Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Virtually strolling through Engrave.in

People often call me as a connoisseur of Art.  I love art work. I’m glad to be an artist. Anything, everything from the work of Art amazes me – be is sketching, designing, movies, songs etc.  This is something that I love to do as it helps me to explore the creative side of my brain.  The more I plunge deep into the ocean of creativity; there are high chances that I might land up doing something different and new.  Today I’m going to take you to a virtual tour of Engrave.in.

Engrave, as the name suggests offers you a variety of products exhibiting engraved art – things etched on different types of products of different varieties. Its tagline reads – memories etched forever! Of course. I have always endorsed niche sites. Niche sites are creative outlets that allow you to choose different products that are based on someone’s creativity.  Engraved is one such niche based website. Let’s talk about the usability of this website. The home screen and the different pages of this website will give you a notion of a photography blog because of the tiled grids featuring different kinds of images.  This gives a soothing effect to the eyes and the different products instantly attract the eye balls.

There is a seachbox that sits on a top navigation bar in the centre of website basically allowing the user to search for various products.  On the left of it rests the elegant logo of website.  There are different sections - Plaques, Canvas Prints, Name Plates, More, Collections, Gift Ideas and what’s New. Each section hosts products related to those categories. For instances, the Name Plates sections offers a  variety of name plates  based on different designs, sizes, types etc. It is appealing to the eyes and looks chic. For the user’s convenience, they also list different types in form of link buttons above like – Engraved Wooden Plates, Game plates, Teak Float Name plates, Kids room door signs etc.  Similarly it is implemented for the other section. A one suggestion here could be to highlight the navigation item color while hovering on it.  It would look gorgeous! You need to explore the website thoroughly and who knows you could find some amazing products. All these are engraved art works!  I checked out an engraved Clock from the website and after delivery I realized that it was too good.  You could check the product below.  Also, at places you could find that different awesome descriptions of the products that would make you smile.  Enough said why don’t you check out the website?

In the Image below you could see the items that I discussed above. The navigation link opens a sub menu with more details. The tile Grid layout makes it more appealing.

 You could see a neat bar that rests at the footer section which also hosts several other links - information, customer service, my Accounts. It also has a help window which allows to interact with the product owner i.e Engrave.in

Aforementioned, see the screenshot of the name plates section that hosts different types of Name plates designs.

And this is the Canvas Prints section. 

The Plaques section also offers different varieties of designs.

And from  all the product listed in the website , one that grabbed my eye ball was  the elegant , artistic wall clock.  It was basically a circular plywood  neatly painted with different colors formed to create a beautiful wall clock. 

This is a window in my main room - the divider between our kitchen and the main room. I just placed it on the window slab.

Or you could make your Teddy's day!

Or Perhaps a red purple background would do good too.

And its the darkness!

I  strongly recommend that you visit this site. If you have to gift a birthday  present to someone close then you could try varieties of options from this  niche based website. Do visit it guys!

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