Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hey Hi!

Hey Hi!
The past few weeks have been disastrous. Work has kept me away from my blog for a significant period of time and I believe that it is not a good thing for someone who considers himself creative. 

So, this is a general post that will highlight why I am busy these days. The past few months have been busy but yes many great things have happened. This April I got a chance to take part in the April Challenge 2017 for the second time. I also happened to discover a new community known as Blog chatter. I made some good friends there. Thereby , my blog's Alexa rank improved a  lot in that particular month.  From 1.8 Million to 4 lakh is a big thing. I am glad that  I happened to meet these folks.  Workwise, I have been working on several releases, QA, Testing, Audits, Documentation have been the tasks that I have been working on. At times , it's too tiresome but I can't pay less attention to something that's the sole reason for my bread and butter. 

I have grown lazy and I don't find reading and writing interesting. It's not that I don't want to blog. I want to but most of the time  I get tired. The fatigue factor is something that keeps me away from my laptop. Frankly I need a break and I am desperately working on it. I have been working on refining my skills. There are many things to be done and I feel demotivated. A couple of tiffs with my close buddies has disturbed me. 

SO today to ensure that I keep this blog alive, I thought of penning something on this page. 
IPL is also happening and today happens to be the final of the Indian Premier League 2016 and I am confused on whom to support. Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) is my favourite and SunRisers Hyderabad (SRH) is a league apart.  It is a quality side with a brilliant bowling attack. 

So, I am going to watch the match and get back to you guys later. So until that time , tell me how are you and what all you guys have been doing ? 
I will  get back to you soon. 
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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Best Work from Home Opportunities for Students and Homemakers

Best Work from Home Opportunities for Students and Homemakers
Young students and homemakers around the world are looking for ways with which they can make money from the comfort of their home.
Although there are many ways you can make money from home but not all genuine.
Most of them do not work. So in this article, we are giving you 8 best home opportunities.
These jobs are for every demographics, for young students as well as moms and housewives.
Anyone of you can start one of these businesses mentioned below.

Online Freelance Work: The best work from home opportunities for college students are online freelance work. There are hundreds of freelance works that you can find on freelancing sites like, UpWork etc.
The best freelance work is writing. You can become a content writer, copywriter, ghostwriter, guest posting for bloggers etc. Moreover, there are also other jobs like designing, marketing, coding, programming etc.

Students can definitely find a job and work from home.
Genuine Data Entry Work: Data entry work is not new. You have already heard about data entry work that you can do from your home. However, the problem is that most of the data entry work are not genuine. I am talking specifically about data entry work that can be done from home.

Certain companies promise you a job that you can do from home but they take the money and vanish. However if you can find one then data entry could be one of the best work home opportunities, especially for homemakers.
The only skill that you need is the typing speed of 40 words per minute.

Mail Order Business: Mail order business is really good for homemakers and moms. You hardly need any investment to get started. You promote a product by stuffing pamphlets in an envelope.
You market a product on the buyer’s behalf by sending to various people through the mail. As an initial investment, you need money for printing pamphlets, buying envelopes and stamps.
You must choose the right product and promote it through coloured pamphlets and leaflets mailed to various customers. You can run all your operations right from your home.
Last three jobs need a medium level of intellect, however, next two needs very high level of intellect.

Google Adsense: Every one of you is excited about the Google Adsense. If you love blogging and writing then you should go for it. Although you can work from home but making money from Google Adsense is not that easy.
You must have the passion for creating good content. You also need to know about SEO and other marketing skills. If you succeed with Google Adsense then the money is great. You could become a professional blogger and a marketer.
But I want to caution you that Google Adsense needs more intellect than any other work from home options mentioned in this article.

Online Trading: Again just like Google Adsense trading also needs serious intellect because it is not easy as data entry work or freelance writing. Money is great here but you need to learn everything about trading. Otherwise, you lose money every time you trade.
Well, I can’t tell you every detail about trading in just one paragraph but you need to have some knowledge about trading. If you have the desire to make money with trading then this could be another great opportunity to make money from your home.
Both students and homemakers can become a trader.

