Saturday, December 13, 2014

Fear Not!

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When I was young, my behavioral trainer at my first organization used to tell us that Indians are averse to risk. They think about their priorities in life whenever they have to take risks and one of their priorities was family. Isn’t that obvious? Her words flash on my ears every time I hear something of similar sort from my friends. They have to do a SWAT analysis of various things before venturing into a business. That’s because of the fear of loss.  Everyone wants to make profit.  It’s natural phenomenon! I agree with it.  They think well in advance. Failures are part and parcels of life and if we don’t taste failure than how will we overcome it. Defeat is fine but shouldn’t we learn from it.  The fear of overcoming failure is one such thing.  What all risks do you have to take to overcome failure? Trust me guys, you just have to make sure that you just do it rather than thinking too much. It’s okay to fail and fall. If you fall then you would be cautious in future and of course a lesson learnt! Once bitten, twice shy!  It’s good to fail because Almighty has given you another chance of proving yourself. Just be cool and never think too much before doing something big.  That’s because, if you think too much then there is a constant mental fear that will grip your mind and it will lead you to two states. In such a state, you have to listen to your heart and go for the best optimal solution. That’s the risk that you have to take – to judge the decisions made between your heart and the mind.  I always listen to my heart in such situations – In other words, I dare to take risks.

Fear of Driving Cars
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I am always fond of driving since my teen days. I could remember that I had obtained my driving license at a very young age.  But one day in my life changed my perception towards driving. For someone who used to adore driving, started fearing it. With eyes full of trepidation, my heart would pulsate rapidly whenever I touched the steering.  There was a constant fear that engripped me.  While driving with friends, I dashed a man. My heart almost stopped beating as he lay unconscious on the sodden road. I stood there full of shock. What if he was dead? The thought disturbed my mind.  I admit I had been a reckless driver. I called my Jiju who came to help me. Two minutes later, the man got up. We took him to the hospital. It was a minor accident. Thankfully he was alive and resuscitated! My smile had lost since then. My Mother and Father almost killed me every day with their words with advices and they lectured me every day. I had no options other than listening them.  The fear produced after that event scared me to core. I had to think twice every time I sat at the driver’s seat.  I would ask my father or my sister to drive instead.  The unconscious state of the man would appear in front of my eyes whenever I sat on the driver’s seat. I lost confidence in driving. I had to convince myself that gone are those days of Formula one Driving and I had to abide by all the Traffic Rules. My father and my sister tried their best to convince me to drive again. But again I couldn’t afford another risk. What if I rammed someone else? It was best not to drive rather than driving with this constant fear. But again it dawned to me and my conscience knocked me to make me understand that I was a good driver. I again took the biggest risk of driving again. I started with basics. I went with flow and obeyed all the traffic rules.  There was an amazing transformation from a rash driver to a responsible driver.  The biggest risk at that point was to sit at the steering again despite all the negative thoughts that wrapped my heart.

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I was hydrophobic.  I used to fear water like anything. I would stay miles away the sea shore and watch my family members enjoy the beach. I used to scream whenever my father dragged me towards the sea shore. During one such occasion, he dropped me in a pool build near the Kanyakumari beach.  I squealed and my mother shouted at my father. I wanted to come out of the pool as soon as I plunged into it. My father asked me not to cry.  For someone who feared water, I started enjoying it. The biggest risk that I took at that time was to give it a try when my father pushed me inside water just to remove this fear. I could have escaped from my dad but I didn’t do it.  

There are many such occasions in life where you have to take too many risks to overcome fears. Fear of rejections, losing loved ones, failures, dejections, falling out of love etc. There are many such fears. Always remember one thing in life – fear is like a monster that will hold you back if you hold it.  Let go of fear!  If you show an ugly face to this monster then it would never look back at you. Take risks to overcome fear and we all know that there is victory above fear and you have to rise above it to make sure everything is bliss. Life is amazing only if you live without fear. Rise above fear!

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  1. beautifully written!

    "fear is like a monster that will hold you back if you hold it. Let go of fear! If you show an ugly face to this monster then it would never look back at you."

    so true!

  2. It was a great read. Glad that finally you broke the shell of fear and came out as a responsible driver. Once we have the courage to face our fears it persist no longer. The best thing about your write ups are you directly connect to your readers right from the first line :)
    Last few ending lines are so true.

  3. A good TRAVELER has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.