Sunday, June 29, 2014

A chance encounter!

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“Hey, stop the lift.”

It was my idol Superstar Amol Kapoor.   


 I quickly raised a paper and pen for his autograph.

“Your name?” he asked.

“Shabibullah Al-Karim.” I smiled.

He is still hated in the Middle East for his anti Muslim role in a movie. He pressed the knob of the pen.


Virtually Strolling through

 This blog post is written for and . You may visit the website on

Having submitted my haunted trip long drive experience to, it was time to write my carconnect experience post. At the beginning after connecting my Facebook  to, I was asked few questions regarding my favourite car, dream routes  and so on. At that time itself I realized that I was going to spend some quality time out there on this fabulous website. It was indeed an amazing experience exploring  Everything about this website seemed good. The Cloud like structures on the home page of looked good to the eyes. Those two clouds indicated the Car Experiences and the Long Drive experiences. My fingers couldn't stop myself from clicking on the Car Experiences cloud where I could see different car models. I was fascinated by this concept and with a blink of a second, I clicked on my favourite car model which was  Hyundai. It opened a new page which  listed the car experiences of  like minded people. It  was filtered according to the car  link that we select i.e in my case it was filtered on the basis of users who wrote their car experiences for Hyundai. Similarly I did the same for  the Long Drive section. I could rather call it a customized grid. This long drive cloud displayed different cities. So when I click on Mumbai, it would display the road trips relevant to the Mumbai location. For a layman like me , it becomes simple and for someone who is less techsavy it should be a good experience exploring Meanwhile I am still virtually strolling on the home page of the website. On the right side, I could see some grids on the right sidebar  which displayed popular car experience, top badge owner,popular long drive experience and so on. At the bottom, I could see top car and top long drive experience.  It was good to see a familiar face on the Top Car experience section in form of Mr. Arvind Passey, a well known blogger from the Capital City of India. 

As I moved on to the next available links on the navigation bar, I could see few of my friends listed  on the 'My friends' tab categorized on the basis of their long drive experience and car experiences. It was a good visual representation and it looks good and creative. I haven't seen such way of representing friends network in any other site. So in one way this was one of the most exciting feature here like showing the interconnection between friends similar to the graphical binary tree structure in Computer Science. Then I moved on to the 'Share Experience' tab where you could share either your long drive or your car experiences. As I navigated further I learned that there is a 'Leaderboard' tab which contains the owners  of different badges namely -Platinum,Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze etc. The different badges are awarded on the basis of the experiences we share. So likewise when you register on the website for the first time  then you would be awarded a bronze badge. Isn't that something worth to flaunt? Again this  was categorized into friends and all. So I could see my Facebook friends and their badges when I clicked on the 'Friends' button. I liked the responsiveness and the usability of the website. Being a Quality Analyst who analyses different applications on the basis of their performances on different browsers and OS platforms, I realized that this websites stands above the other websites. The user friendly nature of the portal has actually impressed me. 

I swiftly moved on to the next tab named 'Long Drive'. So this was something outstanding and different. I could see a grid containing different city names  which was the starting point for long drive experiences. Suppose whenever I clicked on a particular city, I could see results containing long drive experiences which actually started from that city. So by reading those experiences, you could actually muster enough details about does and don't and more insights regarding the road trip. The next tab was 'Compare Cars'.

