Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year Resolutions 2015

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New Year resolutions are basically a way of telling yourself if you could complete a task within a time frame. It’s like a challenge that you have to take. Ideally New Year resolutions could be something that will make you realize yourself. Last year I had set three goals for myself – To learn driving and get my driving license, refine my sketching skills and to give my ISTQB Certification exams.  On the last day of the year as I type this blog post, I realize that I had only been able to fulfill only one New Year resolution. Yes, I got my driving license last evening. I was exhilarated when my mother handed me the parcel. All these years I had never lived up to my expectations and resolutions were just another word in my dictionary. I was happy that I could complete one goal out of the 3. So, what’s the plan for 2015? Well, like usual I have some plans and goals for 2015 too! Yes, the previous two incomplete goals would be my resolutions for the New Year 2015.  I have always loved sketching and sketching is something close to my heart. It’s like giving life to your figment of imaginations. Trust me; it’s something that I cherish more than writing. I crave for perfection whenever I do something. It’s sketching that I don’t get 100 % of what I give! I put in my best efforts to do my best but unfortunately it turns out to be yet another ordinary stuff.  Aforementioned, I dream of perfection in everything I do.

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My 2nd resolution would be to complete my ISTQB Testing Certification Test.  Being a Quality Analyst, I have to comply by certain rules and standards. The International Testing Board conducts a certification exam for all Quality Analysts and Testers. I had been planning to take this examination for over 3 years by now. Three years have passed but still I fail to complete this goal of mine. It is a quintessential element for QA’s like me. I now have an experience where I should be opting for the Advanced level certification and I feel ashamed to say that I am yet to complete my foundation level. In such a case it becomes mandatory for me to go for the kill this year for better growth and opportunities. But like always I would cite time as a major sinister for obstructing me from giving this exam. I don’t have time to open my book and study. So what would I do to overcome this obstruction? I have tried most methods but most of them haven’t been so useful and fruitful.

Micromax Canvas Tab P666 is promising enough to give life to my goals this year. Well, you must be curious on how I would I be able to do that. The new Micromax offering comes with some super power packages like Android KitKat and it has an Intel processer .Yo, Intel Inside.  With a long lasting battery and a powerful network connectivity that includes high speed 3G and Wifi serves as a cherry on a cake. Well, how will the lightening speed of the tab help me in accomplishing my goals? As I said, I crave for perfection and by saying this I mean that by watching few sketching tutorial videos on the Canvas tab, I could perfect my sketching skills. Everyone wants to give that extra bit to their passion and this is the mean by which I would give life to my passion. By now you must have realized how close sketching is to me! I would see different kind of tutorial videos from different Youtube channels and acquire adequate knowledge from those videos.  By this I would practice more. The lightening speed of Micromax Canvas Tab P666 with a very agile and super fast processor and a powerful network connection will stream and buffer the video too fast for my mind to capture the skills offered from the video. Thus in this way I would watch more videos quickly and faster and learn new things from the world of drawing. Like this, the lightening speed of the Canvas tab P666 can help to complete my first New Year resolution.

Talking about my 2nd goal or resolution, the Canvas Tab P666 could help me here too. How? Again, these days YouTube offers you almost everything. There are thousands of Entrepreneurs, Artists, and Businessmen born who credit YouTube for their success. It has over million videos that contain different tutorials. Why don’t have get time to study for my certification? Simply because I don’t have time.  Sometimes, this paucity of time upsets me so much that sometimes I try to shun this certification test. So I could plug in the ear phone into my ears and listen to the various testing concepts and at the same time focus on my project related work. So sitting at my workstation itself, I can multi task by working and listening to the testing concepts at the same time. Isn’t that Amazing? I just need to have a 3G enabled mobile network for that. The superfast Processor of the Micromax Canvas P666 would just make my job easier. So this is how the lightening speed of the new Canvass P666 tab would help me to  achieve my New Year Resolutions for the year 2015.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Autobiography of a Plagiarist

Disclaimer - This blog post is a work of fiction.

Some say truth triumphs! I had never experienced it until last winter! This change cleansed me and transformed me into a good individual. Some say that there is no difference between people who steal others things  and those who snatch others ideas. I had been doing that for my material gains.  Google turned out to be my best friend for it provided me everything that I desired. Being a blogger and an amateur writer, my mind constantly required to produce and reproduce several ideas. Most of the blogging sites that came up with  different blogging contests often came up with attractive and lucrative prizes  - iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Mac Books and various electronic gadgets. I seemed to have been blinded and smitten  by these prizes that I resort to snatching ideas. 

