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A letter to Amma

A letter to Amma

"Dear Amma,

How are you ? I'm good here and you don't need to worry about me. I'm happy and excited to be working in Hotel Saravana Bhavan. I was taught to serve customers and collect food plates today. I did it without any mistake, Amma You know what? My boss Ganeshan Anna has hiked my salary by Rs15. I can't contain my happiness. I love you Amma and I also know that you love me too.

Love you,

Tears rolled down his cheeks as he typed this letter. He neatly folded the letter and placed it in front of his Mother's framed photo. His mother became God's favorite when they had visited Nagapatinam to offer prayers to Mother Mary. The gigantic Tsunami waves had swallowed his entire family. A benevolent Ganeshan offered him  a job at his restaurant and ensured that Muthu remained happy.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

An Open letter to the Ex Boyfriend!

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Dear Ex,

I hope you must be fine and dandy!  Of course you must be!  Only if I could wish, then all your happiness may get ruined for once. I never knew what tears were until you made me cry.

How do I tell you how much I loved you? I did everything that you wanted, ordered and demanded. It’s sad to know that I had acquiesced to all your never ending demands. I never been a submissive type but for you I changed myself. I think that was the biggest flub that I ever committed. When you befriended me, you were so sweet; you were such a sweet talker, a charmer to be precise. Maybe I failed to read your real face. You had been showing me dreams all these days and like a fool I'd been living in that fantasy tale of yours. Your lies have hurt me! I have always mentioned you that I hate liars but you never listened to me. All you could do is to lie on my face and constantly hurt me. Perhaps you are good at hurting women! I know that! Right now, I'm broken into shards! I don't have energy left within me and more than that my tears glands have dried! I have turned ashen and fragile!

Its often said that relationships build on lies don't last long. But for you I adjusted myself just because my feelings for you were true! But you could never reciprocate the same. I have got the prize for trusting you blindly. Trust is a word too strong, after you betrayed my trust, I stopped trusting people. I changed my definition and opinion about love only after meeting you, but now I regret meeting you. All these years I had been dreaming and thinking about only you but it’s sad that you had many other priorities. Everyone who falls in love often tastes hurt at some point of time but in my case I never thought that I would get to taste it early. Such is my plight! All those upon whom I bestowed true love and showered too much care only forsaked me. It’s completely fine! You have taken me for granted - my words, my love, my care, my time, everything! Tears well in my eyes as I type this letter just to know that I'd fallen for a wrong man. When you talk about other girls, it just turns me off. Do I really deserve all these shit? I have made up my mind.  Never forget this day, you son of a bitch! You will have to answer me. I bloody did everything you said. I surrendered my body and soul both to you! I gave you all the happiness in your life, is it unfair on my part to expect the same from you? I always had time for you. I remembered you every single moment. You have made me weak! I'm turning feeble! It seems the sky is falling down on me to intensify my hurt but I will never give up. I will live my life once again. Bygone days are bygone! Never ever I'm going to talk to you. I have erased this chapter of love from my book. Days from now on will be filled with happiness. I just hope you realize your mistakes. I just request you to stop hurting girls like me. It’s wrong to hurt people who truly love you.

My heart is already mauled and your hurt has only aggravated the pain and left behind a deep scar that constantly reminds me of the hurt caused by you. It’s strange that this heart which is enclosed with arteries and veins also has feelings and emotions. But sadly this beating monster of mine is not used to getting hurt but since that now it has got hurt, the damage has already been done. You know I have been spending sleepless nights and I have drenched my bed with tears. How easy it is for you to play with the feelings of a girl. Right now I feel ashamed of myself for falling for someone like you who is just a liar and a disloyal bastard. Good bye for the last time.I shall recant my feelings for you from this moment itself. Right now I feel jettisoned. I remember it was the month of August when I met you for the first time. Did I know about the true face of yours I would have refrained meeting and talking to you. Now I ask myself why I even met you. Today, I'm doing what my heart ordered me to do!

You surely know how to impress and flatter a girl. You too applied the same trick on me. Right now I'm going to work on my dreams, ambitions and my career. You controlled me both mentally and physically and that too for a long time. I have now lost the patience. You could have simply told me if you don't like me instead of lying and passing obsequious comments on me. Don't you know every time I feel insecure when you talk about the other girls with me? I should have realized it that moment itself. I’d been trying my best to save this relationship and now it’s all over. I valued you and our bond very much but you constantly disappointed me every day and now you deserve this treatment. I'm now a free bird and I am going to color my dreams. I would try to forget you and those sour moments spend with you. I wish I could erase all the moments spend with you. Never come back to me with all those lies and fake apologies like every time you do. I no longer need your apologies for you have lost all the rights to apologize. I wish you all the luck to you. I’m happy to have got rid of this broken bond.