 I was actually waiting for such a feature. Being an ardent  car lover, I would like to compare different cars on the basis of their specifications, models and features. So there is a provision to select 2 different cars on the basis of their brands, models and variants and I could compare it. To be frank, I was actually disappointed when I saw the 'Email  the comparision' button. Being a QA Folk, I would definitely vouch for a system which dynamically displays the results. There is this button called 'Email the Comparision' after clicking on it , the comparision result would be mailed to our email id. I actually had a good look at the sample pdf which was displayed there. So clicking on it, I actually got an insight of how the look and feel of the pdf file would be. The details were adequate and something which I desired. The next tab was the 'Car news' where you could find all the news regarding different cars.  Guess what? They also allow you to share your car related news.The last tab is the New launches where details and information about the new car launches happening in the city would be displayed.  I have few pointers though I wish this would be taken as a constructive feedback.  The overall appearance of the website looks bland. I think the color combinations at certain screens could be changed or reviewed. Also the stationery grid on the right side bar is constant throughout all the screens. From my experience as a QA, I would certainly like it if it was moving instead of  its stationery stat. Like we could make it move from top to bottom or reverse. That would give a good feel to the end users who browse through the website for car related details. What I like a lot about this site is the use of Facebook connectivity as a social media connectivity. But I wish there was twitter connectivity too and also provision for registration using email id. This would make it look more good. Thats my 1 cent! There are lots of white spaces  at  top, above the navigation bar and to the left and right side of the screen. So the central post area would be made wider to incorporate new  and exciting features. I actually loved the logo of displaying the gear patterns and a car above it on the reverse gear heading to make its stand. It was awesome and creative. Hats off  to the person who designed it. I also happened to read few of the car and long drive experiences of other users and my friends and few of them were really good.  I would like to say that the concept of is good and with time and few improvisation, this could be the next big thing.  I loved spending some quality time exploring this website and was a different experience all together. 

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

From Phone to Phone-man!

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Everyone wants to be different! And this difference has to be the ability to control one's thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions. Imagine if you had all these powers to control everything  then life surely would have been amazing. Imagine saving someone’s life and giving them hopes. Wouldn’t that be the best thing to do – to spread smiles and happiness! Only if we were Professor Bruce Banner, Clarke Kent, Bruce Wayne, Thor, Captain America, Shaktimaan, Dhruv, Nagraj and Tony Stark so that we could transform into a super hero and change the world. No, not Bruce and Tony Stark as they do not possess super powers! Of course life would have been blissful if we were one of those characters. How I wish to be a character of DC, Raj and Marvel comics! I always dreamed of having super powers.  Nevertheless, no one charges to dream big and weird. That's one of the few things which you could ever do for free. But a wish could only remain a wish!

Last night, I was thinking about something. It was a fantasy or may be something hypothetical and weird which could never happen. But if it really happened then it would be simply 'incredible' and 'outstanding'.  I gazed at my phone for a considerable period of time. A thought struck my mind out of nowhere. I thought if Almighty was the creator of the human race then he has certainly imbued in us different feelings, emotions and skills. Of course, everyone has a different skill sets. So that's what makes each one of us different. Similarly there must be a concept that differentiates different smart phones.
 Each phone is programmed to do different things and may be that’s why they are different with their own abilities and capabilities. So if my smart phone was smart enough to do different things, then wouldn't it be smarter if I give a super power to increase its smartness quotient. That would be incredible as I said before. What if I give my phone a superpower and make it do things that no one could ever do! What if I transform my phone from a bland phone device to phone-man?  Phone-man is the superhero version of phone, the term which I just coined.  So if I were asked to give my phone a super power, what all would I give it? I won’t be happy with a single super power. I would give it multiple powers and make it do multiple tasks at the same time. 
I would be Professor Utonium and imbue in my phone great super powers just like he gave to the Power puff girls. Many times in this world I have come across people who get hurt because of others action. Many of them lack the maturity to speak rational things. What I mean is that people talk without thinking and such kind of actions might end up hurting people.  Through the super power,I would create an application in my phone which would read the persons mind even before they talk. In such a way the phone could alert them via text messages. It would a plain text message to the person citing the consequences of whatever they are about to speak. It will make them contemplate for a while so that they don’t end up hurting people. I don’t want people to cut others  throat with their tongue.  Relationships are like threads, if handled with care they would last long or else they would break. Others couldn’t see or do such a thing. Even the text message would be like a simple service message from the telephone network operator.  It is similar to the concept of telepathy.  In similar lines, it would have a power to help me in decision making. What if I have to make some important decisions in my life? In such case I could have my phone suggest me viable options for me. I could use this to get a feasibility check. It would be a rational acknowledgement to the questions instead of some hanky-panky applications used by some for fun purpose. Who knows? You could make your phone to be your personal assistant. And at this point of time, you might not be required to wait for your mind or your heart for decision making. If problems arise, look forward for your phone. Make it the new heart and mind! Such a super power would be simple incredible. This super power will make your phone your smart agent which will give valuable feedbacks, solutions etc within a blink of a second by analyzing and reading your mind.  I wish I could really give my phone such a super power.

