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The Bestseller she wrote - Book Review

Author: Ravi Subramanian
ISBN: 978-93-85152-38-2
Genre: Romance / Drama / Mystery
Publisher: Westland Book
No. Of pages: 390

Ravi Subramanian writing a book of different genre was a surprise element for most of his fans. For people who are used to reading his thriller, this was a different thing. Imagine the Numero Uno Thriller writer writing a book on Love, Betrayal and Redemption. Well, Well! That's the by line of this book names - The Bestseller she wrote. Another fascinating text that amazed me was the - Soon to be a motion picture written at the bottom of the cover page.

The book is about a famous writer Aditya Kapoor whose books are bestsellers. He had a great fan following His family comprised of a beautiful wife. His life was something that usually people dream for. He had everything, almost everything that anyone would ask for. The first encounter of the writer and the rebel, defiant Shreya Kaushik, an ambitious student happens at a packed auditorium at the IIM where the writer was invited as a chief guest. An argument between both of them annoys Aditya but later reading his books Shreya turns out to be a big fan of his. Aditya falls in love with her and has an extra marital affair with her. Another character that I loved was that of Aditya’s wife Maya.
Many believe that this character of Aditya is loosely based on many writers life. After reading the initial few chapters, I thought that it was Chetan Bhagat's life story. But few more elements don't support it.

The language is simple; it flows well and could be a good read for many. I was actually disappointed a bit. I have been a great fan of Ravi Subramanian's book. The style also resembled me of a so called famous writer whom I don’t want to name.  I liked the way Shreya Kaushik’s character is portrayed.  She seems to me like a new generation girl, young, smart and headstrong.  It is an undoubtedly a good plot and at times it was predictable. The bestseller she wrote is an interesting read. I am a great fan of his Thriller books and admire his writings. God is a gamer is a book of his that impressed me. The book can be read at one go while travelling. I give it 3/5.

About the Author

Ravi Subramanian, an alumnus of IIM Bangalore, has spent two decades working his way up the ladder of power in the amazingly exciting and adrenaline-pumping world of global banks in India. It is but natural that his stories are set against the backdrop of the financial services industry. In 2008, his debut novel, If God Was a Banker, won the Golden Quill Reader's Choice Award. He won the Economist Crossword Book Award in 2012 for The Incredible Banker and the Crossword Book Award in 2013 for The Bankster. His most recent novel is Bankerupt. He lives in Mumbai with his wife, Dharini and daughter, Anusha.

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Let me not think of You!

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Let me not think of you
in the silence of the night
Let me not languish
the seasons gone by
Days that we spent together 
will never come back
Annihilate me with that million dollar smile
Smile that I would crave forever 
Let me not remember you
my heart shrieks with pain
Let me hug you for the last time
I doubt we would ever meet again
I started missing you
the moment you said goodbye
The Lane where we walked together
will never see us walk again
The flowers that once kissed the bee
The bee will never be the same
Bygone days will never return back
Your memories already began to haunt me
The void that you left behind
Will never be filled again
Even if it happens,
that will never be the same
What will the butterflies think
that fluttered within me
Every time you walked with me
I started missing you 
the moment you said goodbye

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Live in the Present, Not Future

hugging family
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It was 5 on the clock and the appraisal letters had not yet arrived. It was the talk of the day as we all had anticipated the hike letter.  I was quite sure that the HR's mailbox would have been jammed with too many emails from the employees asking questions about the letter. I was foreseeing  a good hike this year   and had already made plans. Shoba, my wife had sacrificed her last few years for our twins.  Her own family disowned her as she considered me important than her family. Being from different castes, our parents didn't agreed to our marriage. She eloped with me at a time when she needed her family support the most. May be she trusted me a lot. She couldn't even continue with her education. Her folks declared  that they would not see or talk to Shoba again.   I had promised my sons Abhishek and Abhijit that I would take them to Disneyland this year.  I wanted to surprise my family.  The rented house that we were living in was not too good.  The Home loan gulped large portion of my Salary. Even  both my  boys were growing up and school fees these days are expensive.

"Ashutosh!" Monica, my  junior called me and I came out of my reverie.
"Guys, Check mail ASAP," Ankita Singhal from the Database team announced and we all launched the HR IDEAS Portal at the same time. 
"Shit ya! 4%!" Shriya said with a straight face. 
"Fuck! 2%,  Fucking peanuts," Gotham muttered.