Your Ex, 

PS - This story is  inspired from a dear friend of mine!  I dedicate to all the girls who have been hurt by their boyfriend! Be Strong, move on! Life never stops here! 

Dreams, Ambitions, Aspirations and Goals!

Sometimes when I introspect about my life,I realize that life has taken me from nowhere to somewhere. As I glance behind the good old days, it seems that life has taught me great valuable lessons. Few of them have changed my life upside down. At a tender age, when someone asks you about your aspirations and ambitions, you often hesitated because at that age we never really knew our path forward! We simply used to get blinded by seeing others. We never knew the real definition and meaning of aspirations and ambitions. Goals to us were only a part of a game. Those terms were Greek and Latin to us. But as we grow up we realize the importance of those terms. A proper  career plan is essential for a better life in future. Its  a blue print that would take you to zenith! 

 Some of us here do realize the importance of their role in the family. Very often I have come across young school going boys who work in restaurants and support their education. Why? That's because of their thirst and hunger for  excellence.  I appreciate the students who rank high in the state board exams. It's their hard work and dedication in life. Never forget the important D's of life - Dedication , Determination, Diligence and Discipline. You have to have that dedication factor in life which will keep you motivated. You need to be determined and your focus should be set on your goals. The amount of hard work and efforts that you put into any thing counts, thus Diligence! Discipline is the key to success. Such things need to be imprinted inside your brain. Always remember that there are two ways of living life - live life without purpose and live life with purpose. Which breed do you belong to? Everyone who steps into this world has some purpose. 

I have been telling time and again that its okay to dream. Dreams  are like a requirement document in the IT world. If it is incorrectly  done then the final plan may shatter. It's completely fine to dream but this dream should be executed. It's not okay to dream and keep dreaming if you don't execute it.  APJ Abdul Kalam  once said that dreams are not  the one's that you see while you are asleep , in fact they are the one that won't let you sleep. If you want to be a successful person, you need  to implement  and execute your dreams correctly. Look ahead in life. Feed forward  and learn from the mistakes that you have committed. It's okay to fall but try to get up by your own. In life, people will be with you only for a while. They won't help you every time you fall down. Learn to rise from your mistakes.  For committing mistakes once or twice is fine, but it shouldn't be a daily routine. Remember that no one wants to be a loser and this is a word too strong and powerful! This life that we live is   the greatest puzzle. We have to solve it and decode it in order to excel in life. And to do so , one has to go extra miles! 

You are one of the millions who get to see the light of the world. Shouldn't you use your opportunities wisely?  There is a fine line between achievers and doers. Doers keep doing until they transform into achievers. Your life becomes meaningful only when the purpose of your life is completed! Again there are two ways of living life - life should be lived 'like' this and life should be lived like 'anyhow'. My mother always used to say all these. We all get one life to live and always remember that we have to prove ourselves in this short duration of time. Such is the dilemma called life! Set your focus on your dreams, ambitions , aspirations and goals. They all  have similar meanings but most important thing is that you know the meaning. But for that you got to know the purpose of your life. Know that all those who achieved in  their life have struggled at their young ages. Never deviate from your goals. A train reaches its destination only when its on track. If it derails then it would cause hurt  to many. You have to be a sagacious soul. I endorse the concept of YOLO - you live your life only once! But my  version of YOLO is different. Yes, we all live our life only once and let's make it meaningful so that it leaves a huge positive impact on our life.  Know the important words - aspirations, ambitions, dreams and goals! Let's make our life meaningful!

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Different types of Software Testers

Software Testing is an important activity in the life cycle of a software product. Well everything needs to be tested for quality. What if you deliver a product sans quality? Wouldn’t that affect your transaction with the client? The trust factor would be annihilated.  It is mostly a monotonous activity that requires tedious efforts. It’s like following the process even for the infinitesimal elements. Another important term that I encountered in this field is bug or defects or incidents or issues or failures. It all may seem the same to a layman but there is a wide difference between these terms. Today I would enlist few types of Software Testers that I encountered in my Quality Analysis career.

1. The Serious Tester
‘Dude, what should I do?’ the serious tester says.
‘This application seems to be defect prone.’   
‘Do I raise a bug?’
Welcome to a serious testers life. Testing for him is a serious activity. He will perform his work meticulously for he doesn’t wants to be bombed by his boss when the code bursts in production. He would sit whole day and perform his work as slow as a slug and tries  to execute all kind of test cases even if they fall in the same category. Equivalence Class Partitioning and Boundary value analysis mechanism  would die when it comes to know about these kind of testers. They are full of doubts and seriousness haunts their face every  then!

