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Do it now, Don't postpone!

Every morning when the sun rises, there’s a slim certainty that your day would shine as the young bright morning sun! That’s how almighty has designed! You have to struggle every day in order to earn bread and butter for your family. In this rat race to excellence and success, we often leave behind all the best people in our life and all that we get in return is a sense of satisfaction. What kind of satisfaction would that be when you listened to your mind instead of your heart? Your heart wants you to make use of a second opportunity that life has given you. It wants you to explore what life is and your mind goes the magical way!  Isn't that amusing? They both conflict with each other. There is someone who remembers you every day, constantly thinking about your wellness and good health! It’s high time you listen to your heart and betray your mind!

There are many things I crave for! But sometimes I wonder if life would give me a second chance. But sometimes I feel why should we wait for a second chance, why don’t we make use of what life has to offer us. If we keep waiting for it to give a second chance, then certainly you would have to wait till eternity. The wise is the one who identifies and makes use of opportunities. In this fast moving world, we all have been developing affinity towards material things. Money would give you everything but not happiness. You can’t buy happiness with your money! Do question yourself if you are happy with all your money? It will make your life robotic! What is the difference between a robot and a man who runs behind work to earn his bread and butter. There are many who earn so less but still are happy with whatever they have. It takes a big heart to do so! Gluttony kills! But more than that the happiness that could be measured from their face is priceless.  Money can’t buy love! Every day when you reach home, there is a soul missing you, wanting to hug you and talk to you. It could be your children, your parents, your siblings or your soul mate. They want to let you know that they love you more than you love them. Do make time for all that you do.  Aforementioned, I wondered if life could give me a second chance. Today, I’m saying that life will never give you a second chance.  You have to make use of it. You are rational enough to understand what is right and wrong. Victory comes to those who make use of chances. If you lose one chance then try again. Never give up. Keep trying! Keep trying till you succeed.


There was a time when I loved research work. I used to learn about new technologies and research about various innovations in Science and Physics. Till my second year, I was researching on the String theory in physics. That was something that amused me. The more I dug, the deeper I went! Everyday there was something new for me to learn. I was planning to write a research paper on the same. I had big plans and dreams in my eyes. But that dreams would take me no where! But only if I let ghosts of past and regret haunt me, I would certainly drench my cheeks with tears. With dreams in my eyes, I decided to go the other way for some personal reasons, the reasons that were close to me, the reasons that were unknown to many. But today I have a desire to wear my scientist shoe and again go back to the String theory that had amused me. Not many know about this theory of Quantum physics. I fell in love with Quantum science and perhaps there was a time when my mind had married this field of science. If only I didn't let my heart interfere, I would have been a scientist. If I could do something creative, I would certainly get back and wear my physics cap and bring back my lost glorious days back to my life. I had been trying to get back to those days sometime in future and today I realized that the time for String theory is back!


Art and an Artist are two inseparable entities.  My dalliance with art dates back to my young days where I grew up holding sketch pencils and paint brushes. Art doesn't flows in my blood. I do not belong to a creative family but I acquired the skills of an artist from nowhere. There was no one to inspire me and I was my own inspiration. I inspired myself and I considered my each art work  as my rival and each time I try to improve myself. May be I may have planned to get back to something that intrigued me. But today, this artist has never found time to romance his art, his treasure, his love for art!  Work will be hectic but still I would bring back my artist days and re live the artist life!  Today I want to draw again and I shall draw beautiful paintings and sketches!

Photography is something that I cherish! But as I entered IT, I realized that life comes with too many terms and conditions.  Like it won’t give you time once you enter work.  I had postponed my plans of several trips to eternity. But as they say, you have to find your own time. Similarly you have to find your own chance. Opportunity never knocks every day. Similarly time waits for none. If you have to take a break then take a break and do what you love. Go out on a long trip with friends or family, party hard, capture landscapes and picturesque views on your Camera and frame it. Visit more places quite often and capture photos as a souvenir and whenever you look at it, relive those days.  Life is short and we need to be extra smart to do all the things that our heart desires.  I shared all those things that I want to do again. Do not post pone things!  Do it right now! Because life doesn't always give a Second chance!

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Because I said so!

Because I said so!
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Constantly changing last minute Functional Requirements, Approaching Deadlines, Tight Timelines, Tedious Documentation work, Blurry Vision and endless mugs of Coffee. Life summed in one line.