My heart started pumping rapidly after seeing their initial reactions.  The Portal was still getting loaded. As the progress bar of the browser moved forward, I had my heart in my mouth. I was getting anxious with every passing minute. Finally, the web page opened. I clicked on the "Show my ratings" Link and I stood stunned. 
"B  - You meet your expectations!" I read.  I calculated and found that  an annual hike of 3 % was awarded to me.  I closed the browser and left for the  Tapri. I took a puff of the cigarette and got lost in my own train of thoughts.  I soon left for my Bay. That day I was disappointed with my appraisal hike. I just couldn't stop thinking about it. Everyone seemed depressed. 
I soon locked my desktop and left for the parking.  I inserted the key into  the ignition and started my Splendour. The security guard saluted me as I neared the gate. It was then I realized that I had forgotten my helmet on my desk.  I  gave him a pleasant smile and moved ahead.

As I was riding the bike,  several thoughts gripped my mind. My mind was invaded by negativity. What about Shoba? What about my twins? What about their education? What about my promise to them? What about the Home Loan?  I just couldn't focus on driving. 
I missed the signal and  rammed onto a Truck.  It wasn't the truck drivers fault. I lay drenched on a pool of blood.  My body lay there on a state of stasis as I felt my soul departing from my body. A mob  thronged into the scene and encircled me. My skull got ruptured  and I observed my bleeding brain.  People were talking amongst themselves. Few of the college going kids were shooting videos with their mobile phones. Police arrived in few minutes. They drew a chalk outline of my body and send my body to the Sion Hospital for a formal necropsy.  The Officials contacted my employer and  my wife Shoba through  the information available on my Office Identity Card.  

I was watching everything from sidelines. Shoba and my boys rushed to the Sion hospital. Tears streamed down her cheeks.  Abhishek and Abhijit were sobbing. I wanted to go down and embrace three of them. My entire team comprising of my Delivery Manager, Project Manager, my juniors and my close friends were present at the Hospital. My boss was providing solace to Shoba.  But tears just couldn't stop flowing from her eyes.  She hugged both my boys and sat in one corner in disbelief.  At that moment, I felt that I shouldn't have fret about the future. Days passed and Shoba and kids were asked to vacate the rented house by the Landlord. She pleaded and asked for time but the arrogant rascal refused to budge. I stayed close to three of them, watching every single action of theirs. I used to be the only source of income of the family. She was helpless. Initially, my organization and my team helped her but such kind of help are only subjected to a limited period of time.  If her parents hadn't disowned her she could have lived with them. But Shoba was a rebel. She could fend for herself and raise our kids. She started working in a house as a maid and my boys discontinued their education as they couldn't afford to pay more fees.  Her mistress  used to harass her.  I just couldn't face all that. 
After a long day at work, she sat down on the floor with the kids sleeping on her lap. I sat next to her. I saw the pain on her eyes. I  always loved her smile.  It was one of the most riveting parts of her body. She looked at my photograph and tears started rolling down her cheeks. 
"Shobha, don't cry!" I asked her not to cry. I just wanted to hug her tight. 
"Shoba, Please don't cry," I said but she ignored me. Maybe she would be ignoring me forever. But I would   mind dying once again to let her know how much I loved her. I so wanted to hug her one more time but that time would never come again.
She deserved a life of a  Queen and we would have happily lived  in our own little Kingdom. I wish I hadn't thought about our future. "Oh God! Save my family and give Strength to Shoba!"  I prayed to God. 
At the same time, I saw Shoba mixing the Rat poison to the food. 
"Shoba! Don't do that for God sake!" I screamed. But sadly all that I screamed or cried could be heard by none
"God save them...God, please stop her. " I screamed at the top of my voice. 
But by then  they all had consumed the food. 
"Shobaaaaa.........." I screeched. The incessant honks from the vehicles behind got me out of the dream. The Traffic Signal showed 3 seconds left. 

"Bhosidike! aage  jaa naa." An auto driver yelled at me.
I moved ahead and thanked Almighty that it was a dream. Dreams could be scary at times and they could tell you everything about your future. I lost my  family in that dream and even saw their sufferings. 

