Monday, September 24, 2012

To me - From me!

Dear me,

Do not fret  for worrying can only hurt you more.
You know where you stand, so I am sure you can manage yourself.
Your current mind state isn't great but I am sure you can cope up well.
You might feel low and dejected and might even feel like a loser but you should know that good times are yet to come.
What if things don't go your way, but you should know that there is always a silver lining behind every dark cloud.
You tried , tried even harder this time, but do things always have to go your way. Luck doesn't favors us every time. Hard work pays at time.
Stop cribbing  and do not lament for all the petty issues in life.
This is just a phase, I am sure  you can over come.
Be strong, think positive and be hopeful.
Today ,you might  feel like a fish floundering on floor but you should know that tomorrow might not be the same .
A better tomorrow awaits you, so why fret?.

Do not FRET for worrying is for losers and we both know that you and me can never be losers for losers are weak hearted. Be strong,focus on your goals. This letter, I write to you from the bottom of my heart just to make you realize that we both can do it and together we can make our lives better.

Forever yours,

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  1. At times of hardships, our own consoling words have the magical power to heal our pain..

    Great way of telling it..:)

  2. Good Luck. I know that u have written it to yourself but that was a motivating read!

  3. AMEN! Thank you for sharing this. Very inspirational.

  4. A nice letter to keep. Keep writing! :)

  5. That was an awesome letter, one could write to oneself..

    Do land in my world some time... :)

  6. aahhhhhh...long time....
    back to one of my favoryt
    n hey i see those lines"about me"..u still have it there??????god...i m al nostalgic....but what a lovely n inspiring post ...the solitary writer is becoming better n better each day..n this fabulous...!
    keep writing!
    God bless:)

  7. i was down and out..feeling lost and dejected..couldnt find a way to get myself under control and decided to get online so as to divert my mind..thats when I got bored with facebook, checked out my bookmarks and randomly clicked on ur link from the dropdown. Scrolled down ur 1st post uninterested, then second which dint help either until this one met my eye. And how do I say it? "THIS was exactly what I needed RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.." and I feel healed....ur post said everything that I wanted to tell myself n it made it seem so simple...i finally feel happy, like a huge burden has been let of my heart..THANKS :)