Saturday, December 26, 2015

She loved him, but he loved her only as a friend...

And then he played with her heart using it as a toy


Relationship is a very sensitive topic. And there is a lot more to it. But trust me if you are in a relationship then for it to be happy, you need to ensure that there are various factors that are considered. Trust is one such factor. You got to trust each other while in a relationship. We are living in the 21st century and things now have changed a lot. In this technology frenzy era, we  have failed to prioritize things that matter a lot to us. We fail to  value our relations. A bond is special by various means, but it survives only when two people respect and value it. 

Never take people for granted  especially those who love you and for whom your presence means something to them.  Do not fabricate your feelings for them and use their heart as a toy. Last night my friend pinged me on WhatsApp and recited me the latest happenings in her relationship. I used to have a strong crush on her during the early stages of our friendship but later that dried up and I moved on.  She informed me about this guy whom she liked and perhaps loved.  She had dreams of togetherness with him, but sadly things veered out drastically when the discussion between them heated. Being a relationship analyst, I told her not to trust such men easily. But again, not all men are same. She used to address men as dogs before she got serious. But she trusted him a lot. Trust isn't a one-sided way. He recently moved to the US and sooner the long distance relationship didn't seem to click. Also, it was known that he was having an affair with another woman there. And my poor friend wasted her time thinking of him. I feel upset  when I learned that she cried the entire night thinking of the incident. Love hurts for some!

My point here is   - Why show false hopes to someone when you don't mean anything? Why display fake feelings for someone when those feelings aren't real. Is it fun to break a woman's heart and use it as a toy to play with. Never play with a girls heart.  I got vexed when I learned about that yesterday that the guy was just playing and doing time pass with my friend. But in the end, whatever happens, happens for the good. I advised her to move on. It may sound easy to say but for someone who is reticent and kind and someone gave them the happiness of  their life through small gestures and deeds, moving on becomes a difficult task. She loved him so much, but he loved her only as a friend. 

My heart grieved in sadness when she asked me  - "What will he get by doing all this to me? You know he played with my feelings. I'm deeply hurt yar." 

I have always been saying that love is a sensitive issue. It works for many and for some it doesn't. Loyalty, Faithfulness, Commitment, Trust is something that defines a relationship.  But these words seem trivial these days. But still I would say- Love is a waste of time! 

It is sad that at times you feel affected by certain events that affect your friends. This is life! But for our near and dear ones our heart beats more! Open your heart for someone who really cares for you and who promises not to take you  and your emotions for granted. 

DO ensure you don't fall for a wrong person and hurt yourself!
I rest my case here!

What's your views on this?

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Yes, it Rained!

Yes, it Rained!

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Rains , seen as a respite by many that includes humans and beasts who stroll around the jungle  in search of food. Rapid deforestation and other factors  have  contributed to the Global Warming that has  not only caused a big hole on the stratosphere but also impacted the lives of many. We see wild animals dying each passing day and farmers succumbing to pressure. Poor thing do not know anything else apart from farming. But the rain god plays with them by not pouring what they demand. 

Let the clouds burst and pour out waters that quench not only the thirst of those animals but also help the poor farmers!

"Look baba! see there ! "  A smile grips the face of the farmers son as he experiences the first rain of the season.

Yes, of course it rained! They feel jubilant and exhilarated. Such is the scene in the regions where it rains less and when the rains knock their doors they embrace it with open arms. 

"Yes, it rained!" 

But excess of rainfall can be hazardous. A sagacious saint had once said that things look good only when they are in the limit. Once the threshold is crossed, disaster awaits. That's what happened in Chennai this winter! Ouch! Winter for the others, Monsoon for the Tamilians. Retreating Monsoon they say! 

That sect of the country that eagerly awaits the rains  during the month of November had a lot to say! 
Because this time the clouds were kind enough to them! Yes, extremely kind and generous. IT showered not just rains but along with it some kind of associated pain. The pain of losing the loved ones, the pain of losing the home, the pain of  watching everything go topsy turvy in front of their own eyes! There is a good in all bad and bad in all good.  Almighty showered too much rains over the south Indian state that couldn't handle the havoc. 

I have no inkling about how much it rained , the specs , no no idea about that! But yes I know it rained too much... so much that it let the commuters travel in boat instead of buses or cars. God forbid, never again!

You can't avert such situations. But  when such situation arises you can't do much.  Even during the moment of crisis, devil in disguise tried to make most of the rains and started selling basic products at a hiked price. One litre milk for 40 can be affordable but the same quantity for 250 isn't!  The Rich might shell away few bucks but the poor can't. But then came the angels in form of benevolent  such as few actors, activists and the social media warriors. 

Through Twitter and Facebook, people got together and did their bit to help those who were affected by the floods be it retweeting tweets by volunteers or be it creating excellent logistics medium for the Chennai floods.
The Twitter sena unlike the other days didn't quarrel over  sending people to Pakistan. The Bhakts  and the Sickulars came together in Twitter and helped the volunteers looking forward for help.

Narendra Modi lovers and supporters are fondly called as Bhakts in India. Sickular is the antonym of Bhakts( If you are wondering what those words mean).