From Google Images - Here 

2. The Serial Passer
In Software Testing, they say that a tester’s capability is measured in terms of the number of test cases he passes. Let alone the products die with too many defects! A  Serial Passer would only fret about his test case count. Once he settles with the target test case counts, he jubilantly writes a status mail to his boss, bragging about the number of test cases passed.  The boss is impressed and hikes the test case execution count for him. This is the life of the Serial Passer.

3. The Fake Serial Passer
In order to meet the deadlines passed by their boss, these kinds of testers often pass the test cases even without looking at the test steps.  It’s said that the fake serial passers trust their developers a lot and hence they blindly pass the test cases even without executing them. They do all this to meet their per day target without knowing the consequences. If the tests covered few defects and if they were discovered in the production, then this ‘fake serial passer’ tester is questionable and his career could be at stake. Along with it, don’t forget the penalty and the reputation of the tester’s organization. I know a friend who does it and loves his developers!

4. The Slug
The Slug types are too slow. They might work in an Agile testing model, but they would not be agile enough to test applications and software’s.  Test needs you to be agile and smart.  These are the kind of testers who usually lag behind and fail to achieve their goals in their life!

5. The Enthusiastic Tester
These testers are full of energy. The zest quotient in them is too high and they are like eagles ready to tackle their prey. Just give them the code build and they would dig it and uncover most defects! They seem to me like a hungry tiger. They are always charged and pumped up.

6.  The Passionate Tester
Passionate Testers are similar to the Enthusiastic Testers. Just that they love testing and their passion for testing is promising enough to bring them glory. These are the ones who get awarded during Quarterly awards with different kinds of fancy awards like – Pat on the Back, Rising Star, Valuable Player, Cookies, and Rookies etc

7. The ‘Yes Boss’ Tester
They are the boss’s favorite.  They want to please their boss and will do the work for them by any hook or crook.  They are the ones who get good increments during appraisals.  If the boss says anything, then they would answer it with ‘Yes’. They could also be labeled as the Obedient Testers as they never say no.

8. The Flirty Tester
These kinds of testers are mostly men. They just need an opportunity to ping their female software developers without any reasons. In the name of   potential defects and issues, they would ping them and irk the female developers. They would invite them for lunch, tea, coffee etc. They think of themselves as dude.

from Google Images  - here 

Healthy child, Healthy home!

This blog post has been written for and Dabur Chyawanprash -

Healthy child,  healthy home - Image from  See here 

Asking me to define a healthy home would be a difficult question to answer. As per me a healthy home is the one where happiness resides. Ever thought about this? No? Then ponder over it.  Children are the best gift that almighty can give anyone. When he made man and woman, he asked them to multiply and spread happiness. Happiness isn’t freely available on any tree that one could pluck it and embrace it.  There was a time during my young days when our house would be filled with kids.  I have sharp memories of being a sick child. Mother always used to be worried about my health.  We used to visit the physician quite often.  Such a troublesome child I was, who caused trouble to my mother by making her fret about my health.  Everyone wishes for a good health. But as a child, it was a completely different story for me. Children are like the oxygen of the home. Too less Oxygen can cause serious injuries. But try to get the analogy what I’m trying to explain.  A child’s birth brings along lots of happiness and joy to the family.  When a child goes through the development process in the mother’s womb, a drastic transformation takes place when it transforms into a healthy baby from fetus. So, during these 9 months, she weaves in a lot of dreams about her child. So indirectly a mother’s love for her child can be traced back to her gestation days.  So it’s obvious that she would love her child more than anyone.  Having said that, I would like to say that a mother knows her child 9 months more than anyone knows it!  She takes good care of her baby from its  birth.  It's a woman's primary role.  And this is the reason why a mother is always close to her child. The bond seems to be established during its embryonic stage itself when a mother consumes nutritious food so that her baby turns out to be a healthy one! Imagine how one would feel when a child turns weak and ill.  It would induce gloominess and the whole happiness of the house would be ruined. A child is a catalyst that drives the house. But when he falls ill and is restricted to bed, everyone seems sad.