5th November 2013 – was the day when came up with a PAN level blogger contest. The winner of that contest was to be awarded an iPhone. ‘Human Heart Vs Human Brain – Measuring conflicts. What does the heart say when the brain says no?’ It was a  topic that had to be dealt with utmost sensitivity. I usually suck at writing such articles.  The prizes attracted my eyeballs. Gluttony hurts, it  kills!
I started thinking over the topic and my brain couldn’t conceive constructive ideas relevant to the theme of the contest. I was disappointed at the fact that I was turning creativity handicap. It was indeed challenging. Any writer wouldn’t succumb to an act that I did! I typed – Heart Vs Brain on the Google Search bar and I received numerous web links. I went through the websites one by one and accumulated points.  I jotted down the points and tried to put it on my own words.  While exploring few of those websites, my eyes grabbed the attention of a blog written by an American Teenager - Brenda Anderson.

“Heart is symbolic of emotions, feelings; attachments. It has its own reasoning which the mind may not approve of, probably because it lacks the evidence or arguments that prove it to be right. But has an understanding that assures it of not being wrong.
At times, the high EQ (emotional quotient) may overshadow the strong IQ.
The reason for it is simple when faced with a situation; our heart pulls us to one direction and the mind to the other. We don't know which way to go this gives rise to a conflict that interferes with our ability to think rationally. There is no direction, just a dead point. We feel lost and our mind stops working, stops thinking and then we become totally dependent on what our heart tells us, after all, it's our last resort.”

This was something that I was looking for! Spot it! I copied the entire post on my document and started working on it. I meticulously made good use of the thesaurus and changed meanings of certain complex words. I made its vocabulary easy to understand. I optimized it for an Indian audience.  The deadline for the blogger contest was approaching. Brenda Anderson was indeed a blessed girl. I explored her blog and it was the repository of literature work. Her works dealt with the highest level of art and literature. I envied her for some reason. She would have won several blogger contests if she were in India. Perhaps, at that moment, I never felt guilty publishing someone else’s article under my name and that too under PAN India level. I was feeling jubilant when I posted the link to the blogger page. I was quite sure that I would win. I had no traces of guilt in my heart. Weeks passed and even months!  The contest results were about to be announced.  Many people had appreciated that article that I had lifted from Brenda Anderson’s blog and no one had even the slightest doubt that it was a stolen one. I had received over 100 comments for that single blog post. People enjoyed reading it and they had scribbled genuine comments for that. It did make me smile! But that night, I couldn't sleep peacefully. My conscience knocked me hard to make me feel that I had done the biggest mistake of my life. It indicated me that this was a big shame. How could a person fall down to this level? It wanted to correct my mistake. I contemplated and thought over my act! But it seemed that the results were already announced. I was declared as the winner. I was entitled to get an iPhone. I was feeling guilty and my greed for material products had to be reprimanded. I was feeling low and disappointed.  Finally, I listened to what my heart said to me and contacted the organizers. I spilled the beans! I informed them that I had lifted the article from an American girl’s blog and modified it as per my needs. But that was an honest confession. I had tears in my eyes when I spoke all that to the organizers. The organizers discussed and decided to go with the results as announced. They had awarded me the prize for my honesty. I could have simply opted to conceal the truth, but my conscience didn't let me sleep peacefully. For years to come, my heart would have been heavy with the guilt that would often remind me of the scar that it had left! But I acknowledged my conscience by doing something that it desired.  But it would have been inappropriate if I had accepted the prize. The organizers didn't budge and I had to accept the prize.

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All the 100 plus comments that the blog post received belonged to that girl. It was the efforts of that American girl who deserved so many appreciations. I had just been a channel. I quickly added the link of her post to my blog post and added a line that my post had been inspired from Brenda's blog post.
I quickly inspected her blog for her contact details. “You may want to let me know how you feel about my blog posts :) How?  Write me at brenda.anderson7@live.comIt was mentioned at the right sidebar of the blog. 

“Dear Brenda,
You might be wondering who this is. I would like to call myself as the greatest fan of Miss Brenda Anderson. Yes, I am a huge fan of your writing. I bumped across your blog through Google and I’m glad that I found it. Your articles have touched me deep! I would like to say something important. Last month I took part in a PAN India level contest and I had won it.  Please don’t get me wrong when I say that I had stolen ideas and points from your blog. I had lifted it. I’m feeling ashamed because of my act. Check this link – All the comments on this blog post are meant for you.  Kindly forgive me. Please provide me your address.

Yours Truly,

I waited for her reply. Finally, two days later she replied me.

