Monday, December 31, 2012

Life of Pri!

 Disclaimer - Strictly fiction!!! This is just a fun post and its not intended or directed to hurt any individual or group . No Offense!!

Hi there. I am Pri. No, don't get confused with Pi for my life isn’t that adventurous yet and I am not Mr. Piscine Molitor Patel's younger sister for he was a brave heart who spend several days and  nights with a mighty Bengal Tiger in  the Pacific Ocean. And by the way my name is Prianka and they all fondly call me Pri. Never ask me who all. You are going to witness the misadventures in my life. I am a beauty and make up freak and off course some would even feel like stoning me to death after reading my tryst with my hair. But you should also know that I am not that bad either. I live with my parents and my elder brother. I am 21 and I have a unique fad for beauty products. I always had a dream of having a straight hair and indeed I am finding ways to materialize that dream. For some strange reason, I find it awkward at times to discuss that with my parents. Offcourse,one should find ways to avoid getting embarrassed in front of their own kith and kin, but I am a shameless person and all that I want is straight hair. Sadly Almighty hasn't blessed me with natural straight hair.

It all started when I was 16, sweet sixteen. I had just passed my Twelfth class and I should admit that I was terrible at studies. Being a Guju girl, all that I could do was boast about my Dad's business and was sure that Baba would do something for my future. But my brattish nature since childhood made my parents lose faith in me. They started believing that I would remain crooked throughout my life. Even I can’t seem to convince them that I am a good girl. Aforementioned, I have an elder brother who thinks that he is smart and responsible. I once happened to steal his hair gel while he was busy involved in a 2 hour long phone call with his so called girlfriend Sonali. I made good use of this opportunity to experiment with my hair. My hair is long, curly and beautiful. But as I said I always had a dream. I pine for straight hair. The hair gel looked unused and I was the first person to inaugurate it. I opened the tube and took a small pinch of it on my palm and carefully applied on my hair. I took another pinch of it and another and then another. I was completely shocked that the tube was empty within seconds. I was assured of World War 3 soon happening at my home. I carefully dumped the empty hair gel tube in the society bin. The society watchman caught me red handed when I did this act. I had to bribe him one Thepla and 50 bucks  to shut his mouth. The hair gel treatment was not effective. It only gave extra shine to my hair but the 'Straightness' factor was missing. 

One day Maa was busy in kitchen. I had just woken up from sleep. I brushed my teeth and neatly combed and organized my hair. I observed that Maa was preparing breakfast for us. 

'Maa, what are you preparing for breakfast?,'  like an obedient child I asked my Mother.

'Preparing Chapattis my dear..,’   she said with a smile, ruffling my hair.

'Oh, you just ruined my hair Maa,' I got vexed for once.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Be the Voice of Change - Wake up!

voice of change
Last few days haven't been good as far as Delhi is concerned. Delhi is lately turning out to be the rape capital of India. Last Sunday an innocent 23 yr oldgirl was brutally raped by a group of 6 men. Her male friend was thrashed on his head with an iron rod and poor guy couldn’t be of much help to her. I condemn this heinous act by those heartless men who ruined this girl’s life. Little did she know that many unexpected events were going to be unfolded during that day. What is wrong with the men of this nation that they perform such ruthless act? I am afraid to announce that Delhi may not be the safest place for women to live. I am sure every woman who walks on the Delhi Street would be having some sort of fear. India is a nation where we have several female goddesses and idols and we all worship them. But sadly even if we did it from our heart, we would have at least 10% respect for women. The Sunday incident shocked me and the entire nation. Later on when I learned about the developments, I realized that this was a tragic event in the girl’s life. I mean I should tell you that entire she is indeed a brave girl. The doctors have been constantly monitoring her and giving positive feedbacks about her health although she is critical. Most of her intestines have been removed and she is under life support and ventilator. This incident is not the first rape incident in this country. This serves as an alarm for the people of India. The severity and the intensity of this incidence is high. Doctors are shocked and speechless after seeing the injuries and the physical damages borne by the woman. She was brutally raped to such an extent that even if she survives it would be difficult for her to lead a normal life. What has the poor thing done to those groups of goons? The media has been instrumental in reaching the mass and public outrage is increasing day by day.

