Monday, March 14, 2016

5 Steps to grow a beard for the first time

Description: Growing a beard for the first time and have no idea, where you should start? Follow these easy steps and enjoy the result in the nearest time!
Step #1 Let your facial hair sprout
The beginning is simple – stop shaving and give your facial hair desired freedom. Use your extra free time in the morning wisely.
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Step #2 Arm yourself with patience

If you want to grow a beard, you have to realize one thing: it won’t happen in a week. So be patient!
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Step #3 Tough itchy stage out 
Your skin will not enjoy this new environment, and you will suffer from an annoying itch. But it will go away once your skin gets used to it.
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Step #4 Create good environment
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It’s not going to grow fast and thick until you’re provided suitable conditions. Try to get enough sleep and avoid negative emotions for better results.
Step #5 Nurture growing beard 
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It won’t grow unless you feed it well. Give preference to high-protein foods like fish, meat, eggs and dairies.

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This is a guest post by Viki Howell

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