“Dear Sankit,
I’m so happy that you won the blogging contest. I’m indeed very happy for you. Thank you for all the kind words in the last email. That was sweet of you :). You don’t need to be sorry. You had taken my blog post and I’m glad you won it. It was nice going through the various comments in the blog post in the link that you had sent me. You are a nice soul, Sankit! Please do not say that you had stolen my blog post. : )  I have blog rolled you and consider me as a regular reader of your blog. You too do the same and yes whenever you read my post do leave some nice comments :P And my address is –
2411, Andersons Avenue, AV, Green Park, GA, Atlanta 30301, USA

Stay in touch, Sankit! Xoxox
Take Care,
Brenda ”

I was so happy to read all that. I quickly parceled the iPhone to her. I was not the right owner to that Apple product.  Initially, she refused to accept it. But after insisting she accepted it. We soon turned out to be good friends.  Yes, Truth indeed Triumphs! Sometimes you just need to be true to yourself. Sometimes you just need to listen to your heart. It's an offense to steal others creativity!

Friends, many times we knock Google’s door for ideas when our brain refuses to produce adequate necessary desired ideas. I feel disheartened to see and hear such things. My heart hurts when I read my blogger friends writing statuses on Facebook citing their plagiarized blog posts. Trust me that it is something that hurts any blogger. Who would like their blog post to be snatched? Remember that a plagiarist is no different than a thief. The difference is that a plagiarist steals others ideas while a thief steals products.  A plagiarist could steal someone’s blog post, but they can never steal someone’s creativity! Dear Plagiarists – Please do not hurt creative souls here. Your conscience will hurt you and you would live a life of guilt! If you go on to get inspired by someone's work then do let the article owner know about this and you could link their blog post to yours. That would be a kind gesture. While using an image from Google, do give credits to the  image owner. This blog post might be a work of fiction, but this might be true for many of you out here! Stay blessed my creative people!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kids Day Out!

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Vacations are good stress busters for people who toil day and night to earn their bread and butter for their family. At times they seldom spend quality time with their children who mean a lot to them. Naturally in such cases an outing becomes obvious to drag a smile on our loved ones face. After all we all love our loved ones and our children constitute our happiness.  Childhood is that phase of our life which never comes back to us and it’s the best phase of our life where we never worried about work, tensions etc. Trips and vacations are the time when we get to spend our time with our loved ones - be it friends, family or children for that matter. And vacations and outings seem to be a good vent for all our stress and work pressure. Aforementioned childhood never returns back. Children add magic to our vacations. Imagine them running helter skelter in gardens and in zoos. You enjoy watching your children playing in gardens and zoos, don't you? These are the means in which they get attached to Mother Nature and eventually they learn fast. My 4 yr old nephew asked me about how plants have green color leaves during our trip to Nasik. He would periodically quiz me with different kinds of scientific questions whose answers I am not aware of.  Such kind of questions just lets us know the amount of interest and zeal they have at such a tender age. Would you not wish to play hide and seek and other games with your children. I have always loved playing with them. They are only channel through which I derive my happiness. They make me happy and so I do my best to make them happy.

Bren playing with his baloon during our Nashik Trip

How do I ensure that my kids have the best of times during their vacations? First of all, never tie them. Leave them free! They need to have their freedom and happiness will knock their door automatically. Isn't life all about happiness? The time that we spend our kids are precious because that’s how we get more close to them and we can love them purely sans office frustrations and work pressure. As parents, we just want to give them our share of happiness. But the vacations that we spend with our kids are different. They are different in a special way! Children see vacations differently. They are lost in their train of activities whenever you leave them free during your vacation. As children, they expect a lot and their expectations increases every time you take them to a new place. That’s obvious that as grownups we expect a lot, then being kids they have all rights to expect more! Of course expectation is independent of age. Everyone expects! They get curious whenever they visit a new place – curious about the place itself, the different things that they see around them and so on.  My little nephew is a very naughty kid and whenever we camped out we used to leave him free.  Taking him with us only makes our vacation more beautiful. Looking at him strolling around, playing with his toys, enjoying makes me happy.They way he runs, asks funny and interesting facts about things and so on. You will forget all your sorrows in presence of your kids.  I love travelling with my kids. And while in vacations I just ensure that I give him the best in everything. So, I would take my kid to somewhere where he connects to nature, learns new things and gets to explore amazing and wonderful things.  And moreover who will know our kids demands and needs better than us! 

Bren Playing with cousin Ketu

Interacting with flowers ;)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Virtually strolling through

People often call me as a connoisseur of Art.  I love art work. I’m glad to be an artist. Anything, everything from the work of Art amazes me – be is sketching, designing, movies, songs etc.  This is something that I love to do as it helps me to explore the creative side of my brain.  The more I plunge deep into the ocean of creativity; there are high chances that I might land up doing something different and new.  Today I’m going to take you to a virtual tour of

Engrave, as the name suggests offers you a variety of products exhibiting engraved art – things etched on different types of products of different varieties. Its tagline reads – memories etched forever! Of course. I have always endorsed niche sites. Niche sites are creative outlets that allow you to choose different products that are based on someone’s creativity.  Engraved is one such niche based website. Let’s talk about the usability of this website. The home screen and the different pages of this website will give you a notion of a photography blog because of the tiled grids featuring different kinds of images.  This gives a soothing effect to the eyes and the different products instantly attract the eye balls.

