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Dilemma 5

Dilemma 5
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Boy, Girl

I hate you. 

You hate me but I love you ...more than anyone would or will.

But not more than the other girls whom you love na.

More than anyone..I am afraid, you fail to understand English.

Achha you keep on saying that you love tell me what exactly is  this love?

Don't talk or ask me about for me is special ..its something which connects me and short love for me is you.

Oho dialogues! I wish you defined it in a more original way but ...

Your words touch my  heart and soul..something or someone who touches my heart or soul is someone who shows love. I am illiterate when it comes to defining love.

Oh yeah then my words like shut up, non sense, budhu, idiot, pagal ,dumbo sounds love to you :P

They symbolize love ..i know somewhere in your heart..i have some space...My feelings for you has always been  true and pure.

Aww..I have lots of space for you..don't worry :)

What's the use of giving me lots of space in your heart when your heart doesn't reciprocates what I feel for you.

It does reciprocate but in a slightly different way :)

It's sad that love for me is love and for you something different. It's sad that you fail to recognize the heart which beats only for you.

Don't be sad..our ways of perceiving love maybe different but whatever it is its true and pure :)


The Solitary Writer
About the Author:
The Solitary Writer is a blog which started as a hobby.Here you will find stories, poems, satirical posts, humour, photography and almost everything. This blog is the alter ego of a Technical guy who loves to be called as the Solitary Writer. Others call him Ste. He works as a Senior Quality Analyst in a leading Organisation and loves to break the codes and he likes to  do things differently. Did you like this post? Get The Solitary Writers updates via Facebook or Twitter, better yet, subscribe to it via RSS Feed. It’s easy, and free!Also you can discuss in the Forum. Comments are just another way to let me know how you feel.Don't forget to comment.

Man roams with Beast - 1

Disclaimer - Strictly fiction! All images have been taken from Google Images!

man roams with beast

On a rainy day, I was sauntering across the jungles of Brazil which hosted several dangerous Anacondas, Wild bears and different types of animals. As you know that I am a wildlife enthusiast and this time I will take you through the Amazon valley. Today we are in pursuit of the infamous Grizzly bears of Latin America.

"This is Dale Smith, from the Latin American jungle...CUT it guys...let’s have some drink," I said to my crew and we headed for some food. I work for '' and currently we are shooting for our show called ‘Man roams with Beast' .Of course, the man is none other than me – Dale Smith.

"Dale - I think we are going to find ourselves under some trouble pretty soon..." the cameraman said to me as he gorged through some burgers, few parts of the burger were stuffed inside his mouth.
"Never mind mate, If Dale is here then why fear?" I said and we all started laughing.

"Guys, we need to hurry up...Today we need to tread through the dangerous jungle which I am sure is not going to be easy," I said to my crew.

We drove our vehicle and at one point of time we realized that the road was too narrow to fit a jeep and hence we had to walk.  My crew started walking towards the Hadley River which shelters several crocodiles.

"Guys, its adventure time," I said and smiled at my team mates.
I cleared my throat and said to my cameraman, "It’s time for the 2nd shoot....start the camera, keep it rolling."

"Sure Dale!" He gestured me  thumbs up.
"Start ...Camera...Action," The director announced.
"Hola guys, I welcome you all to the 'Man roams with Beast' show. Today we are going to admire the beauty of the Latin American Grizzly Bears. Unlike all creatures, there is something unique about this species of Bears," I said.

"They are very intelligent and they have a very peculiar and unique ways of hunting. A grizzly bear weights upto 400 pounds which is almost double of my size. Look at that Bear...see the way it’s hunting the salamonds which can be found in this part of the world," I gestured our cameraman to focus the camera towards the Bear.

man roams with beast
"We are going to follow him from sidelines and learn about his habits and interests." I said.
"CUT...Brilliant job Dale!" The director appreciated me.
"Guys...Get me that apple juice and keep that match box ready...I would need to produce some fire and this bonfire shit doesn't works well with the woods and twigs." I said and took a sip of the apple juice.

