Sunday, September 28, 2014

Virtually strolling through

The e-tailer market in India has moved to a completely different level over the last  few years. We have seen the emergence of new players in this particular sector who have improvised a lot over these years. Few of them have established a good customer base while few have grabbed the attention of online shoppers. With various coupons, discounts and exciting offers, few online shopping sites are doing their best to keep an eye on the customers. Indeed! This is very good news.  People are shifting from offline mode of shopping to online mode – thanks to the online shopping model. We are seeing a new player every month, each with its own niche. There are sites that offer only electronic products, few offer babies wears and few exclusively offer books etc. Today I would be providing a review of one such site that has grown to be a next big player in the e-tail sector. It is  I just saw the TV commercial for the Jabong ad and it impressed me.

Two weeks ago, my sister was nagging me for a Rakshabandhan gift.  Like any other Indian brother, I gifted the  Cadbury celebrations box to her. But this time, she insisted that she wanted something better. I asked her to check online for anything she likes so that I could buy that for her. She quickly started browsing Internet and googled random products like ‘black kurtis’. She quickly jumped on to the URL that she encountered first. She was novice to all this, so I was her only resort when it came to Internet. She came across this site called ‘’. I watched her as she neatly explored the website.  The home page of the site like every other website had a welcome page that allows user to shop on the basis of their needs. Two buttons were placed on the screen namely ‘Shop Women’ and ‘Shop Men’.  An advantage of displaying these buttons could be to save the shopping time for quick shoppers. Below that were different sections like ‘Do not miss’, ‘Buzz’, ‘Recommendations’ etc. Such sections basically enable the user to search for what they are looking for. A user might be looking for a watch and the section for watches on the home screen might just benefit them. The same can be achieved via accessing the tabs on the navigation menu but as humans we always prefer short cuts ;) see here 

The right sidebar displayed a section for various blog posts. The blogs provided useful information to the users – most of them were related to the entertainment world.  There were tabs at the top of the page demarcated on the basic of users, availability etc. New, Men, Women, Kids, Designers, Sports, Sale were few of the tabs. Clicking on each of the tab flashed submenu’s that provided a variety of options for a user to select. You could rather observe lots of stuffs related to a particular gender. Like if you are looking for clothing accessories for a man then you could see Shoes, watches, sun glasses, ethnic wears, winter wears etc. You should perhaps go and visit the site to experience what I am saying.
The usability of the website is too good. As a user I was too happy shopping with this site. The website also allows users to filter the search results on the basis of their requirements. You might be thinking that this is not news. Yes! This is not new but this has got lots of options. You could filter the products on the basis of brands, fabric types, price, size, types, fits, offers, colors etc. Isn't this amazing? 

The payment facility is simple indeed. You have a variety of payment options and you can choose one of them to complete the order. I personally loved Jabong and I recommend everyone to try this website at least once. If you try it once, then you would never stop visiting that online store.
I have always endorsed products that make life easier. So from my personal experience, I would like to say that this is a very good product. Just that Jabong needs to work on their logistic partners. You should try this site and I found this virtual stroll too good!

  Note - At the actual shopping , I had not taken any images, so ideally the above images should have been a kurti instead of trousers ;)  Note that I have marked the important features of this website using a box in the image above!
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