There is a seachbox that sits on a top navigation bar in the centre of website basically allowing the user to search for various products.  On the left of it rests the elegant logo of website.  There are different sections - Plaques, Canvas Prints, Name Plates, More, Collections, Gift Ideas and what’s New. Each section hosts products related to those categories. For instances, the Name Plates sections offers a  variety of name plates  based on different designs, sizes, types etc. It is appealing to the eyes and looks chic. For the user’s convenience, they also list different types in form of link buttons above like – Engraved Wooden Plates, Game plates, Teak Float Name plates, Kids room door signs etc.  Similarly it is implemented for the other section. A one suggestion here could be to highlight the navigation item color while hovering on it.  It would look gorgeous! You need to explore the website thoroughly and who knows you could find some amazing products. All these are engraved art works!  I checked out an engraved Clock from the website and after delivery I realized that it was too good.  You could check the product below.  Also, at places you could find that different awesome descriptions of the products that would make you smile.  Enough said why don’t you check out the website?

In the Image below you could see the items that I discussed above. The navigation link opens a sub menu with more details. The tile Grid layout makes it more appealing.

 You could see a neat bar that rests at the footer section which also hosts several other links - information, customer service, my Accounts. It also has a help window which allows to interact with the product owner i.e

Aforementioned, see the screenshot of the name plates section that hosts different types of Name plates designs.

And this is the Canvas Prints section. 

The Plaques section also offers different varieties of designs.

And from  all the product listed in the website , one that grabbed my eye ball was  the elegant , artistic wall clock.  It was basically a circular plywood  neatly painted with different colors formed to create a beautiful wall clock. 

This is a window in my main room - the divider between our kitchen and the main room. I just placed it on the window slab.

Or you could make your Teddy's day!

Or Perhaps a red purple background would do good too.

And its the darkness!

I  strongly recommend that you visit this site. If you have to gift a birthday  present to someone close then you could try varieties of options from this  niche based website. Do visit it guys!

Monday, December 15, 2014

10 Stories - An Eye Opener!

Driving is an important activity that we perform every day to travel from one location to a particular destination. At times, in haste we might land up hurting others if we are not responsible on road. Responsibility on the road is not just towards one’s own self but also to the other motorists and the pedestrians.  Road safety is a process that needs to be complied by both the drivers and the pedestrians on road.  Today I will narrate you few stories, which will highlight the importance of road safety.  A TV advertisement state that roads are filled with idiots and we need to be responsible.

Story 1 – His Important Job Assignments
Vivin was a charming young man leading an amazing life. Being born in an affluent family, he never had to fret for anything more. But he wanted to prove his father wrong and wanted to be a successful person. That day he got an important job assignment of his life. He was supposed to meet the US Ambassador to India in 35 minutes. He was in a hurry. He inserted the key into the ignition. He shifted the car to first gear and raced the car. He was visibly in a hurry to meet the ambassador. As he turned his car right towards the junction, another car rammed into his and he died instantly on the spot. He would have been alive if he had worn the seat belt. He could have been left with minimal injuries. Seat belts are intended to reduce causalities and minimize severity of personal injuries. Not wearing your seat belt could prove fatal. Always wear your seat belt no matter what.

Image taken from here 

Story 2 – His Formula 1 adventures
Thomas was a huge fan of Lewis Hamilton. He wanted to be a formula one driver. Even in Indian roads he would exhibit his driving skills by racing his car to maximum speed limit.  That day he was with his girlfriend Nikita and it was their first date. Like any man, he wanted to impress her and so he showed her his driving skills on the Indian roads. He accelerated his car limits and maximized its velocity. During this process, he lost his control and something that happened was disastrous! Their car crashed with a bus in the opposite lane. They both died instantly. Their first date turned out to be their last. Always be in your speed limits in the road. Remember that you are not the only one on the road – there are others too. If others can respect the traffic rules, then why can’t you? Be good on road. By not following the rules, you could be playing with your life as well as others life. Over speeding hurts – you and others!

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Story 3 – The Solitary Road-Crosser
Amita Gupta was back from her school. She had crossed the huge roads where the flyover just ended. Now it was her turn to cross the other road. It was a herculean task as all the heavy vehicles strolled the roads at that hour of the day. Poor thing was standing there, helplessly. She was in a hurry to cross the road. As she crossed the road, a garbage truck smashed her. She fell down immediately and lay on the road unconscious with no one to help. Braveheart Pratyusha Cherukumilli immediately came to her rescue and dragged her to the divider. She admitted her to a nearby hospital. The girl was left with few fractures and the intensity of the accident was so severe that she had to stay in the hospital for 3 weeks. Pratyusha, identified as an IT Software Engineer in Bangalore clearly played God to the school girl by helping her in time. She was given bravery award by the Bangalore Traffic Police department and her article was featured in the Deccan Herald.
Always remember one thing in your life – Never cross the road alone. Wait for more people to come and cross the road with them. The drivers are not superheroes to slow down the vehicle for you. For one person it would be difficult for the vehicle to slow down the speed and hence there are   high chances that they might hit you and in case of a huge group, it would be difficult for the vehicle to knock down the whole group. So never cross the road alone.

