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Alchemy 2 - Book Review

Imprint Tranquebar Press
 Format Paperback  
Extent 246pp
  Pub date Nov-12
Rs 295
ISBN 9789382618034
Edited by  Sheba Karim
Genre Erotica

‘Alchemy, the Tranquebar book of Erotic short stories 2’ has been edited by Sheba Karim, popular for her adult novels. Skunk Girl was one such novel which brought her to limelight. Apart from that, she has won several awards and few of her stories have been nominated for Pushcart Prize. Alchemy is an anthology of erotic short stories from different authors who have strived hard to present a wide gamut of emotions in their stories ranging from pain, pleasure, fantasy, cravings etc.

The stories are well crafted which clearly aims to depict the modern society - attraction, homosexuality, sodomy, infidelity, sexual exploitations etc. The set of short stories belongs to different genres and each one of them is unique. There is love, romance, and melancholy and moreover it’s erotic. Erotica is not just about sex or something that highlights sex. They are an integral part of a story; an ingredient when used appropriately can bring life to your story. I read the stories and I am flabbergasted at the attempts of each writer to bring life to their story. This book promises to take you to an intimate ride, full of sex; complexities, lust, desire and thirst. You would witness the sexual exploitations where the protagonists tread through the sexual fantasies and their desires. The stories are intense whether it be the sexual attraction of a man towards his maid, couples making under the bright sun and a constantly nagging little niece, a periscope which intrigues- presenting a vivid account of people in the surroundings, a young boy's sexual awakening in a cinema bathroom, a homosexual account of a medical student who cherishes company of three men - men who fulfil his insatiable sexual urges, the life of a man who finds his lost love in a slut while nursing his broken marriage.

Each story has something to say. Some are outrageously erotic, while some of them are too beautiful, poignant to be precise. I read one of the stories written by Gudiya called 'Clay'. It takes to a virtual journey of a young couple who meet every afternoon at the guys place to make out. A little imp in form of a young kid, his niece constantly nags and troubles him, a source of interruption as they busy indulge in exploring themselves. This happens time and again and the poor guy loses his cool. The baby, nicknamed Fish soon finds a new friend in form of Neharika, her Uncle Vidu’s love interest. The story is too good and the best part of it is that it makes sure that  you are glued to it. Another story talks about the sexual awakening of a young boy who goes for a movie with his Cousin Brother. I loved the smooth narrative; it was striking. I would rate it as one of the best story in that book. It is clean, though not erotic, but it speaks about a young boy’s journey as he is sexually exploited by a man in the cinema toilet. The man makes use of the little boy's innocence to satisfy his transient sexual urge. The other story I would like to mention is an outrageously, disgracefully erotic story which talks about the journey of a 27 yr old homo-sexual medical student who loves men. He finds his love interest in Nirmal, Sunit and Lucky. I could not believe how one person could write something intense as this. It was expressive, no doubts. It contains various sexual jargons especially the one where the protagonists converse in Hindi. That reflects true face of India minus the homosexuality bit. I appreciate the writer's zest in coming up with something as intense and gross as that. Gross, cheap - are the words which best describes this particular story. There is one more story which talks about a young couple who use abandoned apartments as a place to have sex. In an isolated place, they make out only to know that someday the abandoned apartments collapse and they find many people like them who indulged in such sexual activities.  The first story of the book talks about the sexual fantasies of a post modern Nepali man who fantasizes his maid Sumati. He is sexually attracted to his maid and I loved the way he has expressed his emotions and feelings. This story is  full of heavy set of  words. I loved the adjectives he used to describe the beauty of his maid. A GRE/TOEFL student could well make use of the words if he/she is in pursuit of new words. I believe that those words actually savored the story and got life into it, although I would say that it was not the best opening for a quality book like Alchemy. To keep it short, Alchemy is a collection of well crafted stories representing different   entities such as pain, pleasure, lust, love etc. Sheba has done a marvelous job as an Editor and of course, her story speaks it out. She gives a perfect end to the anthology with a beautiful, poignant story of couples nursing a damaged marriage. A beloved wife, sad and tattered after a unbearable shock owing to a miscarriage. The man satisfies his thirst from a slut masqueraded under the label of an escort. Brilliant! In short it was neat and clean. Some were soft, cute, and sweet and brought smile to my face and some were gross,disturbing and outrageously erotic as aforementioned. A good book for all book lovers who want to try a different genre. Erotica lovers should enjoy this book. 