mass movements

 I want to ask the people just one question. Where did you disappear when such incident occurred in front of your eyes?. I am not highlighting the Delhi gang rape incident. Even in the Delhi gang rape thing, when the semi naked bodies of the victims were thrown out of the bus, there were people standing who were busy watching. I hate this behaviour of people who can't never really do something but finally strive to be the voice of change. This is one of the few countries where women are physically abused and mouthing bad words related to females are considered great sign of masculinity. This is the dark side of our nation. Over lakhs of women are physically exploited and abused every day. Luckily this Delhi incident surfaced and we all came to know about this. We aren't even aware of how many rapes happen every day. It is estimated that in India every 20 min a girl is being raped and every 9 seconds a girl is physically abused. What about those girls?. We get outraged once in a while when something of this intensity happens? . We are aware of the Aruna Shaunbag case, a practising nurse who was brutally raped by the compounder. The accused was released after being jailed for 7 yrs. But do we know what is the condition of the woman who suffered this cruel act. Even after 37 years she is in a 'vegetative State ' and same is the case with other girls who are fighting for justice. The scars of hurt won't heal fast and remember that they do remind about the incident forever in their lifetime.

The Tag - Mistakes happen!

Disclaimer - Strictly Fiction!.Not intended to hurt anyone or any group of people!!

“Oh hurry up girl!,” Priyanka said to her best friend Zarine as they were walking towards the main gate of FCC College. It was a special day for them. After 3 years of togetherness, friendship, love and fun, their college journey was coming to an end. It was their farewell party. 

“Hang up girl, I have to wear this red lipstick, baby,” Zarine retorted.
“Oh dearie...we are already late,"
"Oh it’s still 4.25... We have to reach by 5," Zarine said and removed her red Lakme lipstick and started applying on her lips. 

"Darling!! Won’t you take my pic," She winked at her. Priyanka had a Nikon cool pix with her. It was said that she had stolen her brother's camera while he was at home for vacations. He never knew that his own younger sister had taken his camera.  He had to buy a new Sony Cyber shot - an expensive one.  Priyanka always carried her Nikon cool pix and her Blackberry curve with her. She was techsavy. All the photos captured on her camera would definitely make an entry to her Facebook profile.
It was already 4.55 pm and finally Zarine had worked on her looks and they clicked 68 photos focussing her lips and face.

"Oh God! We have already taken 68 photos and our party has not yet started," Priyanka said as she browsed through the photos on her camera.
"Don't I look gorgeous?," Zarine said as they both looked at their pictures.
It was sharp 5 pm and everyone assembled at the auditorium. It was the same auditorium where Zarine and Priyanka had gone for a singing audition but sadly they were not selected. Everyone gathered at the auditorium and sat on their seats along with their gangs.

The Principal and the faculty members of various departments were seated at the stage.
"Good Evening Everyone!," said Sharda Waghmare, the Principal of FCC College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Kholipada.
"May we get in mam," Priyanka and Zarine said in unison. “You girls can never be on time, huh," Prof Sharda said.

"It is your last day at FCC and it’s disappointing. When will you girls learn?," The professor said to which everyone present at the auditorium started laughing.
“Oh Pri.. She started again..This is so embarrassing," Zarine whispered to her best friend. "You may enter," The Professor allowed both the girls inside.
They both walked ceremoniously as if they both were walking on the ramp of a fashion show. Zarine hunted for a seat but she could only see an ensemble of students seated and as a result her eyes failed to spot vacant seats.
"Oh Zarine...come here, " Priyanka called her best friend as she located two empty seats at the front row.

“Oh no ...front row.. You nuts or what," Zarine uttered. Finally they both got settled. "That’s why I always asked you to be on time," Priyanka glared at her.
"Oh whatever," Zarine adjusted her hair and looked at her Galaxy S3 front camera to see if she was looking fine. 

