Thursday, March 31, 2016

A - The Art Attack #AtoZChallenge

 “Mr. Self Proclaimed Artist, show some love , please,” she begged.
 “I’m busy,” he replied.
“Always busy,” she said with a sad face.
“Sketch me!”
 “Fine, Challenge Accepted.” He started scribbling on his canvas.
Few Hours later.
“See here!” He pointed towards the drawing canvas.
“Fuck!” Her eyes welled with tears.
“Why crying?” He asked curiously.

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So what happens next? Come back tomorrow :-)

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This blog post is written as a part of the A to Z Challenge annually held in April every year.
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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Excuse me, Aunty!

Excuse me, Aunty!
Image Source 
I swiped the Metro Card at the Entrance, excused myself and ran towards the platform. I was getting late for the college. I started panting heavily as I climbed the escalator.  
I accidentally brushed against a plump woman as I ran upwards.
"Sorry Aunty," I said , pointing my finger towards the metro train. It seemed it was waiting for me. I squeezed myself onto the  metro train . It was an adventurous journey I thought. 

I discovered a seat next to an old man. I quickly seized  it. The fat uncle gave me a disgusting look as if his daughter eloped with me. I glanced across the train and my eyes came across a woman.She was unknown to me but she looked familiar. I was trying hard to recollect but my poor memory betrayed me. I failed to recognize her. I looked at her and she smiled at me in return. I thought of striking a conversation with her but it was weird talking to strangers and was against my principles. 

Finally,  I mustered enough courage and thought of conversing with her.
I cleared my throat and said, "Excuse me, Aunty!"  My voice was so loud that even people from the adjacent bogie looked at me. 

"Me?" she asked me.
"Yes, Aunty!" I smiled at her.
"Come and have a seat," I said and offered her my seat.
She walked towards me and gave me a tight slap on my face. For a moment, all eyes were glued on me. 
She got furious and slapped me once again. 
I stood there speechless. I had no inkling of what was happening  and why I deserved her animosity. For a moment, people started chitchatting about this. Some college girls even laughed  looking at me.
"Aunty , stop!" I uttered.
She slapped me again.
"You are Rahul, right?" she confirmed
"Yes, Rahul Kapoor." 
"From DJ Sanghvi Engineering College, right?"  she confirmed again.
"Second Year B.E Electronics, right?" She asked.
"Division B, right?" She asked.
"yes, right."
"And I look like an Aunty to you, right?" She got  vexed.
She sat on my seat and I looked downwards waiting for our stop. It was embarrassing for me.
She was my classmate, Eshita Saxena.  How would I know? I attended the introduction lecture and never  sat for any class. My own eyes betrayed me.  I wish I could tell her  - "This is between you and me , Okay?"  But my poor cheeks  were not ready for another slap. 
I never looked at her again though she glared at me. 

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Rang Rasiya

He  walked fast. It seemed he was in a hurry. He was sporting a black hoodie. He dashed against a group of boisterous young Indian teens.

"Sorry!" The man said.

"Hey Kaaliye."

"Mitra bagh Neegro.." One guy said to the other. 

"Neegro nahi re vedya West Indies cha Gayle saarkha disto ha," the other guy said.

"Kaaliya." The word he hated the most. He stood there while the brats surrounded him by forming a circle.

"Kaaliya, Kaaliya" They all started singing in unison. He clenched his fist trying to control his rage.

The chants didn't stop. With each passing seconds, they started screaming loudly. The man got vexed. 

He removed a bottle from his bag and sprayed it across their face. The pain was excruciating and unbearable. Some of them screeched in pain.

"Deva..ka kela ha Kaliya ne.."  The guys started crying and their facial skin started peeling off!

The man started walking towards the railway station and the helpless guys covered their face with their handkerchiefs.

The same evening the Times Wow News Reporter announced on his show, "The curse of the Rang Rasiya continues. Acid poured on the Pune boys! What is he upto? India wants to know."

Yes, he was the serial killer-Rang Rasiya, the man who loved colors but hated black and never spared the ones who called him Black.

Call him Black and he will paint you black!

Kaaliya - Black
Deva..ka kela ha Kaliya ne - Oh God, what did this blacky do to us!

