Saturday, January 31, 2015

Do it now, Don't postpone!

Every morning when the sun rises, there’s a slim certainty that your day would shine as the young bright morning sun! That’s how almighty has designed! You have to struggle every day in order to earn bread and butter for your family. In this rat race to excellence and success, we often leave behind all the best people in our life and all that we get in return is a sense of satisfaction. What kind of satisfaction would that be when you listened to your mind instead of your heart? Your heart wants you to make use of a second opportunity that life has given you. It wants you to explore what life is and your mind goes the magical way!  Isn't that amusing? They both conflict with each other. There is someone who remembers you every day, constantly thinking about your wellness and good health! It’s high time you listen to your heart and betray your mind!

There are many things I crave for! But sometimes I wonder if life would give me a second chance. But sometimes I feel why should we wait for a second chance, why don’t we make use of what life has to offer us. If we keep waiting for it to give a second chance, then certainly you would have to wait till eternity. The wise is the one who identifies and makes use of opportunities. In this fast moving world, we all have been developing affinity towards material things. Money would give you everything but not happiness. You can’t buy happiness with your money! Do question yourself if you are happy with all your money? It will make your life robotic! What is the difference between a robot and a man who runs behind work to earn his bread and butter. There are many who earn so less but still are happy with whatever they have. It takes a big heart to do so! Gluttony kills! But more than that the happiness that could be measured from their face is priceless.  Money can’t buy love! Every day when you reach home, there is a soul missing you, wanting to hug you and talk to you. It could be your children, your parents, your siblings or your soul mate. They want to let you know that they love you more than you love them. Do make time for all that you do.  Aforementioned, I wondered if life could give me a second chance. Today, I’m saying that life will never give you a second chance.  You have to make use of it. You are rational enough to understand what is right and wrong. Victory comes to those who make use of chances. If you lose one chance then try again. Never give up. Keep trying! Keep trying till you succeed.


There was a time when I loved research work. I used to learn about new technologies and research about various innovations in Science and Physics. Till my second year, I was researching on the String theory in physics. That was something that amused me. The more I dug, the deeper I went! Everyday there was something new for me to learn. I was planning to write a research paper on the same. I had big plans and dreams in my eyes. But that dreams would take me no where! But only if I let ghosts of past and regret haunt me, I would certainly drench my cheeks with tears. With dreams in my eyes, I decided to go the other way for some personal reasons, the reasons that were close to me, the reasons that were unknown to many. But today I have a desire to wear my scientist shoe and again go back to the String theory that had amused me. Not many know about this theory of Quantum physics. I fell in love with Quantum science and perhaps there was a time when my mind had married this field of science. If only I didn't let my heart interfere, I would have been a scientist. If I could do something creative, I would certainly get back and wear my physics cap and bring back my lost glorious days back to my life. I had been trying to get back to those days sometime in future and today I realized that the time for String theory is back!


Art and an Artist are two inseparable entities.  My dalliance with art dates back to my young days where I grew up holding sketch pencils and paint brushes. Art doesn't flows in my blood. I do not belong to a creative family but I acquired the skills of an artist from nowhere. There was no one to inspire me and I was my own inspiration. I inspired myself and I considered my each art work  as my rival and each time I try to improve myself. May be I may have planned to get back to something that intrigued me. But today, this artist has never found time to romance his art, his treasure, his love for art!  Work will be hectic but still I would bring back my artist days and re live the artist life!  Today I want to draw again and I shall draw beautiful paintings and sketches!

Photography is something that I cherish! But as I entered IT, I realized that life comes with too many terms and conditions.  Like it won’t give you time once you enter work.  I had postponed my plans of several trips to eternity. But as they say, you have to find your own time. Similarly you have to find your own chance. Opportunity never knocks every day. Similarly time waits for none. If you have to take a break then take a break and do what you love. Go out on a long trip with friends or family, party hard, capture landscapes and picturesque views on your Camera and frame it. Visit more places quite often and capture photos as a souvenir and whenever you look at it, relive those days.  Life is short and we need to be extra smart to do all the things that our heart desires.  I shared all those things that I want to do again. Do not post pone things!  Do it right now! Because life doesn't always give a Second chance!

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