"Quite an irony, Dale. During our show we pretend as if we are simulating the real scenario and lo we are having fun over juices ..Burgers and all." The director chuckled.

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Little Rubal looked at his co-passenger's video-game as his baby sister Ashi was sleeping peacefully.
"Would you give us your little sister?" The co-passenger asked.
"I give you the video-game. You give me your sister."

9 AM. The next morning Ashi was missing and little Rubal was found playing games on video-game.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

You just did a boo-boo!

"Hello George."
"Hey Tim, Howdy!"
"You just did a boo-boo man!"
"What happened, Tim?"
"Fuck! You are going to be royally screwed by our customers."
"Tim, common boy, spill the beans!"
"You once again mailed the presentation without subject line!"

“Fuck! I won’t be royally screwed but royally fucked by them.Shit! Shit! Shit!"

Written for Write Tribe Wednesday
Image courtesy - Morgue File (
The Solitary Writer
About the Author:
The Solitary Writer is a blog which started as a hobby.Here you will find stories, poems, satirical posts, humour, photography and almost everything. This blog is the alter ego of a Technical guy who loves to be called as the Solitary Writer. Others call him Ste. He works as a Senior Quality Analyst in a leading Organisation and loves to break the codes and he likes to  do things differently. Did you like this post? Get The Solitary Writers updates via Facebook or Twitter, better yet, subscribe to it via RSS Feed. It’s easy, and free!Also you can discuss in the Forum. Comments are just another way to let me know how you feel.Don't forget to comment.

The Crash!

"I have something to tell you," I said to Station Manager.
"Had I not got drunk that night, the major train accident could have been averted," I said. The station master gave me a confused look.
I didn't  wave the red flag and later two train crashed against each other killing 159 passengers.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

5 Shades of Life!

Disclaimer - Fiction! The images have been created by  me.

So finally my board exams are over. I can breathe and walk freely anywhere. I had been toiling hard days and night since last few months because of my board exams. It was 6 pm and I was strolling at Marine Drives to enjoy Mumbai at its best. As I walked, I saw different people - all from different age groups and background. I ceremoniously walked along the footpath and observed everyone. I rested for a while and my eyes witnessed a man mouthing bad words at his wife. He was infuriated and slapped her in front of everyone. The poor woman succumbed to his anger and was at the receiving end. People waited, watched and left. Such was the fate of the poor woman who lived in the city of dreams. I turned around to see a young couple kissing and hugging each other. There was so much love that they didn't seem to be distracted by the things happening around them. Sooner, I saw a little boy of 10 - bereaved and aggrieved, sobbing and lamenting the loss of his beloved mother. As I moved, I saw a teenage girl distributing sweets to everyone. She had secured top rank in IIT Engineering entrance exam. She was jubilant and exhilarated. I stood there firmly pondering on certain things. I overheard two young boys of around 14 discussing their marks. One of them was scared of going home as his father might bash him for scoring less mark in his semester exam. There was a constant fear in his mind. I sat on the wall and mulled over all these things that happened in front of me. It was strange.

Later that night, I decided to talk to God. No! I am not insane. I am not kidding. You might be thinking how? Yes, I have a special application called - WeChat! There is a feature called 'drift bottle' in WeChat. In Drift Bottle, we record our message in form of text or voice into a bottle and throw it in an imaginary sea. If anyone receives the message, they reply to our messages. It was during those days that I met God. 

Me - Almighty Father! You here? Pls reply me asap. 

I recorded my message and threw the bottle inside the virtual sea. I soon got a reply.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wechat - Connecting Lives!

Disclaimer - Strictly fictional! The images have been created by  me.