 I hate travelling. Travelling from Santacruz to Airoli en route Kurla and Thane might make you think if I am a human or a humanoid. Travelling the length between Mumbai and Navi Mumbai might be amusing for one day. But imagine doing that every day and sometimes even during weekends for work purpose. Sometimes fatigue factor would come into picture and I get tired and it has its associated health effects.  Well, I wish I could give my Phone-man the ability to time travel.  I could give it a super power to take me to my destination without travelling. So within a blink of a second, I would be at my destination. So no more scolding’s from the Boss for coming late and you could spend more time on your actual work. I would have a virtual application on my phone which would take the destination details from me and after clicking the ‘Ok’ button I would be there. This could be the best super power which I could give it to my phone. So no more cribbing for time. You have the entire world’s time with you.  My phone-man with its time travel super power would reduce the travelling time.  Incredible! Isn’t it?

At times I get disheartened when I get to hear about human losses. Earthquakes, Tsunami, Flood, Cyclones, Thunderstorms, Terror Attacks, Rail accidents and anything that involves human losses scares me.  I believe that human life is precious. I would give my phone a super power to predict things in advance. It is called Precognition. So if there is an Earthquake in a place X then my phone would alert me in advance with an Earthquake alert message.  In such a case people could be evacuated to some other place. So when the Earthquake strikes the place X, there would be only material losses and no human losses at that place. Like this we could save humans.  Such kind of things looks good only as a wish, given the fact that it’s impossible to avert such natural calamities. There are few things that look good only when we rest it up to the Almighty! Another super power I could give to my phone would be to track humans. So I could have my phone device save the images of people, our loved ones. So through the GPS tracking, my phone-man could track the location of our loved ones. So if in case they go missing, then I could find them easily with this super power of my phone.  This could be possible in mere future but for time being I would consider this as a doable. 

For a witty one, I would give my phone a super power that would virtually simulate the games that we play on the phone. Like I would have a mobile version of me playing in the racing game, subway surfer, temple run or the FIFA mobile game for that matter. By doing this we could actually feel the game rather than enjoying it the mechanical way. We could still be physically present and see ourselves playing the game in real time. That would be fun, surely!  And for the evil one, I could even give my phone a super power to take revenge against people who hurt and annoy me. I would have an application to make my phone-man take revenge against such people. I could make them do anything. God Forbid! I will definitely not try to do anything of that sort.  And there are plenty of super powers that I could think of giving to my phone that no one could ever see or could ever do. So these super powers would be unique and different. 

Talking about super powers woke up the super hero in me. I wish I could give my phone a chance to be a super hero or rather a phone-man. I wish whatever aforementioned turns into reality and makes life beautiful. Or maybe I wish these super powers actually were real. Life would have been amazing, exciting and incredible! In search of Incredible, we wish one day technology takes everything by storm and turns the hypothetical into actuality, virtuality into reality and gives mobile phone every single super power that would make life easier.  So, do you believe someday your phone would turn into a phone-man? In search of incredible, from Phone to Phone-man!

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And the urban dictionary defines Zen as a total state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind. Zen is a way of being. It also is a state of mind. Zen involves dropping illusion and seeing things without distortion created by your own thoughts. And likewise the new Zenfone 5 is the next big thing in the smart phone industry. In short it is a super hero. It could be your phone-man.

