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Digital Axis - Meet the Axis Acquaintance!

This post is about 'Make the Axis Acquaintance' meet conducted by Axis Bank in association with 

I attended the 'Make the Axis acquaintance' blogger meet last weekend. It was held at the Axis Bank Building in the Bombay Dyeing Mills compound.  It was a meet that highlighted few essential features of mobile banking and various features of Axis mobile banking application. I would like to inform you that this application is a simple, user friendly, convenient and a secure mobile banking application. Please read secure! I lay high emphasis on this word secure as I realized that this had quite brilliant security features.

The world is moving rapidly and everyone is running in the rat race. We hardly have time to stop and share conversation with bystanders.  Earlier people used to physically walk to their bank for banking transactions. This was made easier and convenient through net banking. So you don't have to travel to your bank and you can sit with a pc or a laptop with a working internet connection and make transactions online. The world is getting smart and smart people often demand smartness in everything that they do. So was invented mobile banking. With internet connection on your smart phone, you could carry on all your transactions. So you can do everything with one click.

Let’s talk about Axis mobile application. This application has been designed for customers holding Axis bank Savings, Current account, and credit card. You could download this application from Android Playstore, Apple AppStore, Windows for Nokia phones. You could even check it from Mobile web. Of course every facility has its own list of features. This application is said to have more than 50 features. I would cite few important features here. We all know that for transferring money from your bank account to someone else's you need to add a beneficiary. Usually most banks have this facility to add beneficiaries from net banking through its website. But with Axis Mobile, you could instantly add the beneficiaries and transfer funds instantly. You would view and schedule bill payments. You could also recharge your DTH and your mobile phones. This application allows claiming reward points that is unique to Axis bank. It allows you to view unbilled transactions and pay credit card bills.

It has a sim locking feature where on boarding is allowed only with the bank registered mobile number.  Every transaction is followed by punching the MPin and this is crucial as it adds extra security.  It also allows to place requests to block and replace your debit and credit cards hassle free. You could also set your daily transaction limits too. It also gives you the option to get your app account terminated if your phone is lost or stolen.

This application finds offer near you - various restaurant offers.  It allows you to add photo's from your phone for your accounts and your beneficiaries.  You could view and redeem Edge Loyalty Point at any time.

The Axis Bank official Pramod briefed us about their offerings. It was indeed one good app to look out for. The features were really promising. My own mobile banking application has limited features and I think that this app stands out ahead!  It was an interactive session where bloggers who attended the session asked various questions. The officials answered their questions and cleared all their doubts. Post session ,we had a sumptuous meal arranged at the canteen. To sum it up, it was a very good session where we witnessed the Axis bank mobile application.

Now, get a better car through Quikr NXT!

Everyone is changing, everything is changing! While walking on a road, if you pause for a moment and look behind, you would notice that everything is different. People are upgrading their lifestyles. They want something new and it’s the wise who obtains the new from different things available to them.  The world is transforming rapidly.  Prior to the 90’s there was much less development about internet and science and now you would find a device for almost everything. Many must be having lots of dreams. Of course people dream and the best one fulfills all his dreams. How many of you own a car or dream of owning a car some day? There might be cases where you had a car in your mind but unfortunately you couldn't buy that because you couldn't afford it. Perhaps your budget was less! So in that case you had to be happy with little things that life has to offer you! Why fret?

Quikr is an online website where people buy and sell their stuffs. I have been saying that since long. I have used this portal to sell several of my unused stuffs such as iPod and many devices. The advantage of using this is that you don't have a middleman. You post your ads and there is someone willing to buy your product.  Quikr NXT is an enhanced version that incorporates several interesting features. It has a chat feature where you could directly communicate with the person and talk to them regarding the transaction. You can post your product details; requirements etc to them and convince them how good your product is! You could discuss about various specifications, quality features of your product. This is the value add that Quikr NXT has to offer! Isn't that amazing?

The Quikr homepage shows a grid of categories where you could find the Car & Bikes section too. Clicking on that grid would lead you to a fresh page that contains various Car brands - Maruti Suzuki, Toyota, Tata, and Honda to name few. Clicking on any of those brands will take you to a listing that contains different ads about the different models of that car brand. I clicked on the Honda brand and I could see ads related to City, Accord, Civic and different car models of the Honda brand. Aside, you would see various filters that would let you filter on the basis of different aspects such as Brands, models, Price Range, Fuel Type, Year, Color, Location, Used/ New and many more. Using these filters, you would refine your search process to the next level and get specific details about your requirements.  You could create Alerts about your requirements and whenever an ad posted meets your requirements then you would be alerted through email and sms.  If you like a car model, then you could talk to the concerned individual and take the deal discussion to the next level. The one to one communication through the chat messenger services various benefits. You could have your chat conversation with different sellers saved. You could request for a quick photograph of the concerned car that is to be sold. You could get various specifications and so on. I can buy the best car out of the bests as per my requirements. You could directly chat with the seller instead of a phone call. Isn't this awesome?

