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Good Old Days!

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Brain is an amazing organ in the human body. It is a functional unit that controls, processes  and records every actions and interactions! It has a special area allocated for storing memories. They say never forget your good old days as your tread forward in your life. We may grow up to be a successful person  but our old days are something that we cherished living. Virtually strolling online, my eyes attracted a tweet that spoke about scribbling your college memories on your blog. That moment itself I decided that I would write about my college days. I was humming some random song as I received a ping on Whatsapp messenger. It was Shef. It was the same girl - Shefali Sood, whose name was attached to me throughout my college days. Perhaps she was my virtual girlfriend, thanks to my amazing gang of boys!

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We were a group of boisterous young boys entering Engineering College from Higher Secondary School. Boisterous enough to create mayhem in class. Life had taken an adventurous turn as I stepped into the Engineering College. For someone  whose most  time was spend in studies and assignments, life had something different in stores. I met like minded guys - dudes, who soon turned out to be an integral  part of my life. I was the reticent kind in the group of garrulous ones.  Life was full of mirth and joy then!  Travelling from Western Suburb to Navi Mumbai was one of the things that I hated the most! Mother used to get tired of waking me up. Our usual lectures commenced sharp at 9 AM.  My eyes never opened before 8 AM before those days. But I had to train my mind to wake up before 8 so that I could get ready and attend the lectures.  It was few of those days when I started enjoying life. It was a new dawn in the life of a boring individual who started coloring his life with beautiful colors after entering Degree College.  It was one of those days where boarding a Panvel train from Kurla station was considered to be an adventurous activity. But we were daredevils. By hook or crook we used to get past the fat bellies, unbrushed men, foul smelling arm pits and disgracefully disgraceful men in the train. Life had never been so adventurous before and I was turning to be an adventure enthusiast.  After reaching Nerul station, I would run to attend my class just like the Subway Surfer who runs to glory! Standing within the college premises , my  mind would ask me  – whether to attend or not? Waiting near the door, I would ask my professor the permission to enter the class and I knew his obvious answer would be no.  That’s a known fact that no professor would allow a student to enter a class after only 5 minutes was left for the class to get over. He used to show me an Ugly face very often whenever I came late for his class. Dejected and disappointed, with face hung down, I would return back to the promenade only to see my gang of boys mocking me and making fun of me.

“Tujhe bhi baga di kya usne!”  used to be an instant line whenever I joined them late. We would then bunk the next class and head for Nerul Station. I have spent most of my Engineering days at the stair case on the Nerul Station. It was our favorite hangout corner.  We loved spending time there! We would sometimes write our assignments there, crack jokes, leer at girls and do many such things that usual College students did. It was during those days when I met Shefali Sood from the other division of Electronics batch. I liked her but never interacted much with her. Most of our conversations were limited to just hi’s and hello’s. Sooner, my group got to know the mystery behind Shef and they made a good story with me and her as the lead protagonist. Of course, they would motivate me to talk to her but my fragile heart was fragile enough to talk to a girl whom I liked. We all used to travel together and she used to accompany us while walking from the Railway station to the college. During one such day, co incidentally we both were walking next to each other and my group of friends started teasing me by her name. I flew away, with the fear of getting embarrassed in front of her.  Even now when Shef and I talk about it, we used to have a good laugh. She used to call me a ‘fattu’. I never minded such words coming from her mouth. She soon became the first girl in our group and our group turned out to be a notorious one. We used to attend various tech fests in different colleges and sometimes we used to win. College memories are like a novel containing different chapters. Each chapter is important as it holds some important moments of life that we would always love to cherish. I could narrate many such incidents about my good old glorious college days – Canteen masti, Accenture fiasco, Avalon tech fest, Zilch score in Exam, Copy Cat adventures and many more.  I bet everyone had awesome time during their college days.  Even when we move ahead in life in pursuit of excellence and success, we do look behind to remember the old days.  It’s an important phase of our life. You never get too many chances to live your college days.

Our group scattered across different parts of India and still we all are in touch and at times we do share our adventurous moments in our Whatsapp group. Life was indeed fun!  

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