Sunday, March 13, 2016

If I had a Time Machine

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Time machine is a machine that's capable of transporting a human being in future as well as the past. There are many movies that have adopted this theme and they have worked well. Think for a bit and imagine if anything as such is constructed in mere future. Wouldn't that be amazing. But it is practically impossible! That's  not going to happen. That defies science. 

Suppose if I had a time machine. What all will I do? You might be interested in knowing. I have always been an admirer of science and Vedic Astrology. In the last few  Indian Science Congress conferences held in Mysore and Mumbai, what we saw  and heard was astonishing for many.  Many argued why such elements were allowed to present their papers in the esteemed  Science Congress. Many even termed it as an Indian Astrology Circus for  jumbling Mythology and Science. This amalgamation of Science  and Mythology, many didn't approve of! Because  most of them lacked evidence. It is quite obvious that when you state something you should associate it with  correct evidence.

So by now you must have known what weed I'm going to smoke. Okay If I had a time machine I would definitely visit the time period that the Indian Scientists stated at the Indian Science Congress to know if they actually meant it or just cooked a fantasy story. 
So, let's get started. BJP MP Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank of Haridwar constituency had made a statement that Lakhs of years ago an Indian sage Karnad had conducted a nuclear test. India is known to conduct a nuclear test in 1998 under the leadership of Shri ABV and AJP. 
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So I will first clock the Time machine to transport me to a period where Sage Karnad lived. I will talk to him and make recordings of his Experiment where he was said to have conducted Nuclear Tests. I will have a nice tete-a-tete with him and talk about his experiences. I will collect  as many pieces of evidence as I could if he really conducted those nuclear Tests. 

During the inauguration of a Reliance Hospital in Mumbai last year, Our Honorable Prime Minister had mentioned that Karna of Mahabharat was born out of his Mothers womb citing that Genetic Engineering existed in that ancient period. Urging the need to have enhanced technology Modi had said that but to actually be sure of this I would like to travel to the Mahabharat era and enquire about Karna's birth with the help of the time machine. I will ask people from those areas and ask family members of the subject to grab details about if Genetic Engineering really worked in those days. 

During the same event, Modi Ji said that Plastic Surgery happened in India for the first time.  The same was mentioned by Kiran Naik in an interview and said that heated sugar was used in the plastic surgery to affix Lord Ganesha's Elephant head  to a Human Torso.  I would transport myself to that period with the help of the time machine. I would  actually witness the surgery and record it. I would talk to the Lord himself and again collect evidence. I wouldn't prefer our Politicians making fun of Hindu Idols for cheap vote gain. But if that really happened then would record all those and bring it back to our current era. 

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I would then go back to 1000 years and meet Mr. Baudhayana and talk to him more about the Theorem that he invented. Many Vedic gurus and Union Minister Harshavardhan claimed that he had written Phytogoras theorem long before Mr. Phythagoras of Greece wrote it. The entire Western Scientist Community is laughing at us for such statements. So it's obvious that I would bring shreds of evidence from past if that actually happened. I will talk to Mr. Baudhayana and ask about it. If he actually did it and if he did then I would fast forward to Greece and meet Mr. Pythagoras and talk to him about this and inform him that  what he created actually was an Indian's creation and he can't do anything like that.  Only if Baudhayana invented that much before Pythagoras. We Indians wouldn't like the Greeks to take credit of what belongs to us. But that's history. People would laugh at  us if we claim all that now. 
Pythagoras crying after knowing that his theorem was already written by an Indian Sage. Image Source

Kiran Naik also mentioned that during the Mahabharat wars helmet was used on Mars. During the wars, there was a chase from Earth to the moon and then to mars where  a king attacked his rival breaking his helmet. So it indicates that helmets were used during  the Vedic era on Mars.  So you know where I would be moving next.  I guess Star Wars movie must have been inspired by this event. 

Former pilot Anand Bodas made a claim that others found to be a bizarre claim. He said that Maharishi Bhardwaj of 1500 BC  had laid guidelines how to fly aeroplanes and said that during those days aeroplanes would not only fly between countries, in fact, they would fly between galaxies and planets. And those planes would be too huge powered by 40 Engines. He also mentioned that such planes not only moved in forward directions but moved backwards as well. So I would travel to those days and record the aeroplanes flying between planets and, in fact, experience by sitting in one of them and click photos of Earth, Venus, Jupiter - my Birth planet.  A perfect Star Wars experience! As per Mr.Bodas claims, Aviation technology existed in India in 7000 BC. Isn't that amazing? I would find that by travelling to that age. 

But only if I had a Time Machine! Alas, I don't have one. :( 
No one would accept Claims without Evidence.  The entire science community would make fun of you if you try to interpolate mythology, fantasy, fiction and science. They would think that you are cooking a good fantasy story.
You need to produce perfect evidence for things that we want to prove right. As an analyst, the evidence is important! 

We all could buy those points  only if we had documented proof. Because Science works on evidence. And I wish I had a Time Machine. 
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