Sunday, May 19, 2013

Now, living made easy!

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living with hope

Everyone desires and wishes for a perfect life with happiness and mirth. The life expectancy of a country depends on the health care scope in that country. As per my knowledge, the life expectancy is the highest in Japan.  Life is unpredictable and at times you might find yourself in a fix in an emergency situation. You might be admitted to an ER. Such conditions can never be avoided. A perfect health care is essential in any country and people should be educated about the importance of health care. In this fast moving life, different diseases invade us in forms of diabetes, hypertension etc. There are certain diseases that come under the category of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, Hypertension, PH etc. Such diseases have no cure but can be controlled. Modern healthcare facilities aim at making easy access to treatments to life threatening diseases. For instances, during those days the prognosis of certain diseases would not be easily possible and due to lack of facilities, the mortality was high. People infected with HIV were not expected to live beyond 5 years some 2 decades ago. But thanks to modern drugs, they could live a stable life and their life expectancy can be increased. The quality of life has been increased - thanks to the modern day healthcare. It’s becoming easy for people to lead their life.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

You and Me; Forever and Ever

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This is a dedication for a wonderful friend of mine. She is amazing person and  someone whose friendship I cherished!

 Waking  up in the morning
I saw things I didn't wish to see

Walking down the memory lanes,
I feel life was never the same

 Within a jiffy, things changed,
everything turned upside down
in no time  I realized that
Life without kin is like a fish without a fin

 Treading through the dark road,
I asked where am I?
through teary eyes and sorrow,
I asked who am I?

Having lost myself amongst the unknown faces
I lamented  my decisions which
snatched not my tears , but my smile
and  they who meant me lot

 Days and Night
through moist eyes and tears I cried
silent nights that I slept
thinking of them whom I loved

 My heart yearned to meet someone special
to break my fears and tears away
someone who would show me dreams
and promises to bring  back my smile