A primary reason for this is that Indian children are prone to illness and there are several factors that attribute to it – like lack of Vitamin D, Calcium Deficiency, malnutrition etc. Most important reason for these is immunity.  A child becomes vulnerable to infections and thus invites unwanted problems in form of different diseases. So a mother needs to address lots of issues.  All the organs of the human body are working nonstop without break.  Of course, if it takes a break, then our health would go for a toss – a known phenomenon. But what amazes me is the regeneration factor of the Human Organs. All the cells and the tissues regenerate itself after an infection – thanks to the White blood Corpuscles (WBC’s).  Immunity indirectly implies low resistance and that is linked to low WBC’s. WBC’s are known as the fighter cells. When these fighter cells fail to perform their job, then the immunity too is decreased.  The different agents that aim to bring down the immunity of the body are the viruses, bacteria’s and different pathogens. They have a pivotal role. They cause infections and diseases of different organs. Our body needs to cope up with it.  Immunity is the Iron man of the body who is required to fight the goons in form of viruses, pathogens and bacteria’s. To boost immunity, lot of things could be done. A healthy nutritious diet is essential for a good health. Some children are weak and their weakness can terrify things. A sick child at home can change the entire ambience of the home drastically. Doting parents would turn upset and that in turn would make situations sad for the home. That’s why it is recommend that to maintain a healthy living and a healthy home, be ready to tackle illnesses that affect immunity and reduce resistance. You can shield your child from viruses, bacteria’s and different disease causing pathogens by simple adopting a technique. Dabur  Chyawanprash aims to strengthen  our body’s fighter cells and destroy viruses and bacteria’s. It is scientifically proven! It is promising enough to protect your child’s health and thereby contributes to maintaining a healthy home. Chyawanprash has different ingredients such as Ashwagandha, Guduchi, Satavari,  Bala and Vidarikand that helps in promoting different functions of the human body thereby ensuring that your health doesn’t goes for a toss.  A good health is what everyone desires.  My family has lots of kids in the range of 3 – 10 years and the environment is amazing when they visit our house every day.  It feels like Lord Happiness has planned to camp at our place forever. Of course we would welcome him with an embrace. The other day I visited my sister’s house and that day was different.  Everyone was silent. That was a different situation to be in! Whenever I visited her place, the house would be filled in joy and happiness.  It seemed that the prince of the house was down viral fever. I went there and looked at him. My 4 years old nephew exhibited a puppy face and looked at me. He was looking ‘energy-less’. That sight didn’t amaze me at all! When he was happy and merry, the house was in a completely different state but when he was down with fever, it was in a different state.  It was then I   jumped to a conclusion that a healthy child makes for a healthy home.

A Quality Analyst by day and a dynamic blogger by night, Ste is an out-of-the-Box thinker whose thinking cap is never on the resting mode. The real feather on his thinking cap is his creativity which you can see in all his works, be it short stories, poems or sketches. He is a very big fan of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Most of his short stories are inspired from real life and things that fascinates him. His blog "The Solitary Writer" is a central repository of his entire creative spear."  Did you like this post? Get The Solitary Writers updates via Facebook or Twitter, better yet, subscribe to it via RSS Feed. It’s easy, and free!Also you can discuss in the Forum. Comments are just another way to let me know how you feel.Don't forget to comment.

An Open letter to a depressed friend!


I hope you are doing fabulous.  I have to deliberately ask you this after speaking to you last month and after reading through your mind, I’m upset about you. You are not the same anymore. I still remember how I used to scold you for bombing my Facebook timelines with too many status messages and funny meme’s. Do the good old days disappear when melancholy strikes?

I have no words to say what I feel right now. My piece of advice for you at this point of time is to be strong. My intention of writing this letter is not to preach. I’m not a priest to give you sermons.  Every single day when I talk to you, I have this constant fear gripping me – the fear of you not acknowledging me!  Don’t you remember the days we used to talk to each other – for hours!  I’m simply not amazed at the fact that you have caused yourself in a troublesome situation by alienating from the world.  If that helps then I would not stop you but if that makes you stronger then I will encourage you. Disappointment haunts me every time I type a hello to you on Whatsapp messenger. What if you never reply me?  Isn't failure an attribute of successful people?  You may disapprove of this but most successful people have tasted failures during their early days of life. They toiled hard and they have reached the milestones only after struggling. Why don’t you seek inspiration from them? Is that too much an ask? There are various stories that speak about this. Dropping a year is not okay to many. Similar is the case with you.  I understand that you are quite young. At this age, people talk about ambitions and aspirations. I’m quite sure you must have dreamt a lot about your future too. People will  be there to talk behind your back. Let them talk whatever they want to! It's their job to bring others down. They might do their job. Never let the negative feelings grip you. People will come and go in your life and say many things about you. They  talk behind your back because they fear facing you. Everyone has a different perspectives. Extract the positives from what they say and ignore the negatives. Ignorance is a bliss and you very well know that.  Welcome to life! That is how life is! Failures knock our door when we least expect it. Today I would narrate you my story on how I landed to   Noida alienating myself from my loved ones. I can’t tell you how much hurt I must have caused myself taking the life changing decision of my life! I had too many regrets then.