Image Taken from here 

Story 4 – The Zebra Crossings & Traffic Signals
Little Amla was only 5 years old.  She was a clever and a smart girl. One day she was standing near the zebra crossing near a major Road. People in hurry were running helter skelter to reach the other side of the road. They seldom followed the traffic rules. They ran even though the traffic signal displayed red. Little Amla followed the traffic rules and waited for the color to go green and silently walked on the Zebra crossings. If a small girl could obey the traffic rules and regulations then why can’t we?   Sometimes few lessons that we learn are for life!
Always follow the Zebra crossings. They are conveniently placed near the signals where the vehicles have to stop and chances of accidents are avoided.

Image taken from here 

Story 5 – Poor Lightings
 J Nehru road always posed problems for civilians in Jingaluru – sometimes for potholes during monsoons and sometimes due to poor lighting at nights. Even the Administration never bothered to pay heed to the civilian’s demands. Poor lighting were a big concern for people there.  But they knew how to tackle it. They all walked some yards away till they reached a place where there is sufficient lighting.
If there is poor lighting on a road where you want to cross, walk a little ahead  and look for a place where there is light. Let there be light!

Image taken from here 

Story 6 – Where the flyover ends!
Jignesh had a very bad habit of crossing the roads where a flyover ends. During one such instance, he escaped narrowly from the jaws of death. Once bitten, twice shy! He learned the biggest lesson of his life after his escapade.
Never cross the road where the flyover just ends. Vehicles coming down the flyover will be in high speed and slowing down will be difficult. So in such a case, as a responsible pedestrian it naturally becomes our duty to obey basic rules. But one advice from my side would be to not cross the road where the flyover ends because of the slope.

Image taken from here 

Story 7 – The Mirrors
Ganesh always followed car safety rules. He would do a thorough check before starting his car. He would follow the basic principles.  But today he was in a casual mood and he forgot to adjust the mirrors. While travelling his BMW, a vehicle from right knocked his car causing severe damages to his BMW. 
Always adjust the left, right and the front mirror of your vehicle. It will give you a clear view of vehicles aside you and hence you don’t need to fret about collision or crashes. It is always better to be safe. Prevention is better than cure no? Here his BMW had to suffer but at times it could be someone’s life too!

Image taken from here 

Story 8 – The Phone woman
Monica was popular among her various groups and friends circles. She was the admin of many of those Whatsapp groups and hence she felt that she held a very prestigious image in her circle. She used to get too many phone calls every day. It’s okay to receive too many phone calls but talking on a phone at a wrong time could often prove fatal. She was driving her car and she got a phone call from one of the associate members of her ladies club. She opted to receive the call and the matter of discussion turned exciting. She was engrossed in the discussion so much that she landed up hitting an old woman on the road. Luckily, the woman was left with minimal injuries but it could have been dangerous too!
Avoid receiving or making phone calls while you are travelling your vehicle. Sometimes you might unintentionally land up hurting someone or hurting yourself because of your phone. It’s better to take precautions at times. Never use your phone while driving. Write that in bold letter. If you receive a phone call while driving, then you might opt to return the call later or may halt the car near the kerb and talk instead of talking while driving the car. Also avoid texting while driving the car as it might lead to accidents on road.

Image taken from here 

Story 9 - The Dude Boy
Jackson always had a habit of impressing girls. Other guys called him a babe magnet because of his skills of impressing too many women.  He would not wear helmet while riding his bike as he wanted the girls to know the rider. Of course, he wanted to be known as the best biker ever.  But our dude boy failed to realize that even the best biker wears his helmet while riding.  The Dude boy Jackson once lost control of his bike and had to suffer a head injury. After spending several days at hospital, his conscience hit him hard and he finally realized his mistakes. After this accident,  he religiously wore his helmet and followed traffic rules and regulations.
Always wear your helmet while riding your bike.

Always wear your helmet while riding bikes unlike this dude in this Image. Image taken from here 

Story 10 – Drink and Drive
Virat was a fun loving guy. He used to throw parties for his friends every weekend.  He was known to have a very big friends circle and fortunately people only befriended him for his parties. But we all know that rich spoilt brats from big families have too many weaknesses. Girls and Alcohol was his weakness. One night while enjoying a party, he was drunk to such an extent that he couldn’t walk properly. But that day he drove his car even he was highly unstable.  Virat should have realized that driving in such a state could be hazardous and it may kill him. Yes, it did kill him! Virat kicked the bucket at a young age of 25.
Always follow basic traffic rules. Do not drink and drive!  It will make you unstable and you might land up hurting yourself and in the worst case you might kill yourself.