Tuition and Coaching: Following three jobs which are taken from SureJob require you to have the least intellect compared to all others in the article and they are best suited to housewives and young students.
Tuition and coaching are the easiest way to make money from your home. If you are a college student then you can easily teach math and English to a bunch of high school students.

You can organise them into batches and take 4 to 5 batches every day. Moreover, it is easy to teach high school math and English. If more students are joining your tuition classes then you can move out and start a coaching centre.

Beauty Parlor, Knitting and Embroidery: I don’t need to tell you that beauty parlour, knitting and embroidery work are best suited to homemakers.
If you knit clothes then you can start a store where you not only stitch clothes but also do embroidery works. You can also open a beauty parlour and manicure/pedicure store where you service high-end customers right from your home.

Food Catering Service: Final work from home job in our list is food catering service. If you have a passion for cooking then you turn this habit into a money making profession.
You take catering orders on a daily basis for marriages, birthday parties and other functions. You can cook food in your home and deliver where the order came from.
So these were some of the best work from home opportunities suited for students and homemakers with low, medium and high intellect.

You can choose one of these jobs according to your comfort. 

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

And I never saw her again..

And I never saw her again..
Frustrated, I looked around for help. I had to get my assignment copies and get it submitted the next day. 
"Prasanth, dude did you send me the Matrix code?" I quickly dialled my friend's number for help and asked him.
"Yes, I just emailed you," he said," It's working...just compile and run it." 
"Thanks, man!" I said and disconnected the phone. 
With a smile, I logged into my Gmail account and I saw an add request by the name Swati Bohra.
I was wondering who this Swati  could be and after thinking for a while my poor memory couldn't recollect anyone by this name. I accepted her friend  request and downloaded the program that Prasanth  send me.
At the same time, I got a ping on the Gmail Chat.

Swati - Hey Stephen :) 
Me - Hello, Do I know you?
Swati - Actually I got your ID from your Orkut college network. And I had to discuss something.
Me -  Oh what do want to discuss?
Swati - I want you to contribute for
Me - What is that ?
Swati - It's a portal where students from colleges across India connect and share contents. Since you are an active member of your college forum and a blogger, you could contribute to this network.

And that was how it all started. It was a formal discussion. And it all started with a Hi.
From a formal hello, the friendship groomed to the next level and we soon turned out to be the best of friends. It's funny how time flies and you meet strangers who eventually turn out to be friends. Swati was someone who was just another random online person for me.  

We got to know each other closer and we both were young then. It was 7 years back. We are not in touch anymore.  While rummaging through my mailbox for some important mail, I accidentally came across a chat message by her name - Swati Bohra.
Reading the name got me back to the memory lane.  Nostalgia!  It invoked a smile on my face. I went on to read the conversation and I realise how stupid I was during my young days. I was a fun loving  and a more stupid person.  After analysing the conversation, I soon realised that particular chat was something more personal and how ignorant I was!

Swati - Hey where were you? Why don't you pick my phone call?
Me - I have a news for you
Swati - And what is that?
Me - I am getting married. :D 
Swati - You getting married? Really?
Me - Yes :D
Swati - that's so funny and I thought I was in love with you. Shit!
Me - And I am kidding :D 
Swati - And mera pehla pyar Adhura reh gaya! ( And my first love remained incomplete) 
Me - Hey that's a prank. Go and comment on my status now :P
Swati - Oh shit, I just confessed. 

I was dumbstruck as I read those chat. How weird that I had ignored her feelings!
Curious, I dug deep into our chat archives and I got more proofs that I had been an ignorant fool. For days, I had ignored her feelings and I realise it after 7 years.  Those were our young days! And I was a stupid fool during my young days.
Has it also happened to you ? 