Non adherence to quality standards, non conformance to requirements, less testing period! How can you assure quality in such a case? Not every Engineer in IT world is a Batman! A product delivered with bad quality will come back and hit the management hard which in turn would hit back at ground level that comprises the code coolies and the quality mongers.  The boss will look towards you emphatically as you make a puppy face at him, crocodile tears streaming down your cheeks. His heart won’t melt! Making big promises is Okay in this nation of Billions! People elect you when you make tall promises for power but the same people will pelt stones and eggs at you if you don’t fulfill it! This is not new to this part of the world. Same is in the IT world! Any product that breaks at the client site will return back to you in form of atom bombs. Your manager and your senior management will seem hooligans to you. You would witness the other side of their face. Learn to say No! If you don’t know to say No, then remain silent. Silence implies  agreement!? Who said it? They say it wrong! It’s like a boomerang – you throw something, it returns back to you! You do it to impress them and certainly one day it will hit you hard and you would fall drastically and no one would be there to help you! You will have to stand all by yourself! The King of good times will make your life difficult!

Think twice before committing to anything! Never succumb to pressure and say yes to everything without thinking! It will make you regret at some point later and life would be miserable. Don’t think of momentary happiness, thing of long term pleasure. Think rationally, logically!  Because I said so!

A Pimple Story!

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Pimples could be disheartening at times. It’s something that could  distract and disturb you terribly. If you have never experienced this thing called 'pimple' then I highly recommend that you should have a tete-a-tete with someone whose teen days had been terribly ruined by pimples. Of course, that would be a sad story to share. Almost everyone has had their own Pimple story in their lifetime. For some it may have been too soon and for some it may have been at a later stage of their life.  It can shatter you and break your confidence into shards.  The first time pimples appeared on my face at a tender age of 15. The weird part was that whenever it invaded my face, it also left some sort of scars. And for a fact, I could  say that almost 87% of people develop pimples and it’s not a feel good thing too! Be it parties, alumni meets, weddings or any kind of activity that requires physical presence, you may just avoid it during those days! You turn choosy! You rarely visit friends, avoid oily and spicy food and you feel that your life has veered out drastically! Thanks to this fiend called pimple.

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Some could say that pimples are parts and parcels of life. They are like passing clouds - comes in phases and they fade away soon. But some kinds of pimples are stubborn. They seem to love your face so much that they refuse to leave it soon. And to get rid of them you have to knock a rescue ranger's door  in form of a Dermatologist. They make us feel concerned and conscious. Pimples affect our personalities. The linkage between personality, attractiveness and status amongst friends comes to light when a case of pimple arises. Because most of us treat it as an urgent issue while some treat it as a matter too trivial. It sometimes affects you psychologically too! Imagine you have to attend a job interview for the role of a TV Anchor. Of course, you need to look fine and dandy in such a case. But if a Pimple hijacks your face then no matter however beautiful and attractive you may look, it will certainly lower your self confidence. It can cause a negative impact on you and all your activities. People close to you might state that after all it’s just a pimple and pimples don’t stay long. It’s true that not everyone would actually know what all you are going through! And most of the time its embarrassment that haunts you deep! Get rid of all those pimples, it’s just going to haunt and hurt you. Don’t ever let a pimple bring down your self confidence and self esteem.  Never shy away from crowd or groups.

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Trust I too had such problems. I would skip  family trips, dinners and get-togethers . I preferred rather staying at home and read my notes instead of going to college! At times, whenever I attended class, few of my class mates would taunt me. Mood swings and disturbances had turned out to be my best friends during those days where I had alienated myself from the outside world till the pimples bid adieu to my face.  I tell you that it was indeed a bad phase of life. It took some time to heal completely. The pimples had eventually left behind some scars that were stubborn enough to leave my face. Perhaps they had loved my face so much that they had planned to reside there forever. But I didn't remain firm. I consulted my dermatologist many time and every time he would say, “Chill, that will go soon.”  "But When?" I would snap back quickly. Tired of covering my face, I had soon realized that life was a living hell!  Those were the days of my tryst with Pimples!

There are many face washes and creams available in market and every new product is being launched everyday to address different face related issues like pimples, oily skins, wrinkles etc. There were products available in market during our time too but most of them were ineffective. My sister has been using Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash to address her pimple issues. Being a Fashion Designer, she has to look attractive and beautiful. Whenever she complained about the pimples, it took me back to the late 1990’s and I saw a younger me in my sister.  The same problems that haunted me had begun to haunt her too. The same confidence and social withdrawal symptoms had made her life terrible. You generally won’t tend to avoid people during those days but still some people might think the other way and vision you as a person with loads of attitude! Some might tag you with different names.  But the Garnier product worked well for her. It did wonders to her face within weeks and she started hanging out with her friends and peers once again. What took me several months, took only weeks for her. It makes me wonder if such products existed in my days then it would have been bliss!  Thanks to Garnier Pure Active Neem for helping her out to resolve her pimple issues.