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The Solitary Writer is a blog which started as a hobby.Here you will find stories, poems, satirical posts, humour, photography and almost everything. This blog is the alter ego of a Technical guy who loves to be called as the Solitary Writer. Others call him Ste. He works as a Senior Quality Analyst in a leading Organisation and loves to break the codes and he likes to  do things differently. Did you like this post? Get The Solitary Writers updates via Facebook or Twitter, better yet, subscribe to it via RSS Feed. It’s easy, and free!Also you can discuss in the Forum. Comments are just another way to let me know how you feel.Don't forget to comment.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Frankly shopping with Arnab!

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Last year during the  Modern India summit I had an opportunity to meet Mr. Arnab Goswami from the Times Now news channel.Arnab is known for his swashbuckling news delivery style that has amazed many famous personality. I am  a great fan of Arnab and that day I learned a lot about him. I started a conversation with him and soon we turn into good friends. Our friendship had grown so strong that we used to visit each others home for lunch and dinner. Arnab had called me for lunch at his place. I rang the door bell and waited for around 1 minute until Arnab came to welcome me.

"Ste,Thank you for coming. Its  great to have you here today. I tell you that its a privilege to have you at my home." Arnab said with a smile on his face. This was new to me as I was not used to this avatar of Arnab.

"Thanks Arnab," I said, smiling at him.
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"Have a seat. Make yourself comfortable. Now that this is your first visit to our home, would you like to have a coffee, tea or coldrink?" He asked me as I saw Mrs. Arnab standing next to him. She smiled at me to which I acknowledged her with a smile.

I looked around and noticed that it was a spacious apartment room. I asked for a coffee.

"I am constantly being reminded time and again that next week is my wife's birthday and I am finding it difficult to go out and buy stuffs for her due to my time constraints." He said with a frown to which I stifled a sigh.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Last Day!

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It is 6 in the morning and my alarm clock blared violently as usual. I rolled on the other side of the bed to ensure that I silence the alarm clock in order to avoid unnecessary scoldings from my roommate. I woke up for once and neatly rubbed my eyes. Everything seemed unusual today as if there was a lull after a storm. I rested my chin over my hand and enjoyed the early morning weather. It was pouring outside. The invigorating cool air brushed me as I enjoyed the scenic beauty outside the window. Tears rolled down my cheeks. It was the last day of my life.Yes, I was going to die today. Dr. Sameer Khan, my physician had informed me 6 months ago that I had caught an infection in my small intestines. It had affected my digestive system. A blood test had confirmed his finding and as per his result I would live only for 6 months. It’s rightly said that your life turns miserable when you get to know about your death. Past 6 months had been disastrous for me. Each passing minute feels like I was living in hell. I could see the nasty Satan mocking me in my dreams and counting my days. He sends me a reminder every single day. I'd been turning to be the devils favorite. I wiped the tears from my eyes. I had lots of ambitions and dreams in my life. It seemed my dreams had been nipped in the bud. Maa and Baba would be shattered when they get to know this news. I drenched my bed with tears every night thinking about my ill fated life. I was jinxed. Death was nearing me.  Anvika was planning to meet me today. How do I prove my love to her? I loved her and loved her more than anyone could ever love or loved her before.

My cell phone rang. I swiftly washed my face and rushed to my bed room to pick up the phone call. It was Anvika.

"Sweetheart lets meet today."  Anvika said.

"Of course," I said.

"Is everything fine? Why are you sounding so low?" she enquired.

"No, I am perfectly fine. I am Alright," I said to her. We had planned to meet at the Central Mall at 3 PM. With each passing minute, my heart turned fragile and weak.