I was busy absorbed in the Java Migration project planning activities. It sent shivers down my spine when I learned that I was made the SPOC for the crucial migration project. I was involved in a 2 hour project discussion with my boss. During my discussion, I received several phone calls. Soon I placed my phone into silent mode and spoke about the estimation related stuffs to my boss. The cell phone didn't stop buzzing. My boss gave me an ugly look when my fingers fidgeted with my cell phone during an important discussion. "Anoushka! Damn it...wait for some time!" I said to myself. By the time I left his cabin, I saw 18 missed calls and 2 texts.

"Stupid Insaan, check your WeChat right now..." I read her text message.

I quickly rushed to my cubicle and checked my WeChat and saw 1 voice message.
"You are not the same anymore.I see you have no time for me and I am highly disappointed with your behaviour and attitude towards me. I always used to think that you are the only person in my life who could bring smile on my face and that’s why I love you. You know I am so loyal to you and how much I love you. You can't even pick a phone call Na." 

I heard her voice message on WeChat. I could feel that she was crying.
"Anoushka, don't cry...are you angry on me or what...” I quickly send her a voice message.
"Yes I am angry. All these days I had been losing my heart, mind and everything to you and you just don't care. I am leaving you once and forever...Good bye!" she replied to my voice message.
"Oh No! Then what will I do without you...”
"Go die...Enjoy and Flirt with random girls like you always do!" Her voice clearly indicated me that she was vexed at me.
"Hey sorry! I seriously was involved in a discussion with my boss. Please talk Anoushka!" I send her another voice message on WeChat.
I tried calling her, texting her and even left voice messages on WeChat, but all my attempts to reach her seemed futile.

Later that night, I contemplated for about 10 minutes on issues which encircled my life. Anoushka was special for me and it was love at first sight for me. Such was her magic. She cast a spell upon me the moment our eyes met for the first time. I couldn't dare to lose her. I had been ignoring her feelings lately because of my office work. I remember we used to go out every day and saunter at Marine drive - enjoying the scenic beauty of the magnificent evening sea.

Our bond grew stronger but eventually things got messed up. Anoushka was a short tempered girl and I realized that I would have to do something extra ordinary to save our relationship. I knew many things about her that others don’t know. She loved Leonardo Caprio more than me. She was a diehard fan of Batman. Sri Sri Ravishankar was her inspiration and Oscar Wilde was her favourite writer. By hook and crook, I gathered their contact details in WeChat and spoke to each one of them through the WeChat chat features. I urged them to talk to my girlfriend Anoushka who was mad at me. I wanted them to talk to her and let her mind seek inner peace. Of course, they would talk good things about me too. At first, Leonardo hesitated as he was having conflicts with his shooting dates but later on he acquiesced to my request. Sri, Batman, Oscar Wilde immediately agreed as they believed that this could benefit me. At the same time, my close friend Sriram pinged me on WeChat.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Password - Short Movie Review