Let me cite few notable highlighted features about this product that I found from the Garnier product page.
Fights germs, pollution and removes oil.
It contains real Neem Leaf and Tree Tea Oil extracts:
1) Fights germs: Washes away problem causing germs.
2) Fights Pollution: deep cleans pores to remove impurities caused by pollution.
3) Removes Oil: Washes away excess oil which attracts dirt & germs.

Your beautiful face doesn't deserve to be a shelter to the pimples that eventually make it hideous.  Your best friend won’t care about your face. It becomes your duty to take care of your skin. Pimples have been distracting elements that can only tend to bring down your confidence. Should you let it invade your face for a long time?  Act now! Use Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash and see the change. You might ask me how I could tell that. Yes, I have seen my sister’s struggle against pimples and most of the time certain homemade methods and remedies don’t work. I have been observing her since the day she switched to Garnier Pure Active Neem and it had been instrumental in bringing back her usual beautiful face. If you don’t trust me then you can Google for Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash reviews and various success stories.  I hope you would find it useful too. Switch to Garnier Pure Active Neem soon and get back your glowing face. Beam with confidence and walk  with your face forward with pride. A Pimple can be a demotivating agent or a force to be precise  and its your call to make way for it or kill it! Many follow the second option! Which one would you prefer? God has gifted an amazing face to you, why would you want to gift it to a Pimple and spoil it?  

Trust me when the sun rises at morning, you won't wake up with the fear of your pimples growing bigger. Pimples will get vanished and you can go out of your house without the fear of getting noticed by unknown people around you, their eyes glued on your pimple. Soon after you will walk out of your house with smile on your face and confidence on your eyes. Wear that attitude! Invoke positive energy around you!

Everyone has a Pimple story. Do you want to fight the goons called Pimples and thrash them to Zilch? I shared you me and my sisters Pimple story. Do you have a story too? Why don’t you get rid of those pimples that don’t want you to look pretty! Finish it all! Lead a very happy life. Tread outside, Party hard and click nice Selfies with your Besties. Never let a pimple break you!

Take Care!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Benefits of Reading

Reading is an important activity. I call it an activity deliberately because it invokes an action within. Let us talk about the different and various benefits of reading books.  How it helps in refreshing yourself and most importantly how it inspires you. A lot has been said about reading and most of the facts are actually true. Sometimes many would agree with me when I say that reading books are better than watching TV. There are different kinds of books and the different genres and categories of books actually teach you different things. A non-fictional book gives you an account of a famous person’s life story. You get to learn from them, you get inspired from their lifestyle and their principles. From a fiction book, your imaginative power increases. Imagine you wearing the shoes of the protagonists and thinking from their perspectives. Wouldn’t that be amazing? You can logical reason yourself if this particular character had done justice to the plot.  They sometimes help you to broaden your perspectives towards life.

Each time when you come across a new book, there is a new rush of energy within you and this hidden zest is something that amuses me. Every time I touch a book, it excites me. This constant feeling of happiness is priceless. I get involved into it so much that I constantly think about the characters life. And at times it becomes difficult to remove the characters shoe from your feet. That’s not an addiction of reading books. That’s the passion. These are the characteristics of a good reader and that’s what defines a good reader. At the end of the post I will talk about few books that touched me deep. They have not only inspired me, they have taught me the way of life. I would call them my gospel of life for the words of wisdom that they enclose. Aforementioned, reading improves your imaginative power. Reading helps you to improve your vocabulary.  Some books contain high level vocabulary. Not many might know about the words used in such books. So you could learn new words from the books and also you could get command on your language. This is an important benefit of reading books. Reading makes you emotionally strong. There might be certain situations where a particular character would be leading a life just like you. You feel for them as you see them as your own replica. It connects you emotionally. Reading can be a good time pass activity. Suppose you are alone and your friends are busy with their life and your kith and kins are busy with their daily chores. You could find no one to talk to and spend some time with. You could pick a book from the rack and start reading it. Befriend the characters and fall in love with them. Yes, it will not only help you in whiling your time but also make you feel better.  Sooner, you would start living and believing in fairy tales like me. Suppose you are heartbroken and you read a romance novel, then you would fall in love all over again with your fragmented heart. By reading nonfiction book, you would have a fact sheet, a knowledge hub. Thus reading helps you in improving your general knowledge. Reading entertains you. It is a fun activity that will amaze and amuse you. It boosts your imagination and your creativity. It connects your brain to what you read. Hence helps in efficient coordination and makes you more attentive. And not to forget, reading is a good stress buster.