I stopped my bike near a Tapri and washed my face. 
"Never, ever,  Never... I will think about my future," I promised to myself.
My family needs me and I am their support structure.
"I will be there for them forever!" I said and started my bike.
After I reached our home, I hugged and kissed three of them. 
"I love you guys. You are my life!" I hugged them tight,  so tight that no one could separate us.

Dear Friends,
We all should understand that  our family and our loved ones matter the most to us.  It's our responsibility to support them and show that we care for them through our every words and action. Show that you love them! Live the moment! Don't worry or think too much about your future. It will hurt you and eventually hurt your family. 
Live the moment. 
Take Care

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Life is like a Ceiling Fan!

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The basic difference between Humans and animals is that as humans we are hedged by feelings and emotions. It's these emotions that at times controls us. Yes, they are a highly powerful elements that can even control the human heart.  Science perceives the human heart as just another vital organ that pumps purified blood to the other organs but this heart is a beating monster. Ever  fallen in love? You will know how crucial the role of a heart is when it comes to expressing and showing love for someone who is close to us.  It is a beating monster that not just pumps blood but also pumps emotions and controls it. And that's why it is an important organ. The heart has a reason that reason knows nothing of! 

In 2010, when I was posted in New Delhi, I had turned reclusive.  It was a difficult phase of life.  The office was something that made me happy and I turned into a workaholic. Weekends are bliss for people who live with their friends and family but for someone sequestered, life  indeed seems miserable. That was the time I decided to overcome the boredom by writing a story that would eventually be a part of my first book. It was the story of an Afghanistani girl.   We have been reading a lot about the atrocities faced by women in the Taliban regime. I had something in mind to connect those atrocities and India. I had plans of creating a connect between the Afghan girl and the Indian culture. That was something that helped me to overcome the difficulties in life during that phase. I created and worked on imaginary characters for my story. I had done with Ten Thousand words  but soon Delhi started embracing me. I had become gregarious  and by then the dream of writing a book faded away. Such a selfish me! I was highly creative then.  That phase of my life taught me something that I will never forget. Difficult days may come and go and difficulties will  be a part of life. However difficult life may turn out to be, it will give you ways to overcome it. It is like God may close all the doors for you but he keeps one door open for you. It's a challenge to find out that door. For some, it may turn out to be an invisible door and that's when they give up. 
While writing this story of Zarafshan, the Afghan girl, I derived some inspiration from the ceiling fan.   I had written something about this on my diary way back in 2011.  Here is an excerpt from that story.

"Oh my! Now this is getting crazier," I placed the bag on the kitchen slab. I washed my hands with soap. I looked outside the window see if the weather settled back to normal. It had turned even darker. The afternoon sky resembled night. Only the Moon and the stars were missing. I had nothing constructive to do. Disappointed with the weather, I  lay on the bed looking at the slow movement of the fan. The fan regulator was located next to my bed and hence I could easily access it while lying. I controlled the speed using the regulator. I initially increased it to the maximum speed. The blades of the ceiling fan moved violently at a faster speed. I  reduced the velocity and observed that there was a drastic reduction in the speed and hence it circulated less wind. Life is like a ceiling fan. Its blades represent the sadness that encompasses our life. We should regulate the worries and sadness in our life by reducing  or controlling it. Life is too short and we cannot afford to fret about it. I felt a sudden cold breeze gushing through the window. It was comforting and appeasing. It drizzled that afternoon. That was the time I realized that the news reporter was right.It rained!

Life is indeed like a ceiling fan. It teaches us great lessons. Sometimes, things around us teach us valuable lessons. It becomes obvious to learn from everything  that teaches us. That's life! It teaches us through many ways and through various mediums.  We all have that regulator in our life similar to the regulator of the fan that controls us. It's with us. We can control it! We can regulate our sorrows. 

So turn the regulator left for reducing the sorrow and turn into right for increasing the joy! Yes now don't ask me where is it. It's our heart!  Beating Monster, Remember? 

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Memoirs of a Workaholic 2

PS  - Work of Fiction

Continued from part 1

“Excuse me, Sir. What's your problem?” The Lead Cabin crew member said to me.

“That's it," I said and asked,"Why the hell is she staring at me and wanting to talk to me?” 

“Who sir?” She enquired.

“It's her," I  pointed my finger towards  the flight attendant who interacted with me. "She is constantly stalking me since I boarded the jet."

