Sunday, January 03, 2016

Memoirs of a Workaholic

Disclaimer -This is a work of fiction. 

It was like a bad dream, a kind of morning which I never expected. I opened the daily horoscope and quickly browsed through it. 


"Sometimes it's fun being an uninvited guest and today you will be one. Await a week full of misadventures and travel. For your own good, avoid interactions with strangers!"

"Interesting," I said with a straight face.

"Always ready for the challenge," I mumbled to myself.

6.30 AM. I opened the window to get a glance of the morning sun which shone at my face. I checked my mobile phone to see if I had  any texts or missed calls.

"Yikes! 8 missed calls by Bakshi." My heart started pulsating.

Cursing myself, I called him back.  I am sure he certainly had plans of ruining my Sunday. 

"Good Morning Boss," I greeted Bakshi.

"Morning Varun.. Why didn't you pick my phone call?"  Bakshi said. 

"I was sleeping!" I said, brusquely.

"Oh yes, I am quite sure you must be online talking to that European girl Nikita," he added.

"Ahh!"  I tell you never share your personal secrets with your boss. They might use that as a weapon to attack you in future.

"Bakshi, what's the matter?" I asked curiously.

"There is a surprise client visit. Their Israel E&Y team is here in India for an Audit," he said.


"So, I need to send my right guy to New Delhi to face the Audit," he said and continued," You are the man, Varun."

"What?" I almost stumbled down and fell from the chair. 
At times, it's essential to be a hardly working employee. Hard working resources are subjected to too many risks. 

I should have guessed that he had plans of ruining my Sunday. Yes, he planted an atom bomb  to destroy my happiness. 
"Bakshi, look, I have some plans for today,"  I said.
"What plans Mr. Varun Kapoor?" Bakshi said rudely.
"You don't even stay with your family. I have some great plans for your future and I'm telling you that you are a valuable resource to the project. Don't let me down."

"No buts..I have asked Rajeev from the Transport team to book the flight tickets," he said.
"Mostly Spicejet!" he added.

"What... Spicejet? Why not Kingfisher?"  But by then Bakshi had disconnected the phone call. 
"Always travel by Kingfishers. Kingfisher se travel ni kiya to kya kiya!"  I remember these words said to me by my friend Ganesh. No, he didn't work for Kingfisher airlines but he said that the air hostesses there are beautiful.


 7 AM. I soon washed my face and got ready.
Sooner, I got another call from the Transport Department Manager.
"Is it Varun Kapoor?" 
"Rajeev here from the Transport team. Bakshi told me about the sudden visit to Delhi. The flight is scheduled to  leave at 9.30 AM. Milind will be coming to pick you up. Be ready ok? "

"What? 9.30?" I slapped my forehead.
"Sure Rajeev!" I said and disconnected the call.
I took a quick shower and got ready. I saw a missed call from an unknown number. I looked outside the window and saw the office cab driver Milind waving at me. 
I showed him 2 fingers indicating that I would be down in 2 minutes.
He displayed a thumbs up in response. 

Bakshi was my role model in many ways. I learned from him on how to manage a team and team management is an essential skill that everyone in IT field should have.

Being the Boss's right man was a difficult job. You got to cope up with the additional name callings and tagging. I was known as Bakshi's secret charm by few of them in the office  and few even addressed me as his lover because I was close to him.
But I never had time for all that because I had certain principles and objectives in life. To reach the zenith of the success ladder was the ultimate goal in my life.
I got dressed in a black suit and locked the room. Before I locked the room I ensured that all the lights were switched off.

Fifteen minutes later, I recollected that I had forgotten the tie. But by then we were already late.
"Varun sir, Rajeev sir had sent this ticket for you." Milind smiled at me and handed me the flight tickets.
"Spicejet 109S!" I read.
"Thanks, Milind bhai!"
"Need kharab kar rakha hai," I blurted out

"Work for 6 days and again work for Sunday where others enjoy with their loved ones." I grimaced with disgrace.
Milind looked at me with a straight face
"Can you be quick? We are already late," I added.

Fifteen minutes later Milind drove the car to a nearby Petrol Bunk. I got vexed for once as I saw this as a complete wastage of my valuable time. As of now, we were  5 km away from the Mumbai Airport. We finally reached the airport at 9 AM. I collected my boarding pass and did the security check in.
As I moved inside, I heard my name loud and clear.

"A final reminder  for Mr.Varun Kapoor to board the Spicejet 109S destined for New Delhi at 0930 HRS."
I quickly boarded the flight. Life can be challenging at times. Unpredictable things happen when you don't expect it. Sundays are usually meant for having rest. After having worked long hours during weekdays, life can be so harsh when you have to waste your weekend for official purpose. The meeting was scheduled to be held at 2 PM. 
"Spicejet 109S mei aapka Swaagat hai ( Welcome to Spicejet 109S)" We were greeted.
The cabin crew and the pilots were introduced. 
"Ahh!"  Even the Spicejet air hostesses were looking pretty. 

The Air hostesses  were beautiful and attractive. 
But I was feeling agitated because of Bakshi. He slaughtered my Sunday. Sweet Sunday!
The Air Hostess demonstrated how to use the emergency exit and the Oxygen mask when the Cabin air pressure was low. She also taught us how to wear the life jacket and other safety measures.  

One of the Air hostesses smiled at me as she passed by. I failed to realize this but was aware that she had something different in mind. I was, as usual, cursing my fate for working under a sinister.
I soon recollected what my horoscope had to say for me. 
"TRAVEL" Flashed on my mind. With a sad face, I closed my eyes to get some sleep.
"We are at an altitude of 11000 feet," The pilot announced.

I opened my eyes to see if everything was ok. I saw the beautiful valley created by the clouds. It was a wonderful sight  to see.
"Sir, Would you like to have some toffees." The same air hostess who smiled at me asked.
"Thanks. But I don't need any," I said. 

"If you need anything then we are here to help you," she said and smiled at me to which I nodded my head.
I failed to know what  her intentions were. Had she never seen a tall, handsome guy dressed in black suits before.

So now I was cautious and alert. I started monitoring her from the sidelines.
After 15 min, she woke me again. "Sir, would you like  to have some cashew nuts?" The same flight attendant asked me and  gave me a graceful smile.

I realized that no one else was treated royally as I was! What's the matter? I failed to understand

"That's it!" I stood up and got vexed.
"This is too much...," I shouted at her and an ensemble of Air hostesses gathered next to her.

(To be Continued....) 

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