Friday, August 24, 2012

Breaking the bonds!

 Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction. This is exclusively work  of my creative brain :D . So please provide me your valuable feedback.

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 I lay still on the bed observing the motion of the ceiling fan as the clock struck 10. Rashmi, my elder sister, senior to me by 2 years sat next to me as my focus drifted towards the Television set which was playing some daily soap.
"My heart seems to like you so much that I am starting to lose myself. I am afraid of surrendering myself to this divine master called love,” The actor uttered these dialogues to his ravishing co-actress. 

"Bullshit!," I said as I  grabbed the remote from Di and changed the TV Channel.
"Why did you change the channel, Simki?," Di 's tone was so stale. Her face seemed bland and she appeared wan.
"I just hate that thing called love," I retorted.
"Such flowery dialogues may amuse you but I don't like such TV serials," I said with a shade of seriousness.

Di smiled and said," My dear Simki, love is a special feeling and you will know when you fall in love baby," She ruffled my dark hair.
“Love is a not my cup of tea. I can never fall in love Di,” I replied back.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Soak Happiness, Spread Smiles!

**This post is written for 'The Surf Excel Matic, Soak No More Contest' on Indiblogger.
The 8 am alarm blared cruelly, indicating the start of a fresh day. I silenced it as it woke me up. I rubbed my eyes thinking about my days activities. I was assured of lots and loads of work at Office. Tired of attending review meetings, status calls and client calls, I introspected my past few days. I pondered on how my life had veered out drastically. My insatiable thirst for work and my desire to excel in my career only made me lose many near and dear ones in my life. When I look back at my old days, I realized that I used to be a jaunty, naughty young man who mingled with everyone whom I met. My network of friends and circle of trust never ceased to grow. We partied every night at the pub, danced with semi clad girls and enjoyed life to the fullest. Those were my good old Engineering days where I met my sweetheart Anushka.

I believe that time is the wisest counselor. It has the power to change things quickly. Never mess with it, it will eventually mess your life. Invest your time in doing constructive things. Doing anything against your heart should be a strict no-no. I lay still on the bed contemplating for 10 minutes before I left for my bathroom to perform my daily morning rituals of shower and brushing of teeth. I got dressed up, examined my tie if it was neat and locked my door. I drove my bike towards the intersection on the 12-22 Noida Chowk.As I travelled, I observed large number of people stranded at the Chaiwallah's shop, gorging over the Bread-Patees and the Cutting chai whose flavour can give life to your taste bud. I zig-zagged my motor bike through the heavy traffic emulating what the fellow bikers did, thus gaining the animosity of the bus drivers who were irritated. The entire environment looked pleasant as I rode through the sodden roads splashing water all over the footpath. I reached office at the scheduled time and I came across my subordinates who greeted me with a smile. I ceremoniously sat over the chair, inside my cabin and looked at my appointments and schedules.

10 AM - Meeting with the Delivery head.
12 PM - Meeting with the Development team.
1.30 PM - Lunch with the Israeli Delegates.
2.30 PM - Meeting with the Onsite Product Manager.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Country that cries Gold!

 !My take on the Olympic games.

The title itself must have suggested you that we are going to talk about the performances of the Indian athletes at the London games. Although the good thing is that we are winning at least one medal since 1996 Atlanta games. But my question is simple. Why should we crave and pray for Gold everytime our country participates in the Olympics?. Indians form 18% of the world population. I agree that it wouldn't be easy to say as to perform. 

Firstly, let’s talk about the mighty Chinese. I won't compare the Chinese with the Indians. Offcourse, they have tried to dominate the entire sporting arena and for them it’s a matter of pride. Every time they falter at the highest level, they plan and strategize for the next games. So, every time they enter the games, they have some count in their mind and they try their level best to achieve the numbers.Even in 2012, they have dominated the medals tally. They deal in gold’s and silvers. It’s just because their government has encouraged and does its best to meet all their athletes’ needs.They have provided them with the best of resources in form of coaches, facilities and arrangements to keep their players happy. That is China for us which has been top at every level. It’s high time we have to learn and get inspired from them.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

When I lost my friend on a friendship day!

A tear drop rolled down my cheeks as one of my dear friend informed me about the sad demise of my other friend whose friendship I cherished. That was August 7 ,2011 - the 1st Sunday of August Celebrated as the friendship day. Living far away from home and my group of close friends, I seemed to have been exiled from social life. Life seemed to have been deprived of happiness and as days passed I started lamenting over the wrong decision which I took to relocate to New Delhi for my first job. It was the worst decision of my life. It is rightly said that each indecision causes its own delays and days are lost lamenting over the lost days. The first 3 months after joining my organisation was full of fun. We toiled hard to score good marks. I observed the practical and realistic example of the 'survival of the fittest' theory conceptualized by Charles Darwin. Everyone strived hard to climb the success ladder and score exams with flying colours. It was during one such session that I met Raj. I was a part of 7 people who lived together in a 3 bhk flat near Model Colony, Pune as a single family. I tell you that it was the best moment of my life .Having spend my glorious and the happiest day of my life, I realized that I was determined to witness the exciting and the wonderful days of my life. My bond with fellow peers grew strong and stronger as days passed. I soon befriended many new people who turned on to be an integral part of my life.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Honour Killing - No Honour in Killing!

I read a shocking article  today regarding Honour Killing.I was browsing through the Indian Express and came across a disturbing story. In Britain ,there are 25 women who are killed every year in name of honour killing for causing shame to their family. Where on Earth is this act justified?. Killing your loved ones for tarnishing the family image is pathetic and is a serious crime. In this era where we talk about technology and scientific advancements, there exist certain group of people who still believe in all this. This is 21st century and I believe that people should live in sync with the current period. This is the story of a Pakistani family, of  parents who killed their own  daughter for getting inspired from the west. Getting inspired from the Western world is not bad and I don't think that it would tarnish the family image.Thats why I always keep telling that get to learn the good things from the Westen world.I agree that Islam follows some strict rules and these rules are only set for peaceful and better purposes, no where in Quran it mentions about honour killing. It doesn't preaches to kill your own children.