Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ahoy! JiFi is here!

Kotak Mahindra Blogger meet experience 

 One fine day blogger Renu Sethi had whatsap'ed me informing about the multi city Kotak Mahindra blogger meet which was to be held on March 23rd. Considering my tight timeline and schedule, I was a bit sceptical about  attending the meet. The Sprint Activities at Office were about to end and the workload seemed to have increased a bit. With one QA short at office, it was becoming difficult  though I managed my best effort. But I had promised my friend that I would be attending the meet. All went well and I planned to attend the meet for which I had  registered for the event. So  Kotak Mahindra was launching its new service called Jifi. The event was organized at Cafe Zoe in Lower Parel and it was also held at two other locations - New Delhi and Bangalore.

It was a fresh Sunday! Ankit, Renu, Monica and me had planned to meet at Andheri Station from where we were supposed to start for Cafe Zoe. On the way, we met Vikrant. Neha was supposed to join us too but she came late. We met few other guys at the Lower Parel railway station. We walked all the way till Cafe Zoe. When we walked inside, we met few other bloggers. Free drinks were provided to us. It was flooded with guys and girls who went there to get their drinks. My gang of friends were seated at the upper floor. We walked upstairs and  smiling faces greeted us. We met Dee, Tapo Kumar, Karan, Rohan, Vaisakhi and Fatima there. I had also met many of my other blogger buddies whom I had not met for months. Finally we all got settled down and by then the twitter games had started. The Emcee for the day Anoop Johnson from Indiblogger made sure there was good entertainment. Not to forget Vinit. He was cool too!

 Kotak guys had occupied most of the seats at the top floor where our gang was seated.  Anoop asked us to guess the chief guest for the day.  There was a wide gamut of guesses made by bloggers from actors to writer. My dear friend Renu who was seated next to me  shouted - "Hey! It is Jifi himself" and I was like "Hey Renu! Isn't Jifi supposed to be an application."  But by the chief guest had already arrived. Chetan Bhagat's presence graced the launch party. The other city folks were also updated with activities happening in Mumbai.  People could  greet their friends in other cities via the Webcam. I wanted to wave hello to my friend Aparna who had attended the Bangalore meet but it just couldn't  happen. Chetan started by promoting '2 states' a movie which was actually an adaptation of his book by the same name. He went on to invite Mr. Manian, the country head for consumer banking at Kotak Mahindra. Bloggers actually tweeted their questions related to Jifi  for Mr. Manian which was answered by him. Tweets flowed in from the different cities. They provided an insight about Jifi by showing presentations and video. The Bloggers from Delhi and Bangalore witnessed the events at Mumbai via webcast.  We head for lunch. A sumptious meal awaited us, though there was nothing great for vegetarians. Meanwhile, Anoop had announced a contest. It was called Kotak Premier League. The bloggers across the three cities were divided in a group of 6. We fell in group 6. We were asked to write tweets about  jifi and it was also announced that the winning group across the three cities  would be getting vouchers and free googies.  Also, the shutterbugs had started clicking  pictures every now and then - sometimes a selfie and a sometimes with group of friends. Selfie  reminds me that there was even a selfie click activity announced earlier the day. The selfie with maximum number of people were given free vouchers. Alas! our group didn't win. We couldn't manage a good one though! It was actually a good meet  especially one happening after a long time really made me feel good. Sadly, I was found sporting a formal outfit that made me look as if I had come to attend a job interview. Karan had already  poking fun at me :P 

Indiblogger has been organizing good meets since last few years and this was one too good. Meeting Mr. Bhagat was something awesome! We finally bid adieu to everyone!Not to forget the free T-shirt given at the end! Thanks Indiblogger!

Now I spoken about my experience at the meet. Now its time to give some insight on what #Jifi is ?

Jifi is a new innovative and creative concept by Kotak Mahindra which aims at bringing Banking to the next level. It aims at collaborating social networking and banking! With the new service, you could actually enjoy the services of knowing balances and other services via Twitter. You could query for your balance by  querying the Official Kotak handle and they would provide you with the balance through Direct Messages (aka DM). Isn't this amazing? Also a wide variety of features are included as a part of it too like referring friends could fetch your reward point and so on. Why wait? Log on to and start Jifi'ng now. Open a Jifi account and enjoy the awesome services! Signing off. Enjoy the photographs!

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