"Stalking?" The flight attendant mumbled.

I cleared my throat and continued, "First of all my day has been ruined by my boss and she is nagging me."

"When I say that I don’t need anything then I mean each and every word of what I say." I continued.

“Priyanka." The senior cabin crew member looked at the flight attendant  and asked, "What is this?"

"Well, Mister. It's our duty to serve people and our airlines pays us to do this," she said and continued,"We have to ensure that no passenger is unhappy with our services."

"Why on Earth should I stalk you?" She asked and said," I don't even know you, sir."

"I didn't do anything wrong and kindly accept my apologies if my actions hurt you." She said and left. Her eyes were moist as she spoke each word.  Everyone was looking at us. It must have been an embarrassing situation for anyone and I realized that it was my mistake. 

"Avoid interactions with strangers!" I recollected what I read at morning.

"Oh God!"  I slapped my forehead.
My day was turning from bad to worse.  My first interaction of the day  wasn't a fruitful one.  My boss had cruel plans of sending me to the E&Y Project audit. First of all this sudden plan came out as a surprise to me and I wasn't prepared at all.

I felt guilty for hurting a girl. Not just any girl - a beautiful air hostess! 

She was standing near the emergency exit door. I looked at her but she didn't give a damn to me. She was visibly upset and she had all rights to be angry on me. 
I tried smiling at her but she was not ready to look at me. 

Well, no girl would do that. Her anger was justified. 
I had to be sorry. I felt like I had done a big blunder. I had to apologize. But how? Several thoughts started surfacing my mind. 

The plane landed at the Indira Gandhi Airport at 11 AM. The ensemble of Air Hostesses gathered at the door to bid adieu to the passengers. Some of them even clicked photos with the passengers.  Priyanka shook hands with each one of them. She wore a lovely smile on her face.  But her smile vanished as I raised my hands forward to greet her.  She quickly moved aside. The other girls laughed and giggled at me. I moved forward. I looked behind and saw that she was clicking selfies with a group of young kids.  My day would have been made if she had smiled at me. But seeking a smile after  terribly hurt someone is the worst thing to do. God forbid!
The worst thing was that I could never muster enough courage to apologise to her.

Sooner, I left the airport.  On my way to our Delhi branch, I had my lunch at the Akira Back without realizing that Lunch arrangements were made for us at Office.

The meeting was rescheduled to be  3 PM. I took this opportunity to take rounds of the office premises. I  took a puff of a cigarette and roamed outside the office.
"Is there any representative of the AT&T CICS East Team?" The Audit coordinator asked outside. I quickly dropped the cigarette butt and went inside.

My train of thoughts was disturbed by whatever happened inside the Flight.  I desperately wanted to meet the girl and apologize. It was my mistake and I was too harsh.

"Where is the meeting?" I asked the Audit coordinator. 
"Chanakya. Take left on the second floor."  She riposted. I took my seat inside the conference room.  Everyone including the E&Y  auditors introduced themselves.

“Varun Kapoor here representing AT&T CICS East  team from Mumbai,” I announced

I met  the others from the AT&T team. Though our interaction with them is limited but I knew them. I was looking forward to meeting all of them after the Audit meet.

The auditors were discussing the key learnings and lessons learnt from our previous  releases. They were scrutinizing the records and the review  documents. 

The meeting got over in 3 hours. It was more of a review meeting. As I about to leave, I heard someone calling me.

"Hey Varun."

"Hi," I said and continued, "I'm sorry I am not able to recognize you."
"Aniesha Mehra here."

"Aniesha.. the Project Manager of the CICS West Team, right" I confirmed.
"Correct. I was looking forward to meeting Bakshi," she said, "Is he here?"

I wish I could tell her that Bakshi was being an asshole and send me to represent our team. 
"No, he isn't," I said with a straight face.

She was not more than 35 years old but she looked too young.  Her charming personality and her way of talking impressed me. 

"Ok, I will meet him at our company Leadership Summit later this year."  she said and asked, "Want to have coffee?" 

"Sure!" I said and we both left for the cafeteria.
"It's good meeting you in person, Aniesha!"

"Same here, Varun." she took a sip of coffee and smiled.
"How's work?" she asked.

"Going good."

"What's wrong?" She asked, "Is everything fine?" 

I was clearly upset about  everything that happened at the morning. I wish I could tell her everything. But why should I? 