I got dressed up. Looking at the mirror, I tried my best to look smart so that I could impress Anvika for the last time. My eyes turned moist. I never knew how Anvika would take this news. May be she would be shocked or maybe not!  She used to think about me every time. My phone buzzed again. It was Dr. Sameer Khan.

last day of life
source  - Google Images

"Yes, Doctor!" I said.

"I have news for you. Meet me soon." He said and disconnected the phone call.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

And the Saga continued...

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'A big fat Indian wedding' is what people generally say when people belonging to two different affluent families get together for a nuptial knot. The  Pandey’s and the Trivedi's were together for a cause. Vimal Pandey, the youngest son of Bhisham Pandey, the famous industrialist from Allahabad and Shweta Trivedi, the only daughter of Kamal Trivedi, the CEO of  Trivedi brothers were getting married. They hardly knew  each other but today they were going to be a part of an eternal bond. Knowing someone for short duration and knowing someone for long  time is actually different.  Vimal was a reticent young man and Shweta was an outgoing girl who didn't belong to the league of introverts. She was active in fact she was hyperactive. She loved helping people and she was an active volunteer of 'Help India' forum. 

Both the families were getting ready for the marriage ceremony. Shweta was arrayed for the wedding in a gossamer fine, red saree which was embroidered with gold and other rich fabrics.  She was wearing a gold necklace and her arms were filled with golden bangles. Her dark long hair was neatly braided and decorated with flowers.  One could easily fall for her beauty. Why not? Of course it was her wedding and he ought to look beautiful. Her looks could have injured many youngsters and for a moment all of them would have been cursing Vimal. A golden band encircled her slender waist and anklets of silver gleamed on her feet. She was dressed to impress and it was just perfect. Her hand was designed with henna.  She wore the mehndi till her arms. On the other side , Vimal was waiting at the Mandap for Shweta, his bride. He was fidgeting with his mobile phone. He swiftly put his cell phone inside his pockets as he saw Shweta walking towards him. He was incessantly poking his mobile phone. There was deafening silence as she walked towards him. For a moment, the world seemed beautiful to him.  All eyes were glued to her. He neatly inspected her from top to bottom. As she blinked her eyes, it invoked smile on his face. Such was the beauty of her majestic eyes. Her eyes were framed by an arched eyebrow which defined her looks. A svelte nose adorned her looks.  Her milky smooth skin, rosy lips could make anyone smile. As she neared him, butterflies started fluttering inside his stomach. She sat next to him on the mandap. Vimal smiled at her and said, "You look stunning!" 

Shweta blushed and thanked him even without looking at him. That was the first instance where  the bold and outgoing Shweta behaved like a typical Indian girl. All the family members were dressed in rich attires. The pundits chanted the mantras. Vimal garlanded Shweta and promised her to be with her till eternity and provide her a life full of happiness. They both then headed for the blessing session where they sought blessings from the elders of the family. It was a long day. Vimal never missed a chance to compliment Shweta. It made her feel good. The reception was held at evening. He  was wearing a black dashing blazer while his bride was wearing the reception saree. The reception was graced by the presence of people from Vimal's and Shweta's office and their friends. People lined up with presents on their hand. They greeted the couples and took photographs. It was indeed a big day for them. The sun sunk behind the clouds and paved way for the moon.

It was 11 PM. The night was young. Vimal was inside his room. He was wearing a Royal embroidered Kurta. He sat on his bed, his eyes stuck on his mobile phone. The bed was festooned with rose petals. Shweta entered the room. She held a thumbler containing milk. She was accompanied by few girls. They shared jokes as shy Shweta walked inside. They pushed her inside the room and locked the room.

Vimal failed to notice Shweta as she walked inside the room. 

"Ahem! Ahem!" She cleared her throat.  Vimal was too with his cell phone to notice his beloved. Shweta gave a confused look and sat next to him.

"It's a long hectic day; isn't it?" she asked with a smile. She meticulously placed the thumbler on the table where a bowl containing fruits were kept.