Some kind B town and C town celebrities donated  their money for the Chennai floods.  Isn't it amazing? Politics and Politicians divide us on the basic of caste , religion and what not. And then natural calamities unite us. We are least bothered about the guy if he is a Hindu or a Muslim or from any religion for that matter.  That's the unity that defines us Indians. It is this Indianness that will take us miles even when the forces try to divide us and spread hatred. 

Stay united not just during disasters and calamities but also during normal days. Love everyone without any bias! 

To cut it short, Chennai floods taught us a great lesson to remember. Natural Calamities destroys and affects everyone  - not just the rich or the poor, not just the ones from the Hindu faith or not just the ones from the Brahmins caste. It spares none! It will swallow each one of us like a dark serpent!  Remember unity is what highlights us and our nation. People in the west know India as a country where people of different religions live together in harmony and peace! 

Stay united!

God Bless this country of mine!

Let peace be with you all!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Zoo: Good Or Bad?

Zoo: Good Or Bad?

Humans have a never ending fascination with wild animals and zoos provide them with an opportunity to see these creatures up close, which is a particularly exciting trip for children. While the finances shouldn't be a problem, since you can save on your trip and everything you need by using coupons form such websites as there is an ongoing debate as to whether it's moral to keep animals in zoos. Let's take a closer look at both sides of the coin.

The Good


A growing number of animal species around the world are beginning to go extinct and zoos provide these creatures with a protective sanctuary. Many of these extinctions takes place rapidly, with very little hope for reversal. Zoos are able to recreate a semblance of an animal's natural habitat and greatly increase their chances of survival.

Educating Humans

If not for zoos, there are a wide range of animals that human beings would never be able to see up close. City dwellers are not often given the opportunity to see wild animals, such as lions and tigers, up close and without such a place their life would be devoid of such an educational experience.

Research Purposes

By rescuing species and learning more about their traits and characteristics, we can find out how they live each day and more importantly, how they react to certain situations. There are fewer variables and much less risk involved, which allows scientists and researchers to affect numerous changes. Wild populations are much more easily managed in a zoo format.

The Bad

People Are Not As Interested

Zoos are often portrayed as a place for animal lovers to congregate and learn more about creatures of the wild. However, unfortunately, studies have shown that the modern citizen is less concerned about going to the zoo and more concerned with taking pictures for social media and spending a minimal amount of time at each exhibit, which is worrying data.

Zookeepers Cannot Meet Animal Needs

Wild animals that are removed from their natural habitats and placed in zoos often have very specific needs, needs that zookeepers are not always fully aware of or able to fulfill. Whether it is the animals' dietary needs, their temperature requirements or environmental concerns, zoos are not always able to provide a proper home.

Wild Animals Must Remain Wild

Elephants, lions, tigers and the like are not made to spend long days and nights penned in. These animals are often very unhappy in a zoo environment, which may be a makeshift prison of sorts. Animals have been known to voice their displeasure by refusing to eat and becoming surly.

The debate about zoos  will surely continue to rage on for years to come. While there is valid information to be gleaned from studying wild animals in a zoo setting, there are also legitimate concerns about whether the practice of keeping these animals in cages is good for their long term development. Deciding whether zoos are good for animals or not is truly a tossup, and it most likely depends on one's point of view and the particular zoo's conditions and policies.

Why Mumbai is the best city in India?

Mumbai - they say that this is called as the city of dreams. Yes, how true is this! People migrate from small villages to this city in order to fulfill their dreams. This city welcomes them with open arms. That’s the best part of this place. It never says no, never! 

Mumbai is well connected from within and outside.  Through a neat transport system, people can travel from one place to another through the local trains and the public buses. Also autos and taxis run from places to places that make things easier. So accessibility was never an issue. A good characteristic of a city is that it should be well connected and accessible. People here are quite helpful. If you are lost somewhere then they will guide you properly with the routes. The city is designed in such a way that it is geographically divided into different regions such as South Mumbai, North Mumbai, Suburbs, Navi Mumbai, and Thane and so on though Thane is a separate district on the outskirts of Mumbai. 

You can drive along the road and reach your office every day. Excluding some roads, most of the roads are neat and the traffic is less during the normal hours. Albeit the traffic is slightly on a higher scale when it comes to rush hours but there are very few who complain about it.  With the induction of Metro railways, the connectivity between the Central and the Western line is now possible. The journey that normal takes around 1 hr and 15 minute is now wrapped up in around 15 minutes.  So a lot of time is now saved with the arrival of Metro trains. 

The South of Mumbai is said to be bliss.  Also known as the town side, this part of the city hosts several historical monuments and some amazing tourist destinations. It is clean and attracts lots of tourists from various countries.   The Gateway of India which is listed on the World Heritage site is a famous monument where people visit. Whoever visits this wonderful city ensures that they visit the Gateway of India. 

Sometimes you might wonder why this part of this country is over populated.  Yes, this particular city. It is because people see lots of job opportunities here that make them to travel here. It is a good market for investors and there are lots of IT companies here that give bread and butter to several Engineers. Such is the impact of this city on people.
Aforementioned, the design of the city is incredible. It is connected via trains and buses. The Chatrapati Shivaji Airport is one of the busiest airports in the country. Thus because of all the factors mentioned above I would like to highlight that Mumbai is one of the best cities in India and the World.