Mitra bagh Neegro - Friend, see Neegro.

Neegro nahi re vedya West Indies cha Gayle saarkha disto ha- Hey mad, not Neegro, he looks like the West Indian Gayle.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

That Day

That Day
That Day
How can I forget that day?
It was the day when it all happened.  I never believed in love till I met her. The day I met her, I realized that love was supreme. For a man who wasn't determined to fall in love, fell for that gorgeous beauty. Who was she? For weeks,  her thoughts strolled inside my mind. With each passing day, my urge to meet her grew strong and stronger.  You might tag me a lunatic! But I  wouldn't mind being called that.  If she was a goddess I would have prayed to her every day.  I never met her again. Her thoughts started fading away. Cursing my luck, I got back to my regular work - Marketing. Being a Marketing Manager, my primary task was to visit various companies and promote our products. 

During one such visit, I met her. She was the one whom I was supposed to meet. She was the Product Manager at Fuji Labs.   We discussed in details about our product but at that moment, I couldn't describe what I was going through. I felt as if a gazillion butterflies were fluttering inside my stomach. Days passed and I thought that the Almighty had listened to all my prayers and I got to know her close.  With each passing day, we  got to know each other better. One day I spilled the beans and told her everything. I emptied the content of my heart that stored memories  and thoughts only about her.  She remained stunned for a while and there was a deafening silence! This silence haunted me for days. But she never replied me. Things had changed for me. I couldn't sleep properly.  What if  she rejected me?  I was getting bizarre thoughts on my mind. My love for her was pure! She called me that very night to confirm that she even felt the same. I could never believe my ears. 

We lived together happily for years. Like every bond, even we had our ups and downs. I couldn't live up to her expectations and she believed that she was not my priority. I had zillion reasons to tell her what she meant to me only if she agreed to listen to it. None of my words could translate into actions and she believed that I had taken her for granted. But sadly she never respected my feelings. She wanted to discuss and asked to move on. She asked me if we could be friends and nothing more. I was shattered. If being busy  in life can question someone's priority and interest in a relationship then it was the most absurd thing that I came across. I begged, pleaded, urged and requested but none of my methods to get her back worked.  I had lost hopes by then. I knew that she was a stubborn woman. I was upset and saw her leaving my life silently. 

That Day! 
How could I forget that day?
It was 17th May 2011 when I met her and 17th May 2015 when I lost her. 

Image Source

Written for IndiSpire

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Friday, March 25, 2016

How to kill Stress before it kills you

Life  in the 21st century is hectic. In the search of bread and butter, we run behind materialistic things that affect our mental state of mind. Stress can be harmful. It is a secret killer that introduces a host of lifestyle diseases. Hypertension and Diabetes are few that are linked to unhealthy lifestyle. It's our responsibility to ensure that we don't fall prey to this silent killer. There are many ways to kill stress like staying positive. But it's easier to say than to be! Another thing is to do things that you love the most. Yes, a hobby is a right word here. It's high time you start developing hobbies and get rid of the Stress before it kills you.  It's just a matter of time. 

Image Source

Cultivating a hobby is an essential thing in today's stressful life. To overcome all the stress, we need to free our mind from elements that induce it at the first place. Everyone should develop a hobby! You know Life is too short to fill it with stress and pressure. It's understandable that we earn the  bread and butter for our loved ones. But that doesn't mean that we hurt our health by thinking too much on things that should actually  be given less attention. Life is beautiful, in fact, it should be! When I was young, I developed lots of habits. I was good at studies but I fared poorly in Sports.  But still I managed to play few sports. But that was only after completing my studies. My supreme commander would never let me play without completing my studies. Yes, my Supreme commander, my Mum!

I am highlighting the importance of developing hobbies. Hobbies don't need to be something adventurous. Little things that can give you enormous happiness  can also be counted on it. Be it any kind of creativity. My sister is a crochet master. She is an expert in creating any kind of crochet and embroidery patterns because she loves doing it. When she does it she is completely transported to a different world. That's a good way to keep yourself busy, isn't it? Today I'm going to talk about different kinds of hobbies that can free you from all the stress that has invaded your life. 

