Sunday, April 26, 2015

Celebrate Life - Stay Happy

There are several occasions to be happy. Weddings, Birthday’s, Festivals etc are few reasons for happiness along with several momentary happiness such as awards, results etc.  But the concept of happiness isn't just limited to the aforementioned things. I have always been a firm believer of being happy in every small thing that you do.  Happiness should be forever.  One should be happy in whatever things they do. Life is all about the things that you do. And most of them are something that we do to bring a smile on ours and our loved ones face.  At the end of the day, we are happy when we win and we are unhappy when we lose. But in the ups and downs of life, we should look forward and move ahead and find happiness on the path that we tread! Emphasizing again the reason for being happy, I would say that why should there be an event for being happy.  Should happiness be only limited to different events? No, not at all.

I would share few things that make me happy. These are things that make me to celebrate joy and most importantly celebrate life! These are the things that make big occasions unnecessary and lets you discover happiness   by enjoying every moment.
I believe in a simple life with happiness. My requirements are limited and that’s the reason why I find worldly pleasure and happiness in small things. :)

Here are few things that bring happiness to me.
1.       Art – I love drawing and it is something very close to me. Even when I am submerged in deep sorrow, its art that gives me peace.  It completely transforms me into a different world.  As my sketch pencil draws different patterns and lines on the canvas, the arteries in my heart transport happiness and this happiness completes me. I am glad that I discover happiness through my art. I love doing this!

2.       Writing - I discovered this hidden talent of mine at a tender age of 13. At an age where kids used to lift essays and compositions from Navneet, I would write my own essays and compositions. My teacher would be amazed and once she encouraged me to keep writing. Her motivational words touched me and that was the day I realized the importance of writing. May be I have not made it big but writing is close to me. It transports me into a world full of happiness and joy!

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3.       Family - Family is the greatest support structure that one could ever have! They form the foundation and the pillar strength of your life. And when your family is around, you are bound to be happy.

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4.       Teaching & Playing with kids – I find happiness by talking and playing with kids. Some say that kids are innocents. Indeed they are! They are cute. And they make me happy with their cute gestures and actions. That’s the reason I love babysitting kids. Apart from this, I love teaching them. It’s good to teach and share your knowledge with the needy.  I closely monitor and help the kids.

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5.       Photography – Photography is another creative spear of mine that I discovered lately. I love clicking pictures and processing them through image editing software’s. By clicking photos through different frames, the happiness quotient grows more.

6.       Helping – I love promoting different start ups and brands by writing about them and helping them in every possible way I could. Helping everyone automatically invokes joy within me. 

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7.       Cleaning House – Household chores are not just limited to women of the house. Being a part of the family, it naturally becomes our duty to support mother in cleaning house. A small deed of kindness would of course make her smile but it also makes me happy.

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The above enlisted are few things that make me happy. Ours is a tiny world.  Wouldn't you like to remain happy? There are many ways of finding happiness. And one way is by taking one step at a time and enjoying life at every moment. Live life to the fullest. Fret not!

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