Image taken from here 

From the above stories, one thing is clear that life is precious and not following basic traffic rules will hurt you and could be life threatening. Kindly follow basic road rules like following traffic signals, walking on zebra crossings, wearing seat belts, wearing helmets, adjusting car mirrors, avoiding drinking and driving and so on.  These 10 stories are eye openers!

Sometimes people ask me - How to ensure Road safety? 

Well we all know the  answer to this question! Yes, we do!  The answer is – by following Traffic rules and regulations.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Fear Not!

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When I was young, my behavioral trainer at my first organization used to tell us that Indians are averse to risk. They think about their priorities in life whenever they have to take risks and one of their priorities was family. Isn’t that obvious? Her words flash on my ears every time I hear something of similar sort from my friends. They have to do a SWAT analysis of various things before venturing into a business. That’s because of the fear of loss.  Everyone wants to make profit.  It’s natural phenomenon! I agree with it.  They think well in advance. Failures are part and parcels of life and if we don’t taste failure than how will we overcome it. Defeat is fine but shouldn’t we learn from it.  The fear of overcoming failure is one such thing.  What all risks do you have to take to overcome failure? Trust me guys, you just have to make sure that you just do it rather than thinking too much. It’s okay to fail and fall. If you fall then you would be cautious in future and of course a lesson learnt! Once bitten, twice shy!  It’s good to fail because Almighty has given you another chance of proving yourself. Just be cool and never think too much before doing something big.  That’s because, if you think too much then there is a constant mental fear that will grip your mind and it will lead you to two states. In such a state, you have to listen to your heart and go for the best optimal solution. That’s the risk that you have to take – to judge the decisions made between your heart and the mind.  I always listen to my heart in such situations – In other words, I dare to take risks.

Fear of Driving Cars
Image taken from here 

I am always fond of driving since my teen days. I could remember that I had obtained my driving license at a very young age.  But one day in my life changed my perception towards driving. For someone who used to adore driving, started fearing it. With eyes full of trepidation, my heart would pulsate rapidly whenever I touched the steering.  There was a constant fear that engripped me.  While driving with friends, I dashed a man. My heart almost stopped beating as he lay unconscious on the sodden road. I stood there full of shock. What if he was dead? The thought disturbed my mind.  I admit I had been a reckless driver. I called my Jiju who came to help me. Two minutes later, the man got up. We took him to the hospital. It was a minor accident. Thankfully he was alive and resuscitated! My smile had lost since then. My Mother and Father almost killed me every day with their words with advices and they lectured me every day. I had no options other than listening them.  The fear produced after that event scared me to core. I had to think twice every time I sat at the driver’s seat.  I would ask my father or my sister to drive instead.  The unconscious state of the man would appear in front of my eyes whenever I sat on the driver’s seat. I lost confidence in driving. I had to convince myself that gone are those days of Formula one Driving and I had to abide by all the Traffic Rules. My father and my sister tried their best to convince me to drive again. But again I couldn’t afford another risk. What if I rammed someone else? It was best not to drive rather than driving with this constant fear. But again it dawned to me and my conscience knocked me to make me understand that I was a good driver. I again took the biggest risk of driving again. I started with basics. I went with flow and obeyed all the traffic rules.  There was an amazing transformation from a rash driver to a responsible driver.  The biggest risk at that point was to sit at the steering again despite all the negative thoughts that wrapped my heart.

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I was hydrophobic.  I used to fear water like anything. I would stay miles away the sea shore and watch my family members enjoy the beach. I used to scream whenever my father dragged me towards the sea shore. During one such occasion, he dropped me in a pool build near the Kanyakumari beach.  I squealed and my mother shouted at my father. I wanted to come out of the pool as soon as I plunged into it. My father asked me not to cry.  For someone who feared water, I started enjoying it. The biggest risk that I took at that time was to give it a try when my father pushed me inside water just to remove this fear. I could have escaped from my dad but I didn’t do it.  

There are many such occasions in life where you have to take too many risks to overcome fears. Fear of rejections, losing loved ones, failures, dejections, falling out of love etc. There are many such fears. Always remember one thing in life – fear is like a monster that will hold you back if you hold it.  Let go of fear!  If you show an ugly face to this monster then it would never look back at you. Take risks to overcome fear and we all know that there is victory above fear and you have to rise above it to make sure everything is bliss. Life is amazing only if you live without fear. Rise above fear!

See the movie below, you would like it.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Symphony of Love

This is for you dude! This shall pass too! 

