Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dandy Dad and Kids!

This blog post is about a doting father and his two children who meant the world to him. But these children considered him as their universe.  Such is the love between the father and the kids. Behold, the father in this blog post is none other than my dad and the children are myself and my loving sister. 

A father is the support structure for a family. He is like the Prime Minister of the family who has to look after everything. His role is a critical one!  My father has a critical role in my family too! This blog post will be too small to list down the love and the respect that we hold for our Appa. We both fondly address him as Appa. None of our achievements can ever match his sacrifices. Tears roll down my cheeks when I remember the old days where dad worked hard for me and my sister. I can't explain all that in mere words. Those days we used to live in a small house. We didn't have much facilities at home. All that he cared was about our happiness. Those days he used to walk till his office that was located at distance of about 1.5 km from our home so that he could save the ticket amount and get something to eat for both of us. Many times he would hide his feelings. Our happiness blinded him so much that he never wished for anything else in this world but our happiness. He cared for us and at times it would make us go speechless. Like I said before , a fathers role is important in a family. He ignores his happiness for ours! How often do you see him smiling? While doing so , my  father hides all his pain behind those animated smile just to see both of us happy. He struggles and readily accepts the struggles and challenges to raise us in a better way. Being the oldest child, I have grown up seeing all those sacrifices that dad has made for us. But many times through words and actions we have hurt him too. I take this opportunity to say sorry to my father on behalf of both of us. We love him and his love is the only support that keeps us going!

In my 26 years of existence in this world, I never saw my father wearing nice clothes though he got us lovely clothes and dresses for my sister. I always saw him in formals - a formal trouser and a full sleeved shirt, tucked out! All these years he never thought of changing his style nor his looks. He remained simple. He is a simple, tall, long faced with thick Anil Kapoor moustaches. I have always seen my dad like that. That's one thing I liked about my Appa! He never changed! He would buy us nice stylish clothes for us to look good but he never cared about his own looks! We would insist him to change his dressing styles but he would never listen to us. At times he would ask both of us if his shirt matches the trouser and so. But every time  we would secretly wish if he listened to us! But he never! Is it fair from his part to love us unconditionally and keep us happy  in all the difficult situations in our life and ignore our wishes? We always wished to see him cool. After all he is our  dandy doting daddy!

He is the smartest and the most handsome dad  one could ever have. But if groomed well, Appa would be a rockstar! So  me and my sister sat down and decided to style our dad!
Dad always looked cool in formals so we thought that he would look more cool if he wore casuals. So we came up with this below.

A cool Incult grey denim casual shirt. This  is for a dad who always wore formal dresses. His two kids decide to infuse some fashion sense into him.

Image Source

So how about a Wrangler Indigo  Regular Fit jeans for a smart Daddy. This is for a man who didn't knew anything about jeans. Lets make him wear some cool denim brands ;) 

Image Source

So whats next? Of course the shoes. The Fila New Percoso Li  black shoe for dad. For a daddy who never wore casual shoes, lets make him wear one!

And for the watch - Daniel Klien Dk 10217-4 Black Analog Watch. 

Image Source

And a wayfarer making it all special - Fastrack P289bk1f Black Wayfarer

Image Source

And thats how we plan to redesign our Dad's look. A doting dad needs to look smart too! He loves us, we love him too! If he wants us to look cool and stylish, we want him  to look cool and stylish too! 

So how does it looks? Is it cool enough for our dandy daddy!
And that's all about the #DandyDad and his kids! So what all did you plan for your father on Fathers day.  www.Jabong.com has several fabulous things that your dad deserves to have it on his most special day. Why not make his day special? Or have you already  browsed through this ? ;) 

Top 5 places for a destination wedding in India

Image Source 

Maybe you are one of the few women who have been planning on their wedding since they were young. You have an entire scrapbook dedicated to your wedding which is filled with pictures of dresses you love, bands you would like being played at your wedding, a list of your favorite photographers and most importantly, pictures of some beautiful places to decide for your wedding venue. Destination weddings have become a fad now and especially among the elite class. And destination weddings in India are something being pursued even by Hollywood celebrities since a long time. If you are struggling with deciding a place for your wedding to take place, here is a list of five places for you to choose from:

1. Udaipur
    Royalty and a destination wedding in Udaipur go hand in hand. Many celebrities have got wed here. What makes this place a favourite among many is not just its rich culture but also the giant palace like buildings which scream uniqueness! The palaces here give a contemporary feel along with showing a modern edginess. Some of the biggest Indian fat weddings have been held here and been a huge success. If Udaipur is your chosen destination, you might look to do bookings for yourself and your family members at a low cost to make savings. You will also get the advantage of cash back!