“Each decision brings its own delays and days are lost lamenting over the lost days.”   A dear friend of mine would often remind me of this quote. Every one tagged me as a cribber. I had no one to cheer me up and make me stronger. But today you have me. I am only doing my bit to mold you into a stronger person.  The sky will not always be blue.  The birds would stop crooning someday.  It’s okay to well your eyes with tears. Our cheeks do need to experience what tears feel like! But let’s not make it a daily routine- even they won’t like it. It’s OK to cry but remember that you have to mold yourself into a stronger individual. You have lost your smile these days.  Don’t you know how much I used to adore your smile?

 I don’t see the loquacious you anymore. I fear that if you continue doing this then you will only hurt yourself.  An old adage speaks – “The journey in between what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life really takes place.” I can cite several quotes for you just to motivate you. At this point, it’s important for me to make you understand that failure is not something that brings you down. Don’t remain submerged in it. I too sailed a similar boat that you are travelling now. So, I can understand your pain. Your pain might be higher in intensity than mine but its okay!

“Often in life, we forget the things we should remember, and remember the things we should forget.” And you are just doing the latter! You should come out of the depression and instill joy in your life.  My attempts to motivate might turn futile or may turn fruitful. It depends on how you take it.  I’m quite sure your dreams will materialize soon.  Stay positive, be positive, and think positive! And lastly read this line carefully,
“Never back down. Life is like a bull; you have to take it by the horns, even if you’re thrown around, get up and go again!”



A Quality Analyst by day and a dynamic blogger by night, Ste is an out-of-the-Box thinker whose thinking cap is never on the resting mode. The real feather on his thinking cap is his creativity which you can see in all his works, be it short stories, poems or sketches. He is a very big fan of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Most of his short stories are inspired from real life and things that fascinates him. His blog "The Solitary Writer" is a central repository of his entire creative spear." Did you like this post? Get The Solitary Writers updates via Facebook or Twitter, better yet, subscribe to it via RSS Feed. It’s easy, and free!Also you can discuss in the Forum. Comments are just another way to let me know how you feel.Don't forget to comment.

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Happy Diwali - Gharwali Diwali

This blog post is written for and Pepsico's Ghar ki Diwali -

Flashing Sparkles - Image taken from,uk

Our heart brims with joy and rejoices with happiness whenever someone wishes us 'Happy Diwali'. My heart dances with mirth as the flash of the crackers, its crackling sound  and the gleam of the diya's make me wait impatiently for that  part of the year when I get to meet my loved one's.This is the only festival across the country that binds all Indians together. Be it from  North to South, West to East and North East, everyone celebrates this festival  with love and care. My home alone days  in New Delhi were often spend  with the Dan Browns and the Paulo Choelo's.  I would read books to erase the disappointment of not being at home where cousins and other  family members enjoyed the festival of light. I must have mentally hurled several abuses at my boss for  rejecting my leave plea! But when he approved later, the railway ticket website refused to budge, further hiking my animosity. Nevertheless they made me go hulk angry at times. I bet many must have faced such issues during festival days when we desperately want to be at home.  Such experiences actually constitute the memory book that is an integral part of your life! All the pages of that book means something. It hosts several precious, happy and sour memories. I too have a load of special memories associated on my memory book. 

As my mind goes for a virtual stroll, I travel down the memory lane, thinking how Diwali left a scar on my back during my  crawling days of my life. Those days mother used to visit her parents house quite often and Diwali was just another reason for her meet her parents. I was very young then, probably about 32 months old. All my cousins would assemble at my maternal grand parent's place. My elder cousins , who were senior to me by 3 to 6 years used to treat me as  their pet. I soon became their favorite  toy and they all adorned me. They would be broken whenever mother took me away from them for nursing me. Such was the amount of love that they generated for me! Even now when we stand tall on our feet's, earning  manifolds, our bond still stays strong and our love has never ceased!  Every year Diwali symbolizes unity and happiness for all of us. This festival conveys us an important lesson of educing  all kinds of sorrows and cultivate the seeds of happiness. Let our sorrows fade away in the light of the crackers. Aforementioned the crawling days of Diwali  left a scar on my back.  Mother and Aunty were busy treating the guests and the kids of the house were playing with the fire crackers. Some one had failed to dispose the sparkler and I  unfortunately sat over it. At 1.5 years  old, even sparklers were as fascinating as  a toy. The butt pained terribly  but when the pain stopped, it left behind a stamp on it in form of a long scar reminding of the glorious Diwali.  That was just a page of my memory book!

The winter is coming

The winter is coming

“The winter is coming,” said the man in dapper outfit, dressed in a smart blazer and a wayfarer.
After no response for few minutes, he uttered those words once again.  
“5 Kg Cocaine!”  He said.
“But it’s still monsoon!” I said and raised my gun.

