Sunday, March 03, 2013

Truth is stranger than fiction

Truth is stranger than fiction
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"Maa, today I have a strong desire to listen your bed time story," I pestered my mother to narrate me a story. I always remember that my mother used to narrate me stories that happened around her. She used to tell me about the home she visits every day. Every day she came back , she would tell about the woman, her husband and her daughter.
"No, darling! Not today," she replied me.

"Mom..Not fair," I grimaced and continued, "You have to tell me."
"Please understand," she said and added, "I am tired today." She seemed tired. She used to visit every house in the neighbourhood and would accumulate food that she finds. She would get those for me. I could say that I gorge over a variety of food items collected by my mother.
" have to tell me," I got vexed for once.
"You can never understand your mothers plight, darling," she said with a straight face.
"Fine, you will know when I die because of fatigue and tiredness," she said , her voice low.
"Mom..Please don't say that for God sake," I said and continued, "I only have you...I have neither my father’s support nor any relative who would provide me with guidance in case of your absence."
"So you care for me, right?" she asked.
"Yes, maa."
"If it is so, then allow me to take rest," she said. "But maa!" I said and continued, "I only told you what my heart desired."