Unfortunately, I got busy with my life and I never saw her again. 
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Saturday, May 07, 2016

Promises, Freebies and Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections 2016

Tamil Nadu elections just redefined  what and how an election shouldn't be.  It ranges from  Fake/Real Promises, Freebies and lots of freebies and then playing with the emotions of the normal public. Well, the solitary target of these political parties that makes promises and offers freebies is  the  lower class. Obviously, they constitute the large section of the Tamil Nadu population.  Tamil Nadu is an important state in India because regional politics can define the fate of India.  AIDMK proved to be the 2nd largest party in the 2014 Lok Sabha  elections. With AIDMK with a clean sweep last time, it is anticipated on how it will fare at the 2016 Assembly Polls. With the polls scheduled to take place on the 16th May 2016, this time, the contest will be open with too many Dravidian parties entering the race. Vijaykanth's Desiya Murpokhu Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK), AIDMK. DMK, MDMK, PMK, BJP, INC, Vidhudhalai Siruthai and many smaller parties have added more excitement factor.  And now it's time to announce the freebies. 

It's funny how  these politicians remember common public during the election seasons and lure them through these promises and freebies. Few years  back when I had visited Tamil Nadu during the election time, I witnessed that the local candidate was offering free Television sets to the people. Some party  announced that they would offer free laptops to students and cycles while some even said that they would waive off the Engineering and Medical fees. Well, so much excitement, huh! All these at the election season, why? Is it that easy to fool common man through the promises and freebies? 

With the Chennai rains and AIDMK's maladministration still haunting it from the back, other parties have resorted to taking advantage of it and attack it aggressively.  DMK's television  campaign is too powerful and it seems that it's primary target is Amma, the self-proclaimed Momma of the Tamilians.
DMK's campaign for this election is similar to that of BJP's for the 2014 Lol Sabha where Narendra Modi claimed victory and took oath as the Prime Minister of India. 'Sonnangalae Senchingala' and 'Ennama Ippadi Panreengalae ma' ads of DMK have proved to be effective and robust. 

I once hadhappened to listen to Amma's election campaign bit  on some news channel when she said this,

"Only a mother can know the sufferings of her children very well and I know what my children need.Will you vote? Will you vote for your mother?"

It's funny that even some people succumb to such flowery speeches that can attract and change minds. In a do or die situation, DMK has to win this election desperately. Corruption charges kicked DMK out of power last elections and this year with a ruthless campaign of attacking Jayalalitha, they have crossed every boundary.

With BJP star campaigner PM Narendra Modi yet to attend a rally in Tamil Nadu, BJP banks heavily on the MODI image. It is quite evident that no Modi wave can change the fate of Tamil Nadu politics. Forget Modi wave, even a Modi drop is not to be seen here in TN.  Now let's have a glance at few of the freebies and promises made by the mighty Dravidian and Non-Dravidian parties of Tamil Nadu.

1. Taming the Bull, return of the Jhallikattu

Image Source

The 'Cow-loving' Political party  has decided to pay attention to the bulls in Tamil Nadu for elections. Bhartiya Janata Party that doesn't spare anyone who consumes beef has vowed to bring back the bull taming Tamilian sport of Jhallikattu. Jhallikattu has a  been the traditional sport of the Tamil Nadu. With PETA fighting hard for the animal rights , BJP's plan already has an opponent. With  its desperate attempt to debut in Tamil Nadu, it will be worth a wait to see what BJP will do 

2. Ban on Liquor

Image source

There was a major movement in Tamil Nadu last year seeking a ban on liquor. This will be a dangerous move as many political parties have a direct or an indirect association with most of them. So it will be surprising to see where it goes and how the political parties will work on it if they come to power.

3. Celebrate Pongal for a week

Image Source

Who wouldn't  want to celebrate their traditional festival for a long duration? Captain Vijaykanth of the DMDK, announced that he would ensure that there would be a week's celebration for Pongal. All schools and Government offices will have leave. 

4. Farmers to learn New techniques and farming technology?!

Image Source

The Captain has also promised that he will send farmers in batches to abroad so that they would learn new Farming techniques. Isn't that amazing? As per his statements, 5000 farmers would be sent abroad every year to learn new techniques.

5. Of 3G, 4G , Laptops and Mobile

Image Source

DMK has promised that it will waive off all the educational loans and would prove laptops, mobiles with 3G and 4 G connections.  Not enough? Students would get an additional 10 GB download options per month.  So , will telecom companies like Airtel, Vodafone, and Aircel shut their operations in Tamil Nadu after this?
In 2006, DMK made grand promises of offering color Television and they did that in phases.