Destination Wedding Udaipur
Image Source

    2.   Jaipur 
    The pink city of India hardly needs any introduction when it comes to the places in India for a destination wedding. Known for its rich heritage and spectacular beauty, it is a very vibrant place to hold a wedding full on “hungama!” Expect your wedding to hold a lot of solid colors, cultural dance, and mouth-watering dishes showered with extravagance. Samode palace and Gold palace have been the choices of famous celebs for their wedding.

Jaipur Wedding
Image Source

    3. Shimla
   Maybe you don’t have a big budget to throw a lavish wedding but getting wed in the bustling city is also not on your cards. This is when Shimla comes to your rescue! The lush greenery, cool air, serene landscapes and colonial houses resting in silence will make an awesome venue for doing a destination wedding on budget. Customizing the wedding can be a scale up or low. Destination wedding also means the added expenses of taking relatives along. Cut down those expenses to a large amount.

Shimla Wedding
Image Source

    4.  Kerala
     If a beach wedding is on your mind, what better place to exchange the vows on God’s own country! Have a romantic and blissful wedding by the beach side in Kovalam or book a beautiful resort for more privacy. Take help only from the top hotels there to handle all the arrangements for you lest you have to deal with an unpleasant situation at the last moment.You can even have an elephant theme wedding where the groom arrives to the venue seated on an elephant.

Kerala Beach Wedding
Image Source

     5. Neemrana Fort  
   So maybe you are bound by some limitations and can’t afford to have a destination wedding outside your city i.e. Delhi. How about having it just a few kilometers away from Delhi at a place which looks stunning and holds a breath-taking view at its backdrop. Neemrana fort which is located in Gurgaon is a popular choice for Delhities to escape the maddening city rush and have short weekend gateaways there. But it is also a place where luxurious weddings have taken place. It is marked with many moments from history and now it’s time for you to mark your memories there.

Image Source

Hope this list helps you make up your mind for selecting a place for your wedding. All the best with it!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

From Smelly to Smiley

Hope you don't run like her out from your home. 

Smiles and Smells never go hand in hand.  There could be just one either smile or smell!  You cannot have a smiling face in a room with pathetically bad odour. No one loves to be in such an environment. Such an ambience serves as a big source of  distraction. Trust me smell is a big turn off for everyone. Just like a man is judged by  his appearance. A home is judged by the ambiance. It has to smell good. And there are few smells that would make you clip your nose and run out of your home. Through this post I will talk about the different kinds of odours that surface through our house!

I belong to a family of core non veg eaters. We love fish! Yes, all kinds of fish even dry fish.  Don't be surprised if I say we even eat crabs.  They are indeed healthy. But the skins and the shells that is left behind has to be disposed off very soon. If you leave those remnants in your dust bin, then your dust bin would go to coma.  And if you have to take a revenge on someone , you just need to politely ask the person to open your dust bin. I feed bad about the woman who comes to our apartment to collect the garbage. How painful would it be for her to open our dustbin! 

IMAGE SOURCE - Dry fish smells Yuck!
And the days when she didn't come , dad would transfer the garbage from the bin to a polythene. That's a very tricky situation for us! No one would touch it!  We all would look at each others face and no one would volunteer for this activity and poor dad has to do that chore. And when my dad opens the dust bin, my sister issues an alert - Run, Every one Run!  And that would seem like a commando officer asking his soldiers to attack.  Spartans, Run, bad smell alert! Even after disposing it, the smell would float in the room. The stale odour would refuse to leave our room .  Such is the bad smell that arises from it. And  the stinking smell travels through the air and reaches every room as an uninvited guest. Of course people detest uninvited guests these days and these kinds of smells are hated by many people. The smell haunts us, pretty much! Even I dislike it for the same reason. An advise for all non vegetarians here - never try frying dry fish at your home. It causes terrible smell and you will have to clip your nose. 

