Monday, October 26, 2015

Don't Spit here

"Indians need to learn a lot from the Americans, see there," he said, pointing his fingers towards the tobacco stained walls.
"Don't you think so?" he asked me.
He looked at it in disgust and walked towards the corner of the road.
"Vhaaak Thoooo!" He cleared his throat.
Stunned, I  said, "Really?"

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Reasons why the locations of the properties really matter

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Location of any property plays the biggest role in the real estate market. The value of the property depends mainly on the location. That is why you will see that different houses in different localities have different price value. In the year 1926, The New York Times also highlighted “location, location, location” thrice. Houses are long term investments so choose a house and judge the location very well! A real estate agent also pushes and encourages their clients to buy a worst home at the best locality. The price of the property depends on where it is situated. If you want that your house value increases and the investment you make turn out to be a profitable one then go for the 5 finger rules discussed below:

A good neighborhood

Who wants to stay in an unsafe neighborhood? One wants to feel at ease in their homes. That is why we say "home sweet home sweet'! A good neighborhood will have an amicable and interactive neighbors, and safe outdoors. There will parks and playgrounds where you can walk and relax. Don't go for a locality where you hear the news of frequent burglary. In today's fast moving world, neighbors are becoming more strangers. Hardly, they know each other well. So choosing a rent house in Bangalore with good neighbors is the first criteria.

Water facility

If you are buying a house for the first time then you should check out whether the houses receive proper water facility. If the area suffers from water crisis then in the long run your property value will definitely go down. A tenant looking for a rental apartment or flat in Bangalore will also choose the one which gets proper water facility.

 Transportation facility

If you are buying a home, it is indeed a long run investment. Many people buy a home to settle down in their old age. So the houses should be connected well with proper transportation facilities. Many towns are still not well connected with buses or train routes. So buying a property in those places will incur you more cost. As you have to again invest in your car. So check out whether your house is connected with bus route at least within 20 minutes distance.

Good schools

If you have a kid or even if you are single, if the houses are located near good schools then you will see that the people are more social and the property also gains added value. While you are purchasing your own home think wisely and acts like a future seller. Why will a family with two kids buy your house if it is located far away from a school? Bottom line: Check out the school directory also!

Entertainment zones

Your house should be located near to shopping malls, hypermarkets so that you can reach out there for your daily consumption. In coastal areas, the houses located near sea beach have a higher value. You can also check out whether any clubs, restaurants are nearby or not. Also, keep in mind to check out whether any pharmacy or hospital is present in the adjacent place.

Location truly matters a lot. A location is the ultimate value setter of your property. Go for the best-located houses! Maybe a seaside viewing house or a house located near the most happening restaurant! Choose well if you are buying or looking for a rental accommodation in an Indian metro like Bangalore

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Real Togetherness - Let's Simplify Life!

Real Togetherness
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Gone are the days when we used to sit together and discuss how life brought in some amazing changes. The participants used to be our children, parents, or our close friends. I admit that those days used to be the best days of our life when gadgets and internet were still in the process of construction. But after the advancement of technology it seems like we all have turned slave to the fiend called technology. Smartphones, The internet, Electronic Gadgets have made life miserable leading to many lifestyle diseases that have vowed to shorten our lifespan. 

In this process, we somehow have forgotten to realize that we have a life outside our virtual world. Life isn't about writing on each others wall on Facebook, Tweeting on our profiles, Pinging on chat messengers, Checking in at specific locations online or Posting our Selfies and amazing photographs on various photo sharing apps. By doing this, we may acquire the status of a mini internet celebrity but what are we getting by doing that is the big question? Put aside the tech savvy  within you  and return back to the period  before technology came into our lives. Why not take some time and make some meaningful discussions with our family and friends.  We could talk our loved ones at the mall or a shopping complex for shopping instead of clicking random buttons on an app to get our products delivered on our door. Let's simplify life! 

