Thursday, April 23, 2015


Majority of  the folks in my family belong to the teaching field. Its obvious that teaching comes natural to me. If you come and ask me for doubts then I would teach you the entire concepts. That's because I love teaching. I may belong to the Engineering background but I love sharing my knowledge  with others. Occasionally I even spend my leisure time teaching poor kids who cannot afford basic education. It will be cool to help others, no? Of course, if you are good at something then you should  share it with the needy ones. Knowledge is wealth and you should also let others have it. Teaching is an art! It takes great skills to be a teacher. The essential responsibility of a teacher is to ensure that your student learns and grasps everything. We may be advocates, doctors, engineers or whatever now but you should always remember one thing that our degrees and qualifications are the outcomes of a teachers constant efforts to groom you into a better individual. After home, we have spend some quality years with our teachers. Never hesitate when it comes to teaching someone!

Give a hungry man a fish to eat, he will eat for a day! Teach a hungry man how to fish, he will eat for a life time!

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  1. Teaching needs a lot a patience too, to understand the capability of the student. It's a great skill to be able to explain concepts without losing patience.