To get rid of the stink caused by the fish, meats, chickens and crabs , we use a refreshener or a perfume that never lasts long. Trust me , these days we are spending a lot of  money on buying room refresheners and perfumes. This actually gives an opportunity  for  my younger sister to try different fragrance of perfumes. If she hates it then she would offer it to Mom for it to be used as a smell repellent. That's actually nasty for a perfume to be used as a smell repellant! One day Maasi came to our house as an uninvited guest. She felt a little uncomfortable. She was to stay at our home for a week but she left our house within 2 days citing that she had to meet Mama. But  after doing the root cause analysis we realized that it was the bad smell  that was the main reason. To get rid of smells caused by food,you need to use a good air refreshener.  And there is an old adage that says  - if you can't catch the fish, then change the bait. Here  we don't have any plans of catching any fish but we got to get rid of the smell it causes. We need to change our methods to keep our house clean. There are many room fresheners available in markets but very few of them are effective.  Some would light agarbatti's in their home to produce some nice cool fragrance. Well that's a good idea too but I am not sure how effective it is. Lately we used Ambi Pur and it showed some fruitful results. It's different fragrances are highly impactful. 

Smelly socks - image source
Rainy seasons are loved by many. I  know people  who wait with baited breath to welcome the rains. Monsoons are the main reason for the foul smelling clothes. That's caused because our clothes never dry up completely due to no sunlight. A partially dried cloth would produce a bad odour. And that's because monsoon are the period when the Sun has gone for a long vacation. Poor thing  after working  hard for days (not night) for months demands  rest. And it changes shift by offering its  job to the clouds who shows its displeasure in form of tears (Read Rains). That's when I miss the sun the most. When it rains continuously without any break, it makes life miserable. We tie ropes in our room from one corner to another corner and switch on the fan in high speed so that our cloths could dry up soon. Sadly that also attributes to the soaring electricity bills. Well the main question here is  how to get rid of those smells. Its a very difficult question to answer.

Also the same applies for winters. Clothes take too much time to dry up due to partial sunlight! Such issues will crop up every now and then! We use the above approach that I mentioned above. What do you do to tackle wet clothes problem during monsoon?

Clothes don't dry up soon in Monsoon & Winter. Thus bad odour at home. Image Source

Another peculiar type of smell that arises is from the sink. Sometimes water there clogs and different elements like hair, dirt etc get accumulated there, giving rise to some strange smell.  And not to forget the stale smell behind the refrigerator. We have to clean it once every week to prevent it from smelling foul. Cleaning the house is essential. But the phenyl smell sometimes hurts the  nose. It is unbearable at times. Also the area near the toilet.  If I could say there are many such typical odours that we smell in our home. Stinky socks, shirts smelling bad, perished vegetables and food, unwashed dishes etc  are few of them.  Sometimes you might feel fed up and sometimes even feel like chopping your nose like the guy below. Don't do that.

Don't cut your nose. Find a solution to bad odour at home

As per a local research, it is known that students whose house smells bad also perform bad in their studies. According to the research, a group of students were selected. Half of them  had a nice smelling home with great ambiance and the other half lived in a house with bad odour. Their performances were measured and tracked. It was noticed that students who lived in a bad smelling home also performed bad in their studies unlike the other half students who scored well.  You must  be wandering who made this research. It's none other than yours truly!  Similarly people shy away from inviting people to their home because of the bad odour. You have an amazing spacious home and why should you  stop inviting people to your home. Home is where the heart is! The first major solution   to kick off those bad odour is to clean our house every day. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. You don't need a Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan for it. Plan a Swachh Ghar Abhiyaan. Cleanliness starts from the home. Use good room refreshener. Like I said before, we have been using the Ambi Pur since last few months and we have been observing some good results. It comes up with many fragrances.  And well, you should be knowing that...

"Ambi Pur doesn't just covers odours, it completely removes them!"

Image Source

“I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity atBlogAdda.com in association with Ambi Pur

So you want a smelly house or a smiley house? Smell or Smile Image Source

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Hug your Dad, your first Hero!