1. Sketching/ Drawing

A Sketch made by me :-) 

Sketching comes naturally to me. Not that I'm an expert sketch artist. I love to experiment but I'm not perfect. When I surf through the Instagram sketch artists work on Instagram, it amazes me. The level of perfection that they have achieved through their art is indeed mesmerizing and inspiring. Like I said , I am not perfect, it's just that I  adore scribbling.  Sketching and Drawing are something that has been a part of me since my school days. I learned it from my elder sister who was perfect and she could draw any person by just looking at them and that too with 100% accuracy. Why don't you try? You don't need a fabulous drawing kit for it. Just try with a normal HB pen
cil and that would suffice. I have my kit that I hardly use. I just use the normal 2B pencil for sketching. But I'm learning every day.

2. Knitting/Crochet/ Embroidery/ Weaving

Image Source

I agree that this is the most difficult thing to do because you got to practice it. And with practice nothing is impossible. Just google for videos  or better search for patterns and DIY's on the Youtube. Youtube is the prime messiah for anyone who wants to learn.  Knitting, Crochet, Embroidery and Croquis drawing may not only be a Fashion Designers arena.  It could be anyone's if you show interest in it. Learning is life and its a process. It never stops. Free yourself from anything that haunts your mind and snatches peace from your life. Adopt a hobby

3. Flash Fiction/ Story writing/ Blogging/Poetries

Image Source

Fiction writing is fun. It is something that invokes the imaginary fiction cells from my brain and puts it to test. Every time I'm idle I make my brain operate and cook an imaginary tale. It can go up to any extreme level. Because the primary job of a writer is not just to make their readers read the book and know about their characters. In fact, it is about dancing with their characters and seeing them through the eyes. If you are able to achieve that then you are a good writer. I love writing and every time I write , I  want to produce something better and fabulous that can make my readers smile. Writing is of many forms. You could write a poetry, 55 Fiction, 6 Words story, Humour, Reviews etc. But people generally do it as a part of a profession but you can do it as a medium to defeat stress. Let not stress defeat you. It can be dangerous.


Image Source

Reading is considered as  the greatest stress buster by many but I personally detest reading. You might be surprised such things coming from me because you might think that I'm a blogger and I love writing but not reading. Yes, that's true. It is a tedious process. I am particularly choosy about books that I read. When books don't amuse me then I don't pick it up at the first place. These days since lesions, stents, collaterals, vessels and grafts are haunting me, I am reading books only  when authors send me to review it. And I happily do it. Between, there is a news that I have to make at this point in time. Our Anthology is releasing soon and ensure that you read it and let me know your feedback.

5. Music

Music is the messiah! It is a supreme stress buster for me. It embraces me and offers solace to me when I am down or low or filled with too many stuff to do. Avicci , OneRepublic and Paramore are my favorite bands. Wake me up, Hey Brother, You are my Only exception, Something I need are few of my favorite numbers. I also listen to some  awesome Bollywood and Tamil songs. What are yours? A German Research says that Music is an ultimate stress buster and most people prefer listening to music to kill Stress.

6. Photography

Image Source


Photography is a passion for many and this many includes me too. I own a Nikon DSLR and, to be honest, I haven't found time to explore my camera yet. You could see the Photography Link on this blog to see few of my work. A DSLR doesn't make you a photographer. You can take good photographs from a mobile phone too.  It is interesting and it is something that I do to kill stress. Are you a Photographer too?

7. Cooking

Cooking and Experimenting with Food is my forte. Staying away from home for 4 years proved instrumental in creating the chef in me. North India was the worst thing that happened to me.  Those days would be full of  Rajma Rice and Dal Kadi and I was tired of exposing my taste buds to this two food item. Sometimes I would feel like running away to some good restaurant and eat. But I couldn't afford it every day. So I learned to cook.  I would watch Food channels and note recipes. I would cook them and eat. That was the best thing that happened to me during my home away days. 

8. Movies



Who would not agree when I say that watching movies is a good stress buster. YES, it indeed it. I love watching movies. I go for movies solo and sometimes with friends. I love animation movies and romcoms. It will divert your mind away from work and destress you. 


