Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dilemma 5

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Boy, Girl

I hate you. 

You hate me but I love you ...more than anyone would or will.

But not more than the other girls whom you love na.

More than anyone..I am afraid, you fail to understand English.

Achha you keep on saying that you love tell me what exactly is  this love?

Don't talk or ask me about for me is special ..its something which connects me and short love for me is you.

Oho dialogues! I wish you defined it in a more original way but ...

Your words touch my  heart and soul..something or someone who touches my heart or soul is someone who shows love. I am illiterate when it comes to defining love.

Oh yeah then my words like shut up, non sense, budhu, idiot, pagal ,dumbo sounds love to you :P

They symbolize love ..i know somewhere in your heart..i have some space...My feelings for you has always been  true and pure.

Aww..I have lots of space for you..don't worry :)

What's the use of giving me lots of space in your heart when your heart doesn't reciprocates what I feel for you.

It does reciprocate but in a slightly different way :)

It's sad that love for me is love and for you something different. It's sad that you fail to recognize the heart which beats only for you.

Don't be sad..our ways of perceiving love maybe different but whatever it is its true and pure :)


The Solitary Writer
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  1. very interesting conversation, especially since I have also made conversations something similar recently

  2. Nice way to capture how hard it can be to share personal insight with another person.

  3. Interesting way of interpreting love , good one writer!

  4. Curious, ingenious and smart...

  5. the dilemma of love is so ancient and yet so mysterious. I am afraid if it can ever be sought out. interesting conversation which sound familiar btw :O :P

  6. Nice.. interesting conversation.. you've captured emotions of both sexes perfectly.. Though would have liked this banter to extend just slightly more. :)

  7. well written. I'm sure every one can relate to this. :P
    a boy's perspective and a girl's perspective of love are a bit different. she might not say it, but that doesn't mean she doesn't love. nice convo!