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”

Image Source

It's said that the father is the greatest gift that any individual could ever get. Many would agree with me. Father is like Oxygen to the family. He is a strong pillar and the support structure who is there to guide us and assist us whenever we fall down. Even when we were young , during our crawling days, he carried us on his arms. That soothing touch of a father is beyond words. Fathers day, Mothers day are days that are allotted to honor our father and mother. Trust me if you love your Mom and Dad, why would you need a day in a year to celebrate them. Every day should be a Father's day and Mother's day to every child who can understand the sacrifices their parents made for them. 

The role of a father in an individuals life is important. He is like a hero who fights the thugs in the movie. Everyone wants to be like their favorite hero. It is wise to say that every Father is a child's hero. A child grows up watching him. He learns from every small behavior of his dad. Likewise we all know the importance of the Father's day. It is a day to celebrate him. Like I said above, its an understatement to say that we just have one day to celebrate Fathers day.  Considering the roles and responsibilities  of the father in a family, I would say it would be gibberish to just allot one day in a year and honor the father. Every day is a fathers day to me! The one who loves his father doesn't needs a single day to honor him. We just need to have  and hold respect for our parents in our heart.

Image Source  

The role of my father in my life is vast and mighty just as compared to the vastness of the blue sky. It has no boundaries. Every time my dad wished something, he wished complete happiness for me and my sibling. The weirdest fact was that he never  wished anything for himself. Though my mother's role was phenomenal in looking after us when it came to our studies and stuffs, my dad supported her. Every time he got an increment or a bonus , he would bring chocolates and gifts for us. Of course, he loved us. He is strict. He  doesn't belongs to the breed of dad's who would look and keep their mouth shut whenever the child raises his/her voice. He would bluntly say it directly in front of the face if he encountered anything that was wrong. He just wanted us to tread along the right path. Every parent would want that! But sometimes we give a deaf ear to our parents. He may scold us and may have even bashed us with a stick or two. It is not right to detest him on basis of his behavior. Perhaps a sagacious person would judge the right from the wrong. We are determined by our actions and behavior and not our statuses. During this life span, however rich and affluent we may grow to be, but never forget our parents sacrifices and contributions. My dad played a significant role in  my growth. Timely he would imbue within us great qualities and he wanted both of us to be well disciplined. Dad is a cleanliness freak too! And me and my sister are exact opposite of him. Two poles, roads apart. We both would often team up together when it came to listening to dad's lecture. Always remember that your father would often share his life stories with you. My father always did that to us. His mother expired when he was 4 and his father when he was 8. He grew under the shadow of his elder brothers and their family. In such a circumstances, imagine what all kind of difficulties he might have gone through during that tender age. He never gets attached to anyone and it takes a great deal to befriend him. That's because of the childhood! Luckily we have him and Momma. Dad would  ask us to thank god for the amazing parents that we have. He never wanted to be worshiped but he wanted us to love him.  As a child, love your father and don't make all his  efforts and sacrifices go small. 

Mere words can't explain all the sacrifices that my father has done for me. Whenever I was low and down, he sat next to me and soothe me through words and gesture. Life  is not easy for everyone. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon. You got to put in efforts to climb up the success ladder. Its your father who stands at the bottom of the ladder and helps you to climb up. But whenever you  reach the top of the ladder, don't forget to look down and see your father smiling at you. A man who betrays his parents is the biggest sinner in this world.  Honour your parents just like you honour your  God. 

Image Source

Sometimes you don't need to gift expensive products to your dad to mark your love for him. It is a day to ensure that you make him feel more special than the other days. Sometimes a Hug or two would do! A hug has immense power that would send a positive wave between two individuals. Emotions travel through the veins just like the blood does! Never underestimate the power of a hug.

Some times we boast about the big things in our life. But beyond every big achievement of yours, there stands a man who sacrificed his entire life. It is the same man who sat next to you and prepared Coffee for you whenever you stayed back late for your exam studies. He is the one who would panic every time you fell sick. After life, your father is the greatest teacher.  He helps in decision making, assists your mother in the household work and in your studies. He comes home tired every night from work but still finds time to talk to you.  Studies reveal that a hug speaks louder than expensive gifts. It is a way to  to convey your love for someone.  Why not convey your love for your dad with a hug? 