King Julian of Madagascar loves dancing and so does everyone. It can create magic within seconds. Trust me it works. Of all the points I mentioned above, this is the most effective one. It is an instant stress killer. And so you can dance. If you don't then you can, at least, try dancing. I like to Move it , move it! You like to?!
So I told you my favorite methods to kill stress. What about you ?
Share your favorite ways to kill stress. I would like to hear from you.

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

A to Z Challenge 2016 - Theme Reveal

A to Z Challenge has always been a platform that provides bloggers around the world to challenge and explore their creativity. But there’s a catch here. You got to blog every day in the month of April sans Sundays. That itself is a very difficult task. For people who work every day in pursuit of bread and butter, its super challenging. You got to fight against time and make time for yourself.

On the A to Z Theme Revelation day, I present you the theme that I would be writing on in the month of April 2016. Last year, I had no specific plans or themes as such but I tell you that it was very difficult for me. I used to make time at night and silently peak into the www just like that fat rat from the Ratatouille movie (Read Remy’s brother Emile) that used to come out at night and eat stuffs. I am not Emily, the Rat but inGeniousty, the Solitary Writer! 

And then they say, you make time for things that you love to do! Yes, that’s right!

So my theme for this year’s A to Z Challenge is something different. I would narrate #HeSheStories in form of 55 Fiction. We would visit each letter every day and weave a story around it. It would be in series. 

It would be the life of two individual who are fond of each other but petty issues separate them and what happens in the last is something no one would have imagined. Life is such! Issues crop up when you don’t envisage! Many things unfold in their life.  A perfect Sabotage of the relationship is what you guys would call but how will one  overcome the struggles and issues. There are many ups and downs that happen in our life. In this juggling of thoughts and emotions we miss the essence of life. This story will walk you through the life of such two individual. Two people like you and me whose life is full of mixed emotions, emotions that are a perfect amalgamation of what life is all about! It’s something that you make!  It is the sum of all the choices that we make.  And each element represent something and in the quest of this something we miss many important things in life. So,  without much ado, let me present you He and She  - the lead and the only protagonists of my 55 Fiction Tale. #HeSheStories in for of #55Fiction , the flavour of the season, April season!


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Friday, March 18, 2016

India Vs Pakistan : At Cricket World Cups. India 8 - Pakistan 0

India Vs Pakistan Source

Believe me or not when the cricketing world says India Vs Pakistan, then the adrenaline oozes. That's the speciality of an India Vs Pakistan cricket match. It's analogous to the Epic England Vs Australia rivalry.  This is the period of time when emotions surface through the minds of the Indians and the Pakistani's. We have been arch rivals and every India Vs Pakistan game is a do or die battle for us.  Pakistan may  be a team blessed with good pace attack  and it has always been known for boasting some talented bowlers like Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Mohammad Asif, Imran Khan, Aquib Javed, Mohammad Aamir, Wahab Riyaz, Shoaib Akhtar, Saeed Ajmal, Saqlain Mushtaq and many. But what's the use of having such a talented bowling brigade when you can't use them to win a match against arch-rivals at Prestigious tournaments. These are the bowlers who represented the Pakistani National Team at different World Cups. India Vs Pakistan has  not just cricket but more to it. It is the battle of supremacy whenever both the teams play. It's always seen as the Indian batting Vs the Pakistani bowling. Though Pakistan may have out got an edge over the statistics in overall games played but they haven't tasted victory against India in any World Cup games. Today we would be looking at  the Glorious World Cup finishes that involved India and Pakistan - the mother of all games.

1. India Vs Pakistan,  at Sydney, March 4,  1992. - Benson and Hedges World Cup ,  Australia, New Zealand

 This was the first world cup that witnessed the first India Vs Pakistan  epic clash. It was an interesting clash with two equally talented team battled it out at Sydney.  The Pakistan team had some gifted talents such as Wasim Akram, Imran Khan, Javed Miandad, Inzamam-ul-Haq and many. On the other side, India relied on the experience of  1983 World Cup winning Captain Kapil Dev, Youth Sensation Sachin Tendulkar,  Mohammad Azharrudin, Manoj Prabhakar, Srinath and so. India won the toss and elected to bat. With the help of Sachin Tendulkar's almost run a ball 54, Kapil Dev's 35 and Ajay Jadeja's 46, India put down a modest total of 216.  Mushtaq Ahmad claimed 3 wickets. 
Chasing 216, the Pakistan team bundled out for 173. Aamir Sohail's 62 and Javed Miandad's 40 couldn't catapult the Pakistani chase and they lost their first World Cup battle at Sydney. Javed Miandad imitated wicket-keeper Kiran More and that cracked some! Kapil Dev, J Srinath and Prabhakar claimed 2 wickets each. Young Sachin Tendulkar was announced as the Man of the Match. Sachin Tendulkar's involvement in crucial games at the World Cup is known and of course, his records speaks. India won by 43 runs.
India 1 - Pakistan 0 