There was deafening silence for a while as  cops surrounded him.

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Kashmiri Dolls - Short Film Review

Tom Thomas has never ceased to amaze me and this time his new Malayalam Short movie seems ambitious. It has got a good blend of suspese, thriller, humour  and Tom has played an anchor role in this short film. The film opens to the scene where Mathukutty, a key ingredient in a drama crew wakes up following a dream. His roomie Jojo, also a part of his drama crew expresses his displeasure because of Mathukutty's lackadaisical attitude. He is never serious most of the time when Jojo talks about the drama. Cyriac and Gouri, couples, also a part of this drama crew had to be trained vigorously by Jojo as they were new. Jojo tries  his best to assemble his crew and get the most of them. But aforementioned Mathukutty's carelessness annoys Jojo to some extent but he takes it easily. Ammu is the little daughter of Cyriac and Gouri. All hell breaks loose when Ammu calls for Papa one day and shows her doll to him. One leg of the doll called as 'Kashmiri Doll' is torn.  Doting Papa Cyriac asks his beloved daughter to say the truth if it was her who did it deliberately to make fun of mom and dad.  But she blatantly refuses.  Mathukutty also present at that time starts investigating the matter like an Agent.  According to Mathukutty, Kashmiri dolls are signs of bad omen! It was Ammu's uncle Tony who once brought the Kashmiri dolls from a local market  at a discount of buy 2 get 2 free. One after the another , the dolls get severed leading to utter confusion at home. Seena, who is Cyriac's younger sister  and also Tony's sibling plays an important role in this short film. These ancillary characters have  helped in building the suspense element. Mathukutty, played by Tom Thomas does a Dr. Saravana of Chandramukhi or rather  does a Sherlock Holmes, in order to unviel the hidden mystery. All eyes roll around Seena, Tony, Gouri, Cyriac and even Jojo on who was the culprit  after Mathukutty shares his findings with his crew. He winds up his investigation by  exposing the culprits who were also a part of that very family. The movie ends with the characters introspecting over their mistakes. Pin pointing and blame game comes into picture too! But later the cuprits realize their mistakes. Tom has done an incredible job as a movie maker.  I some how fail to understand the logic behind Kashmiri Dolls being a bad omen. And then everyone starts talking about knowing something about Kashmiri dolls. That didn't crack me up!  The suspense could have been better especially  at the scene where Mathukutty plans to reveal his investigation findings. The actors could have shown a little bit of seriousness especially in that scene as a viewer I could very well realize the importance of that scene. I was a bit disappointed here. The actors  had done justice to their roles. They performed it well especially Cyriac seemed to me like a professional actor. There is a thin line between amateur acting and mature acting. Even Jojo played by Sreyas Narayan's acting seemed natural to me. Tom's earlier short film Password was theme wise natural and execution wise dramatic. But the brain behind Kashmiri dolls states that  this film was theme wise dramatic and execution wise natural. No doubt the theme is fresh and new, but I expected a little more after watching his previous film PASSWORD! 

In a casual  tete-a-tete with Tom on Whatsapp, he revealed some insights about the team that worked in Kashmiri Dolls. It seemed that most of the actors in this film were new and Tom had a great opportunity to train and guide them. Isn't that amazing to be a mentor to the actors?

I would still give a 3 star rating to the Kashmiri Dolls. 3 refers to 'Interesting and could have been better'
Watch this or the Dolls will come in your dreams to haunt you ;) 

Signing off,

Watch the movie here. Just in case if you are a non Malayali like me then you may like to turn on the English subtitles for the same. It's available in this video!

A Quality Analyst by day and a dynamic blogger by night, Ste is an out-of-the-Box thinker whose thinking cap is never on the resting mode. The real feather on his thinking cap is his creativity which you can see in all his works, be it short stories, poems or sketches. He is a very big fan of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Most of his short stories are inspired from real life and things that fascinates him. His blog "The Solitary Writer" is a central repository of his entire creative spear." . Did you like this post? Get The Solitary Writers updates via Facebook or Twitter, better yet, subscribe to it via RSS Feed. It’s easy, and free!Also you can discuss in the Forum. Comments are just another way to let me know how you feel.Don't forget to comment.

Smile - My first short film

Smile - My first short film

24th April, 2011

Folks today I happen to meet a wonderful little  kid while I was  talking to a friend in a nearby garden.He was unaware that I was shooting him but nevertheless  I got something from him.Here I present you the video of my first short film.