6. Loan waiver and more waivers

Image Source
Most of the common promises have been a waiver of educational loans for students and farmers who have taken loans from nationalized and cooperative banks. Wow! How  I wish I  lived in Tamil Nadu!

7.  8 Gram Gold to eligible women below poverty line

Image Source

BJP plans to offer 8 Grams Gold to eligible women below the poverty line for marriage. That's a good move! I hope they really do it but sadly the chances of BJP capturing Tamil Nadu is very slim. But lets see!

8. A separate homeland for Tamils in Srilanka?

Image Source

Amma announced that she will work with the center for a separate homeland for the Tamils in Srilanka. I am not sure how this will work. Can pleasing Tamils go this far?
Freebie culture always existed in Tamil Nadu but to this level? 

Dear Voters,
Kindly vote for the one who is qualified and eligible. If you see the potential in someone and who will work for your constituency, then don't hesitate to vote for them. Just be sure that you vote for the right candidates. 

Happy Voting and yes, don't fall prey to free things.

Here is a funny meme about Captain Vijaykanth and his coalition partners.

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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Getting Things Done - The Art of Stress-free productivity - Book Review

Getting Things done is a book written by Productivity pundit David Allen who is an internationally recognized author whose most of  the works are based on organizational productivity. Getting Things done ( or GTD as it is called) is a methodology that aims to make life better  by teaching you things that help you in organizing your tasks well. It's a fact that in this fast moving world,  where we rat race and compete with each other in this life, we often tend to leave a void behind. This book aims to fill in this void. We somehow fail to understand certain minute things that will not only help grow as an organized individual but also as a better person.  As David Allen calls it, this GTD methodology will  drain out all the stress from your sophisticated life and GTD will only make life easier. Each Chapter of this book covers various aspects that will help you in managing your tasks better.

Through these chapters, David Allen has made a powerful impact. You might find it boring going through most of the topics but trust me it can change your life or at least make it less stressful if you religiously follow the GTD.  This book is for people who crib that they have many things to do but unfortunately, they do not have much time and prioritizing the important tasks  leaves behind an apprehension that something important is being missed.  Trust me many of us might have come across such a phase. The author has given many useful points for all who belong to this league. This can make life easier. The book gives an overview of the process of how to get work in a better way, how to implement  the work in a better way and it provides better insights into it.  This book helps us to get rid of our organizational issues that we come across in our day to day life. The  best part about the book is that it will make you think about your productivity, the techniques are easy and  explained in a better way that can be easily understood by all. This book offers  powerful and practical strategies for increasing your organisation, efficiency and creativity. 

I highly recommend this book.  Never forget to carry a notebook with you when you read it. There are many interesting points that you might wish to note that might help you.  For those who are used to working in a fast paced environment then the techniques mentioned in the book might come handy for you. 

Stay Organized and Focussed and may you lead a stress-free life with maximum productivity. 

About David Allen 
David Allen is an author, consultant, international lecturer, Founder and Chairman of the David Allen Company. The David Allen Company is a productivity training and consulting company that provides services designed to increase performance, capacity and aligned execution. They count among their clients some of the world’s most prestigious corporations, including over 40% of Fortune 100 companies.

David Allen is widely recognized as the world’s leading authority on personal and organizational productivity. His 30 years of pioneering research, coaching and education of some of the world’s highest-performing professionals has earned him Forbes’ recognition as one of the “Top five executive coaches” in the United States, and as one of the “Top 100 thought leaders” by Leadership Magazine. 
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Reflections & Retrospection #AtoZChallenge

Last month I embarked on a journey to give a new lease of life to my blog. I was not sure if that attempt of mine would revive my blog but I thought of giving a try just like I did in 2015.  Creativity is a powerful tool that us bloggers carry wherever we go. Be it blogging, thinking and no matter what creativity can take you miles. In a creative field like Digital media and marketing, you can express and showcase your creative talent. Unfortunately, I am not in a creative field but I take part in such challenges to ensure that my creative juices that drain. 

