Monday, April 20, 2015


Quality is something that everyone demands whenever they buy any product!  As mentioned in an earlier post that I am a Quality Analyst  by profession, I would like to reiterate my words that Quality matters a lot to me.  My job is to  highlight and discover deviations from the actual behavior of a product to the desired behavior. This is something that I am paid for! It is an interesting profile and I love my job!  Be honest and tell me something - What do you prefer when you buy a product? Quality! You would want your product to be defect free, isn't it? Would you like if your costly Nikon DSLR Camera fails after using it for a week or so. No! You won't want that to happen. Right!

Similarly humans are made of certain characteristics. Not every finger is the  same. Not every human beings are same. They have different qualities. A pearl in the Ocean!  Are you a pearl in the Ocean or the Dust of  Work hard. Strive for Quality. Be a Gem. Rock the World. Gain Attention! Be the Apple of everyone's eye!Quality! Be Good!

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  1. Pity that with an emphasis on quality this post has several errors. We all do this when in a hurry to post.