 Rating 3/5

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One Night Stand on a New Year Night - 5 - 1/1/2013

 Disclaimer - Strictly FICTION,EROTICA ALERT!!

It is 31st December, the last day of the year. This is the day when people attend churches for the last day mass so that the New Year brings them luck. You see youngster’s, especially flamboyant guys dancing with semi clad girls at local clubs. This is the day where you find police strolling on streets every hour to prevent heinous crimes. You get to see lust, love, kisses and sex. Caste no bar. He doesn't cares for any religion or community. He changes girls like his trousers. He sleeps with different girls every night. Poor girls fail to see the fiend in him. He doesn't believe in the concept of marriage. He is nameless; doesn't prefer to reveal his identity. He changes his names just like he changes girls, every night - Tarun, Ramanujan, Niketan, David, Paramjeet and the list goes on.
"Where are we going?" she asks him, giving him a naughty look.
"To the place where love resides," he replies her.

She hardly knows him. One day they both meet each other as strangers and cupid smiled at them. Cupid doesn't strike his arrow on his heart, for he knows -his heart was filled with one million girls, their hopes that reside on his beating monster. 
They both walk upstairs of Hotel Le Marine at 12.25 AM, the time when people don't cease to get tired dancing all night. He smiles at her as he opens the door of Room Num 349. He pulls her in and rushes to the bathroom to get fresh. Meanwhile, she dances around the bedroom as her eye wildly scans the architecture of the hotel room. She is amazed and looks at the wallpapers of the hotel room. She touches the wall and writes her name with her fingers. It’s the first time she has ever visited a hotel room. She hails from a middle class family, a daughter of a Contractor. He gets refreshed   and looks at her as she lies on the bed. She gets up as soon as he observes her from the bathroom.  He leans against the wall and stares at her. She is sitting in Indian style, her tender legs neatly folded and fingers drawing patterns on the silk bed sheet. She is wearing a western outfit, a tight sleeveless top and equally tight jeans. Her tight sleeveless top is so tight that her nipples are viewable. He leers at her and he learns about her nervousness. She still remains firm on the bed like an obedient school going girl. She thinks he is going to preach philosophy. He unzips his backpack and removes a video camera, a Sony Cyber shot.
"Yours," she asks him.
"I got it as a Diwali gift from my millionaire grandfather," he smiles at her.

Her phone rings. "Maa," she says and continues, "Shh!" she gestures him.
He nods his head and checks his Sony Cyber shot.
"Maa, ammi bondhu der saathe bahire achi.Tumi chinta koro naah," she says to her Mother.
"Hmm, thikachey," she replies.
"Maa amar bishwas koro," she argues with her mother.
"Hmm, achha thikachey." Her face turns serious and ashen.
"Ammi ekhon aar choto neyi,pore kotha bolbo," she slams her phone on the bed in anger.
Her parents live in Bhilai. She works in St George's hospital as an assistant nurse.
"You seem angry," he asks her, fidgeting his camera.
"She advises me. I am not a school kid," she tells him.
"I know what’s right and wrong," she says. Tears well on her eyes; he stretches his hand to wipe the incessant tears rolling down her cheeks.
"Don't cry, Niketina," he consoles her. 
"Hmm," she stifles a sigh and washes her face. She comes back from the bathroom, neatly wipes her face with the towel.
"Can I turn off the fan?" she asks him. "It’s too cold," she tells him.
"Sure, you do that," he agrees.
She sits on the bed in Indian style, this time like a grown up girl.
"Make yourself comfortable, sweetie!" he tells her.
"Yes, this tight jeans!" she says him, pointing her jeans.
"What?" he asks.  "It hurts me," she tells. She bends forward and stretches her arms to take the water jug. This act reveals her black bra and her pink nipples peeping out of it. He wants to capture this view on his camera, but refrains. She asks him to pass her the thumbler. She carefully transfers the water from the jug to the thumbler and sips it.
"What do you think about me?" he asks her.
"You are nice," she says, earnestly.
She should have spoken to the million girls who shared his bed every other night. The innocent Piyali’s, ferocious Misbah’s, obedient Parizad's, Tomboyish Marissa's, Religious Deepali's and Stone hearted Tanpreet's. The taciturn Niketina seems to be the latest entrant in his never ending list.

