Sunday, February 23, 2014

Seriousness! A Serious Syndrome ?!

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Disclaimer - The  post is not written with an intention to hurt anyone's sentiment

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Friends and Foes, Men and Women, Boys and Girls! Lend me thy ears as I blurt out the greatest news of the day - Seriousness recently acquired the status of a ‘deadly disease’! Now I can see your mouth open wide, eyes rolling side to side as you utter the dangerous word and ask me ‘Are you serious?’
Of course I am not! Had I been serious, I would have not been sharing this with you; instead I would be blowing my nose on some sickly serious (t) issue!

Nonetheless, I am dreaded to see this epidemic spread like no other, infecting one and all while I narrate to you its rise and fall!
With a glow in my eyes I once strolled around a mall, saw a pretty lass, appreciated her and ended up with a slap! That was the day I predicted that world ki #ConditionSeriousHai. And at some point of time, I would be the only one grinning, smiling and laughing at everyone and everyone would be showing serious faces at me. Thanks to the seriousness!

"Everyone I care about made it! Happy ending! But what is this feeling I am feeling? It is not happiness. It is a feeling that I have not done all I could have done. I do not like it. How do I make it go away? You must take the music inside of you, swish it around and spit it through your tail. Just do as I do. Take in the music..." -Words of Wisdom said by King Julian XIII of Madagascar.

So starting with college days. I too had a love story! In fact, I found for myself an amazing princess from my Engineering College. Everyone called her Eshita, but she was my Esha! Like Moon was to Night! Water was to Plant! A Bird was to Sky! Uday Chopra was to Dhoom franchise, Eshita was to me! Esha was outspoken, frank and straight forward. She was headstrong and me a henpecked BF. We two could be often envisioned like the Pup and the little boy of the Mobile Network Ad! Just like the pup follows the boy everywhere he treads, I followed Esha everywhere, carrying the shopping bags and her assignment papers. We both were like the opposite poles of a magnet. In fact we both were two roads poles apart!

It was Valentine’s Day. It was shopping marathon! After buying some costly Eyeliners, Mascara’s, Blushers, Powders, Concealer, Bronzer and eye shadows for her, we left for Juhu Beach. It was 6 PM and there were many people loitering around, most of whom were couples like us.  She was wearing a 'not so' decent outfit which most people would find inappropriate. Aforementioned, a headstrong person dominates and over a henpecked person just like a hungry lion gorging over Samba deer’s. To add my misery, over hundred perverted eyes were fixed at my Esha’s thighs. I was embarrassed, not her! She rather preferred wearing western outfits over Indian. A group of Aunties moved around and one of them was talking about Eshita. We eavesdropped on their conversation.
Woman 1 – Did she forget to wear her Skirts, Susheela?
Woman 2 – Sahi Kaha Didi!
Woman 1 - Look how she is exposing her legs!  Shame on her family! They should teach her how to dress.
Woman 2 -   Sharam hi nai hai!
Click to zoom - sketch made by me :D 

Eshita’s face turned red as she heard each and every word said by them.  I held her hands tightly, so as to prevent   any kind of arguments. She glared at me and of a sudden my hands involuntarily left her hands.  She followed those women and started screaming - "Mummaaaa”, “Buaa”.
Now both the women looked at each other and got perplexed. She now screamed at the top of her voice - "Mummaaaa" and "Buaa"
Eshita - Mumma wait, Bua wait.
Woman1 - I am not your Mother.
Eshita - (with fake tears) how could you talk foul about your own daughter in front of so many people, Mumma?
Woman2 - Stop all this drama.
Eshita - (Fake tears streaming down copiously on her cheeks) Bua, you too sinister!
Everyone present there started gossiping and showed sympathy towards Eshita.
Woman1 - We are not your Mom or Bua!
Eshita – You serious?
Woman 1 & 2 (in Unison) – Haaan!
Eshita – Then how does it matter if I wear a skirt or don’t wear a skirt?
Both the women looked at each other and remained speechless for a moment.
Eshita – You probably have no rights to comment on my clothing style as you are not my Mom or my Bua! In fact how can you even associate a girl’s character with her dress!
Woman 1 & 2 – Sorry Beta!
Eshita - Be ashamed of yourselves that you represent the matured generation of this country. Aapki Condition serious hai!
Eshita – Accept my apologies! I addressed you as Mum and Bua. They are sensible and matured unlike you two!
They learned their mistake and realized that one should just look into their life and not pry into others life.

 Tears of happiness rolled down my cheeks as Eshita jubilantly walked towards me. She came next to me and wiped the tears (of happiness) from my eyes.  That was during early Twenties.
For people who think that wearing inappropriate clothes implies foul character of a girl, you should know that – Aapki #ConditionSeriousHai