Sunday, October 19, 2014

Different types of Software Testers

Software Testing is an important activity in the life cycle of a software product. Well everything needs to be tested for quality. What if you deliver a product sans quality? Wouldn’t that affect your transaction with the client? The trust factor would be annihilated.  It is mostly a monotonous activity that requires tedious efforts. It’s like following the process even for the infinitesimal elements. Another important term that I encountered in this field is bug or defects or incidents or issues or failures. It all may seem the same to a layman but there is a wide difference between these terms. Today I would enlist few types of Software Testers that I encountered in my Quality Analysis career.

1. The Serious Tester
‘Dude, what should I do?’ the serious tester says.
‘This application seems to be defect prone.’   
‘Do I raise a bug?’
Welcome to a serious testers life. Testing for him is a serious activity. He will perform his work meticulously for he doesn’t wants to be bombed by his boss when the code bursts in production. He would sit whole day and perform his work as slow as a slug and tries  to execute all kind of test cases even if they fall in the same category. Equivalence Class Partitioning and Boundary value analysis mechanism  would die when it comes to know about these kind of testers. They are full of doubts and seriousness haunts their face every  then!

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2. The Serial Passer
In Software Testing, they say that a tester’s capability is measured in terms of the number of test cases he passes. Let alone the products die with too many defects! A  Serial Passer would only fret about his test case count. Once he settles with the target test case counts, he jubilantly writes a status mail to his boss, bragging about the number of test cases passed.  The boss is impressed and hikes the test case execution count for him. This is the life of the Serial Passer.

3. The Fake Serial Passer
In order to meet the deadlines passed by their boss, these kinds of testers often pass the test cases even without looking at the test steps.  It’s said that the fake serial passers trust their developers a lot and hence they blindly pass the test cases even without executing them. They do all this to meet their per day target without knowing the consequences. If the tests covered few defects and if they were discovered in the production, then this ‘fake serial passer’ tester is questionable and his career could be at stake. Along with it, don’t forget the penalty and the reputation of the tester’s organization. I know a friend who does it and loves his developers!

4. The Slug
The Slug types are too slow. They might work in an Agile testing model, but they would not be agile enough to test applications and software’s.  Test needs you to be agile and smart.  These are the kind of testers who usually lag behind and fail to achieve their goals in their life!

5. The Enthusiastic Tester
These testers are full of energy. The zest quotient in them is too high and they are like eagles ready to tackle their prey. Just give them the code build and they would dig it and uncover most defects! They seem to me like a hungry tiger. They are always charged and pumped up.

6.  The Passionate Tester
Passionate Testers are similar to the Enthusiastic Testers. Just that they love testing and their passion for testing is promising enough to bring them glory. These are the ones who get awarded during Quarterly awards with different kinds of fancy awards like – Pat on the Back, Rising Star, Valuable Player, Cookies, and Rookies etc

7. The ‘Yes Boss’ Tester
They are the boss’s favorite.  They want to please their boss and will do the work for them by any hook or crook.  They are the ones who get good increments during appraisals.  If the boss says anything, then they would answer it with ‘Yes’. They could also be labeled as the Obedient Testers as they never say no.

8. The Flirty Tester
These kinds of testers are mostly men. They just need an opportunity to ping their female software developers without any reasons. In the name of   potential defects and issues, they would ping them and irk the female developers. They would invite them for lunch, tea, coffee etc. They think of themselves as dude.

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9. The Smart Tester
He will do his work efficiently and smartly. He believes in smart work and he doesn’t believe in working overtime as he is smart.

10. The Fighter Cock
These kinds of testers would fight with their developers for no reason. They claim supremacy over their counterparts. They feel that by raising their voice, most of their work can be done. They are more of less like Arnab Goswami of Times Now.

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11. The Delegators
They would delegate their task to any junior who joins the team in the name of KT and hands on. They just need to get rid of the responsibilities and tasks assigned to them.  They would nicely cajole their juniors and get their work done from them.

12. The Defect Openers
The primary motto of Software Testing is to deliver Quality. These kinds of testers just perform Testing to find defects.  We could further sub divide this category into Sev 1, Sev2 and Cosmetics. I was known as a Sev 2 specialist in my previous organization.

13. The Weekend Tester
They are the testers who prefer working on a weekend and complete their test cases.  They don’t have any social life and work is worship to them. During weeks they are chilled out and their work hormone flows well during weekends!

14. The Playful kinds
They won't care if deadlines and timelines are  nearing. They won't give any shit to processes. They will do all their work on time and would  be found at the recreation room playing Table Tennis, Carrom , Chess or Foosball.
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15.  ‘Oh Shit’ Tester
‘I’m so sad yar, they put me into testing.’
‘Chee, who would do testing, it’s ridiculous.’
‘I always wanted to be a developer yar.’
If you hear such kind of testers, then know that they are fresher’s who were forcibly put into Testing. They don’t have any such intentions of testing and everything seems out of compulsion. But eventually they cope up and turn into the obedient kinds.