He turns on his Cyber shot and raises in front of her as if he is going to interview her. He looks at her through the video camera. "What is your name?" he asks, recording her every activity.
"You know na," she mumbles.
"Tell na.”
“I want to hear it one more time,” he jeers.
"Niketina," she smiles as he shoots her video.
"I love your name," he mutters.
He touches her sleeveless top with his right hand holding the video cam. She seems resilient, removes his hand and winks at him. He captures her, when she brushes her strides away as they irk her, trying to reach her eyes.
"You are a naughty boy," she laughs.
"Even the other girls say that," he winks. 
"Which other girls?" 
"Tell, Tell," she pesters him.
"I was just kidding," he sneers. He tries to reach her cuppy curves, shielded by her black bra. He jabs it with his fingers. She shudders. "Shh!" she gestures. She feels a chill running down her spine.
She lies next to him. "Show me," he asks, his video shoots her every action.
" ways." She turns serious. She seems to be a rebel, a defiant girl who never gives up easily. He cajoles her, tries his best. He is a charmer, who mastered the art of seducing girls.  Finally, she succumbs but asks him to shut off his camera.  
He nods his head and places his camera over the tea poy. He humps over her. She shuts her eyes and giggles. He unbuttons her jeans and tries his best to pull it down. He feels jubilant as he removes her jeans. He neatly folds it and places it on the table.
"Your legs smell fresh," he says as he licks her right toe. He writes "N" on her sole and she moves her legs aside. He moves up, removes her tight sleeveless top and smiles at her. "You look like the FTV girl," he winks.
"How Cheap!" 
"I was kidding," he says and smiles at her. She now lies on the bed with her naked legs crossed. She reveals her black bra and her lacy panties.
"The fragrance of a woman drags me." He moves closer to her. She sleeps , her body outstretched and flat on her stomach, revealing her huge tight buttocks. She tilts her face as he moves close to her.

"Feeling Sleepy?" he casually asks her. "No...Never," she responds back. He runs her fingers wildly on her back like a thirsty man walking on a desert. He stops, when is fingers reach the bra line. He unhooks her black bra and kisses her back.
"I wish I could draw a beautiful   painting on this brown canvas," he whispers onto her ears. 
"Then draw," she replies him.
"Guess what I am writing," he says and his fingers run over her back. He writes on the brown canvas as he promised her.
"Niketina, I love you," he writes on her back.
"Tell me what I wrote," 
"Niketina, I love you." She says, smiling at him. With a swift of a second, he moves down and pulls off her lacy underwear. She lies on the bed like a new born baby. She closes her eyes and covers her face with her soft hand. She now sleeps facing the ceiling exhibiting her succulent breasts. Her enormous breasts, full, round, soft, tender, succulent, was ready to explode its secret energy.
"Randhir!" she says as he licks her nipples, which turned hard by then. He licks her around the perimeter of her pink nipples, a pearl in the ocean. He gropes her breasts infact tries to hold her. He curses himself as all his attempts to hold her breasts turn futile. He realizes that they were too large for her age. She completely undresses him as he lolls on the bed revealing his entire body. Her eyes soon touch his lips; his lips kiss hers. He nuzzles her nose with his and butts his head with hers.
"Ouch!" she exclaims.
He licks her succulent breasts before his eyes scrutinize her vagina. "Virgin girl!" he sighs.
"I love the smell," he says to her to which she smiles. He is amazed how clean and hygienic she was. The sight of her clean, neatly shaved pubis gave him the clue. She shivers. 
"That’s clitora." His index finger touches the rim of her vagina.
"I learned Biology in class 12th," he laughs as she allows him to touch her private. He inserts his finger inside as his other hand holds her flang. Soon, she is scared at the sight of the mighty tiger ready to exploit the closed, dark cave. "It’s going to be a brutal assault," she thinks, frightened and nervous. The tiger protests at the view of the closed cave. It tries hard, harder and ever more harder. The ferocious tiger had roared and explored many such caves before. The tiger roars and finally it makes way into the cave. The girl screeches and screams. 
“Please go slow!” she requests.
“It hurts me,” she pleads "Shh!" he warns her.
The tiger steps into the cave and there is deafening silence for a moment. The girl could feel his sweats on her luscious breasts. She holds him tight and spreads her legs to facilitate the ferocious tiger. The tiger makes entry into the cave and starts his hunt. He faces enormous challenges as he treads through the dark cave. He fears, moves in and out of the cave. He hears long moans and pauses; throbbing heart beats and feels the gush of blood through her veins. She bites her lips as the tiger treads through the cave.
"God save me!" she cries. He covers her mouth with his hand. The tiger roars inside the dark cave. It soon gets tired and makes a silent exit. He comes out ceremoniously, jubilant with a loud roar. There was a long silence that marked the victory of the rebel tiger. Its haughty approach, feeling of pride is visible as it inaugurated the dark cave before any other Tiger could. He soon kisses her entire body, everywhere leaving no place behind. He starts with her eyes, nape, her spine line, her thighs and her calf. There is complete moment of bliss.
He soon gets up, stands like a naked chivalrous knight,his shaft swinging like the pendulum of a clock. He places his hands on his hips and invites her.
"No, no way," she hesitates. Finally, she surrenders and goes to him. This time, it was her assault on the roaring tiger, to take revenge and exploit it. She bends down and kisses his tool tip, her lips lick his prepuce.
"Cut!" The director said.
"It’s fucking crazy to be a porn director," Markus Luther, a prominent name in the American adult film industry laughed.
"One Night Stand is going to be a fucking hot porn movie in the history of Indian Porn Industry," he tittered.
"Great shot Harshika and Gotham," he thanked the actors. The girl still stares at the monster tiger and sneers. The tiger acknowledges back with a roar and dares for the second assault. Harshika and Gotham exchange their phone numbers; they get dressed up and vacate the room.
“It’s still hurting me,” she winked at him.
“Your place or mine,” he winked back at her and they laughed.

