Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Return

"Anushka Singh!"  She was my girlfriend. A misunderstanding made me lose her.   
We lost touch and today she was returning back to India.  I was dressed in a dapper outfit. I carried a flower bouquet. I loved her.
She arrived, she smiled and hugged me. 

"Anushka Sharma!" said the Officer. I couldn’t believe my ears.

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  1. ???? sorry didnt get it... mistaken identity?? or u just lost Anushka Singh for the second time??

  2. lol...couldnt get worse...bechara :P

  3. Catching up quite late. But oh well.. oh oh.
    Sure need to read other posts too.

  4. :D :D

    What I can say? In start I could not understand then thought to read comments then I understood the reason behind Singh & Sharma

  5. lolz...sharmaji le gaye aapki dulhan...:P