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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Crowning Glory - Life's Game - Chapter 19

Crowning Glory - Chapter 19 

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He stood next to her and listened to what Jennifer was saying.
“Life has changed a lot after that incident.  But that phase of life had taught me great lessons.”   Jennifer said.
He wrapped his arms around her shoulder and soothed her as tears streamed down her cheeks copiously.  Photography was something she embraced and it was something that made her forget her disastrous past.  After seeing Aryan with Tara, she believed that the ghosts of past had come back to haunt her once again.  She had reached this position after lots of struggles.  She was never at work for a longer period of time. She changed jobs quickly.

“I’ve seen so much in my life and I fear looking back,” Jennifer said, wiping her tears.
“This camera is my only solace,” she said, smilingly, pointing at her camera.
“Cheer up!” Cyrus said to her. He asked her to be strong.
“Ghosts of past may come to haunt you but you don’t have to worry. We both will tackle it together.” Cyrus said and they both hugged each other.
Cyrus soon called the reception and ordered them to get tea.  He looked straight into her eyes that had million unanswered questions. She felt good talking about her past with Cyrus.

“But I don’t understand the connection between Tara and Ahuja?” Jennifer said.
At the same time, the door bell rang. “Must be the room service guy,” Cyrus said and went to open the door. He offered tea to Jennifer and asked her, “Why do you think so?”
He sipped the tea and continued, “How could they be related?”
“Ahuja is a dangerous man, Cyrus,” Jennifer said, “I have seen him and he is very dangerous.” She said, looking at him through her fiery eyes.
“What?  Are you known to Ahuja? How?” Cyrus bombarded Jennifer with several questions.
“Ahuja used to visit the Bibiji’s house at Kolkata quite often,” she said and continued, “He was her right hand.”

“And I think Tara and Ahuja know each other very well,” she said, “but I fail to understand the connection between them and Kolkata.”  Cyrus endorsed her views too.
He drew his eyebrows closer and riposted, “We need to find the missing link, Jenny!”
“Yes and I suspect it had got something to do with Tara’s sudden rise in fame and career.” She added.

Tara was an enigma, she thought as she placed the tea cup on the table nearby.  She seemed to her like a deceiver and Jennifer too got deceived by her.
“I need to find the hidden secrets of her life and ...” Jennifer said.

“We need to…”  Cyrus interrupted her before she could complete the statement.
She looked into her eyes and smiled at him. “Thank you so much, Cyrus!”
“I’m not helping you to earn a thank you from you,” Cyrus said,” You mean a lot to me, Jenny!”

Jennifer rested her head on his shoulder and said, “I don’t know what to say now.”
“We both will unveil the mystery behind Tara and we both will expose her dark secrets.” He said.
Cyrus went on to attend an important phone call and Jennifer was glancing through the magazine placed at the book stand.
Cyrus came back and apologized for the break. “Sorry, that was a call from an old friend.”

"It's okay!" Jennifer said.

"Between ,I have a news for you." Cyrus said.
" Tara Dutta is filing a divorce from Shekhar and has even asked me to prepare a will for her." Cyrus  added.

"Such a strange women she is!" he said.

"Indeed! That's why I call her a mystery woman , an enigma to be precise!" Jennifer said and contiued, "I never knew you even handle divorce cases." 

"Yes, I do, do recommend me to your friends," he said, laughing at her.Jennifer inquired about his job and life. Her eyes came across a visiting card lying on the table. Swiftly she started digging her bag. 

“Between, see, this is what I found from Tara’s house.”  Jennifer said, rummaging through her hand bag.

She handed the card to Cyrus and said, “The Dutta’s were busy attending the guests at Roohi’s birthday party and I did something what I was good at!”  She winked at him.
“You talk like an agent, huh!” Cyrus joked.
“Aashakiran  Anathalay!”  Cyrus read the name mentioned on the card and got to know that someone called Mrs. Nayyar was the in charge of the orphanage
“This orphanage can answer a lot of our questions. We should visit them,” Cyrus added.
“Perhaps, this can help us to close the gaps,” Jennifer retorted.
“Let’s go there tomorrow.” Cyrus replied, “Let’s meet Mrs. Nayyar.”

“And what do we say?”  Jennifer said, bewildered.
“You are a journalist, boss and not me,” Cyrus said, “You work for Marie Claire, not me!”  Cyrus displayed a straight face.
“So, tomorrow we are going.” Jennifer confirmed with Cyrus to which he nodded a yes.
“Listen, we need to disguise ourselves. I plan to work here at Marie Claire for a longer duration. I can’t risk anymore.”  Jennifer said.
“I thought taking risk for you was like eating Rusk!” Cyrus joked to which she grimaced. Jennifer punched him, clearly indicating her displeasure. Cyrus told her that he would come to pick her up the next morning.