Image Source

This fathers day don't buy expensive gifts for your doting daddy. Just go to him, put your arms around his shoulder and hug him tight. Tell him everything that your heart enclosed within. Let the words flow freely! Any words that comes out naturally from the heart has great powers. It has the power to mend broken bonds. Tell him how much you love him and how his presence in your life groomed you into a better individual. Trust me, your father is your best friend.  For me, my father isn't my best friend.  But he is a the best father for me and my sister. If I could ask anything from Almighty then it would be a good health and a long life  full of happiness for my Appa. In my next life, I would vouch for the same dad for he is the best dad one could ever get. All his sacrifices are nothing in front of  my achievements. Thank you Appa for everything. 

Expensive gifts can't convey the love that a hug can do. That's why a hug is said to have mighty powers. This fathers day let him know  that he is the best.  Go and hug him now. He doesn't deserves expensive gifts but show give him the costliest gift in form of your hug and make him feel happy. Treat him like a King and be a good Prince to him! Obey your father and listen to all his words. His words are only for your benefit and welfare. Don't give a deaf ear to him. Go! Rush! Tell him that you love him. Hug him now!

Every Father deserves a hug, the greatest gift a father could get from his children!

I love you Appa! 

Some where in the mid 90s

Check out the Vicks Video below

The Wedding Trousseau and Other Short Stories - Review

Title - The Wedding Trousseau and  Other Short Stories
Author -Ankita Sharma
Publisher - Humming Words Publishers
Genres - Anthology, multiple genres
Year - 2015
No. of Pages - 128


The Wedding Trousseau and  Other Short Stories is a collection of short stories that represents different elements of life. They are easy to connect and relate. These stories remind us of different phases that we go or relate in our life. Ankita Sharma has crafted the stories in such a way that  all the stories are  intriguing and her knack of connecting with the reader is marvelous. Through this anthology she has  infused and provoked some thoughts that the readers could ponder.


Aforementioned these collection of short stories represents different gamut of emotions ranging from love, fear, animosity, aggression and so on. Each story  will make you wear your thinking caps. Some stories were witty, at its humorous best while some were thought provoking!  The best part about each story is that it gives an important message. For instance, The Pink Card  talks about a lady prying into the personal space of the protagonist who happens to be at no fault. All that glitters is not gold , it can be silver too! ;) 

We talk big about equality in our country but there still are divides that happen that distinguish people on the basis of statuses. One More Bite highlights this fact.

Leaves talk about the story of a young boy who has a hard time making pple understand something different from their old perceptions.

Curse will make you relate to stories that you have been hearing  around your neighborhood. A story of a son and a mother who happen to curse his wife for the reasons known! To know the reason , read the book. I'm sure you must have heard such stories nearby!

Courtesy ,  The Solitary Mound, I Forgive You are light stories that deal with emotions and are philosophical too! 

The Wedding Trousseau talks about the life of a girl who dreams about her marriage and who is excited about her life after marriage. But dreams remain dreams when she learns that her marriage life is dry and sad. A busy husband who has no time for his wife and an affection craving wife are few stories that we all have been seeing in movies. Such stories do happen in reality too.

The Site Visit, is a spooky story of a young professional who wants to rent out a home only to find out the truth later about the owners of the house. Indeed Spine chilling!

The Fresh Stock  is a take on adoptions. People who adopt children at orphanages should be kind enough to adopt kids not on the basis of their color or size. Kids are the virtual representation of God and accept them no matter what. This story talks about the same.

The best of the  lot is 'Just Perfect' . This is something that I loved. It gives a very good message. No one is perfect in Life. Learn to be happy with little things that we have. It just gives a perfect end to the collection.

"Perfection keeps shifting like a mirage. We are obsessed with anything that is perfect but the standards shift every minute; they are not fixed. We refuse to accept and agree with anything that fails to fit inside our moulds of excellence. "

If you  are planning to chill over the weekend then this is the right book.  Ankita Sharma is adept and a very skillful writer who knows how to play with emotions. The  job of a writer is to make a reader visualize the characters in front of their eyes and I think that Ankita has done her job well. The language and the narration is simple and it establishes a good connection among the readers. The best part  is that every story has some value to offer and  the readers could relate with it. I highly recommend this book. These are stories that could be narrated to your kids. Better gift them this book!