Password - is a Malayalam short story written, acted and directed by Tom Thomas who blogs at 'Vanity Moments'. Password is the story of an individual Albert Samson whose world revolves around social media. This is the story of a man who lives in the virtual web whose life is smitten by Social Media. The script is intriguing and that’s the reason which instigated me to write a review for this short story.
The story starts with Sona, played by Jinu Anna who is a very close friend of Albert Samson - played by Tom, talking about her friend Albert whom she thinks is unique and a rare in this Universe. She is an outgoing person and is anti-socializing especially when it comes to Social Networking through Internet. She tells Albert time and again to see things from the real world point of view. Albert and friends have a group called 'Sugar Corner' in which is for like-minded Keralites from different fields. Deepak, Indu, Jithu, Ajmal and Albert are the integral and the founder member of the group. They hangout and meet frequently. During one of those days, a new entrant to Sugar Corner - Rose Bella fascinates Albert. He befriends her and talks to her through Facebook chat messenger. Albert maintained a separate sheet which contained all his social networking, bank and confidential credentials.  I tell you that it is a long list and DO NOT GET INSPIRED BY THIS CAUSE THIS MIGHT LAND YOU INTO TROUBLE ;) :P
Coming back to the story, Sona enters Albert's room one day while he was taking bath. She discovers his password list and discretely changes his FB password. Later Albert is astonished and shocked at the same time when he knows that his FB was hacked. This is the part of the movie which I loved the most where his friends from Sugar Corner talk about certain catastrophic events that could take place with all his accounts. Albert is disappointed and upset but a ray of hope arises when Sona admits changing his password and returns back the password sheet. He continues talking to Rose Bella (BAU). His friends from Sugar Corner urge him to meet Rose Bella in person but he refuses. Albert insists that he can't meet Rose as he prefers virtual world and there is no reality in REAL world. Later on when Rose too asks him the same, Albert mulls over for a while and plans to meet her and this change marks the beginning of a blissful life. The story ends here.
Password is the story of every individual whose life see-saws in the mysterious world of Internet. I am not surprised that Tom has dedicated this movie to his blogger and virtual friends who inspired him through every possible mean. I would like to appreciate Tom for all his investments he has put in for PASSWORD - in terms of money, time, efforts etc. Password is a decent attempt in highlighting the core reality of life which engrips the life of the young lot of our nation. Rammohan's acting skills has to be appreciated and it was professional. The dialogues are crisp and neat. The subtitles could have been made crisp, considering the fact that this is not an English movie I won't talk much about it.
Bottom-line - a crisp, innovative, intriguing story of an Individual facing the brunt of virtual reality.
Ratings - I give 3/5 stars for this where 3 - refers to 'Interesting and could have been better'
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As you sow, so shall you reap!

Disclaimer - Work of Fiction! All Images have been taken from Google Images.

  This post is written for 'The Moral of the Story is ..." contest powered by Colgate and  Read  My Healthy Speak Blog

I walked along the corridors. My body was draped by a black blanket. I was guarded by 8 armed men with rifles on their hand. The jail warden accompanied me. The citizens of this country were waiting for this day. I slowly walked taking one step at a time.  We entered the room and I saw a judge, panel of doctors and the Police commissioner seated on the chairs. The doctors thoroughly inspected my body for any health issues. My blood pressure measured 125/80 and the pulse rate was 74. I saw the hangman standing near the gibbet. He had a craggy face and sported a thick moustache. The people of my country hated me for what I did to them. The judge asked me for my final wish.

"Ammi se milni hai ( I want to meet my mother)" I said to the judge.
“Tum apni Ammi se mil nai sakte par baat kar sakte ho (You can’t meet your mother but you can talk to her)” The judge said.
“Jee Manzoor hai( yes will do)” I replied.

Ammi lived in a small town near  Muzzafarabad. They connected the phone call to her.
"Ammi, forgive me for what I did...forgive me for I ignored all the warnings that you gave me," I cried on the phone.

"Ammi jaan, I have sinned and I am sure Almighty would banish me from this planet," I said. I wiped the tears from my eyes.

She didn't spoke a word and disconnected the call on my face. All these days I struggled hard to keep my Ammi happy. Today, I am reaping the fruits of sins I sowed years ago. 

At the age of 6, I stole cherries  from a street hawker who sold fruits at our neighborhood. The shopkeeper saw me and ruffled my hair. He gave me 2 more cherries as he thought I loved them. Ammi was disappointed with my behaviour. She had warned me that if I repeat that again then she would hit me with sticks. I took her words for granted and stole an apple from another   fruit vendor.
When Ammi came to know this, she hit me so badly that a small gash was created on my legs. That scar reminded me of my mother’s words

At the age of 13, I picked up a fight with Rameez who verbally abused me during the history class at school. I decided to teach him a lesson. I pushed him during the recess and he fell down on the floor and broke his knees. The teacher had warned me that she would report me to the principal and I would be expelled from the school. Two weeks later, Rameez provoked me and slapped me in front of the whole class to avenge what I did to him.  I pushed him again and he collided against a wall. The principal called my mother and my teachers had a lot of complaints for her. My teacher had warned me earlier. If only I had taken her warnings seriously, I would have been a good student. The school management expelled me after that incident. Ammi was hurt so much that she didn't speak to me for weeks. After that day I never went to school.