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Balak Palak(BP) - Movie Review!

Balak Palak movie review
Cast- Rohit Phalke, Madan Deodhar, Prathamesh Parab, Bhagyashree Shankpal,Shashwati Pimplikar, Sai Tamhankar, Kishor Kadam
Director- Ravi Jadhav
Language - Marathi
BP - Balak Palak, is a story of 4 friends , who entered their teenage. The movie starts with Avya thrashing his 11 yr old son as he catches him red handed with Porn DVD’s. It then takes us to the flashback , where we witness the mis-adventurous life of  4 friends - Avya, Bhagya, Dolly and Chiu.
They are best friends who are inseparable. In their colony, they learn about a friend, Jyoti Tai's sudden exit as she brought disgrace to her family. Dolly is shocked as she observes her Jyoti tai being ousted from their colony. She informs her other three friends about this incident and they all strive hard to decipher the reality behind that. They ask their parents about the same and everyone gets thrashed when they ask the  Marathi idiom 'Shen Khane' which means 'Eating Dung'. This term is used to describe someone  who brings shame to her family. When they ask this to their parents, everyone gets vexed. Bhagya then takes the others to a friend Vishu. Vishu ,a flamboyant character of the movie brings light to the group and is solely responsible for spoiling and ruining the innocence of the kids. Vishu, played by Prathamesh Parab has done justice to his role of a mischief monger. Vishu guides them and enlightens them about his knowledge on blue films. He believes that to know  about sex , one needs to read, observe and  perform ,if needed to know the true meaning of Sex. He knew the meaning and explains them and further supplies them adult story books.
The kids seem to like the adult erotic novels  and read them with alacrity. Their inept mind, fails to reason the right and the wrong ;finally they get addicted to it, blame the hormones. Meantime, there is a young girl called Neha in the neighbourhood who is friendly to everyone and the 4 call fondly addressed her as – Neha Tai. Tai is a Marathi word which means 'Sister'. Vishu ,then advises them to watch porn movies instead owing to which the guys visit a Video Parlour to buy Porn VCD's. Initially , I felt odd and weird when I saw the scene where all  5 of them, Bhagya, Chui, Avya, Dolly and Vishu see the Porn movie. I appreciate the directors brazen attempts  to highlight this particular scene. The emotions and expressions exhibited by the actors were awesome. Life totally changes after this particular episode. Bhagya  seems to be smitten by the VCD and his avarice to see more leads to a conflict amongst the friends. Dolly and Chiu protest that it was wrong and they should refrain from that. But Bhagya went way too ahead. He likes Neha Tai and once he falls for her. He dresses like the 80's Bollywood hero, sporting colourful full sleeves shirt and trousers. While trying to impress her, he falls from the bicycle and injures himself. Neha, soon rushes to his rescue and applies medicine to his injury. As she bends, Bhagya could observe her cleavage. I would like to give full score to the director for capturing this emotions. He proposes her at a temple and runs away. There is an old man in the colony who is fondly called as - Kadam Kaka by everyone. Neha, played by  gorgeous Sai Tamhankar, informs Kadam Kaka about Bhagya's behavior. Kadam Kaka played by veteran actor Kishor Kadam, is upset and plans to tell his father about the same. That night he explains this to  Bhagya's father. He was a fun loving person, also a playwright. He tells Kaka that this was a good script for a play. Kaka wants him to talk to Bhagya but he fails in the attempt of explaining him. He further plans to explain the kids. He devises a plan with Neha; invites all the 5 including Vishu at Neha's room. He  explains them about their age and its importance. I love the way Kaka tries to explain them. Finally he is successful in his attempt. The story then comes  back to present, where we see Avya talking to his wife Dolly. They decide that it was the right time to talk to their son about such things. The songs are too good and meaningful.
This story brings a strong message with it. Parents do have an important role in every individuals life and as our children grow old, they tend to know many unwanted things. There is  Vishu in every group, who plays an important role in spoiling our children as they plunge through adolescence. As a parent, take responsibility to talk to kids and explain them. There is a need for sex education and parents should take the responsibility to educate their kids in such sensitive matters. I personally felt that the cinematography could have been better. The story had everything in it. It gives a very strong message and is a must watch for everyone although it comes up with U/A rating.
I would give it a 3 star.