1992 World Cup. Source

2. India Vs Pakistan,  at Bangalore, March 9, 1996.  - Wills World Cup, India, Pakistan & Srilanka.

India and Pakistan faced each for the 2nd time at the 2nd Quarter Finals at Bangalore in the Wills World Cup. India chose to bat after winning the toss and put down a total of 287. Sidhu scored 93 and Tendulkar scored 31. This game saw Ajay Jadeja scoring 45 of 25 deliveries. He took on to the bowling of Waqar Younis in the Slog overs and send the ball across the boundaries. Waqar Younis and Mushtaq Ahmad took 2 wickets each. 
In pursuit of 288,  Pakistani batsmen scored  well. But Aamir Sohail's 55, Saeed Anwar's 48, Javed Miandad and Saleem Malik's 38 could get them close to the Target and succumbed to  India. Anil Kumble and Venkatesh Prasad took 3 wickets each.  This match features the rivalry between Aamir Sohail and Prasad with Prasad  getting the wicket of Sohail after being hit for a boundary in the previous ball. Sidhu was declared the man of the match for his blitzkrieg 93. India won by 43  runs.
India 2 - Pakistan 0 

India Vs Pakistan, 1996 . Source

3.  India Vs Pakistan, at Manchester,  June 8, 1999. - ICC World Cup, England.

This year the World Cup was back to the United Kingdom after a gap of 16 years. And India faced Pakistan in a fierce Super 6 clash at Manchester. It was a bowling pitch and India put down a modest score of 227 with the help of Sachin Tendulkar's 45, Rahul Dravid's 61 and Mohd. Azharuddin's 59. Wasim Akram and Azhar Mahmood took 2 wickets each. 
With efforts to reach 228, Pakistan managed just 180. Saeed Anwar's 36 and Moin Khan's 34 couldn't help them. Venkatesh Prasad's 5 for 27 and Srinath's 3  annihilated the Pakistani innings. Venkatesh Prasad was the man of the match for his 5/27. India won by 47 runs.
India 3 - Pakistan 0

India Vs Pakistan, 1999 Source

4.  India Vs Pakistan, at Centurion,  March 1, 2003. - ICC World Cup, South Africa.

South Africa was hosting its first Cricket World Cup and it was a special one. After being Humbled by Australia, Pakistan proved to be a tough opponent for India. Pakistan won the toss and elected to bat first. This was the first time Pakistan was batting first in their previous three clashes. With Veteran Batsman Saeed Anwar's 126 balls 101, Pakistan put down a respectable total of 273. Ashish Nehra and Zaheer Khan took 2 wickets each.
In the quest of 273, Indian Batsmen Sachin Tendulkar  and Virendra Sehwag thrashed Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis and Shoaib Akhtar's bowling. This match is a memorable match because in this game we got to witness Sachin Tendulkar's explosive avatar where a quickfire 98 of 75 deliveries stole the match from Pakistan. Yuvraj Singh's 50 and Rahul Dravid's 44 was instrumental  in India's chase. Sachin Tendulkar was the man of the match for this match. I fondly remember this match because the following day I had my SSC board exams and I took the service of Radio FM to listen to the match and got thrashed by my mother.
India 4 - Pakistan 0