"From what I know  about you, you seem to be a jovial and fun-loving person."
"You look disturbed and distracted today," she added.

"You can share your problems with me if you want," she said and continued," Or is Bakshi harassing you?" She joked.

Bakshi doesn't have the balls to harass me yet. I wish I could say this to her. "No Bakshi is a nice guy!" 

"Then?" Aniesha asked, curiously.

“Yes..somewhat disturbed...I actually hurt a beautiful woman,” I said. I narrated her the entire incident which took place in  the jet.

"Life comes with its own clause. And some clause is such that we break the boundaries and go beyond the extremes."  I said.

"Talk to my face. Don't talk like Philosophers," she laughed.

"I happened to hurt a wonderful woman out of frustration." I said and continued, "But  it just happened out of impulse."

"And who is the poor lady?" she asked.

"The Air hostess." 

"Poor thing. Air hostesses are cute," she giggled
"And you hurt them and made them cry," she added.

"No, she didn't cry. She seemed defiant and looked like the rebel kinds," I said," And stop taunting me okay?"

"And by any chance is she working in Spicejet?" she asked curiously.

"Spicejet! Oh yes!" 

"Viola! I can help you then," she said and winked at me.

"Help? What? How? Really?" I sat dumbstruck, watching at her in a state of confusion.

(to be continued..)

Memoirs of a Workaholic

Disclaimer -This is a work of fiction. 

It was like a bad dream, a kind of morning which I never expected. I opened the daily horoscope and quickly browsed through it. 


"Sometimes it's fun being an uninvited guest and today you will be one. Await a week full of misadventures and travel. For your own good, avoid interactions with strangers!"

"Interesting," I said with a straight face.

"Always ready for the challenge," I mumbled to myself.

6.30 AM. I opened the window to get a glance of the morning sun which shone at my face. I checked my mobile phone to see if I had  any texts or missed calls.

"Yikes! 8 missed calls by Bakshi." My heart started pulsating.

Cursing myself, I called him back.  I am sure he certainly had plans of ruining my Sunday. 

"Good Morning Boss," I greeted Bakshi.

"Morning Varun.. Why didn't you pick my phone call?"  Bakshi said. 

"I was sleeping!" I said, brusquely.

"Oh yes, I am quite sure you must be online talking to that European girl Nikita," he added.

"Ahh!"  I tell you never share your personal secrets with your boss. They might use that as a weapon to attack you in future.

"Bakshi, what's the matter?" I asked curiously.

"There is a surprise client visit. Their Israel E&Y team is here in India for an Audit," he said.


"So, I need to send my right guy to New Delhi to face the Audit," he said and continued," You are the man, Varun."

"What?" I almost stumbled down and fell from the chair. 
At times, it's essential to be a hardly working employee. Hard working resources are subjected to too many risks. 

I should have guessed that he had plans of ruining my Sunday. Yes, he planted an atom bomb  to destroy my happiness. 
"Bakshi, look, I have some plans for today,"  I said.
"What plans Mr. Varun Kapoor?" Bakshi said rudely.
"You don't even stay with your family. I have some great plans for your future and I'm telling you that you are a valuable resource to the project. Don't let me down."

"No buts..I have asked Rajeev from the Transport team to book the flight tickets," he said.
"Mostly Spicejet!" he added.

"What... Spicejet? Why not Kingfisher?"  But by then Bakshi had disconnected the phone call. 
"Always travel by Kingfishers. Kingfisher se travel ni kiya to kya kiya!"  I remember these words said to me by my friend Ganesh. No, he didn't work for Kingfisher airlines but he said that the air hostesses there are beautiful.


 7 AM. I soon washed my face and got ready.
Sooner, I got another call from the Transport Department Manager.
"Is it Varun Kapoor?" 
"Rajeev here from the Transport team. Bakshi told me about the sudden visit to Delhi. The flight is scheduled to  leave at 9.30 AM. Milind will be coming to pick you up. Be ready ok? "

"What? 9.30?" I slapped my forehead.
"Sure Rajeev!" I said and disconnected the call.
I took a quick shower and got ready. I saw a missed call from an unknown number. I looked outside the window and saw the office cab driver Milind waving at me. 
I showed him 2 fingers indicating that I would be down in 2 minutes.
He displayed a thumbs up in response. 

