Saturday, May 04, 2013

You and Me; Forever and Ever

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This is a dedication for a wonderful friend of mine. She is amazing person and  someone whose friendship I cherished!

 Waking  up in the morning
I saw things I didn't wish to see

Walking down the memory lanes,
I feel life was never the same

 Within a jiffy, things changed,
everything turned upside down
in no time  I realized that
Life without kin is like a fish without a fin

 Treading through the dark road,
I asked where am I?
through teary eyes and sorrow,
I asked who am I?

Having lost myself amongst the unknown faces
I lamented  my decisions which
snatched not my tears , but my smile
and  they who meant me lot

 Days and Night
through moist eyes and tears I cried
silent nights that I slept
thinking of them whom I loved

 My heart yearned to meet someone special
to break my fears and tears away
someone who would show me dreams
and promises to bring  back my smile

Through harsher and extreme  weather
in search of her I wandered
across the sodden eerie roads to find
my share of happiness in my life

 I met her in the month of August
when it poured heavily,
I saw tears in her  eyes that day
for she  had a similar story as mine

 In your  friendly bonding
I discovered my source  of joy
the tears spoke
even as my life reversed again

 Special is what I call you,
You are for me a prized possession
I would cherish thy friendship
Promise, I would not  make you sad

 Every day you have a new story  to say,
which I heard closely, which painted  my day
while you shared your darkest secrets

thanks for those immense trust in me

 Those endless fights

which dared to break our bond
for a day without you hurts me
more than my melancholous  past

Words fail to describe your beauty

 you are an amazing soul
your eyes enlighten me
your words speaks wisdom

Though miles apart, far and away
you are in my  mind and thoughts
I am the man of your dream
hiding under the tag of best friend

Looking forward to spend
the best days of my life
under the tree of joy
with you and me ,forever and ever

 This is for you and you know it very well! :-) :))

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  1. What a beautiful and heartfelt dedication!! Everyone needs such kind of friend :)

  2. wow!!! u took a whole year to start penning poems again??!!?? :O....anyhow the poem is beautiful and filled with pure emotion i bet! hope your friendship stays like this forever..:)

    1. FYI I don't write poems like you ;) In fact, I can never dream of writing poems of your caliber! Thanks Varsha

  3. A very beautiful dedication..true life without good friends is meaningless :) and they are a blessing! May your friendship bloom forever. :D

  4. Each line was depicted so precisely ! Beautiful ..

  5. This is beautiful. Absolutely from the heart. Your friend and you and lucky to have each other :-)


  6. A wonderful and a beautiful piece of work Stephen!
    Indeed, she is a VERY lucky friend!

  7. Beautiful. What a dedication. Hope you have sent the link to her.
    All the best for BATOM.

  8. Beautiful. What a dedication. Hope you have sent the link to her.
    All the best for BATOM.

  9. Ah! that was heartfelt and lovely!!

  10. very sweet...from the heart!

  11. It is simply beautiful :)

  12. Wonderful poem! Straight from the heart!!

  13. Lovely!! You have a flair for words!

  14. Full of love...
    At its purest and rarest form...

  15. fantastic poem write from the heart

  16. Heart touching poem, lucky girl is all I can say :)

  17. I love such dedications...much better than any friendship bands :P

  18. Its really beautiful!! Wonderful!!

  19. बेहद सुन्दर कविता
    बधाई स्वीकारे

  20. ah, that was absolutely beautiful...compassionate and touching:)

  21. such an amazingly described love...perfect piece of ur wrk.loved it :)

  22. Lovely....."Life without a kin is like a fish without a fin" Loved the way you rhymed this...

  23. hmmm deep meaning & thoughts all i just can say "excellent"....

  24. Really a beautiful poem filled with deep emotions and love. Such a wonderful bond can never be broken by small fights or frustrations for it is blessed and protected by god himself, for he only created it. The souls are connected not only in this life but for the next lives to come till eternity.

  25. The friend is very lucky indeed! :) Such a beautiful poem.

  26. lovely poem with such deep thoughts...just wonderful! :)