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Love, Lies & Expectations! - My entry for the Get Published contest!

Love, Lies & Expectations! - My entry for the Get Published contest!

"I stroll under the magnificent blue sky, wandering through the garden in pursuit of beautiful birds. My eyes, but fail to recognize a little cute sparrow which followed me everywhere I went,"

Human heart is not just a throbbing mass of muscle. It is symbolic of emotions and feelings which connect people.
This beating monster craves for love yet at times fails to identify this divine feeling. Its not always that our beating heart registers love, loyalty, care and concern and on occasions like these all desires and demands may end up being futile! Such is its nature and hence it is rightly said that 'Heart has its own reasons which reason knows nothing of'.

A flirtatious Sagittarian and a sublime Arian,two people poles apart, belonging to a different culture, varied backgrounds, different religion and states. Despite lots of differences between them, one thing that connected both of them was their thoughts. The girl, who meets him as a random stranger at a Writer's Meet, has a bad impression of him. She starts to think of him as a habitual flirt who can never fall for any girl. But, its destiny and fate which decides their life. They get closer and at one point of time they are inseparable.

Welcome to the world of Enayat, the 2nd year Medical student and Virat, a Software Developer working in Accenture. Enayat meets Virat as a stranger and soon strangers turn into good friends. Virat knows that he can never fall in love with any girl, but Enayat changed his life. In today’s world, people turn busy because of their work and very often they fail to give sufficient time to their loved ones. You should know that your loved ones always need your time because they cherish your company. You may label them as a stickler for all the time that they demand. Many unexpected events unfold in their lives. Just wait and watch, to see if Virat understands and accepts Enayat as his soul mate or not.
This is the story of Love, Lies and Expectations, where all the three entities are interlinked to each other yet playing a different role in the life of Enayat and Virat.

“It’s strange but I haven’t seen any guy like you, who flirts with every random girl on street,” Enayat  said with a straight face.

I smiled at her and said, “That’s called appreciating what’s beautiful. Sagittarians never flirt,” I winked and continued, “they speak the language of love, something that Arians like you failed to learn.sweetheart."

Love, Lies & Expectations - where Love is suppressed by Lies but dominated by Expectations.
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This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.   

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