The stories suggest that the writer is an observer. Anyone who pens stories that touches the heart and that talks about emotions need to be a good observer. Only a good observer can produce such realistic stories that have deep impact on the minds of the readers. 

I give 4/5 for the stories that  are not new but for the easy connect that it has to offer. Readers can relate to it and share these stories with their loved ones. 

This is a perfect debut for any writer and after reader this I would want to read a complete novel from her. I am sure that day would arrive soon.

About the  Author
Ankita Sharma is an entrepreneur based in Faridabad. She is passionate  about reading, writing and sketching. Her sketch works have appeared on the cover pages of few titles. She loves nature and is very fond of animals. She blogs at www.hummingwords.blogspot.in.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Mangalore Diaries

Magnificent Mangalore 9th May - 16th May 2015

Tannirbhavi beach
Boat ferrying us from the stop to the Tannirbhavi beach, Mangalore

Journeys are incomplete without travelogues. People generally question us - what have you done in your life that you have no time to spend and enjoy life? That’s something worth pondering!  You run behind your work that offers you the bread and butter of your life. But all these while, while you were earning your bread and butter you eventually forget the purpose of your life. Well, that’s the case with each one of us. As humans we prioritize things that are important to us. Thus family and work have high ratings on our priority scale. But there is one important aspect of life – you actually live life when you enjoy every moment of it. Why not explore the enchanting beauty of different places in our country? Well there are many places to explore around the globe. I’m not a globe trekker for sure but at times we can visit places nearby.  How about taking a week off and visit the country side! Well, Well, Well!  I too got deeply provoked by this thought and decided to spend most of the May by visiting some marvelous places across the coastline of India. The most difficult thing in planning a trip is deciding the destination. Konkan had been serving as a weekend stress buster for me and my friends since last few years. We love the exotic beaches there! There is something amazing about Konkan that keeps us wanting to go there again and again! For me occasional trips  serves as a great stress  buster. 

playing cricket
My Nephew Juan posing for me

But this year, I decided to explore Mangalore, one of the port cities of India. Mangalore is located in the Dakshina Karnataka region in the sandalwood state of Karnataka. Its kissed by the Arabian Sea from the west and caressed by the Western Ghats from the east. This city is notorious for many things. Few of them include food, beaches and culture.  Having been surrounded by Mangloreans from the early days of my life, I am accustomed to the culture there. I had last visited that place when I was young. I have faint memories of what I had seen there when I had visited that place in the early 90’s. But now things had changed. After my solo trip to Jaipur, Goa and Chennai, this was supposed to be the next in line. It was Mangalore time! I usually prefer travelling by train.  Rail journeys sometimes make you meet some wonderful people in your life. Believe me if I say that two of my best friends are the ones whom I met in a train.  As the train cascades through the track, it leads us through a beautiful trail that contains the mesmerizing rivers, lovely villages and adorable kids who wave their hands every time the train passes through their village. Cute, isn’t it? On the other side Airlines charge bomb so I didn’t want to hurt my wallet so I chose the railway.  Luckily I got my cousins staying there so accommodation was not a problem at all. I love travelling alone. I booked the tickets for the Mangalore Express train.

clicked from train
Clicked from the Train

May 9, 2015 - The day had arrived when I was to be freed from all my work and associated stress. Of course, this was a much needed vacation. I don’t belong to the breed who love working day and night, weeks and weekends! I boarded the train and sat on my  seat. I never had much luggage’s.  My photo partner Nikon was my best buddy. I always carried him wherever I go!  I clicked some photos of things that fascinated my eyes. It was an overnight journey but the train was late by 2 hours. As my train halted at the Mangalore junction, I saw my cousin waving at me.  I sat on his bike and we both head for his home. As I sat on the bike, I could feel the sudden cool breeze kissing my hair. May be that’s how Mangalore had planned to welcome me.

the backyard outside our home

I reached home, exchanged some pleasantries with my folks and rested. After an hour, I refreshed and Aunt had called me for breakfast. Mangalore was 950 km away from Mumbai but I still didn’t miss home. I strolled outside and admired the beauty of the place. It was scenic beauty.  But then it started raining! Though my dalliance with rains isn’t amusing but still at that moment I loved it.