India Vs Pakistan, 2003 Source

5.  India Vs Pakistan, at Durban,  September 14, 2007. - ICC T20 World Cup, South Africa.

The battle was the same. Arch Rivals met once again at Durban in South Africa but in a shorter format of the Game. It was the inaugural T20 world cup and the Indo-Pak clash was a Group D encounter. The Indian team sans the experienced trio of Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly relied on the youth power. It was a young team and on the other hand, Pakistan had experienced players like Shoaib Malik, Shahid Afridi, Younis Khan  followed by some awesome young bowlers like Mohammad Asif who was good at swinging the ball at any surface. MS Dhoni won the toss and decided to bat first. India was struggling at 36 for 4 with  both the openers getting out cheaply. Robin Uthappa and Captain Dhoni resurrected the innings by showing some responsible batting and India scored 141 in the 20 overs. Mohammad Asif took 4 wickets and Shahid Afridi claimed 2.
Pakistan in the quest of 141 managed to tie to match. The India and the Pakistan score was at par and it was because of Misbah -ul-Haq, the lone warrior's effort of 53 that Pakistan went on to tie the match. Those days there were no super overs and hence, a bowl out system was implemented to decide the game.  India nominated Sehwag, Harbhajan, Uthappa, Sreesanth and Pathan while Pakistan nominated Gul,  Afridi,  Tanvir and Asif. Bowl Out is similar to the Penalty shoot out from the Football world. India managed to break the stumps thrice but Pakistan couldn't even break once. By that, India won the game. Mohammad Asif was the man of the match for his 4 for 18
India  5 - Pakistan 0

India Vs Pakistan, 2007 WT20.

6.  India Vs Pakistan, at Johannesburg,  September 24, 2007. - ICC T20 World Cup, South Africa.

Who would have imagined an Indo-Pak final at the inaugural T20 World Cup? It all happened. India won the toss and batter first. They put down a respectable total of 157 in 20 overs. Gambhir's 75 and Rohit Sharma's 30 helped India. Umar Gul took 3 wickets.

158 runs away from the T20 World Cup, Pakistan came on to bat and lost quick wickets. It was Misbah-Ul-Haq's 43 that once again got Pakistan close to the target. Every Indian and Pakistani had their heart in their mouth  as Pakistan needed 13 of the last over. Joginder Sharma bowled the last over. Every cricketing pundit claimed it to be Dhoni's biggest blunder. But Joginder bowled well and they needed 5 runs in the last ball and Misbah gave a catch to Sreesanth and India won the 1st T20 World Cup by 5 runs. Irfan Pathan was the man of the match.
India 6 - Pakistan 0

Misbah Shattered while Indians celebrate. India Vs Pakistan, 2007  WT20

7.  India Vs Pakistan, at Mohali,  March 30, 2011. - ICC World Cup, India, Srilanka, Bangladesh.

This time, India and Pakistan faced each other in the semi-finals of the ICC Cricket World Cup. With the help of Tendulkar's 85 India put on a score of 260 in their 50 overs. Wahab Riyaz took 5 wickets.
Pakistan scored 231 in reply to India's total and again it was Misbah who played a crucial role else they would have restricted to a lower total. Zaheer, Nehra, Munaf, Harbhajan and Yuvraj Singh took 2 wickets each.  India marched on to the Finals and defeated Srilanka. 
Sachin Tendulkar was the Man of the Match.
India 7- Pakistan 0

Sharing a Joke. India Vs Pakistan, 2011. Source

8.  India Vs Pakistan, at Adelaide,  February 15, 2015. - ICC World Cup, Australia & New Zealand.

India and Pakistan were placed in the Group B. With the help of Virat Kohli's 107, Shikar Dhawan's 73 and Raina's 74, India put a good score of 300. Sohail Khan was the star of the Pakistani bowling. He took 5 wickets for 55 runs. 
In reply to India's 300, Pakistan were bowled out for 224. Misbah-ul-Haq's love for the Indian bowling was quite evident once again. His 76 along with Shahzad's  47 helped them reach 224.
Virat Kohli was the Man of the Match for his brilliant 107.
India  8 - Pakistan 0

India Vs Pakistan, 2015 WC , Source

So from the previous 8 encounters, it's obvious that India has always been on the winning side. Pakistan has never beaten India in the prestigious tournament. It is a matter of pride for us Indians. So they would be facing once again on 19th March 2016 at Eden Gardens in the T20 World Cup in India.

