of fear as I used to get nightmares about it.
It was a Saturday and we had reached the railway station. All transport services denied us to take there. We initially reached the Alwar railway station.No one was willing to take us to Bhangarh and this had raised lots of concern and we still had to think about our trip. Many had even warned us before going there and I believe that life is all about meeting expectations. Life has nothing to give ,atleast enjoy life as the way it should have been.There should be thrill in life.One of my friends enticed us to visit the place. From Alwar railway station we took bus to Pratapgarh.It was a wonderful road journey and the places were wonderful. From there we took another bus to Ajabgarh.Ajabgarh was full of ancient mahels. We initially planned to stay there but unfortunately we gave up our plans. We then moved to Golagabus by another Bus which was near Bhangarh. After reaching Golagabus we walked for some 10 km. It was a very tiresome journey. As we entered the Bhangarh ruined territory ,we felt some sort of uneasiness.That place looked scary and for a moment we thought as if we were living our last few days. There was a constant feeling of someone following you in sidelines. It looked like someone was monitoring you closely.There was a brisk of cold breeze which whispered onto our ears to leave the place. A babel of strange voices could be heard at night as if some group of people are muttering something.We mustered some courage and prayed to our respective God. There was a constant silence for some hours and we were waiting for the night to get over. The night was young and didn’t seem to retire.It was complete darkness all around.We had spend sleepless night and it wasn’t soothing. One of my friend looked depressed and she showed signs of fever adding to our misery. Finally the night got over and we returned back the next day morning. It was indeed a very scary experience.I am an avid traveller and my insatiable thirst for adventure had made me witness the gory nights of Bhangarh. I advise you guys not to visit Bhangarh if you are feeble hearted. That place is said to host an ensemble of bad spirits. After coming back ,one of the girls was down with fever and she remained depressed for some days. After few months she returned back to normalcy. The journey to Bhangarh from Mumbai was amazing.It was scary but was full of thrill.In short it was incredible,awesome,thrilling,scary and a trip of a life time. I enjoyed every moment of it.

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  1. Spooky! loved the way you narrated and I do believe in ghosts, demons, Lucifer and everything related to evil :D so I was kind getting those goosepimples... :P

  2. Spooky! loved the way you narrated and I do believe in ghosts, demons, Lucifer and everything related to evil :D so I was kind getting those goosepimples... :P

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  4. Mr Storyteller:

    I have been there on a hot and burning summer day. All six of our group read that archaeological survey of India's notice board in broad day light.
    We tried our best to explore the whole campus. And I must admit, we felt nothing there till we stepped into left side of the main fort. We were feeling very uneasy there and decided not to proceed further in that particular area.
    Except that left portion of the fort, everything looked fine...
    Whenever you go there, never forget to lie down and rest on the green grass cushions spread in the whole campus. :)

  5. wow spooky.. Intrigued by this place now! Have to go there. Wonderfully written!

  6. Spooky and the next time I am travelling nearby Bhangarg, I will definitely visit it but in the daylight!

  7. Gayitri

    It doesnt really amuses me when you say that you believe in such even i used to but lately its gone!

  8. Braj
    Be thankful that you never visited that place at dark...there is a constant feeling of uneasiness and something evil grips you..and you never know what would happen to you

  9. Jenny,

    I advise you that you shouldnt hehe