Panambur beach

Panambur beach
The view of the beach, Clicked by me

Panambur beach
Panambur beach is known for its magnificent sunset

That day I just rested and watched some TV.  The next day, I decided to explore the Panambur beach. This beach is one of the cleanest beaches in India that is located near the port.  Many people visit the beach at evening. I too had visited the same with my family.  There are buses that go past that place. Probably one could use them for reaching the beach. I used my cousin’s bike to go there. It was a small beach. It was not crowded like most of the beaches in Mumbai. It was calm and pleasant. I sat on the beach and admired the sun set. There were few food stalls located nearby.  I looked around and my eyes came across a hoarding outside a shop. They claimed to show a glimpse of dolphins in the middle of the beach.  That was intriguing but it costed more than my too and fro train tickets. It wasn’t a nice idea to travel to the middle of the sea just to see some dolphins. I clicked photos of the sun set and then I met a camel with its cute owner. He was a young boy, may be around 14.  

camel jockey boy
The boy whom I met. The camel Jockey. Clicked by me

I thought of striking a conversation with him. His story had touched my heart.
“So how much do you earn every day?” I asked.
“Not much. Half of the amount is given to the owner and what I get is nothing but pea nuts,” he riposted.
“So how much for a ride?” I asked.
“200 Anna!”
“Okay. So take us for a ride,” I said to which he agreed with a smile.

My brother snapped at me saying that 200 was too much for a ride.  I smiled at him and put my arms around his shoulder.  Sometimes money can’t buy everything but for some it can buy happiness.  200 was not a big amount for me but for the little boy it was something that could help him. By God's grace we have everything that we wish for. Thanks to our doting parents who offer us what our heart wishes for. But think about these kids. Even they must be having lots of dreams in their eyes. But certain obstructions like Family conditions and poverty persuades them to leave and studies. As a result of this all they could do is to find any job worth doing and support their families with the little money that they earn.  I was in fact happy to give him that much money. I really wish he succeeds in life. 

That's me searching for something. Clicked by my Bro!

As I handed him the money he glanced at me and thanked me.  All that I could manage was his photograph. He was indeed a cool guy! Then I head back home and rested for a while.

infant jesus church mangalore
Outside the Infant Jesus church

The next day was the time to visit the infant Jesus church located near the Carmel Hill.  I along with my Cousins visited the Infant Jesus church for the Tamil mass at 11 AM. I had a chance to click few photos after the mass. 

Evening was time for the bike rides.  I along with my cousin would ride along the Mangalore streets and visit the different shops and flea markets. We also visited the KFC’ and the McD’s that came on our way. So it was a week full of peace sans stress and was indeed refreshing. That day I retired to bed very early.

Pilikula Biological Park

I had to visit too many places at a very short span of time. I just had one week’s time to traverse the length and breadth of the city.  The next day it was the time to visit the Pilikula zoo. Pilikula as the name suggests refers to Tiger – Lake. It was the place where ages ago tigers used to visit the lake to drink water. But later a zoo was constructed in that forest area.  Pilikula can be reached via bus. It would not take more than 1 hour if travelling via bus. It took us two buses to reach Pilikula , one  from Kottara and then the other one at Lal Bagh.


crocodiles making out

Samba deer

The Pilikula Biological Park extends over an area of around 350 – 400 acres that hosts several breeds of animals and birds. I was accompanied by my cousins and their children. We meandered around the park for a while. We walked towards the area that sheltered the birds. The cages had different types of birds.  See the photos below. We also had a chance to view the roaring tigers, mighty lions, adorable deer’s, romantic crocodiles, sloth bears, wild boar, alligators and snakes in the Pilikula Biological Park. The children loved watching the animals. They were visibly excited.

TIger pilikula park

We left the park late and reached home at around 8 pm. On our way back, we visited a fast food joint and had some delicious Chinese food items.