The early morning alarm bloomed violently breaking Jennifer’s sleep.  It was morning 8 AM and by then she had already snoozed the alarm several times. She finally woke up and looked at the morning sky. The sun had just bid adieu to the moon and she smiled at the little birds cheerfully warbling at her.  She rubbed her eyes and checked her mobile phone. She learned that Cyrus was trying to reach her through.
“Hey Cyrus, Good Morning!” she greeted him on phone.
“I will be at you place in another 45 minutes. Get ready!” Cyrus replied.
“What? So early. It’s just 9.”

“So what. I’m on my way,” he said and disconnected the phone call.
She went to the bathroom and took a bath.  As she looked at her in the mirror, she realized that life had veered drastically after Cyrus entered her life.  She slipped into a light blue kurti and got ready. She looked at the mirror at the main room and quickly combed her hair and clipped it.  Cyrus called her and was waiting for her near her PG. She quickly locked the room and left the PG.
“I thought you were a typical woman who takes more time for make ups.” Cyrus laughed
“I’m an exception!” she grinned.

They quickly hailed a taxi and indicated the driver to go to Santa Cruz, the place which was home to the AashaKiran Anathalaya. They reached their destination in 40 minutes, thanks to the heavy traffics at the Western Expressway.
They got down at Prabhat Colony and legged it towards the Orphanage. The watchman asked them for their identity and they both introduced themselves as journalists from Marie Claire and wanted to meet Mrs. Nayyar for an interview.
As they went inside, they saw few young kids playing hide and seek.  The kids were so adorable that Jennifer halted for a while and captured them in her camera. She nuzzled a little girl’s nose and planted a kiss on her cheek. Cyrus stood there and admired the sight.
“They remind me of my childhood days, Cyrus!” Jennifer said, “I just hope someone adopts these lovely kids and gives them happiness.”

 They soon met Mrs. Nayyar in her office.  She was clad in a cotton saree, neatly ironed. She looked young, her eyes shielded by a spectacles. Her hair was neatly tied into a bun and a smile on her face adorned her looks. She welcomed both of them and asked them to get seated.  She offered them tea.
“I’m so happy and excited that Marie Claire wants to write an article on us,” Mrs. Nayyar said, “I can’t thank you enough for this kind gesture.” She displayed a vibrant smile on her face.

They both introduced themselves as Jane and Leo. While doing so they sheepishly smiled at each other.

For the sake of formality they asked few questions to her. Cyrus noted her views on a diary to prove that they both were actually interviewing her.  Few minutes later, they both enquired Mrs. Nayyar about the high profile adoptions that happened at AashaKiran. Mrs. Nayyar, at first, hesitated but later on mentioned few famous celebrities name.  
“What do you do when someone comes to you and decides to give their kids for adoption?” Cyrus asked, smiling at Mrs. Nayyar.
“Good question.  AashaKiran serves as a home to all those kids who deserve support. It’s sad that due to certain circumstances some parents are not able to take care of their kids. Due to many unavoidable things, they are forced to bring their kids here. It’s unfortunate! “She replied.

They soon enquired about Tara Dutta to her.
“It was 9 years back that she came here.  She had visited our orphanage to give her infant baby to us for adoption. She had a charming personality and seemed to belong from an affluent family.”  Mrs. Nayyar replied.

They both cleverly cajoled Mrs. Nayyar to show their files. But what Mrs. Nayyar told disappointed them.

"The adoption didn't happen." Mrs. Nayyar said.

Mrs. Nayyar told them that they had sent the adoption papers to Tara Dutta but she somehow failed to acknowledge. Days passed and eventually even AashaKiran forgot about her!  Mrs. Nayyar told that she seemed to be a busy woman and all attempts of reaching her eventually turned futile. 

"May be should could have given her baby to some other orphanage," Mrs. Nayyar said to which both of them acknowledged with a frown.

“I think we have to find some other way,” Jennifer muttered to which Cyrus nodded in agreement.

“Can we click your pictures?” Jennifer asked, looking askance at her.
“Oh sure!”
“Smile...” she asked and Mrs. Nayyar passed a vibrant smile.
She sooner called all the kids playing at the garden and clicked a group picture with them.
“Thank you mam for all your time,” Cyrus and Jennifer said to them with the same breathe.
“We should thank you. At this moment we need support and you guys are incredible.”  Mrs. Nayyar said.

 Jennifer smiled at her as she spoke those words.  She reminded more of her in charge who took care of her in the orphanage where she lived during her young days. She waved bye to all the kids there! She left that place with a heavy heart and nostalgia struck her again, reminding her of the good awesome childhood days with her friends at the Orphanage where she lived.


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