Entering my life, like a storm she
snatched me  with her love,
beholder was I, admired her, 
days and nights, faraway,
Killing me with her looks she
tortured me with her smiles,
long braided hair swinged,
cascaded my heart away
I sing  the song of love,
the symphony that unites us,

Baby, why  did you do this?
For I wanted your smile, your love,
I lost you, dreams snatched,
Hopes killed, chasing memories,
Everything hurts, your thoughts haunts,
Miles away, with some other, 
you weave a story of togetherness,
Distance apart, here I nurse my mauled heart.
Training it to live in your absence,
Now that you're no more,
Happiness ceased to exist,
Tired of life, love hurts,
It Pains!

Falling and Failing in love is not new to many. But for someone who hasn't tasted failure, defeat is matter too big. Any kind of defeat is heart breaking and failure in love destroys the heart. Heart is so vulnerable. Beating monster not only  pumps blood but also binds emotions together. My friend recently fell in love with a girl and eventually fell out of it after he got to know that she stabbed his love.  Thinking about his past, he laughs hysterically , wondering if all that happened recently in his life was just a dream. But Alas! Truth is bitter and takes time to digest!

This is for you dude!  Be strong, move ahead in life.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Good Old Days!

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Brain is an amazing organ in the human body. It is a functional unit that controls, processes  and records every actions and interactions! It has a special area allocated for storing memories. They say never forget your good old days as your tread forward in your life. We may grow up to be a successful person  but our old days are something that we cherished living. Virtually strolling online, my eyes attracted a tweet that spoke about scribbling your college memories on your blog. That moment itself I decided that I would write about my college days. I was humming some random song as I received a ping on Whatsapp messenger. It was Shef. It was the same girl - Shefali Sood, whose name was attached to me throughout my college days. Perhaps she was my virtual girlfriend, thanks to my amazing gang of boys!

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We were a group of boisterous young boys entering Engineering College from Higher Secondary School. Boisterous enough to create mayhem in class. Life had taken an adventurous turn as I stepped into the Engineering College. For someone  whose most  time was spend in studies and assignments, life had something different in stores. I met like minded guys - dudes, who soon turned out to be an integral  part of my life. I was the reticent kind in the group of garrulous ones.  Life was full of mirth and joy then!  Travelling from Western Suburb to Navi Mumbai was one of the things that I hated the most! Mother used to get tired of waking me up. Our usual lectures commenced sharp at 9 AM.  My eyes never opened before 8 AM before those days. But I had to train my mind to wake up before 8 so that I could get ready and attend the lectures.  It was few of those days when I started enjoying life. It was a new dawn in the life of a boring individual who started coloring his life with beautiful colors after entering Degree College.  It was one of those days where boarding a Panvel train from Kurla station was considered to be an adventurous activity. But we were daredevils. By hook or crook we used to get past the fat bellies, unbrushed men, foul smelling arm pits and disgracefully disgraceful men in the train. Life had never been so adventurous before and I was turning to be an adventure enthusiast.  After reaching Nerul station, I would run to attend my class just like the Subway Surfer who runs to glory! Standing within the college premises , my  mind would ask me  – whether to attend or not? Waiting near the door, I would ask my professor the permission to enter the class and I knew his obvious answer would be no.  That’s a known fact that no professor would allow a student to enter a class after only 5 minutes was left for the class to get over. He used to show me an Ugly face very often whenever I came late for his class. Dejected and disappointed, with face hung down, I would return back to the promenade only to see my gang of boys mocking me and making fun of me.

“Tujhe bhi baga di kya usne!”  used to be an instant line whenever I joined them late. We would then bunk the next class and head for Nerul Station. I have spent most of my Engineering days at the stair case on the Nerul Station. It was our favorite hangout corner.  We loved spending time there! We would sometimes write our assignments there, crack jokes, leer at girls and do many such things that usual College students did. It was during those days when I met Shefali Sood from the other division of Electronics batch. I liked her but never interacted much with her. Most of our conversations were limited to just hi’s and hello’s. Sooner, my group got to know the mystery behind Shef and they made a good story with me and her as the lead protagonist. Of course, they would motivate me to talk to her but my fragile heart was fragile enough to talk to a girl whom I liked. We all used to travel together and she used to accompany us while walking from the Railway station to the college. During one such day, co incidentally we both were walking next to each other and my group of friends started teasing me by her name. I flew away, with the fear of getting embarrassed in front of her.  Even now when Shef and I talk about it, we used to have a good laugh. She used to call me a ‘fattu’. I never minded such words coming from her mouth. She soon became the first girl in our group and our group turned out to be a notorious one. We used to attend various tech fests in different colleges and sometimes we used to win. College memories are like a novel containing different chapters. Each chapter is important as it holds some important moments of life that we would always love to cherish. I could narrate many such incidents about my good old glorious college days – Canteen masti, Accenture fiasco, Avalon tech fest, Zilch score in Exam, Copy Cat adventures and many more.  I bet everyone had awesome time during their college days.  Even when we move ahead in life in pursuit of excellence and success, we do look behind to remember the old days.  It’s an important phase of our life. You never get too many chances to live your college days.