9.  India Vs Pakistan, at Eden Gardens,  March 19, 2016. - ICC World Cup, India.

So, India and Pakistan face again. Who do you think will win? Dhoni's warrior or Afridi's Sultan's? So Will India make it 9 or will Pakistan open their account with their first World Cup victory against India. Let's wait and watch.

India Vs Pakistan . Image Source

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

New Zealand Annihilates India at Nagpur. Bowled out for 79

New Zealand would have thought a little that they would claim victory at Nagpur and that too against the Numero Uno T20 side at the World T20 in India. New Zealand was jolted down for a low total of 126.  Luke Ronchi's cameo blitzkrieg and Cory Anderson's slow and steady 34 facilitated the black caps to put down a decent total of 126. The Indian bowlers were good as usual.  Martin Guptill's first ball Sixer followed by his wicket made the game interesting. Due credit must be given to the Indian bowlers.They have been continuing their form since the Asia Cup and the Sri Lanka Series at home. 

Image Source
With a small total on the board, Indian batters came down to chase glory. Sad they succumbed to pressure from the first over itself. The Men in Blue had never defeated the Black Caps in all their T20 encounters and even today they couldn't. The Nagpur pitch helped the Kiwi Spinners. New Zealand planned a Spin attack for India.  The Spin Trio of Mitchell Santner,  Nathan McCullum and Ish Sodhi annihilated India. The Indian batters just came and went. No one seemed  to show interest in staying there at the crease.  Kohli's presence gave some boost to the Indian fans but soon he left. A nick to the bowling of Ish Sodhi and he gave a simple catch to Luke Ronchi. He was out for 23 but the batsmen who followed simply threw their wickets.  Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina and Ravindra Jadeja, gave a simple catch to the Kiwi fielders of the bowling of Sodhi, Santner and McCullum. Now all hopes were laid on our captain cool Mahindra Singh Dhoni but he couldn't do much.  The Spin trap set by the New Zealanders  put India to the back foot. The Indians could manage only 79  in pursuit of 126 and got humbled. Spinners proved vital at such a surface.  The Indian Origin Ish Sodhi proved to be a Kiwi champion and claimed 3 wickets. Nathan McCullum got 2 wickets and Mitchell Santner knocked 4 wickets just for 11 runs. The Indian batsmen certainly have disappointed the Indian fans but the tournament is still young and there are plenty of matches to go. 

Image Source
Having drawn in a difficult group comprising of teams such as New Zeland, Australia, Pakistan and Bangladesh,  India is certainly going to face the music. They need to come back hard and win their upcoming games.  The battle of supremacy has just begun with New Zeland defeating India at their own backyard.  Mitchell Santner received the player of the match award for his well deserved 4 for 11.
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Such a performance would definitely hurt the morale of any team. With arch rival Pakistan up next and the Mauka ads doing rounds across the channels, all eyes would be on India's preparation for their next games. Today, our middle order got exposed to the Spin attack and Pakistan may plan a similar strategy in their game. With Bangladesh looking strong after their recent successfully performance in the Asia Cup where they defeated UAE, Pakistan and Srilanka, a lot would be expected from them.  Certainly tough days for Indian Cricket Team after losing the Tournament Opener. You can Visit this blog for  the World Cup News. #India #WorldT20 #WT20

Best of Luck Team India for the Epic battle on 19th March 2016.
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Monday, March 14, 2016

5 Steps to grow a beard for the first time

Description: Growing a beard for the first time and have no idea, where you should start? Follow these easy steps and enjoy the result in the nearest time!
Step #1 Let your facial hair sprout
The beginning is simple – stop shaving and give your facial hair desired freedom. Use your extra free time in the morning wisely.
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Step #2 Arm yourself with patience

If you want to grow a beard, you have to realize one thing: it won’t happen in a week. So be patient!
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Step #3 Tough itchy stage out 
Your skin will not enjoy this new environment, and you will suffer from an annoying itch. But it will go away once your skin gets used to it.
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Step #4 Create good environment
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It’s not going to grow fast and thick until you’re provided suitable conditions. Try to get enough sleep and avoid negative emotions for better results.
Step #5 Nurture growing beard 
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It won’t grow unless you feed it well. Give preference to high-protein foods like fish, meat, eggs and dairies.

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This is a guest post by Viki Howell

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