If the deal strikes and you feel your dream car was a little too expensive than your budget, then you could sell your existing car and upgrade it through Quikr by discussing with the ad poster. So upgrading your car is just a website away. Why wait? Type on your browser or better download the android, iOS or the windows app for your smart phone and start buying and selling cars quickr.

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Short story writing tips

Short story writing tips

If you have the ‘best-seller’ short story, write it down and let the world read it.
Oh wait! You have tried it and expressing it in words is not easy. In fact, on paper it is too much to ask for, isn’t it?
So, here are some tips that will help you start writing.

Catchy first paragraph
A good short story should grip the readers from the start to the very end. Well, your story’s ending is classic, but what about the start?
Here is a secret – readers will read your story’s first paragraph, and if it is not good enough to keep them going on, the ending will be unread, forever.
So, work on it and be sure that you write a catchy first paragraph. If needed, rewrite it hundred times.

Point of view matters
The first person and third person battle in your mind and on paper will continue forever. In some cases, even the second person point of view can pop in your mind and occupy some space for days, months and even years.
Clear this section. Finalize a point of view and build on it.

Dialogues matter
Some of us think that short stories should have no dialogues. In extreme cases, a couple of dialogues will be fine. However, this is a misconception that is ringing in the minds of newbie writers.

Short stories are dependent on dialogues. In exceptional cases, you will find a short story that is successful sans dialogues.
In other cases, your dialogues will help you stay on track.
Talking about dialogues, one should not think that random dialogues will be accepted. Meaningful dialogues are the need of the hour. If you can deliver, people will accept it. If not, look for an alternate career or be ready to pay ghostwriters to beautify your short story. In the second case, your cost will be extremely high.

Be patient
If you have completed your short story, keep it aside for a couple of days or weeks. Forget about it. After this gap, read your short story. If you like it, look for a critique who can give his/her views on your short story. If not, rewrite it.
Remember, writing a short story is easy. Making it worth reading is difficult. So, keep calm and revise your short story.

Read short stories and novels
Without reading, you cannot write a short story.
So, start reading.
Here, you will find many short stories. Read them and get inspired.
If you have a list of favorite authors, you should buy some books and read them. Look for matching coupons at Chameleonjohn. It will help.

Feel your story
If you are too casual about your character, your readers will not care about your story. So, get involved in the scene and feel what your character should feel. This will help you improve your story.
So, think about it and feel your story.

Have something to share? Let us know about it with your comments below.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

The Essence of Love!

“I thought love was only true in fairy tales
Meant for someone else but not for me.
Love was out to get me
that’s the way it seemed.
Disappointment haunted all my dreams.

Then I saw her face, now I'm a believer
Not a trace of doubt in my mind.
I'm in love, I'm a believer!
I couldn't leave her if I tried.”
-          I’m a Believer ( The Monkees)

And then I saw her face, I was a believer that love stories and love at the first sight do exists. Love for me had been a matter too trivial until I saw her for the first time. It seemed to me like that an angel from heaven had dawned to Earth to teach me what love was for I was too ignorant about that.  But to be frank, the first time I saw her, I realized that I had wanted to meet her and all the Gods had send her to fulfill my wishes. Such was her magic. Every day I yearned to converse with her. But somehow she realized that I had been following her everywhere she treaded. I collected almost every detail about her – her likes, dislikes! She was indeed beautiful and her simplicity attracted me! But one day, I had mustered enough courage to tell her what my heart ordered me to confess to her. For days I had been ignoring its feelings but that day I told everything I liked and loved about her. I had a strong feeling that even she liked me the way I liked her. She smiled at me. And we embarked on a new journey together! They say love stories don’t happen. But  love happened to me when I thought Love was not my cup of tea.


This Valentine’s day, I plan to let her know how special she is to me!  I wanted to let her know that it was she who made my life beautiful by coming into my life! A woman thinks a lot! A lot of things stroll through her mind. I would only know what she thinks about me by stepping into her shoes. If I had a super power, I would like to know what’s running through her mind. I would know what she thinks about me. I would change myself accordingly! I always wanted to make her happy and her happiness was on my top priority list! I would do things that would make her happy by knowing what’s running inside her mind.