Our group scattered across different parts of India and still we all are in touch and at times we do share our adventurous moments in our Whatsapp group. Life was indeed fun!  

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Monday, December 01, 2014

To Shave or Not!

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To Shave or Not! Image made by me 
A true man always makes good use of opportunities. As humans, we know that the first impression is the last impression; it lasts long in the eyes of the beholder.   We learn from our mistakes. Once bitten, twice shy! Each one of us have some kind of memories associated with some event or things that often taught us great life lessons. But the greatest irony of life is that we commit mistakes repeatedly even after lessons learned.
In this fast moving world, you need to be competitive in every aspect of life, everything!  Countries of this world are competing with each other at the highest level, sending satellites to space.  At this pace, we always need to be ahead!   The survival of the fittest theory applies here.  You need to be fit and full of confidence.  You need to be the best out of the rest.  To be best, you need to do something extra ordinary so that you stand out of the league. Office cultures are amusing at times. The deserving gets nothing and sometimes the non deserving takes it all. They say you need to be the change to see the change. And then there are few who embrace luck. Do you belong to that clan of people who believe in luck? Well, try to fit into the group who want to dream big and go beyond miles to achieve their dreams. How?  Yes, go beyond the extra miles.

There have been many instances when you don’t get what you deserve.  During my college days, I had a chance to attend a campus placement for Accenture recruitment drive. I was in a hurry and I had forgotten to shave. I had been a bright student throughout my college days.  I was ascertained to do well.  I cleared all the initial rounds easily. But unfortunately I couldn’t clear the interview as I messed up in the last round.  The HR grilled me left and right and highlighted that I was not serious about the interview. At first I didn't realize what she was talking about. After contemplating for a while, it dawned to me that the unshaven face was the problem causer. I shed tears outside Panvel Railway station.  A Nigerian tourist came to soothe me. I rested my head on her shoulder and realized how life was! I never knew her but still she came to comfort me.  It was the first failure of my life! That did taste bitter!  Any kind of failure for the first time is bitter.  It was then I learned the biggest mistake of my life. It was indeed a missed chance for me which I still regret now.  I promised myself that the next time I would avoid the lackadaisical attitude and be serious in whatever major things I do. The very next interview I cracked it following the lessons learnt from the Accenture fiasco.  I got a brand attached to my name. I realized that being neat by properly combing you hair and endorsing a cleanly shaved face is a must to make every day best. Would you want to be called a rogue, a thug?  Because most of the ancillary characters in movies sport the bearded look. Why would you want to sport a rugged look, Stubble troubles, baby!  Now, I’m a cleanly shaven guy, a dude, you see!

I performed well in my organization and great opportunities knocked my doors. I no longer embraced luck and gave my fate in the hands of destiny. Confidence grows within, when you become a change driver. A well groomed face was my secret recipe. I got the best out of what I could. Your activities are monitored and the higher management do keep a track of your performances. And that’s why it’s always good to be in your boss’s good book.

Time immemorial man has been linked with bravery and strength. A woman's heart beats for a man who can actually win her heart through his looks and acts. A perfect combination of look and actions could prove to be a deadly weapon to attract a woman! Well, Well! That depends on luck and confidence too. A lot has been said about luck and confidence in the past by several sagacious souls. Yes, Philosophers, Writers, Bloggers, Actors and many have spoken about the same.  It could be brewed into a controversial topic too. Who does a woman like more?  A man with a beard or a man with neat face. Again, a difficult question to answer. When no two woman in this world think alike, then isn't this a question too tough to answer?  Like life is the sum of all the choices that we make, different opinions that run through her mind depend on her perspective. It's her choice after all!  But a billion dollar question at this hour is whether to shave or not! A confident man never needs to fret for things that need much attention because he knows it’s his cup of tea after all. And there are few whose thesaurus seems to be haunted by the 'luck' word.  Sport a clean shaven look and bring up the best in your life! Never miss opportunities in your life and know that missed chances never knock back. Brew confidence and excel in life. 

Go clean, shave - Attract girls, Impress the Boss, Grab opportunities, Never Regret,  Succeed in life! 

Citing again, first impression is the last impression. 
 I have said yes to a well groomed face. Have you, dudes?

I can cite you one advantage of shaving - It makes you look young and smart. So girls and kids won't call you 'Uncle' . So #WillYouShave ? 

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Go Clean shave - Be a dude, be young and smart! Be confident! - Made by me