16. The Automator
They believe in automating each and everything.  They would even automate their timesheets to ease their efforts of filling timesheets every day. These are the species of Testers who impress their boss very much. The boss cites them as an example to the other manual testers. The Automators face brims with pride whenever their boss talks greatly of them. QTP, Selenium, Load Runner are their favorite tools.

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17. The Over Timer
They would work over time daily for no reason just because they are addicted to working late hours. They love hanging out with their friends from other teams during the normal working hours and their actual work begins few hours before the shift gets over. Given the fact that these testers would stay back late and believe working in a peaceful environment.

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18. The Agent Tester
 These kinds of testers believe in doing all kind of works discretely. They would silently prepare for interviews during office hours and search job portal sites from their mobiles and laptop.  He would talk about openings from different Testing Organizations with likeminded people like him.

19. The Guru/Expert
Guru’s are like the mentors. They are senior ‘Baap’ testers in every testing Team whose door we knock during time of catastrophe.  They never hesitate to help their juniors but they do give their piece of mind as an advice to their juniors who ask for help.

20. The Onsite Coordinator
They are the channel between the Clients and the Offshore Testing team. Irony is that some of them don’t even know what exactly happens in the team. They represent the offshore team at onshore.  During calls they talk nicely as if they know everything. Some of them are really kind but some of them really don’t know much.

21.  The ‘Panwala’ or the ‘Guthka’ Tester
These are the kind of testers who have the habit of chewing tabacco’s at their cubicle. They are normally found in Noida region. They are extremely rare to find. They would nicely chew the tobacco while testing and spit it in the dustbin, thus making the janitor’s life miserable.

22. The Developer’s brother
The Developers brother are the kind of testers who secretly help the developers by telling them about the  different defects even without  logging a formal defect in the defect tracking tool. They are mostly good friends and some of them would drink together. I know a quite a few of them.

23.  The Candy Crush Testers
Tester is a stressful activity and sometimes you may get tired of finding defects and executing test cases.  So these are the kind of testers who play different android games like Candy Crush Saga, Subway Surfers, and Temple Runs etc as a stress buster.  Quite Interesting no?

24. The Workaholics
They would never remain at their desk every time either working on their testing activities, test estimations, management or some other work.  They just want to keep themselves busy and pumped up. They are an asset to the organization. But isn’t all work and   no play makes jack a dull boy? ;)

25.  The Outstanding types
In contrary to the Workaholics, these kinds of Testers are never at their desk. They are usually found at a nearby tapir sucking cigarettes or sipping tea. Some of them are found at the premises with their female friends, strolling around and discussing about their next job.

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26. The Joker/ Wannabe 
These kinds of testers are hilarious souls. They would crack up funny jokes and even their act or two would be funny to crack you up.  Every software team needs a tester like them. It’s fun to have them around you. They provide you with the much awaited break. Funny Testers they are!

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27. The Certified Tester
These are the kind of testers who have done all kind of testing certifications such as ISTQB, CSTE etc .They believe in making things formal and thus the certifications.

Most of the types mentioned above also applies to the  software developers but in this post I have primarily concentrated on the software testers. So, what kind of testers have you met till now? I have seen almost most of them. If you know any kind of software testers who is not mentioned in this list, then write it in the comment section, I would append it to the list. Software Testing is a fun activity. I love my job and today I announce that I am a proud QA, Proud Tester. I’m extremely proud of my testing job that I do.

A Quality Analyst by day and a dynamic blogger by night, Ste is an out-of-the-Box thinker whose thinking cap is never on the resting mode. The real feather on his thinking cap is his creativity which you can see in all his works, be it short stories, poems or sketches. He is a very big fan of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Most of his short stories are inspired from real life and things that fascinates him. His blog "The Solitary Writer" is a central repository of his entire creative spear." Did you like this post? Get The Solitary Writers updates via Facebook or Twitter, better yet, subscribe to it via RSS Feed. It’s easy, and free!Also you can discuss in the Forum. Comments are just another way to let me know how you feel.Don't forget to comment.


  1. Awesome...I could identify few of them... But was unable to figure out how to define myself now...:P

  2. Bro this is some great work!!
    You have thourougly tested thos one huh ;)
    Being in IT i understand this, amd what a list.
    So long, It went on scrolling. Yet, it was fun to read every word!!
    What kinda QA u r? :D

  3. Uh what about the gormless ones, the ones who just sit there dumbly and have to be hand held every step of the way.

    I always thought the purpose of sw testing was to "find" as many defects as possible. It's also true that "testing" almost always get it's time crushed into nothing because the Architects, the Developers and the Sponsor effed it up upstream and so SDLC be damned now...

    been there done it, have the knife marks to show for it...

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