Everyone tried their best to look good as it was their last day.  The professors gave their speech and then the party started.
"We have a DJ party and dinner arranged for you, " Professor Sharda announced.
"Have fun and don't misbehave. It’s show time guys!!, " She said and the professors left for the staff room.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Look Dashing this Festive Season

“A respectable appearance is sufficient to make people more interested in your soul”

Offcourse Karl Lagerfeld  must have thought something before he made a statement like this.A man is judged from the clothes he wears.Everyday we come across many people who wear different attires based on different occasions. I would refrain from mentioning exceptions like Lady Gaga. This festive season I have  created an ensemble for guys. A man looks dapper on blazer, thats what I've felt lately. I certainly wear my blazers whenever I attend any party or wedding. I was amazed when I saw this new contest on Indiblogger in association with Shoppers Stop,the leading retail shop.I prefer a simple and neat look. My prime intention was to create something which would make you look dashing and go women drool over you. Offcourse ,I had kept the winters, Christmas, Diwali and New Year in mind while selecting.

Coming back to Karl Lagerfeld's statement, I would wish to put some light on that.First impression is the best impression. Try to iimpress people and when you do so , you shall certainly make yourself stand ahead of everyone whatever be the scenario.
The statement speaks for itself .Hence, I have created this ensemble that will give you a respectable look and make you a perfect lad for all the girls.

So , we start from bottom to top.
1. US Polo - Mens Casual Shoes
2.GAS-Mens 5 Pockets Slim Fit Albert RS.A Denim
3.French Connection-Mens Square Buckle Belt
4.US Polo Assn - Mens Long Sleeves  Yarn Dyed  Checks Shirt.
5.Calvin Klein Jeans-Mens Long Sleeves Slim Fit Blazer
6.Titan - STEEL Collection - Mens Watch
7.Stop-Mens Pack of 3 Premium Cotton Handkerchiefs
8.IDEE Mens Sunglasses - 1610

And I present you with the ensemble which I designed for this festive season. Looks good and you could wear it for almost any occasion this winter( Offcourse keeping X'mas and New Year in mind :D )

Look Dashing, Impress and Express yourself and offcourse don't forget to do the King Julian act.

I like to move it, move it,
She like to move it , move it , 
He like to move it ,move it,
You like to???

Offcourse even you will like to move  it, move it this festive season. 

Happy Shopping, Happy Festival..Enjoy
This is an entry for the competition “The Perfect Festive Look” by Indiblogger and Shoppers’ Stop.

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Flashback - My entry for the Get Published contest

Love is special. Love stories are special. Let me take you to the magical glorious college days of 2 people. Meet Tarun and Anushka, the protagonists in this story .College days are memorable and how special it would be when you met your first love in your college? This is not just another story. I wish to portray the feelings of a guy who falls for his best friend. Life seems to expect more when you have attained something. You crave for someone but when that someone enters your life, you experience butterflies fluttering in your stomach. You want to befriend and eventually want them to be your best friend. And what next? .Life changes!

Tarun and Ishant are the Jai - Veeru of VJTI, Mumbai. The story revolves around the year 2003. They are the bad boys of F.Y.Engg. The duo have a bad reputation in their class and girls stayed away from them. Anushka, the only daughter of Industrialist L.K Bhatia is a new comer to the First Year. Story revolves around the life of Tarun whose life changes once he spots Anushka in his class. There is a drastic change in his attitude and behaviour. It wasn't love at first sight, but it wasn't affection too. You would witness the misadventures of Tarun who desperately wants to befriend Anushka. His friend Ishant tries to do a cameo in his love story thus adding to his misadventures. 

Rich yet Simple Anushka eventually becomes friends with the bad boy Tarun Arora. What happens next is a series of melodramatic events which eventually gives life to this love story. The story will focus on the relationship between best friends. We live in the era where people believe that best friends can never fall in love. What if best friends actually fell in love? If they did, then wouldn't they still be best friends?. Calling names, late night phone calls, hanging out together at CCD or a movie or two are pretty common these days but what stands out is when your best friend proposes you one day. Tarun proposes Anushka in front of the whole class during a behavioural training session. There is deafening silence as he speaks those flowery words. Girls do have a different image about Tarun in their mind. But that doesn’t matters. What matters the most is would Anushka accept Tarun's proposal or would she insist on being best friends?. If she did, then would Tarun be still able to impress the industrialist father of Anushka. Will the doting daddy accept Tarun as his son in law? Will best friends Tarun and Anushka turn out to be soul mates?. 'Flashback' will take you back to the best days of your life, your college days.

This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India

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