The next morning we got up early. Aunty had already spoken to a travel agent who agreed to take us to Mysore to visit the Mysore Palace and other places nearby! As discussed the driver came home at 4 am. Mysore was located at a distance of 265 km from Mangalore. It was a 6 hours journey from Kottara. Generally people stay back at Mysore  to explore the places there but as I had come on a short notice for me they all agreed to return back on the same day.  During the trip was fun. We sang and danced as the Tourister van sailed along the Western Ghats. The road resembled the F1 track and it was scary.  We visited the Mysore Palace as we reached our destination. We took the NH17 route and the Mysore Highway on our way.

Mysore Palace is elegant and a class apart. The architecture of the palace was mind-blowing.  I just watched it with my mouth agape and couldn’t believe my eyes. I also visited the residence area of the Palace. The paintings were neat and we saw the photos of the Kings and the Queens who lived there. While leaving we clicked a family photo in front of the Palace.  Our next plan was to visit the Mysore zoo but the Rain gods had some other plans. It rained heavily as we went to the ticket counter. Also our plan of visiting the Vrindavan got cancelled. Dejected, we decided to go back home, cursing the rain gods for spoiling our plan. 

Mysore Palace
The Grand Mysore Palace

On our way back as the rain stopped pouring, we visited the Golden Temple, a Tibetan Monastery.  We went inside and clicked some cool pictures. We even clicked photographs with some of the monks there! A cute little Monk posed for us too. We shopped in a store nearby and we met Pofu, a charming handsome monk who was witty and at the same time knew how to sell his products. Finally we returned back home at 11PM. The road was dangerous. The driver had to be given full score for safely transporting us from Mangalore to Mysore and back.
The golden temple
The Golden Tibetan Temple

the little monk
The Little Monk
The handsome Monk - Pofu

The day after, we didn’t have any plans. We stayed back home and enjoyed the day by cooking Chicken Biryani. It came good and was delicious!  The same evening we visited Pubba’s – an icecream parlour which was well known in Mangalore. People from Udipi and Manipal even visited that place for some quality ice cream. The next day it was time to visit another beach. We visit the Tannirbhavi beach.   

Niece eating icecream at the Pubbas

Chicken Biryani
The delicious Chicken Biryani

To reach the beach we had to take a boat that would ferry us from the stop to the place where the beach was located. We had to wait in queue for this. But finally after 20 minutes we got our turn. Tannirbhavi beach. On our way to Tannirbhavi beach, we also got a glimpse of the Sultan Battery that was used by Tipu Sultan for his secret missions and communications.

Tannirbhavi beach
At the Tannirbhavi beach

There were lots of tall trees located near the beach that actually accentuated the beach. The tall trees and the greenery around beautified it.  We went ahead and stepped into the waters playing with the waves and clicked some photos. That trip summed up my short Mangalore trip.  

Tannirbhavi beach

The same night at 11 PM, I was destined to travel back to my nest through the Mumbai Express. It was indeed a special memory for me as I had visited the same city earlier during my crawling days. I was emotionally attached to this place and it served as a good break from office.  That break was a much needed one and thankfully I felt lucky enough to visit Mangalore.

playing badminton
And we had some family time together! 

The best part about this place is that you could find inner peace if you wander around unlike Mumbai. Mumbai is a fast moving city where people do not have time  to  stand and stare  even at their loved ones. It is the city that never sleeps. I love my city and it equally loves me  back. The best thing about Mangalore is that I see a glimpse of Mumbai in it. People in Mangalore are friendly and helpful. They get excited and amazed when they get to know that you are from Mumbai. That's the best part of it. I got lots of memories from this trip. Few of them I have shared through the few photographs I have added in this blog post. 

We wander from places to places and what we get in return are the memories that our mind registers.  These memories are kind of souvenirs that we won’t wish to forget. Every time whenever we see the photos that would take us back to the memory lane.  It is a land of curry and fish lovers. It is known for food and I got to get a glimpse of some amazing food and I tasted neer dosa, crab curry, rice rotis and may more food items.  Mangalore had many more fascinating places but due to paucity of time I just had to visit few selected ones.  May be next time I will come for a longer duration and explore more places.  But this trip will reside forever in my memory!