Clicked by me

If I get unlimited powers, I would erase all the sad and sour memories associated with our relationship and only let the happy memories invade her mind. By this we will remain happy forever! I want to see her lips curve into a beautiful smile. She was a perfect woman. I would decorate her room with roses – red, yellows and the whites! Out of that red roses are her favorites. The Pink Orchids, she loved it! I would be her best friend and would be her shoulder to cry on! She is the most beautiful person that I had ever met. She had the most amazing smile.  A good man is the one who holds his girl close all through her rough and her happy times. The best gift that any man could give to his girl would be his time, importance and loyalty! I would take her to the beautiful garden where I met her for the first time. It was located near our college. It was where we spend most of our time together. Every girl demands attention from her beau and its quite natural.
I would take her to a place completely isolated, far away from the crowds where peace resides. We would walk holding hands along the path that would lead to the castle of love where we would spend some quality time together. Across it would be a garden where different colorful flowers of happiness would  bloom.


If I get unlimited powers, I would resuscitate Gabriel Garcia Marquez and will make my beloved meet him. I still remember those days where she spoke about his various books – Love in the time of cholera being his famous one! She would narrate me the entire story and that day she expressed his desire to meet this writer some day and tell him how much she loved him. But unfortunately he passed away last year because of an illness. The only way my beloved could meet him is by bringing him back to life. That could be possible only through the super powers. That would make her happy.


If I get unlimited powers, then I would transfer the culinary skills of the world’s best chef to me. I would cook delicious sumptuous meal for her. I know she loves butter chicken. I would cook it for her and serve her. I would strive hard to make her day and win her heart through my culinary skills (transferred from the world’s best chef). It would be a candle light dinner at home.  She blindfolded! When her eyes open, she would be a subjected to a wonderful surprise! I would want to see that priceless smile on her face. In the background, Enrique’s Hero song would be played.


I can be your hero, baby.
I can kiss away the pain.
I will stand by you forever.
You can take my breath away

Like I said before, the best thing that a man could give his woman would be his precious time, love, importance, value and loyalty. That would sum up to be a good day, a memorable day! That should not be just that single day. It should be every day. A Queen needs to be treated as a Queen every day. I will love her more and prove her that I really through my actions and not through words! That’s how I would be celebrating my Valentine’s day with my beloved and make her day memorable! 

Words - 999

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Quickr NXT - No Fikar, Chat Quickr!

Till the late 90’s and the early 2000’s we had something called the classified book named Yellow Pages that contained the list of almost everything. Well that was an offline classified system where the phone numbers and addresses were stored on a fat book that came up with a landline telephone connection. Few years later, online classifieds came into system that made life easier for people. They don’t have to go through the tedious activity of flipping pages. A search on the search bar could retrieve what we actually wanted! One of them was Quickr. Quickr is an online classified portal where you can buy, sell and find things as per your requirement. Few years back, I had to sell a mobile phone. Some friend of mine recommended Quickr to me. I wrote an ad on it and within hours I received many phone calls. Trust me that was a good thing but sadly many times you could get calls at wrong time too. Even after selling your products I would get calls.  So there was something that needs to be addressed! Quickr basically has too many categories and each category contains list of useful things. The best thing is that you won’t say that you won’t like it. You could access the Quickr portal from your computer, laptop, tab or a mobile phone. That’s incredible, isn’t it?  You could browse through a variety of products - real estates, electronics, jobs, services etc.  That would streamline your entire search process! Wouldn’t that be great?

The latest feature added to it is the chat facility that enables the buyer and the seller to communicate with each other.  Though many ads may be incomplete and could be misleading too and in that case both the parties i.e. the  buyer and the seller can talk to each other through the chat messenger and complete the transaction there itself.  So if any benefit of doubt could be clarified at that moment.  Because no one would like to buy faulty product. With Quickr Next, both the buyers and sellers could immediately connect with each other through the chat across Quickr’s mobile application, mobile site and also the desktop version. It is said that it could change India’s online classifieds as it enables the communicating parties to connect with each other at their convenience and clarify details about the product or service without requiring a single phone call. I explored this chat feature by looking for some electronic items. Sharing few screenshots below.

Few of the reasons why I feel that chat is better than a call.
1.       Clarity - Through the chat application you could clarify information about the product or services with the seller. This could be done by sharing instant photographs about the products. So that could help the buyer. There are lots of things that can be clarified on chat over calls. At the time of call you might forget many important things to ask. Through chat you could ask them at any time.  So you don’t need to bother the buyer or the seller.

2.       Conversation History and Backups - Suppose that you have conversed with too many sellers and it’s your turn to short list one of them. So the chat history of your conversation with most of the sellers are saved in your account. So you could any time go back to the buyer and read the product specifications once again. Isn’t that a great feature? Though it’s a common feature in most chat applications, it is handy in this case.  You can re visit the chat and see the photographs, specifications once again.

3.        There is a high possibility that the buyer or seller might be busy and at times calling them at a wrong time would be a wrong option. So you could send them a chat messenger and they would reply back whenever they see your chat conversation.

So why wait? If you have any unused products you could sell it quicker on Quickr Nxt and that too at a MSP price. So I highly recommend you to make good use of this application for selling and buying stuffs online.

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