On my 17th birthday, I fell in love with a Muslim girl - Salma. She was someone whom I craved to meet in my life. Salma came to live in our neighbourhood. I was a boisterous young teen who roamed different streets every day. The day I met Salma, I fell in love with her. It was love at first sight. We became friends and our friendly bonding got intense and I proposed her one day during Monsoon. My friends had warned me that she was a sensitive girl and belonged to a decent family. I gave a deaf ear to their warnings. We made love during a rainy day. One day she called me and I discovered that she was upset. She was pregnant. I assured her that everything would be fine and I would find a solution to her problem. It seemed she didn’t had faith in me. Few days later I got to know about her death. She had committed suicide. Only I knew the reason behind her death. If only I had listened to my friends, Salma would have been alive and would have been happily married to a handsome Muslim man.

At the age of 20, I was introduced to Wahid bhai - the underworld don who controlled everything at the tip of his fingers. He introduced me to the ugly world of smuggling. I was caught during one such incident where I was supposed to transport Chars and brown sugar to Suleiman Seth. The police officer was a kind man. He warned me that any kind of involvement with Wahid bhai can land me into trouble. I took his words lightly and was caught once again. I was sentenced to jail for 9 months.

At 24, I started extorting money from the local hawkers. I kidnapped a businessman's daughter for ransom. She was a beautiful 15 years old girl. I asked her doting daddy for 20 lakh rupees. I had ignored all the warnings from my well wishers. I killed her and escaped when her father failed to give me the said amount. No one came to know about this case.  The Police Officials are still investigating the murder.

At the age of 27, I was given a big task. I was Wahid bhai’s favourite. He asked me to wage a war against my own country. I was lured into quick money and was paid 40 Lakh for this job. This sabotage at a crowded railway station could even cost my life. Wahid bhai was the master mind behind the attack and assured me that everything would be fine. I was doing all this for money. We were given rigorous trainings for this. Ammi came to know about my plans. She warned me once again that Almighty Allah won’t forgive me. I ignored her warnings. All that came in front of my eyes was the 40 Lakh rupees. I dressed as a college student and carried rifles with me. We were 5 and I was supposed to open fire at a crowded market in a popular city in India. I did just as my boss had ordered me.
The other 4 of my comrades were killed by the military.I was surrounded by the Indian Army. I soon tried to escape. The Army officers chased me. And of a sudden I fell down.  The next morning I found myself at the Princess Victorious Dental College and Hospital.  The doctors correctly diagnosed my tooth problems. They were right. I was suffering from tooth ache and gum problems since last 6 months. Ammi always used to warn me that if you don't brush your teeth regularly then it will land you into many problems. I had ignored her warnings several times. I could have easily escaped from the Army but the toothache caught me into trouble. I was treated for Gingivitis. Upon my recovery, I was awarded death penalty by the Supreme Court. I was accused for killing and wounding over  20 people and for waging war against India.There was no one to bail me out. No lawyer dared to support me.

"Saza manzur hai( I accept the punishment)" I said to the judge when he asked me about the decision.
At every stage of life, I had ignored warnings that my loved ones had given me. I wish I had paid heed to what my Ammi said. The police officer, my closed friends and my teachers had warned me. 

Even the Holy Quran states that the wage of sin is death. I am not afraid of dying but I regret not having listened to my Ammi's words. I wish I could hear her voice for the last time. I could feel her tears for no mother on this planet would wish such a miserable death for her son.

I walked towards the gallows. They covered my face with a black cloth. The hangman adjusted the noose of the rope and placed it around my neck. It was 8 am. The Officer gestured the hangman to pull the lever. He pulled the lever and everything was over for once and for all.
"Yaah Allah humhe maaf kar denaa....Ammi ka khayal rakhnaa"

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The Chosen One!