Uncomplicating life is the need of the hour. I have come across parents who don't have time to give quality time  to their children. We should give moments and memories to our loved ones. Through technology, we are distancing ourselves from them.  It's time to break down the shackles of the Digital world and  connect with each other in person. Plan a trip outside for a day or two. Enjoy Quality time with your family and friends. Reminisce the good old days with your friends. Narrate your childhood tales with your children. Let them know that your life was amazing as theirs! Always remember that it's the little things in life that make life beautiful. Stress and Lifestyle diseases will eventually haunt you some day if you run behind things that only give you momentary happiness. By this, I imply the money minded nature of us! Set priorities in life and spend time with family and friends. Go and discover the real togetherness by spending time with them. Take them for trekking and spend time with nature and unleash the lost love! Rekindle the true happiness of your life. Life is short and moreover it's precious. You can't just afford to mess up with it. Remember True happiness lies in Real Togetherness and it can be acquired by spending time with our loved ones and Nature can help us in some or the other way.  It's high time to build a meaningful bond with our kith and kin in the real world. 

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Different Workspace environments to nurture Creativity

Different Workspace environments to nurture Creativity

Creativity is a spontaneous activity. Not everyone is creative or to frame in a better term, let's say that not everyone is creatively blessed. Sometimes there are different factors that invoke the creative being within us. And sometimes it is the environment that  exposes the creative part of us. There are various professions that demand their employees be creative. For instance editors and journalists who write editorials and innovate articles need to be creative and you need to focus and concentrate on the work. Writers, Scriptwriters, media personnel, Designers need to work in an environment  that needs to be calm  that can invoke your creative cells so that they can concentrate and focus more on their work. Sometimes our educational qualifications do not ensure that we go and do things by  going extra miles.  And a study reveals that the environment where we work directly affects our productivity.

So there is a need to design our work environment with utmost care and concern.  Gone are the days of the traditional workspace with a single chair and a workstation with a boring color pattern.  A work environment where a babble of voices constantly haunts us from behind coupled with dirt and  lack of comfort is a perfect No-No. 

本の部屋 : Modern study/office by FURUKAWA DESIGN OFFICE

For an environment to foster creativity, you need to be in your comfort zone.  Unless and until one is in their comfort zone, our mind will not be bombarded with too many ideas. Ideas do not strike our mind every time. And aforementioned, ideas  will stroll through your mind only when you  work in an ambiance  where you are comfortable.  The other factors include the nature of the work area and the type of the job. Designers and Creative professionals  need to work in an area that is rich and colorful. For one not to be creativity-challenged, one should ensure that the workspace that they work in is suitable to their need.

Minimalist study/office by Luiza Sadowska

Creative Professionals should be constantly motivated. A study had revealed that a room with light colors such as Yellow or sky Blue can induce effects on the minds of the individual. We need to develop a zone where we can work with complete freedom.  Small businesses are focusing  more on developing creative space designs so that their employees can be comfortable.

Workspaces should be colorful and well lit. It should be spacious and not cluttered. Some potted small plants should be installed near our desk to add freshness.  The environment should be cool and it should be adjustable by thermostats because warm temperature decreases productivity. Workspaces should be equipped with activity areas. Creative artifacts such as lamps and desks especially the fancy ones like the car bonnet types  so that the employees are motivated and energetic. Interesting and engaging work environments leads to no boredom and leads to productivity.

Beds & headboards by MUEBLES DUERO
Bookshelves, Dashboards etc could be placed near the workstation.  There are million decorative ideas that could be implemented, but it all depends on the mood of the environment created.

CASA RR8 : Modern study/office by Grupo Arsciniest

CASA RR8 by Christian López

There is a need for developing a creative environment at workplaces. Hence, organizations should start working on providing a suitable environment for their employees in order to increase their productivity as well as to obtain good Esat!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Dude, what's your resolution ?

‘I’m getting the screen resolution issue, dude,’ he said, his face visibly disappointed.
 ‘Could be a potential defect,’ I said.
He looked at my screen and asked, ‘Dude, what’s your resolution?’
I was busy engrossed with my work.
‘Dude, what’s your resolution?’ He asked again.
‘To hit the gym at least this year.’

He glared

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Shayaree-e-Zindagi - Poetry for Life by J.S. Mishra - Book Review

Shayaree-e-Zindagi - Poetry for Life by J.S. Mishra - Book Review

In the Foreword of the book - Shayaree - e - Zindagi, Javed Akthar Sahab says that Poetry is an eternal gift in its most natural,  most powerful and appealing format.  Poetry is something that gives an inner peace during the time of crisis for most of us who are connoisseurs of art. Perhaps that's what soothes us when we are down or low. I seldom write poetries but whenever I write its full of emotions.  That's the beauty of a poem. It may be short, but it reflects the state of our mind. 