I thought of coming up with something different this year. I have been seeing lots of He-She stories on various Facebook pages since last few months. My challenge posts for this year had a theme  unlike last year where I wrote on random topics be it emotional, logical, technical and whatever struck my mind. The ultimate goal last year was to survive the Challenge and luckily by hook or crook I did so. But this year, I wasn't myself sure about taking part and my blog was on the verge of kicking the bucket. I surely didn't want to let it die after having a wonderful blog space of 10 plus years. Definitely, that would be the meanest thing to do anyone. This blog for me has been special. This has given me the platform to showcase my creative talent. And that's why I say that this blog is an arsenal that contains all my creative spears. I am quite sure I would have missed a lot if this blog didn't happen in 2006. Seriously!

The real challenge behind writing a chain post was that people aren't used to returning back and read all the posts. Why would someone come back to your blog and wait for what happens next? The 'goras' generally do a blog hop where they randomly stroll through the blogs listed on the Linky and read and comment on the blog posts. That's what we all do; don't we? Some serious set of  questions did haunt me. Well, there was no question about people reading or not, because I write for myself. But this challenge was to break all the boundaries because I wasn't used to writing blog posts every day. I am not of that kind. If I was then I wouldn't be sitting still at 616 blog posts even after 10.5 years of blogging and I have seen people who have written 2000 plus after that  much time. It's not all about numbers, it is about having time for things that you love to do.  

So that was when I came across a tweet from Chandni, a blogger from the Blog chatter community who had formed a cool A to Z community. She soon added me to the Twitter group and I saw many interesting individuals each with some special  skills.  And I got to see some familiar faces from our Westerlies team like Karan and Rohan. I also had my blog buddies and my ex-blog buddies like Simar, Ruby, Mithila, Kadambari and so on. So  through this group, I made lots of friends and they regularly visited my serial stories every day. That removed the apprehensions! And there was never looking back, it all happened smoothly. 

He-She story is  a story about two individuals basically known to each other since a long time. They are in a relationship and know minute details about each other. And one incident leaves a big mark on the girls mind. She has doubts if their relationship could survive. When you fail to set love as your priority then it can pose a serious threat to the love life. Trust me the main protagonist in our story  faced the beat! The constantly nagging irritating girlfriend can be more  dangerous than an earthquake of 7.6 magnitudes.  Our story  starts smoothly and gets off to an interesting start in the beginning letters and somehow I felt that the story could have been better in the middle part but sadly I couldn't pay much attention due to my deliverables at work. But the last few letters were very much known. I had once said to Reema Michelle that everyone knows the outcome of the fight between Mowgli and the Shere Khan. So, it was quite obvious that it has to be a happy story. 

Now Lets come to the retrospection part. 

What went well? 

The idea of writing all the posts in advance and having them scheduled much before the month of April was something that didn't struck me before. It was just a random experiment this year and on suggestion of a fellow blogger I tried doing this and it worked well. Secondly, the concept of having the bitstrip cartoons was  good.  These two worked well.

What went wrong? 

I personally feel that I  just wanted to finish this thing ASAP. My busy schedule was coming in between  all this and I felt that there was a void somewhere and I sadly never had much to address this void. But I think it came out unexpected.

What  better could be done?

Due to paucity of time, I couldn't pay much attention to my challenge post. The idea of embedding the bitstrip cartoons came at the last moment. I had reused certain images that I had posted for some other letters. I wanted to correct it but major release works prevented me.  Next time onwards, the planning needs to be done one month in advance. Only if I am ready to take the challenge in 2017. Priorities and things may change at that time but we all should live in the present including myself. ;) 

I strategized each post  and made my readers wait for the next post. Your comments were  a great source of motivation for me. Thank you guys! You all have been too kind to me and my blog. Even a zillion thanks won't suffice! 

If you  would like to read the posts then here is the list from A to Z

  • I take this opportunity thank every one who took time to visit this blog and read all the April challenge posts. I am thankful to you all for taking your time and letting me know  how much you liked the story. Thanks :) 

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