Like, I said above, Alchemist is the book that I loved the most. It is a book of wisdom that will haunt you forever.  This was the first book that impressed me to such an extent that I could write a blog post on it if given a chance. Sharing a quote from my favourite book.
The secret is here in the present. If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it. And, if you improve on the present, what comes later will also be better.”

And my secret for a happy life is reading books and listening to music. These are the two activities that help me to explore the individual in me by improving myself.  Use Flipkart coupons to buy books online and save much of your money…

Tips to choose Valentine’s Day gifts for him

Admit it or not, guys are very difficult to shop for. You might be really good in selecting and buying gifts for your loved ones or family members, but when it comes to choosing Valentine’s Day gifts for husband, boyfriend or fiancé, we all are pretty much clueless!

Whatever you will be gifting him will show how much you care for him, what you think about him or the relationship so it has to be great. Also, the gift should be appropriate with the time period you both have spent together in arelationship. It should not be too pricey or too sloppy, but just perfect!
When it comes to the things you can gift to your Valentine, the window is quite small for guysand with specificpreferences; it further reduces. No need to worry there since I’m here with some great romantic gift ideas for boyfriend or husband to make your life a little easier.
Before choosing any gift for your better half, you have to think about his likings. I know sometimes you do not approve his style, but it will show that you think about him and know what your guy is into. Some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him are:

A captivating fragrance

Perfume is the best option when you are totally confused about the gift. Check out some brands like Police, Nike, Davidoff, Cartier and York, for some pocketfriendly EDPs, EDTs and deodorants. If you wish to spend lavishly, high-end brands like Burberry, Bvlgari, FCUK, and Calvin Klein would be the apt choice.
The key is to stick to manly fragrances with musk or spicy tones with floral undertones. If you are planning to buy a floral scent for him, avoid it sweetie!

Time keeper!

Guys are crazy for gadgets and watches especially when it comes as agift. Find out what kind of watchyour man love since there are various options available in men’s watches online. Analog watches, digital watches, chronograph or a dual watch you can pick any of them, just make sure they are from a trusted brand.

Titan, Maxima, Sonata, Casio, Fastrack are some affordable brandsoffering stunning watches for men. If you wish to spoil your man with designer brands then go ahead with Citizen, Swiss Eagle, Emporio Armani, Hugo Boss, Seiko and the like.
You can choose the chain strap ones available in Silver, gold, or copper shade otherwise go with the classy leather strap one. With this watch, he will be always in time for the date or movie with you!

Protect his peepers!
Sunglasses add a finishing touch to one’s look. Make your man look class apart with gorgeous glares on this Valentine’s Day. You can gift him a pair of premium sunglasses like aviators, wayfarers, cat eyes or any other style you feel would suit his face shape.

A branded pair of sunglasses gives an instant boost to one’s personality and attitude. Even you can’t keep your eyes off him when he will be wearing one, isn’t it!
Some brands you can check out for sunglasses in budget are Fastrack, Allen Solly, MTV and Flying Machine. If you don’t like putting a price, go for international brands like Van Heusen, Tommy Hilfiger, UCB, Polaroid, etc.!

Accessorize him!
Aah! Who doesn’t like a gentleman! Turn your rough tough guy into an elegantly dressed up man with clothing accessories. Tie, cufflinks, belts that go well with clothing style of your man can be some of your choices. With these clothing accessories, he can complete his formal look for a business meeting or office.

You can try out simple ones or have custom-made cufflinks and tie clips to make it more special for him. Brands like Tossido, Orosilber, Lino Perros, Peora and American Crew are the brands in which you can dig into for ties, cufflinks or combo packs for your beloved.

You can make your Valentine’s Day memorable with an awesome gift that even your cutie pie can’t keep his hands off from. Organize a romantic date with delicious food cooked just for him, soft music in the background, fragrant candles and the well chosen gift for him.

Author Bio:
Minakshi Pharswal is a blogger working with India’s one of the leading online fashion destination. She has a keen interest in the gifting trends in fashion world and loves to write about them. In this article, you can read about the gifts that can be given to boyfriends and husbands on valentine’s day.