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Explore the Unexplored!

 This blogpost is  written for 'The Perfect Road Trip' contest by Ambi pur and

Note - The images used below are my previous trip photos! 

(We walk a lonely road, the only road which we know where we meet strangers and smile at them.)
I love to roam around different places, meeting people scattered across the diverse geographical regions. I have been an avid traveller who loves visiting new places and learn new cultures. I have visited many places across India, eaten multiple cuisines and explored the new horizons. A wanderer, a vagabond am I!  IT life is measured in releases or quarters. Likewise, there are 4 quarters in a year. We get adequate amount of 'offs' after the end of each quarter. So, I would love to tell you how the idea of trips and travel culture originated in our group. We are enthusiasts and zealous likeminded people whose dictum in life is to enjoy and cherish life to the fullest. Albeit tensions and struggles in life, one sometimes needs to stop fretting about releases and projects. So we decided that we would refresh ourselves post quarter by visiting new places. This gave rise to our group of Stebu, Gubbi and Shambu visiting and exploring many new places like Ooty, Shimla, Gangtok, Kolkata, and Aleppi and so on.
(When the car goes on the solitary road far away from everyone....)

One should lose themselves, far away from where people reside, in a world where you saunter around in sheer solitude with likeminded people. Gubbi and Shambu are my trusted confidantes. I have never hesitated to knock their door for help. Gubbi is our trip planner and Shambu - our lover boy and me the shutterbug. This trip culture in our group is infectious as others got inspired from us and started their own adventure club. Few of our last trips have provoked us to visit new places in quick turnaround time. So that was how we visited Goa soon after visiting Mahabaleshwar within a gap of 2 weeks. Our plans are not fixed nor are they the results of intense brainstorming in identifying new places. We close our eyes and what comes in front of our eyes is our next travel destination. Visit places where you have never been before, roam streets like you are visiting it for the last time. Shop for items and collect souvenir’s from the all the places where you go, click pictures and keep them as a memento. This time the task of identifying and planning the trip was given to me .I had to make it perfect, well- planned and at the same time exciting!  Being a perfectionist and a true lover of Mother Nature I have been deciding and planning things from a week now. And today was the day when I would share my plan with my buddies.  I am confident that it’s going to be an impeccable and enthralling road trip!

(Click things that fascinates you...whether it be a monkey,donkey or an old fort!)

 “The task of making a trip perfect or imperfect is in our hands. That's not rocket science! All that matters is Zilch! You don't require a PhD or any certification to do make a trip perfect”.

I had been saying these motivating words to myself all this while. I am lucky that I have an amazing group of friends. Coders and Analysts by profession and wanderers by passion, we belong to that race of people who want to enjoy every bit that life has to give us.
My job of selecting a destination was a bit difficult. Our base is Mumbai - the city of dreams. So I wanted to select a place which we would be visiting for the first time (like it would be for the last time). I would need to take care of the fun quotient and other parameters while I  work on my plan .As I search my destination , I would also need to focus on the historical and geographical importance of that location so that we could enjoy the trip, making it perfect!
 Finally after some research, the place that came in front of my eyes was- LADAKH...say LAAAADAAAAAAKHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

(Meet  new people when you go out for a road trip.Nag them  by asking unfamiliar addresses.Spend some time with them)

Yes! Ladakh is a beautiful tourist spot located on the banks of the Indus River in the beautiful state of Jammu and Kashmir. What makes Ladakh special is its scenic beauty at any season of the year. I am sure my comrades would agree with me.  You might be wondering Mumbai & Ladakh are two poles distant apart. Who cares? A group of travel enthusiasts don't need to fret about the distance when it comes to travel. They are the most trivial thing for us. The longer the distance more would be the fun while travelling.  We don't require a flight for we don't wish to get lost between the clouds .We  don't wish to board a train to Jammu Tavi for I don't wish to ignore most of the scenic beauty of the beautiful places that we encounter during our journey. We would prefer a road trip to Ladakh. A road trip is the best when it comes to admiring and enjoying every single bit of a place. When one road leads to another around the serene nature, it’s most likely that travelling becomes more beautiful than the destination. And this precisely was my purpose, my desire!

(Tread through the crowded streets where people don't have time to stand nor stare)

Mumbai and Ladakh are mere 2000 km apart. But in between these two places rests different other places of great importance. Our trip would be enroute Delhi and it shouldn't take more than 60 hours to reach Ladakh even if we halt in between. Gubbi's Mahindra Scorpio would suffice especially considering its effectiveness when it comes to long journeys .It has a good ground clearance of 180 mm which is good when it comes for adventure trips and a fuel tank capacity of 80 liter’s should be more than enough. We could utilize the back section to store our stuffs. Since we are only 3, we would have a large amount of free space.  On our way to Ladakh we could play some really  good music so that we 3 don't get bored.

Can’t wait to kick start from Mumbai  to Ladakh enroute  Ahmadabad,Jaipur,Delhi,Panipat, Chandigarh, Manali, Keylong and many more – known and unknown places in between. It would start from Mumbai via the NH8 highway. Aforementioned, we believe in the concept of getting lost. Once you get lost, you get to explore things by yourself. You get to meet new people and follow them minutely to find out the place and learn about it. We would be treading north westwards to reach our destination. I named it LA-DEKH (instead of Ladakh). The rear section of the SUV would be hosting the tent which would be required on reaching our destination. We plan to explore Gujarat too by travelling through Surat, Baroda till we reach Ahmadabad via NH8. It would require around 550 km to reach Ahmadabad. On way we can acknowledge our hunger by visiting the Lemon restaurant which is around 0.25 km from Ahmadabad. I would capture the sceneries and most amazing places on my Nikon DSLR. Soveineirs are a must for they are such tangible memories and of course the cam memory card would not be left with any space. 