Shayaree-e-Zindagi has a tagline called Poetry for Life.  Yes, indeed! This book is a compilation of Shayrees , couplets and poetries written by famous  Urdu and Hindi poets. It is based on the different elements of life.  The  couplets are based on the elements of life such as Beauty, Longing, Relationships, Love, Promise, Waiting, Dream, Pain, Grief, Memory, Destination,  Courage, Leadership, Self Pride, Philosophy of Love, Spiritualism and  other couplets.  J.S Mishra, the master  behind the book is a bureaucrat and is a poetry lover too. Most of his works are commendable and he has a deep liking for poems especially Hindi. 

Shayaree-e-Zindagi - Poetry for Life has been divided into seventeen chapters and the couplets constituting the chapters have been given in Devanagari as well as in English Transliteration.  This is done basically for the readers who find it difficult to recite it in the Devanagari script so that they can enjoy the beauty of the couplet. Also,  J.S Mishra has taken efforts to translate the couplets into English for the Non-Hindi  Poetry fans. 
I read the book and the collection of the Urdu/ Hindi shayree's is awesome. I liked it.
I am sharing few of them here.

"Husn kee subah ik shikst-e-jameel
Husn kee Shaam kaamraanee hai,
Ye kuchh afsaan-e-takhyyul hai,
Kucchh haqueeqat kee tarjumaanee hai" - Majaz Lakjnawi

"Morning  of the beauty may be a lovely failure,
Evening of the beauty if success,
This is partly an imaginary story,
And partly an interpretation of reality"
"Gairon kee baat chhodiye gairon  sey kya milaa,
Apnon ney  kya diyaa hamein, apnon se kya milaa" - Kaifi Azmi

"Leave aside talking about others, what have others given,
What did our own give us, what did we get from them."

For many more interesting ones, do read the book. 

The book features poems of elite Urdu/ Hindi poets like Kaifi Aazmi, Majaz Lakhnawi, Ghalib, Jigar Moradabadi, Riyaz Khairabadi, Hasrat Mohani, Zauq, Faiz, Firaq, Nida Fazli, Abdul Hameed Adam and many more.

This is a must read for all the Urdu, Hindi Poetry fans out here. Do read it.

About J.S Mishra.
An Engineering graduate from IIT Roorkee and an Indian Administrative Service officer, J.S. Mishra has been widely acclaimed as a competent administrator, an enabling leader, an effective writer, and a passionate poet.He has published five collections of Hindi poems and five acclaimed worldwide books. His poems have equally been praised and welcomed by both lovers of literature and common readers alike. He is the recipient of numerous state honours, citations and certificates for his scholarly and meritorous achievements. 

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

And Tom Hanks finds Lauren's student ID card

Imagine one day you were strolling around a park or a playground and you lose your College Identity card or any other important document for that matter. You would be shocked for obvious reasons. And Imagine if a surprise awaits you in form of something that would bring joy to your life. Yes, that's what has happened to Lauren , a student of  the Fordham University. 

She may not be aware of the fact that a Hollywood super celeb would write  a tweet and a Facebook post stating that he has found her ID card. Incredible! Isn't it? 

Lucky Girl, Lauren!  No marks for guessing the actor. Its Tom Hanks, the super star who posted and tweeted a photo having the ID of Lauren. 

Lauren, well this might be your best gift for this year. If you happen to know this then kindly visit Mr. Hanks office and collect your ID card. Who knows there might be many  more surprises awaiting you. 

Don't forget to click a selfie with Tom Hanks if you meet the legend. Not everyone get a chance like this. But frankly I  do hope you get a chance to meet him. 

Check out the tweet that Mr. Tom Hanks had tweeted.

Tom Hanks College ID Students Fordham University

And do we really have to mention the amount of Retweets, Favorites, Likes and Shares in Facebook and Twitter. That's the power of social media. This is a kind gesture from Tom Hanks!

Such a bliss this, for Lauren from the Fordham University. And I don't even have a college ID to lose. 

Check out these reactions in Facebook. People now really want to lose their ID cards after Tom Hanks found Lauren's ID.

Tom Hanks finds Lauren's ID

And hey isn't Lauren looking pretty ? ;)