Bakshi was my role model in many ways. I learned from him on how to manage a team and team management is an essential skill that everyone in IT field should have.

Being the Boss's right man was a difficult job. You got to cope up with the additional name callings and tagging. I was known as Bakshi's secret charm by few of them in the office  and few even addressed me as his lover because I was close to him.
But I never had time for all that because I had certain principles and objectives in life. To reach the zenith of the success ladder was the ultimate goal in my life.
I got dressed in a black suit and locked the room. Before I locked the room I ensured that all the lights were switched off.

Fifteen minutes later, I recollected that I had forgotten the tie. But by then we were already late.
"Varun sir, Rajeev sir had sent this ticket for you." Milind smiled at me and handed me the flight tickets.
"Spicejet 109S!" I read.
"Thanks, Milind bhai!"
"Need kharab kar rakha hai," I blurted out

"Work for 6 days and again work for Sunday where others enjoy with their loved ones." I grimaced with disgrace.
Milind looked at me with a straight face
"Can you be quick? We are already late," I added.

Fifteen minutes later Milind drove the car to a nearby Petrol Bunk. I got vexed for once as I saw this as a complete wastage of my valuable time. As of now, we were  5 km away from the Mumbai Airport. We finally reached the airport at 9 AM. I collected my boarding pass and did the security check in.
As I moved inside, I heard my name loud and clear.

"A final reminder  for Mr.Varun Kapoor to board the Spicejet 109S destined for New Delhi at 0930 HRS."
I quickly boarded the flight. Life can be challenging at times. Unpredictable things happen when you don't expect it. Sundays are usually meant for having rest. After having worked long hours during weekdays, life can be so harsh when you have to waste your weekend for official purpose. The meeting was scheduled to be held at 2 PM. 
"Spicejet 109S mei aapka Swaagat hai ( Welcome to Spicejet 109S)" We were greeted.
The cabin crew and the pilots were introduced. 
"Ahh!"  Even the Spicejet air hostesses were looking pretty. 

The Air hostesses  were beautiful and attractive. 
But I was feeling agitated because of Bakshi. He slaughtered my Sunday. Sweet Sunday!
The Air Hostess demonstrated how to use the emergency exit and the Oxygen mask when the Cabin air pressure was low. She also taught us how to wear the life jacket and other safety measures.  

One of the Air hostesses smiled at me as she passed by. I failed to realize this but was aware that she had something different in mind. I was, as usual, cursing my fate for working under a sinister.
I soon recollected what my horoscope had to say for me. 
"TRAVEL" Flashed on my mind. With a sad face, I closed my eyes to get some sleep.
"We are at an altitude of 11000 feet," The pilot announced.

I opened my eyes to see if everything was ok. I saw the beautiful valley created by the clouds. It was a wonderful sight  to see.
"Sir, Would you like to have some toffees." The same air hostess who smiled at me asked.
"Thanks. But I don't need any," I said. 

"If you need anything then we are here to help you," she said and smiled at me to which I nodded my head.
I failed to know what  her intentions were. Had she never seen a tall, handsome guy dressed in black suits before.

So now I was cautious and alert. I started monitoring her from the sidelines.
After 15 min, she woke me again. "Sir, would you like  to have some cashew nuts?" The same flight attendant asked me and  gave me a graceful smile.

I realized that no one else was treated royally as I was! What's the matter? I failed to understand

"That's it!" I stood up and got vexed.
"This is too much...," I shouted at her and an ensemble of Air hostesses gathered next to her.

(To be Continued....) 

Read Part 2 here  Memoirs of a Workaholic 2 

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Every time you smile..

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Every time you smile
my heart skips a beat
my mind wanders 
with thoughts about you
a life of togetherness
it dreams, it hopes

Every time you smile
I transform into a butterfly,
flying  from one flower to another
to find the best one for you
No flower stands even close 
to your beauty, your elegance,

Every time you smile,
I plunge deep into the ocean
the ocean of love
that embraces me when I see you
Smile often for me
I want to get drowned in it

Every time you smile,
an imaginary wings gets attached to me
I feel like a little bird
and garble around carelessly
Smile and make this bird
fly high in the sky

Every time you smile.
I find myself in it
Smile for me, 
your smile haunts me,
Arrests me.
get me caged in your life.

I will  die watching you smile!