(Pause at a nearby river and wash your hands with the pure water...lose yourself in its divine purity and drink it till it satisfies your thirst)

After travelling 550km, we must have witnessed most of Gujarat. Now, from Ahmadabad, we would move on to reach Jaipur enroute Udaipur and Ajmer. We would take food and snack breaks at restaurants and hotels identified during research and analysis. We would require around 10 hours to cover the 670 km to reach Jaipur. We could reach it by taking the NH8 and NH79 route. My camera would capture the beauty of Rajasthan and Punjab as we move on. We would stay at Delhi for some day to refresh ourselves. We would resume our trip from Delhi to reach Chandigarh and then Manali. We could halt at different 'dhabas' and eat different North Indian foods. There is a famous shop called 'Bhatt ji ka Bhutta' in Punjab where we could enjoy tasty corns at a reasonable price.

And the Himalayan adventure journey would kick start from here. Needless to say the best is reserved for the last. The divine sight of the  snow cladden Himalayas which hosts Ladakh, the hugging clouds, the whites and waters, the lush greens each step towards the destination would make us love it more.

(On your way you might see many interesting things.Click pictures that touches your heart and soul!)

By then we would have covered the North Western India to reach the Little Tibet. They say the best time to visit Ladakh is from June to September. The roads would be rocky and rough. The best thing would be to carry spare parts of vehicles so that we don't face any difficulties in our trip. I usually love to strike a conversation with people around. That is the most amazing way to know the world. We would love to meet monks in Ladakh and visit different places of importance. Hemis Gonpa is the biggest and the important monastery in Ladakh and we would love to get a glimpse of it. The mesmerizing landscapes and the picturesque view of the snow cladden mountains can soothe anyone’s eyes. And after capturing all those moments and memories it would be time to return back.  Later on we could camp at the Nubra valley. It would be a complete delight to sip the infamous black tea in the highest cafeteria of the world. The ‘Highest Cafeteria of the World’ is 18,380 ft. above the sea level. We would travel along the banks of the Indus River and then drive till the Pangong Lake whose one third part is in India and rest in China. We could sit on our care and enjoy the pleasing sight of the Pangong. It would be celestial to see something so beautiful where the waters of the lake changes to seven different colors within every 15 to 20 seconds. Driving through the rocky roads would be thrilling and an amazing experience. 

(Stand by the riverside, admire its beauty and scream how much you love it!)

The return path would be the same. But not actually .If we still have ample time left then we could return via Ludhiana, Delhi, Mathura, Agra, Gwalior, Indore, Dhulia, Nasik, Mumbai route. That would be a hell lot of new places to visit. Overall it would be fun and of course visiting a place and getting lost in the sight of the magnificent landscapes, snow cladden mountains, lakes would be a trip to remember. So a trip where we get to explore new places, meet new people, learn and witness new cultures and admire the beauty wherever our Scorpio takes us would be a perfect trip.  So such a trip would be a perfect road trip for me. At the end of the day all that matters is what you made out of it. It was a trip to get rid of a frustrating IT life which would help us to rejuvenate and refresh ourselves to boost us for the next release. Many people have different views when it comes to describing a trip as a perfect road trip. For me I would talk about the satisfaction, entertainment and enjoyment factor when it comes to rating a trip as perfect.

(There she stands solitary along the road! the chivalrous knight who transports us from the known to the unknown roads)

Such kind of trip would be a perfect trip where you have nothing to lose but only special memories to cherish - of visiting new places, meeting new people and exploring the scenic beauty of North West India. Driving through the unknown memorable roads and exploring the unexplored roads would be a perfect road trip for me. So it’s time to explore the unexplored, make it a perfect trip.
The same day, I discussed the plans with my friends and they were happy about it too.
I gulped the glass of cold water as I explained my idea to my dear road Romeos.

Gubbi got up and said, “but you forgot a thing.’
I looked at him with questioning eyes.
“Remember the sick smell in the car last time?” he said.
He took a sip of the red wine and said, “I can’t let that spoil my trip this time.”
 I smiled and said, “Ambipur hai naa! Don’t you worry of the good ambiance in and out!”  Shambu gestured me a thumbs up and nodded in agreement.
taken from Google images!

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  1. WOW!!! It is such a nice post... :))
    I like the especially personal touch to it. Ladakh!!!! I want to go there too :(
    The last part was funny ;)
    Good luck with the contest! ^_^

  2. Nature is really mesmerizing. :)
    Hope to visit Ladakhhh soon.
    Cheers :)
    Silly Smiles... Take you Miles :)

  3. I visited Kashmir and then we guys took some bullets and hunted our way down from Leh to Ladakh, and it still reigns as one of the best boyz trip we ever accomplished :)
    Nice read and All the very best!

  4. woww..awesome post! And the pics and captions added so much charm to it. looks like a perfect road trip indeed! I can see you winning this one ;) good luck!

  5. ..wonderful post bro..ya u should come to Ladakh..its an awesome place.. sure if u visit will come up with something very great..such is its magic.. :)