Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kids Day Out!

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Vacations are good stress busters for people who toil day and night to earn their bread and butter for their family. At times they seldom spend quality time with their children who mean a lot to them. Naturally in such cases an outing becomes obvious to drag a smile on our loved ones face. After all we all love our loved ones and our children constitute our happiness.  Childhood is that phase of our life which never comes back to us and it’s the best phase of our life where we never worried about work, tensions etc. Trips and vacations are the time when we get to spend our time with our loved ones - be it friends, family or children for that matter. And vacations and outings seem to be a good vent for all our stress and work pressure. Aforementioned childhood never returns back. Children add magic to our vacations. Imagine them running helter skelter in gardens and in zoos. You enjoy watching your children playing in gardens and zoos, don't you? These are the means in which they get attached to Mother Nature and eventually they learn fast. My 4 yr old nephew asked me about how plants have green color leaves during our trip to Nasik. He would periodically quiz me with different kinds of scientific questions whose answers I am not aware of.  Such kind of questions just lets us know the amount of interest and zeal they have at such a tender age. Would you not wish to play hide and seek and other games with your children. I have always loved playing with them. They are only channel through which I derive my happiness. They make me happy and so I do my best to make them happy.

Bren playing with his baloon during our Nashik Trip

How do I ensure that my kids have the best of times during their vacations? First of all, never tie them. Leave them free! They need to have their freedom and happiness will knock their door automatically. Isn't life all about happiness? The time that we spend our kids are precious because that’s how we get more close to them and we can love them purely sans office frustrations and work pressure. As parents, we just want to give them our share of happiness. But the vacations that we spend with our kids are different. They are different in a special way! Children see vacations differently. They are lost in their train of activities whenever you leave them free during your vacation. As children, they expect a lot and their expectations increases every time you take them to a new place. That’s obvious that as grownups we expect a lot, then being kids they have all rights to expect more! Of course expectation is independent of age. Everyone expects! They get curious whenever they visit a new place – curious about the place itself, the different things that they see around them and so on.  My little nephew is a very naughty kid and whenever we camped out we used to leave him free.  Taking him with us only makes our vacation more beautiful. Looking at him strolling around, playing with his toys, enjoying makes me happy.They way he runs, asks funny and interesting facts about things and so on. You will forget all your sorrows in presence of your kids.  I love travelling with my kids. And while in vacations I just ensure that I give him the best in everything. So, I would take my kid to somewhere where he connects to nature, learns new things and gets to explore amazing and wonderful things.  And moreover who will know our kids demands and needs better than us! 

Bren Playing with cousin Ketu

Interacting with flowers ;)


  1. Your post makes a good read. True its very much needed for kids to connect with nature, which is kind of a rarity now in our cities.

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