  This post is written for 'The Moral of the Story is ..." contest powered by Colgate and  Read  My Healthy Speak Blog

She was a simple woman.  Her simplicity, modesty and elegance was a combination so appealing that even a tot would wait and smile back at her whenever she walked on streets. Her thick eyebrows neatly knitted over her sharp eyes adorned her face. A round face – alluring milky smooth skin made her look beautiful. Her eyes so mysterious that one could lose themselves even in the bright day light. Her thick eye lashes hid the eternal universes apart. Her lips - red like a blood of a martyr and her arched brows could attack and wound several hearts. Her long nose framed her seraphic face. Her smile was the most riveting feature of her face which would melt even an angry soul.  She was Seher - my beautiful wife. 

I woke up to the sound of the morning alarm clock. I quickly rushed through the daily morning rituals of brushing and  bathing. I dressed up and saw my wife seated at the main room. She was watching the daily soaps as usual.  I went close to her and closed her eyes from behind.

“So someone is ready for work!” she said.

“ Yes  and  what’s for breakfast?”
“Poori – Baji,” she said and served me 4 poori’s. She was good at cooking. She used to experiment with her cooking skills.
I didn't believe in God until I met Seher. That was the day I realized that God really existed and he introduced someone like Seher in my life. My love for her was too intense.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Ignorance is not bliss!

  This post is written for 'The Moral of the Story is ..." contest powered by Colgate and  Read  My Healthy Speak Blog

“Time immemorial, we do things to please our kith and kin to spread the winds of happiness. I was no different. During my tenure at Logics Software, I worked hard to keep my family happy. I used to burn the midnight oil most of the days. Sooner, this 'most' got replaced by ‘every day’. That used to hurt my wife Anushka a lot. We were known to each other from our Engineering days. Life shows hopes only at times when you lose it. We had fought hard with our parents for our marriage. Finally we did marry each other after getting the consents from both the family. I used to gain her animosity at times when I came home late from office. Sometimes, it used to be around 3 am. She never used to utter a word. She would skip her dinner and wait for me late nights to dine with me. Such an innocent soul she was. I had ignored her feelings for some times or may be had taken her for granted. One day she left me all of a sudden and promised not to return back. She saw herself fading away from my life as I gave work my first priority. She felt that I was married to my work. All my attempts to explain her importance in my life turned futile. She was stubborn and I saw Anushka and my daughter Neharika leaving me all alone craving for love. Those were the days when melancholy struck me and I used to remain depressed most of the time. 

Picture taken from Google Images
One year later, I met her again after several futile attempts. I saw tears in her eyes for all those days without me she had hurt herself. She looked ashen and fragile. She kissed me and hugged me tight and promised to be together with me. I held my 2 year old daughter and kissed her. It was a happy day in my life as I had got Anushka and Neharika back. Anushka's company is what I cherished since my college days. She was the apple of my eye and together with Neharika formed my world. I shared my dreams with her. I had a dream to own an IT company. I wanted Anushka and Neharika to support me to give life to my dream. I knew I was her first love and bygone days never come back. After contemplating for few days, I decided to quit my job at Logic's Software. I had consulted Anushka before resigning as I shared all my important decisions with her. Starting an IT company was a herculean task. I along with few of my friends gave life to a brand new organisation – GlobusTech (GT). For this we borrowed some money from the State Bank of India. GT was a process driven, outsourcing IT company whose prime focus was to ideate, innovate and implement. I was assigned the role of the CEO of GT. Under my leadership, GT performed well in the first Quarters of the Fiscal year.  We targeted business mainly in South America   and Europe. It was a big challenge to break the boundaries and emerge as a successful venture. We were a fingerling trying to race and compete with Sharks. I gave my 100 % to GT. I used to narrate about our profits and share our market strategy with Anushka. Anushka would chip in with good constructive ideas and feedback. I turned busier as days passed. They say bygone days never repeats itself.