"Hectic indeed!" Vimal said, fidgeting with his mobile phone. Shweta was upset that Vimal was occupied with his mobile phone on the most important night of their life.  Many unanswered questions knocked her mind which could only be answered by Vimal. There was deafening silence for few minutes as Vimal  was engrossed with his mobile phone. She looked at him and was trying to find out what he was doing on his mobile phone.  From her analysis, it seemed Vimal was drawing random horizontal and vertical lines on his mobile phone. 

"Oh Shit! Shit ...Shit...Shitt..." Vimal said, slapping his forehead and continued, " Why does this always happens with me. Why God? I now have to wait for another 1 hour for my next life."

  He turned his head towards his newly wedded wife. This was the first time he looked at her that night. He again complimented her and his wife acknowledged with a smile. She loved compliments and she blushed every time someone appreciated her beauty. Why wouldn't she smile as her very own beau had admired her beauty

"Shweta, why do you remain silent? Don't you want to talk to me?" Vimal asked.

"Of course, I do!" Shweta looked straight into his eyes and said, "You are always glued to your phone  and I thought it would be  rude  to disturb you.”

"Thank God, you didn't  distract me. I was on level 99. Important Level for me, you see," he said with a smile on his face.

He took a sip of the milk and continued, "Imagine me reaching level 100 on my wedding night. Wouldn't that be amazing? A night to remember."

All that Vimal said to her seemed Tamil and Telugu to Shweta. But the mention of words like levels gave her clear indications  that he was talking about some game.

He smiled and showed his mobile phone to her. "See this. I love this game. I am addicted to it. This is my drug, Shweta and  I can't think of a life  without this." He said.

Shweta stood there speechless for a moment not knowing what to say and how to react. How could a man be addicted to such  mobile games? she asked herself.

"This game is called Candy Crash!" he said.

"I know this game.” Shweta said and asked, “You need to swipe out similar type of candies, right?" 

"Oh yes," Vimal said. 

"Do you also play this game?" he curiously asked her. 

"No, I don't. I detest such games. I once happen to play that game on my friend Neeta's mobile," she replied.

"I love breaking jellies  and candies. It's fun." he said.

Shweta was visibly disappointed. She wanted to cry but tears just refused to flow.

 "Such an immature man!"  she thought to herself.

"Which man on Earth breaks candies and jellies on his wedding night? Most men crave for this night and instead of making me special he is fancing around a stupid mobile phone. Godamn! " she thought again.

Her mind started thinking at the pace at which Vimal broke the candies in candy crash. Probably the candy crash game had crashed her dreams and happiness. 

Her animosity grew more as he logged into his laptop to search for cheat codes on Google.  

"Wedding Night, my foot!" she uttered to herself as she saw her husband browsing different websites in pursuit of the Candy Crash cheat codes.

She was a Psychologist by profession. She wanted to analyze her husband. All her attempts to talk to Vimal seemed futile. After several attempts, Vimal finally reached the 100th level at 5.30 AM. But by then Shweta was in deep slumber. She woke up in between to see Vimal. As usual , he would busy indulge himself in the game. At 5.31 AM, he screamed at the top of his voice that woke up his wife Shweta.

"Yippey! I did it! 100 Levels. I feel like Sachin Tendulkar. Shweta, I reached the 100th level."  He screamed in joy. Shweta rubbed her eyes and looked at him. Even Sachin would be feeling pity for Shweta.

He hugged her. He did a small jig by performing a pelvic thrust in Mithun Chakraborty style. It was the first time she felt a serene touch of her husband on her wedding night. She smiled. But the happiness was short lived. He soon crashed to bed after crashing all the jellies and candies.  Shweta sobbed cursing her destiny and future. 

"What kind of Life will I live with this man who breaks candies. There are many beautiful things in me that can lure him. But his mind revolves around candies and jellies. This stupid game killed my dreams and joy." she thought again.