Saturday, April 25, 2015

Vakola Autodrivers 2

This is in continuation with the Vakola Autodrivers series . To read part 1 click here.

Tired, I walk down the stairs of the public bridge after reaching Santacruz station. I hunt for auto-rickshaws outside.

"Bhaiyya Vakola."
After several futile attempts, I give up. A girl walks straight to an auto, bends a little forward exhibiting her cleavages.

*No reactions from the Autodriver*

She bends even further. Few autodrivers easily get succumbed to such acts even though they have to travel back alone. But this guy displayed no reaction at all. The girl was annoyed. I stood there watching all this. My encounters with the Vakola Autowallah's have been miserable.
Soon he said No to her. The girl went ahead and did the same trick and the driver said yes to her. 

But the  auto driver who refused the girl earlier came forward to give me a lift. Why would an autodriver come forward and  ask me ? I stood there thinking for a moment. My past experiences with the Vakola Autodrivers  were not good. There was something fishy I thought.  
Was he a gay?I thought for a while.  But at that moment I  just wanted to go back home. I avoided him during the journey and reached home at 11 pm.
Luckily I  never had to walk back home like I did last time.


  1. Auto drivers are temperamental. It's the same with taxi drivers in Mumbai..Here in NZ taxi drivers can't refuse - you catch them at the taxi stand and if they are there, they must take you wherever you want to go.

    1. I wish drivers here were like that too.... you know people get tired waiting for autos :/

  2. It's tough with those auto drivers at Santacruz station, so moody and reminds me of the university days getting inside a rickshaw was painful and BEST buses was the savior.