Thursday, April 09, 2015

Impact Analysis

Bohner and Arnold defined Impact Analysis as "Identifying the potential consequences of a change, or estimating what needs to be modified to accomplish a change." This is a popular word in the IT field. Measuring the impact is an essential criteria when it comes to product quality. A Quality Analyst's primary job is to deliver quality. That's why he is paid for. So during this process when he identifies a deviation in his product that is different from the approved behavior then that definitely needs to be addressed. And this is done by the Development team. He fixes the bug and creates an impact analysis document that enlists the different codes and procedures that might be impacted due to the fix in the erroneous module. Thus through this a Quality Analyst would come to know about the different modules and features that needs to be tested. This is a terminology used in IT. Impact analysis is a robust term! It actually gives an insight about various hidden defects as well. If properly explored and tested then you would find the issues. But that's not the case always! Sometimes mistakes do happen and we tend to miss few important features and that is caught in the production i.e. the customer’s site! And several heads rolls at the off shore!

You must be wondering  why I am talking about something that seems  Greek and Latin to you! Of course, I do have points when I make such statements. Imagine if humans do an  impact analysis on certain situations that they face.  That would help in preventing and preserving so many bonds! Several precious relationships and bonds do get broken due to misunderstandings and loss of trust! We sometimes fail to trust our loved ones and the resultant effect doesn’t seem good. Imagine what if the mature or the understanding partner obeys her/his partners’ words, thereby giving them an opportunity to express themselves before him/her. That would be absolutely fine! But impact analysis in human relationship gives a slight hint about where your relationship stands. Imagine we go on to talk something and we realize the impact our words would create on the life of our partner and we cut it there itself! Well that would be a great impact analysis! When we learn to differentiate the wrong and the right then at that point itself we excel in our relationship. That's where understanding begins! Understanding each other is an essential and an important clause in a relationship. You need to be together in your worst and the good times. Being with someone during their good days and when bad days surface, you can't just leave them to suffer! You know them and hence you should support them too. Human tongue is an amazing organ! It is so powerful that it has the ability to make and break relationships. During the initial days of the relationship, it would pose sweet words until the person gets impressed. So the tongue plays an important part here in making bonds. But due to influence of different emotions and when different entities such anger, pressure, frustrations play, the tongue does a big U-turn and it changes track. The same tongue that once used to admire you and pass lovely comments on you would talk foul about you. The mind tongue coordination fails and all that you would be left alone would be sorrow and hurt. Of course no one in this world would want to be at the receiving end of a bond. I have nursed several broken bonds. But sadly I had not been able to handle any of it! I waited and watched people coming in and going out of my life. And it was then I realized that people often enter my life only to leave some day. Perhaps my mind would pose several questions that would want me ask myself if I am that bad to deserve such kind of treatments. But only then I realized that if I had done proper impact analysis of the situations then perhaps I would have saved all my relations. 

So a tongue is a powerful organ like I said earlier. It has the tendency to do many wonderful and not-so-wonderful things too. We need to be smart and analyze situations well. We should be the one to get active through the damage control mode. In case catastrophic situations arise in our relationship, then it’s our duty to make sure we analyze its impact on our life and go forward. Don't be a camel! A camel when hungry would eat cactus thorns and would satiate its hunger by tasting its own blood. It doesn't matters to it because for it is happy with whatever it has. We humans are rational and we can judge things. Don't cut your throat with your own tongue! So do an impact analysis on situations. Life is short and we need to make most of it! If we go on losing relationship then who will be by our side when we breathe our last. A person is known not by the money he earns but by the amount of good people he has earned in his life! I have plenty of them, so learn to respect and value them. Treat each one of them as special. Only if you do a proper Impact analysis then you would make it happen!


  1. Good one, I enjoyed this read... we should be careful how and when we say what to... If you know what I mean:-)

    1. Thank you Eli! :) We should be careful on saying things to our loved ones :)

  2. Hello there! I notice you have no comments - I read your blog, and agree with what you say, but it was very, very tricky to read as it is in such big blocks of writing. On a blog you should have three sentence paragraphs at most, as your eye loses your place very easily. Most people, especially on a challenge, will open up this blog and shut it again because it will take too long and be too difficult to read. Good luck in the rest of the challenge! Liz

  3. Wow! That's a wonderful read and great analogy. I agree with you there..humans need to be humans when it comes to relationships.

  4. An absolutely brilliant post and so well assessed. It's an eye-opener how in anger burst, you may say things that makes it almost impossible to repair later:)

  5. Could totally relate to this as I work in IT too. But human relationships are emotion based and cannot always be analysed. Sometimes even silence can be misconstrued. But yes, a little thought into what we say can prevent major misunderstandings. Can you tell I'm Libra?

  6. Whoaa.. what a topic.. That to trying to do it on personal relationships.. Food for thought for me..Interesting approach :)